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Moved Novel +UPDATES


A bit of a long announcement today. 

First, I have moved Amnesia (I woke up to find I have a child) to a different site! Fans Translations reached out to me about an exciting opportunity and now I am working with Fans Translations to post Amnesia on their website! This is due to a multitude of factors such as easier/better formatting, automatic updates on novel updates, dark mode for my readers, and being able to reach a wider audience by putting Amnesia on there! Don’t worry, my fluffy translations wordpress will still be here and I will be updating most of my other novels here. Only Amnesia will be moved for now and I will still be translating it, it simply is moved to another platform. You will still be able to access old chapters on my website but new ones will be linked to Fans Translations. 

Here’s the newest chapter of Amnesia: Chapter 46 

Second, Jealous CEO and ABO has also been updated with a few longer chapters (each about 15-20 pages in google docs)! I am planning on releasing these chapters in blocks of 10 after this week and have been slowly translating them in my google drive. Be sure to check back in a couple weeks to binge read them! 

Jealous CEO: Chapter 23 + Chapter 24 (~8k words) 

ABO: Chapter 23 + Ch.24 (~5k words)

Thirdly, as you all know I like to work on a bunch of different works at once and am working on some new works that will not be released until I have translated at least 20 chapters/finished one of the ongoing ones. I would like YOUR OPINION on which one should be released after the condition above is fulfilled. Please go to the poll below (see link) and read each novel’s summary (click on title name and it will take you to a google doc) before deciding!

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5 thoughts on “Moved Novel +UPDATES

  1. Ayayay. At first, I could not open the link so I decided to just vote for what looks interesting and voted for The Wicked Woman Changes After Rebirth. I opened the poll again and read the summary. My gut feeling was right The Wicked Woman is the most interesting among the three (●>ω<)ノ゙

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for voting! It is very interesting~ It has the Cinderella vibes as in the evil stepsister falls in love with Cinderella but ofc much more complicated than that. The main couple is very cute~


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