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Hey y’all~~~

Life has been kicking my ass, so I’ve been kinda MIA for which i say SORRY!!! But I am back (at least tentatively)! Anyhow, if you haven’t already noticed, two chapters for Amnesia were released two days ago on fanstranslations (read here: ).

And today I have updated Ch.25-35 for Jealous CEO and Ch.25 for Differentiated into Alpha (Links: . 

I’m going to try to release x1 Chapter a week for Amnesia and DIA around Fridays/Sat, but no promises. In other news, the poll I released like 3 months ago will now be closed and the winner of the poll is: 

“Transmigrated into the Scumbag who abandoned her wife and kid”

It won with 60 votes, I think we had like 120 people participate? Kinda surprised that one won but then again domestic life is pretty fluffyyyyy~~

TLDR: x1 Ch. Amnesia + DIA a week (hopefully!) 

Appreciate your patience everyone, in the meantime, happy reading!


Published by Riptide

I translate and don't sleep.

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