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November Update

What’s uppppppp? Bet you thought I was dead? You’re half right! I did get half-buried under a mountain of work hahahaha.  Hope yall had a good Thanksgiving, I’ve come back bearing gifts:  Amnesia: x2 Chapter -> LINK Jealous CEO: x3 Chapter -> Link DIA: x2 Chapter -> Link  Technically this should be a December updateContinue reading “November Update”



Hey y’all~~~ Life has been kicking my ass, so I’ve been kinda MIA for which i say SORRY!!! But I am back (at least tentatively)! Anyhow, if you haven’t already noticed, two chapters for Amnesia were released two days ago on fanstranslations (read here: ). And today I have updated Ch.25-35 for Jealous CEOContinue reading “Updatessssss”

Chapters 41-45 of Amnesia released!

Title. Read HERE. Also we are in the slowest of burns phase rn, things don’t really pick up till chapter 50-ish. I may go ahead and translate a bunch of other series’ chapters first. Anyhow, happy reading! Sidenote: I’m going through the notifications/comments of the last few months so apologies if I haven’t been replying!Continue reading “Chapters 41-45 of Amnesia released!”