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The Jealous CEO Treats Me Hypocritically Ch.23

The morning dawn peeked shyly over the clouds, ushering in another day. 

Today is Yan Ruexue’s birthday banquet. In consideration of Su Wen’s work schedule, the official banquet will be held in the evening but there was nothing stopping her from inviting her close friends over for an earlier pre-party. 

When Su Wen went abroad for university, Yan Ruxue had naturally followed her. Since she was younger than Su Wen by one year, she also naturally returned a year later. She had arrived not too long ago, so her little friends were all very excited to see her again. 

Yan Ruxue has a good personality and many friends. So as these few people gathered, one word after another got spoken and soon the girls came upon the topic that all women hold dearest to them. 

—That is love and relationships! 

When speaking of relationships, Su Wen naturally becomes a key figure in the subject. 

Su Wen has always been a withdrawn and stoic individual that seemingly no one can approach except for Yan Ruxue. Back then, everyone thought they were an item even though neither of them verbally said it. But then a Shu Yian was suddenly dropped between the two of them. 

“That woman, Shu Yian,” A blonde started by emphasizing her name with a mocking tone, “Little Xue, I’m not being biased because I’m your friend or anything, and Shu Yian may have been comparable to you in the past but now….” 

Before she could finish, the rest of the girls started to break out into giggles. 

Seeing this, Yan Ruxue didn’t understand, “What do you mean?” 

The blonde continued with disdain in her voice, “Her brain was flooded with water and she became stupid. You don’t even know half of the outrageous things she’s done afterwards. Skipping over the fact that she broke off her relationships with all her former friends, she even had a falling out with her family and has become so stuipid she can’t even play the piano anymore!” 

“Exactly!” Another girl in a purple dress added, “She used to have a reputation for being a piano genius, but now she has only become a laughing stock! Oh, speaking of, I still have a video of her on my phone. I’ll show it to you.” 

As the girl spoke, she took out her phone and the rest of the girls crowded around her to watch the fun. 

This video was recorded on Shu Yian’s previous birthday. Everyone had an unspoken rule when attending banquets, that if a family’s child is good at something then everyone must coax that child to perform on the spot for them. Shu Yian was no exception. Everyone held their breath that day as they waited for her to play the piano. 

In the video, one could see a very obviously panicked Shu Yian. Her fingers trembled as she hesitantly pressed a few keys. The sounds were incoherent and had no rhythm or rhyme to them. The audience thought she was tuning in and so didn’t say anything at first, but then they watched as large droplets of sweat broke out on her forehead and she fled the banquet in a frightful state. It was then that everyone realized the once celebrated genius could no longer play the piano. 

Although the Shu Family made up many excuses such as saying her hands were injured, everyone understood that the genius had fallen from grace. The subject should have ended there with a quiet conclusion but who knew that Shu Yian would then soon make a big deal of things and stir up a ruckus by insisting on marrying Su Wen. 

“Who knows how much President Su hates her!” Several girls laughed meanly, their tones full of disgust. 

Yan Ruxue had watched the video quietly from beginning to end. She didn’t jump into the conversation, but neither did she do anything to stop it. 

She doesn’t enjoy talking behind someone’s back, but she won’t offend her friends for a woman like Shu Yian. So she didn’t speak up until someone mentioned Su Wen, “The last time I saw them it seems that my jie-jie likes Miss Shu very much.” 

“Like?” Someone laughed loudly, “Little Xue, are you sure you weren’t tricked? We all know that Su Wen can’t wait to hide from her. Yet you say she actually likes her?” 

Yan Ruxue’s interest was piqued, “What do you mean?” 

“Believe it or not,” the blonde-haired girl picked up the conversation, “Su Wen hates Shu Yian so much he doesn’t even dare to go home because she’s hiding from that woman. Everyone knows about this.” 

“Wait, wait, I also have some juicy gossip. My family’s nutritionist is best friends with an employee at Su Wen’s company. The last time I visited her I overheard a phone call between them saying that Su Wen and Shu Yian’s relationship suddenly got better. It seems that only happened a few days before you returned to China, Little Xue.” 

The girls next to her began to heckle, “Could it be that Su Wen is deliberately using Shu Yian as a strawman in order to see if you get jealous? Perhaps she’s testing Little Xue’s feelings?” 

Yan Ruxue felt her heart skip a beat at the thought of this possibility, but just like Su Wen she is someone who hides her true thoughts and so she replied, “Don’t speak of such nonsense.” 

“How could it be nonsense?” The blonde leaned forward and whispered with a smile, “When they arrive later just say a few words and you’ll be able to figure out the truth. You just wait.” 

After saying that, she pointed at the other girls, “Sisters~! Remember to cooperate with me later!” 

“Tch, please!” A girl in a purple dress swatted her pointing hand away, “If you don’t explain your plan, how can we cooperate?” 

The blonde continued to keep them in suspense as she said proudly, “That’s a secret.” 

The girls’ conversation soon shifted to a different subject. 

“Achoo!” Shu Yian, who is busy writing her novel, suddenly sneezed several times in succession. She rubbed the tip of her nose while Su Wen, who is also busily doing her own work, looked up at the distribution. 


【Could she have gotten a cold?】

【Don’t tell me an adult like her got a cold from kicking her blankets off in the middle of the night? 】

Shu Yian simply glanced up at her questioning face and then listened to the words coming from her heart. If this is what her “care and concern” looks like then she truly feels pity for the missing future heroine. 

This woman actually cares about others but just won’t say it out loud. For those who don’t know her they might’ve thought she despised the person she’s looking at very much. 

Jeez! Are there really girls out there who want to follow a woman like her? 

It’s not an exaggeration alright! Any girl who dares to choose Su Wen as a partner without the ability to read minds must be a masochist. At least that’s what Shu Yian thinks. 

Shu Yian waved a hand at her, “I’m fine,” and then went back to her work. 

Su Wen glanced at the time and saw it was almost time to get off of work. So she said to Shu Yian, “Go change your clothes!” 

Although the dress had been prepared ahead of time, Shu Yian wore work clothes since they had to come to the company before going to the banquet and she didn’t want anyone criticizing her for being too pretentious. 

She looked around as she didn’t understand Su Wen’s inventions, “You want me to change in here?” 

Su Wen glanced at her, “Where else?” 

【What are you so afraid of?】

【I don’t want to look at your body at all!】

“Tch. Very well then President Su. Also you don’t need to worry about changing in here, I have no desire to look at you!” Shu Yian smiled. 

Su Wen put up her defenses as she stared back at her, “Who’s to say that you will keep your word?” 

“Right?” Shu Yian followed suit, “Who’s to say if you will keep your word?”

【I’m got tricked by her words again!】

【Calm down, I can’t get angry today!】

“Fine!” Su Wen stood up from her seat, “I’m going out first. You do whatever!” 

The dress Shu Yian chose is simple in style. A tight and slender dress with a normal V-neck design. There is also a diamond studded belt around her waist, but other than that there is no extra accessory or design. 

Yet such a simple and casual design is very suitable for her. 

With her tall figure, graceful collarbone, and delicate yet attractive face, the dress was perfect on her. Even Su Wen couldn’t help but compliment her quietly in her heart, 【Looks pretty good!】

Most young maidens don’t fit in black very well, but on Shu Yian the color does not look stuffy at all and actually brings out her aura more. It was as if the color was tailor-made for her. 

It was rare for Shu Yian to hear any praise from Su Wen. Even if it was just in her heart, she wanted to hear some more compliments and so she asked slightly proudly, “How do I look in my dress?” 

Su Wen opened her mouth, “The dress looks good, a pity the person in it is a bit ugly!” 

【If I give you even a single compliment your ego will get too big! So I will not compliment you!】

Shu Yian glared at her, “Pah!” 

Since she has a good facial foundation, Shu Yian didn’t need to put on any makeup except for a light layer of lipstick. She didn’t bother with arguing with Su Wen here so she said, “Work is over, time to go!” 

“En.” Su Wen reached forward to place an arm around her waist but Shu Yian quickly avoided it. 

“What are you doing?” 

“We need to prepare to act like a couple, so I’m helping us adapt in advance!” 


As the two left the office noisily, Zhou Yu greeted them off with a smile, “Goodbye President Su, Miss Shu!” 

【Miss Shu is so pretty today.】

【Such a beautiful lady….I wonder how President Su will eat her up later.】

【President Su doesn’t look like the type to be considerate of others, but this time she should try to be a bit more gentle!】

Compared to the past few times, Shu Yian is able to keep her face expressionless this time when hearing this nonsense again. 

She followed Su Wen into the elevator and Zhou Yu’s inner voice disappeared the moment the door closed behind her. 

The two of them went straight to Yan Ruxue’s house without wasting any time. Yet by the time they arrived, they were the last to arrive at the banquet. 

This pair of jade-like beauties who were pleasing to the eye and looked like a match made in heaven naturally attracted the attention of everyone. They were attracting even more attention than Yan Ruxue in her home court. 

Moreover, the relationship between these three is interesting to say the least. While everyone looked at Su Wen with respect, they treated Shu Yian with contempt. 

At that moment, the blonde girl from earlier suddenly approached with a smile, “I’ve heard that President Su and Miss Shu have quite a good relationship.” 

The people who were aware of the truth could tell that this one simple sentence was full of mockery. 

【Watch as I expose you two! 】

Neither Su Wen nor Shu Yian spoke as the girl continued speaking. 

Seeing their silence, the blonde was even more convinced that she was right and so she continued, “We have a bit of a presumptuous request, but President Su, as the distinguished guest of this party, could you spread some of your happiness and luck to the rest of us who don’t have a relationship yet? Perhaps show us a kiss for good luck in hopes our future relationships can be as good as yours?” 

After she finished looking, she looked at her plastic friends and they quickly joined in, “Yeah, kiss her, kiss her…” This little noise quickly turned into a ruckus as everyone else joined in on the chanting. 

Frankly, whether it was family background or personal ability, the blonde girl usually doesn’t dare step even a toe out of line in front of Su Wen. However, this was a special situation. She must determine if Su Wen is testing Yan Ruxue’s heart. As long as Su Wen publicly refuses Shu Yian here, then her and Yan Ruxue’s relationship is confirmed. 

When that happens Su Wen will probably even thank her for acting as the matchmaker between the two. With these thoughts in mind, the blonde girl gathered enough courage to speak out. 

Su Wen’s eyes narrowed slightly. Then she raised Shu Yian’s chin, smiling as her lips brushed against the other party’s ear, “It seems that I can’t refuse….” 

【If I refuse here, this little act of ours will go to waste and Shu Yian will become the laughing stock of this party.】

【Do I really have to kiss her here?】

Shu Yian: “…..” 

Author’s notes: 

Shu Yian: If you want to take advantage of me, just tell me directly! Stop trying to make so many excuses! 


Earlier in the text when they spoke about Shu Yian basically being forced to play the piano at her own birthday party, I felt that. This actually happens a lot at Chinese gatherings, that is, everyone suddenly feels the need to show off their child’s amazing skills at these parties. Mine was…tongue twisters. When you have a sister who can play the flute and cousins who are piano prodigies, it really pales in comparison. I’ve had a strong hatred towards Chinese parties/family reunion banquets ever since. So glad I’m old enough to skip out on them now.

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