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The Jealous CEO Treats Me Hypocritically Ch.24

Chapter 24 

Out of everyone here, Yan Ruxue was the one most determined to prevent the two from acting intimately. However, due to the many guests present and paying attention to the scene in front of them she couldn’t do anything. The audience no longer consisted of just her friends as the situation had long gotten out of her control. 

If she stood up and suddenly shouted “NO!” at this crucial moment, what would others say about her? 

Perhaps they would say that she, Yan Ruxue, is fighting with Shu Yian over a woman?  

But Shu Yian still has the title of the fiancee. It doesn’t matter how she got this title in the eyes of others so her actions are justified because she’s the fiancee, but what about her? 

Wouldn’t she be seen as a fool? 

Meanwhile, Shu Yian simply lowered her eyebrows with a slight smile on her calm face. In this noisy atmosphere, she didn’t seem shy or nervous but remained impassively elegant. 

Su Wen is the type to say one thing but does another. When it comes to the thoughts in her heart, it is the same as well. 

Although it may seem like Su Wen is going to kiss her, Shu Yian knows that this person won’t actually do it. She’s simply playing the crowd to achieve her goals and at the same time quietly assuaging people’s suspicions. 

Shu Yian’s eyes were clear as she stared back at Su Wen. Some people will always have a biased opinion about you, no matter what evidence is presented to them. Therefore, no matter what excuse Su Wen gives people will find a way to ridicule her. 

However, in the eyes of others, the person who approached first is Su Wen. Based on this single fact alone, Shu Yian found a way out. 

She smiled slightly at Su Wen and shyly pushed her way. Under everyone’s eyes, she no longer became the person who relentlessly clung to Su Wen but someone who pushed away first and in this world became the first one to push Su Wen away. 

After gaining some distance from her, Shu Yian smiled charmingly, “My lipstick will be ruined if you do that.” 

Yes, she has put on lipstick today, but the color was not too bright nor too dull. A little blush of color that looked like a cherry one couldn’t help but want to pick. 

Su Wen was bewildered but quickly collected herself as she turned her head to the side. 

She really was going to refuse the kiss in a way that wouldn’t hurt Shu Yian’s face or her own plans. She had only approached Shu Yian in order to tease her and see how she would react. 

She had thought the other party would get flustered, then blush and get angry before backing out. 

But she did none of that! 

Shu Yian simply stood there in a dignified and magnanimous manner. Her gaze was light as if she was faced with a common problem and then easily answered it. 

All girls can understand the feeling of wanting their makeup to be perfect in front of the one they love. So Shu Yian not wanting her makeup to be ruined by a kiss was quite natural. In fact, her easy rejection made them seem more like a couple who have a natural understanding of each other and have been in love for many years. 

As if this scenario has happened many times and Shu Yian has gotten used to saying the same answer. 

Su Wen’s thoughts on a calm and collected Shu Yian:【Crap, I think my heart just moved a little.】

Shu Yian: “?????” 

Did she hear that wrong or…? 

Then in the next second Su Wen denied her own words in her heart,【Yan Ruxue is so beautiful today! Shu Yian is an ugly monster!】

Fu*k you, you’re the ugly monster here! 

Shu Yian couldn’t get angry in front of so many people so she could only angrily insult others in her heart. She doesn’t believe that she can’t find someone more beautiful than Su Wen at this party! Even if she can’t find someone more beautiful, she’ll find someone as good-looking and bring her in front of Su Wen. That’ll be a big slap to her face, a slap so hard that she’ll be seeing stars! 

The show had ended with Su Wen and Shu Yian seemingly flirting with each other causing the culprit of this entire scene to grow green in the face. 

【I’ve played this all wrong.】

【Su Wen actually likes Shu Yian.】

【Then, the words I said just now, will Su Wen feel offended?】

【I thought I could gain some favor from Su Wen for this and later build a good connection, but now look at this! Just great, everything’s messed up! If Su Wen is really going to support Shu Yian, she will definitely remember this. 】

Shu Yian shook her head with a smile at these thoughts. This person thinks too much. Will Su Wen, that woman, really stand up for her? 

It’s already considered kind of her if she doesn’t secretly make fun of her in her heart and give her a hand in pushing her off a cliff. 

“Enough, since everyone has arrived, let’s get things started.” Yan Ruxue quickly stepped forward to clean up the scene as the host of the party. Everyone quickly returned to congratulate her and acted as if nothing had happened as they dined and exchanged greetings. 

The businessmen talked business. Although Su Wen is young, her business acumen is at the top of the industry and so she was quickly surrounded. 

Men and women, all of them ambitious young people, did their best as they approached. No matter if Su Wen paid them any attention or not, they smiled and chatted with her. 

As the saying goes, “one should not reject the smiling man”* and although Su Wen was annoyed she did not reject their enthusiasm. (*T/N: Basically means don’t make enemies out of people who acted nice to you first. 


【So annoying!】

No one is born to socialize like this, let alone Su Wen. At this moment, being forced to talk about business with a bunch of people was really tiring. 

Also, who knows where Shu Yian went. Really, does this woman not understand anything about staying by her side? 

There are a lot of young women at the banquet today. Could Shu Yian have gone to hook up with other women again? 

When this thought popped up in her mind, Su Wen couldn’t’ remain still and quickly made an excuse to escape. It didn’t matter if everyone was disappointed, she had to find a certain someone. 

However, she really didn’t have to worry as currently Shu Yian is looking for beautiful young ladies but no matter where she went she couldn’t find a single one that was pleasing to the eye. 

She did see a very pretty woman in the same color of the dress as hers and had wanted to go up to say hello when she heard the other woman’s thoughts 【Should I go visit Lisa or Beita tonight?】

Shu Yian then silently walked away when she saw a young lady smiling brightly. The young lady seemed to be quite friendly as she was chatting with another person but as soon as Shu Yian walked over she heard 【You are all a bunch of powered sluts. Do you really think people will like you if you put on tons of makeup? Nowadays, people like those who look clean and pure.】


This person is even worse than Su Wen. 

At least when Su Wen hates someone she doesn’t bother making nice with them. She insults them in her heart of course but at least she doesn’t pretend to treat you well on the surface. If someone doesn’t like you, then it makes sense if they insult you. But if someone who chats with you with a smile and you treat them as a friend ends up talking about you behind your back, that is the most fake person there is. 

Shu Yian eventually gave up on her idea of finding a woman to slap Su Wen in the face with. The lively party continued around her but as she didn’t know anyone here, she felt bored and stepped out for a breath of fresh air. 

She retreated into the garden behind Yan Ruxue’s house as soon as she stepped out the back door. When the door closed, it was quiet and serene, as if there were two different worlds separated by one door. 

The night is dark in the late summer, but the stars and moon shone brightly in the sky. When Shu Yian looked up at the sky, suddenly a warm and pleasant voice sounded next to her, “It’s nice out here, isn’t it?” 

When Shu Yian turned around she found a charming woman wearing a white cheongsam standing in front of her. The woman is a quiet one as Shu Yian hasn’t heard a single thought of hers from beginning to end. 

The woman smiled with tender and gentle eyes. When she looked at you, it seemed like she was looking into the eyes of her lover. While it was rare to find even an ounce of tenderness in Su Wen, this woman seemed to be born with tender loving care. 

A beauty that is unaware of her own charms, the most deadly type! 

Shu Yian blushed a little in the face of it. 

This woman seems perfect, but her habit of staring unwaveringly at people makes one feel a little uncomfortable. 

She tilted her head to the side, not daring to look straight at the beautiful woman as she replied quietly, “Yes, it’s pretty nice.” 

The woman smiled and stretched out a hand, “The name’s Lin Ge, may I ask what the lady’s name is?” 

“Lin Ge?” Shu Yian was startled. 

“Something wrong?” The girl was similarly puzzled, however even in her bewilderment she still maintained a serene air around her. 

Shu Yian has read a passage in a book once that describes her perfectly, “A beautiful person is one who has the appearance of a flower, the voice of a bird, the soul of the moon, the body of a willow, the bones of jade, a skiing made of ice and snow, a posture like autumn water, and a poet’s heart….” 

At the time she thought how could there be such a person in real life, but now she has really met such a person. And this person has the same name as the heroine in her book….

“It’s nothing.” Shu Yian shook her head, “If I may ask, which “Lin” and “Ge” are they?” 

(*T/N: In Chinese, it’s customary to ask people which characters their name is made of because they are spelled drastically differently. One Wang could mean king while another Wang could mean death)

To be honest, she was feeling a little panicked now. One coincidence can be brushed aside, but multiple coincidences in a row is a little strange. 

Yesterday, Su Wen went to a bar for a meeting and was almost drugged. And although Yan Ruxue’s banquet today had initially not set off any alarm barns, if the heroine in her book has the same first and last name as this woman….

Su Wen…Lin Ge… the names of her two protagonists and two similar events venues. She had a feeling that something was wrong. 

“Double trees “Lin” and “Ge” as in opera.” Lin Ge answered with a gentle smile. (T/N: ie. the same Lin Ge as the one in Shu Yian’s book) 

She and Su Wen have two completely different personalities with different auras and attitudes. While Su Wen acts impatiently with her and complains a lot in her heart, Lin Ge does not. She speaks gently and no matter what Shu Yian asks, she always responds gently with no extra thoughts in her heart. 

Shu Yian pursed her lips. She didn’t know what to say. There couldn’t be anything wrong with the book she’s writing, right? 

“If I may ask another question, did you go to a bar yesterday?” 

“No, I did not. Is something the matter?” Shu Yian let out a sigh of relief at finally getting a negative answer that was different from her book. 

There are always two sides to every story. Although she suspects that her story might have something to do with this reality, she was thinking based on only one side of things and that is the content of her novel. However, now that she’s gotten a negative answer she can see the differences between the two. 

For example, Lin Ge never went to a bar and today’s birthday paty is full of young people so there is no chance that Lin Ge’s father would be here. Although her heroine and this person have the same name, their personalities are drastically different. 

Plus, the villainess in her novel is named Shu Ya while she is Shu Yian. 

As if she had taken a calming pill, Shu Yian was finally able to shake off her doubts and communicate with Miss Lin. 

“Hello, my name is Shu Yian.” Shu Yian wanted to express her friendliness to reciprocate the good first impression this woman had given her. She didn’t know how to start so she could only first extend her right hand for a handshake. 

Unfortunately, this scene is what Su Wen. who was looking for her, walked in on. Shu Yian didn’t so much see her but hear her first. 

【This old pervert, she really is flirting with another woman again!】

【How dare you extend your claws like that? 】

【You want to touch someone else’s hand? Dream on!】

Lin Ge had also stretched out her hand and was about to grab Shu Yian’s hand when suddenly Su Wen stepped between the two. 

With a person suddenly appearing in the middle, it successfully made Shu Yian and Lin Ge both stop. 

“En? Sorry, am I interrupting?” Su Wen asked innocently despite already knowing the answer. She most definitely didn’t do it on purpose. She was simply blind and accidentally happened to walk between the two and cut off their friendly handshake. 

Listen to this, are these even human words anymore? 

Meanwhile, Shu Yian insulted secretly in her heart: Hypocrite! 

With Su Wen and Lin Ge standing next to each other, one could see the differences were as different as heaven and earth. Although they both look good, their thoughts beneath the surface are completely different. 

Lin Ge was thinking, “It’s okay” and said as much, causing Shu Yian to think this is the most sincere and consistent person she has ever met. When Lin Ge thought something, she would say the same thing out loud. 

Su Wen on the other hand? 

【Hmph! Your handshake is broken, right? 】

【For every girl you try to flirt with, I will ruin your chance with them!】

Just listen to this! What kind of conduct is this! A bitter single person who doesn’t want to see other people happy! This type of person should be left in hell. What is the world doing by letting her come out and harm others? 

As if feeling her crimes weren’t heavy enough, Su Wen proved Shu Yian’s words right as she became even more shameless. 

She pretended to naturally hug an arm around Shi Yian’s waist and that slender waist really did feel good in her grip, “Baby, why don’t you introduce your friend to me?” 

Shu Yian: I’m going to vomit! 

Baby? Do you dare to say that again? The food I ate at the banquet is about to come back up, alright? 

Seeing Shu Yian not cooperating, Su Wen deliberately provoked her by tightening her right hand around her waist, causing the person to fall into her arms. To an outsider, it looked as if Shu Yian was taking the initiative to fall into her embrace. 

Su Wen smugly ignored Shu Yian’s anger. 

【Let’s see if this girl will pay any attention to you now!】

【Aiya, after seeing us act so intimately as if we don’t want to leave each other’s side for even a moment….if you try to hook up with her later you’ll be seen as a true scumbag. As long as she isn’t blind, she most definitely will not choose you.】

In the next moment, Lin Ge spoke up. 

She first introduced herself, “Hello, President Su. I am Lin Ge.” 

“Su Wen.” Su Wen responded curtly. 

Lin Ge smiled lightly, “I know. Miss Shu has spoken about you.” 

Su Wen: “En.” 

【Why does she make it sound like she knows all about me because of Shu Yian? Could she have been pulled into Shu Yian’s games as well? 】

【Shu Yi’an, this woman, couldn’t have spoken ill of me in front of others, right? 】

Shu Yian clearly hadn’t mentioned Su Wen to this woman before, so she guessed that this woman knew Su Wen beforehand. 

Meanwhile, if speaking of the past Shu Yian, there was no pride in being known to others. If someone knew of Shu Yian it was probably from hearing about her humiliating actions. However, Lin Ge’s words were sincere and honest and there wasn’t even a single thought in her heart that indicated she looked down on her. 

Could there be such an amazing person in this world? 

Shu Yian wondered if this might be the heroine and protagonist of this world. For only the heroine would be so gentle and kind, right? 

Wait a minute. 

If Lin Ge is really the heroine, then with Su Wen pretending to be intimate in front of her right now….won’t she have to do a lot of “chasing the wife to the crematorium*” later? (*T/N: This is a term/trope where the tsundere or scum male lead basically doesn’t cherish/appreciate the FL and then after losing the FL’s love/attention has to win her back the hard way. The crematorium part is to symbolize that once the love is fully burned, all that is left are ashes. Thus the ML has to do all the chasing in the last possible stage, the crematorium before the love is burned to death. Generally, FL will act cold/ignore said ML until finally, he proves his sincerity and they get back together)

It’s exciting just thinking about it. 

It’ll be for the best if the chasing fails too. Su Wen is not worthy of this woman, it would be better if beautiful Princess Lin can live happily alone. 

In short, no matter if this Lin Ge is the true heroine or not, Shu Yian has already made up her mind to be friends with her. 

Why? Well, first of all, she really likes Lin Ge’s personality and it is her fortune to make friends with someone like her. 

Second, if Lin Ge really is the heroine then she must get her revenge on Su Wen through her. She will whisper into Lin Ge’s ears about the tens of hundreds of shortcomings Su Wen has and never let Su Wen harm such a beautiful and pure person. Su Wen can be single for her entire life for all she cares. 

As for Miss Ling Ge, she will help her find someone worthy of her. She’ll find the perfect person and matchmake the two into a lovely pair, which will then make Su Wen regret her actions for the rest of her life. 

Heh, little girl, this is what happens when you offend Shu Yian! Just you wait!

While Shu Yian was happily scheming in her mind, she forgot just one thing. That one thing is that the system would directly punish her with a penalty if she messes around like this again. Before she could even enact the first part of her plan to make friends with Lin Ge, the itching feeling of the penalty erupted across her body. 

The system actually spoke to her in a humorous and human-sounding tone for once [Penalty has been activated. May the host continue to work hard on this black path of courting death. ]

Shu Yian: “….” 

Damn, she did it now. If she remembered correctly, what was the sentence she needed to say to lift the penalty? 

That sentence causes goosebumps to break out all over her body. The “Little Wenwen, let me hug you”, that sentence? 

Shu Yian glanced at Lin Ge, the woman radiating a holy light, and then looked up at Su Wen’s annoying face. She was so preoccupied with her thoughts that she had forgotten that she was still laying in Su Wen’s arms. 

“I’m very sorry, Miss Lin. There’s something Su Wen and I need to talk about, so we must be leaving first.” 

Her image was already ruined by Su Wen forcing her to lean into her arms, but if she says those words in front of Lin Ge…no matter how gentle the other person is, who knows how she will treat her from now on. 

She may want Su Wen to “chase the wife to the crematorium” but she doesn’t want to end up killed by the heroine and in the crematorium herself later! So, with no other choice, she could only pull Su Wen to the side first. 

After making their way into the garden, Shu Yian stopped and made sure no one else was around before hugging Su Wen directly. Then she said through gritted teeth, “Little Wenwen, let me hug you.” 

Su Wen: “….” 

【Has this woman gone crazy?】

【I screwed up her flirting and now she’s gone stupid?】

Even after Shu Yian said that hateful sentence, the itchy feeling didn’t disappear all at once like last time. Instead, the intensity of the itchiness only decreased a little. 

“System, what’s going on?” She asked uneasily. Was the system playing with her? 

The voice of the system sounded in her mind [Last time was due to uncontrollable circumstances and the host didn’t understand the rules just yet. So saying the words just once sufficed. However, just now the host purposefully courted death with your intentions so the penalty was exacerbated. Now the host must say it 20 times.]

Shu Yian began to tear up in frustration and almost cried out. So, risking the possibility of Su Wen kicking her out later, she hugged her tightly and said again, “Little Wenwen, let me hug you…” 

Su Wen’s face was full of disdain, “Get off me!”  

【What’s wrong with this woman?】

She wanted to throw Shu Yian’s arms off, but this woman wouldn’t let go even if she had to die. In the end, Su Wen had no choice but to say impatiently, “Aren’t I hugging you right now?” 

【Crazy, why does she keep repeating her words?】

Shu Yian felt a deep sense of sorrow from the bottom of her heart as if she was the most miserable person under the heavens. Here she was lowly begging so pathetically for Su Wen, as if she was that desperate for love. 

She didn’t know how many times she had repeated that sentence, but eventually, she felt so wronged that she started crying. 

She, Shu Yian, has lived for more than 20 years. Although she may have been a little poor, she still had her pride and backbone! But now? She doesn’t even know what she’s doing anymore. 

Su Wen heard the faint sobs coming from the person in her arms and her voice softened a bit, “Hug all you want then!” 

【A trivial matter. What’s there to cry about?】

【It’s not as if I won’t let you hug me.】

【How does one comfort a crying girl?】

Although she herself is a woman, she is neither gentile nor empathetic so how does she know how to comfort others? At this moment, she can only let Shu Yian hug and mutter those words as she dared not to move a single inch. 

【Had to pull me to the side and hug me for no rhyme or reason.】

【Could it be she got addicted to hugging me from that one embrace earlier?】

【Although now that I think about it, it’s rather addicting to hold Shu Yian’s waist.】

【Wait a second..? What am I thinking about? Her waist? No, her waist is as thick as a bucket, I don’t want to touch it again in this entire lifetime! Really!】

You’re the one with a bucket waist!

Shu Yian had thought that this person finally had gained a heart due to the slightly gentler tone of Su Wen’s thoughts. Now look, she was insulting her again? 

Why can’t this person learn from Lin Ge? 

They are both women and main characters, so why is the gap so big? 

Perhaps if she didn’t meet Lin Ge just now everything would’ve been the same, but now that she has, Shu Yian can’t help but dislike Su Wen even more now. 

Shu Yian wiped her tears all over Su Wen’s clothes as payback. Su Wen is a bit of a germaphobe, so, as predicted, she immediately grew anxious with her. 

“What are you doing?” 

Shu Yian said confidently, “I don’t have a tissue, so of course, I need to wipe my tears on something!” 


【Really want to beat this woman to death, ah! So angry!】

【And I don’t have any other clothes I can change into.】

Shu Yian’s heart felt refreshed at seeing her unhappiness. Although there was no dirt on her hands, she still purposefully wiped her hands disgustingly on the other party’s clothes. Then she nonchalantly returned to the banquet to find her future “girlfriends*”. (*T/N: A pun. The girlfriends she used here means an actual friend who is a girl) 

Meanwhile, Su Wen stood frozen in place. She could ask Yan Ruxue for a change of clothes but she couldn’t possibly stand to wear clothes that someone else has worn before. 

Ugh, really. She can only deal with what she has now, at least that person didn’t have a runny nose. 

Su Wen snorted disdainfully at Shu Yian’s retreating back. For some reason, her heart felt more and more irritated as she reflected. 

When she refuses, the other insists on hugging her but then when she allows the other to hug her they stop. What did they mean by this?? 

After consenting, did Shu Yian even hold her for more than a minute? 


That woman only knows how to argue with her all day! 


Ever since she was a child, except for when she took care of Yan Ruxue as her “big sister” and thus was forced to have physical contact with her, she never touched anyone else so intimately. Even when playing as a child she never allowed the other children to touch her. Thus, whether it’s hugging another’s waist or someone hugging her, Shu Yian is the first person she lets touch her so intimately. 

She had a jade-like beauty with a gentle and pleasant fragrance that reminded her of jasmines in her arms. Although Shu Yian has a rather bad temper, at that moment she was struck with the desire to hold her in her embrace…..

To let her nuzzle into her arms.

Su Wen felt her thoughts turn down a dangerous path so she quickly amended her thought: to let her nuzzle close and then tear her apart while she had her guard down. 

Yes, that must be it, she doesn’t want to act intimately with Shu Yian. She wants to kill her! 

Shu Yian had long returned to the banquet so she naturally didn’t hear the bipolar thoughts of Su Wen. Due to her urgent situation, she had pulled Su Wen aside and left Lin Ge behind. She felt that was disrespectful and so the first thing she wanted to do was find Lin Ge and apologize. 

There were many people at the banquet and she looked around for a while before she saw the person in question, holding a red wine glass in hand while she chatted gently with the people around her. 

Shu Yian walked over, not wanting to interrupt, and instead quietly listened on the side. 

The person chatting with Lin Ge has been conversing with her for a while and was asking her seriously, “Lin Ge, do you write?” 

【Hmph, a writer? Isn’t that a career that gets scolded by readers every step of the way? She’s actually in this type of business?】

“Not anything well known, just a book called 《Parallel World》and another called 《The Third Dimension》.” 

“Essays on the universe? That’s amazing.” 

【There are no such things as parallel worlds. Isn’t this the same as con men who claim to be a medium between two worlds? 】

Lin Ge didn’t seem to be the type that is good at accepting “compliments” from others and so she changed the subject with a light smile and said sincerely, “Miss Ye is also a young and promising person. I have heard many family members compliment you, saying that you are quite talented in business matters.” 

The woman waved her hands proudly, “No such thing. The elders are just being merciful with their praise. I am no match for your intelligence.” 

【So you know I am in business? 】

Although she couldn’t compare to someone like Su Wen who runs a successful company independently, she still contributed in her own way. She’s successfully closed negotiations worth tens of millions. Unlike some people….how long does it take to write a book and how much money can they even earn from that? 

Probably not enough to even eat out or buy a fancy bag. 

【Must be a NEET! Without the support of her family, who knows how she’ll survive.】

When Shu Yian heard this, she couldn’t stay still any longer. Lin Ge has never thought ill about her from beginning to end but look at this woman. Although she praises others on the surface, she secretly looks down on them on the inside. 

Shu Yian walked over and interrupted the conversation between the two and asked in a knowing tone, “Miss Ye works in corporate?” 

Ye Xin didn’t want to pay any attention to Shu Yian but she didn’t want to offend the big boss behind Shu Yian and she smiled forcibly, “Yes.” 

Shu Yian’s expression took on a puzzled look and as if it was pure curiosity, she asked without a hint of malice in her tone, “Then who is better between you and Su Wen?” 

“This…” Ye Xin’s smile stiffened as she said in a slightly embarrassed manner, “Of course, President Su is much more amazing than me.” 

“Is that so.” Then as if Shu Yian suddenly realized something, “I’ve always seen her act rather low-key and modest so I thought she didn’t know how to manage a company that well.” 

Lin Ge might not have understood the meaning behind those words, but Ye Xin did. 

Shu Yian’s words are very simple. Someone stronger and more powerful than you doesn’t look down on others, so who are you to act so arrogantly? 

Only those who are guilty would find the meaning behind these words. Anyone else who hears these words would only think of it as a normal sentence, but because Ye Xin was mocking Lin Ge in her heart earlier she thought that Shu Yian was now mocking her. 

“I have a few friends waiting for me over there, so I must cut our conversation short. Until next time.” Ye Xin nodded politely at the two of them and left without looking back.

【Isn’t she just piggybacking off of Su Wen? What is she trying to pull? Sooner or later Su Wen will get tired of playing with you and you’ll end up in tears!】

Shu Yian had no time to worry about whether or not she would end up crying and she asked the system in her mind as she looked at Ye Xin’s retreating back, “System, is Lin Ge the protagonist?” 

If someone as gentle and dignified as Lin Ge is not the heroine of this world, then Shu Yian cannot imagine who else it would be. 

[Analyzing various data…the probability is high, but further observation is needed.]

As Shu Yian pondered over the information she was given about the disappearance of the protagonist, Shu Yian asked Lin Ge for confirmation, “Miss Lin, did you travel anywhere recently?” 

Lin Ge thought about it for a moment, “My work is usually done at home, so I don’t usually go anywhere. If I have to say something, then I did previously go abroad to hold an art exhibition.” 

Is that so? 

Perhaps the system mistakenly thought the heroine was missing because they’ve been shut in at home for too long and hadn’t contacted anyone? 

“An-An, why do you ask this question? Is there something wrong?” 

Suddenly being called by such an intimate nickname made Shu Yian unable to react for a few seconds. So it turns out this goddess is also good at talking with others? 

Although she hasn’t known Lin Ge for very long, this person is already regarded as a perfect goddess in Shu Yian’s heart. 

“It’s nothing.” Shu Yian smiled, “I just thought that you are quite an ingenious lady.” 

From Lin Ge’s words, she was able to find another way to make money, that is by drawing. Although she may not be able to draw beautiful paintings, she had some skill in drawing comics. 

While Shu Yian was calculating her fortune, she barely had a minute to enjoy the thought of getting rich when Lin Ge suddenly asked her, “I’ve heard that An-An plays the piano quite well?” 

The corners of Shu Yian’s mouth twitched and she felt embarrassed. Presumably, the goddess hasn’t heard much about her since she’s been shut in her home for so long. She couldn’t tell Lin Ge the truth and fibbed, “Emmmm, only so-so. Lin Ge, did you come by yourself today?” 

Shu Yian quickly tried to change the subject. 

Lin ge nodded with a smile, but did not follow her cues and carelessly returned to the piano subject, “It just so happens that Miss Yan has a piano here, why don’t you play a song for me?” 

Shu Yian’s thoughts suddenly turned to Su Wen at this moment. She never wished to see Su Wen more than now. 

When she didn’t need that person they always appeared by her side. Now that she needs her, where is that person? 

She really didn’t know how to tactfully reject Lin ge. The woman was looking at her so earnestly, as if she wanted to hear her play from the bottom of her heart. One problem though. She doesn’t know how to play at all. 

In her desperation, Shu Yian could only say vaguely, “I’ve recently been learning how to conduct business matters with Su Wen recently so my hands are quite out of practice. There are so many people here, it would be quite embarrassing if I make a few mistakes.” 

Although she didn’t outright refuse, her words were basically telling Lin Ge that she cannot play the piano. 

But Lin Ge held her in such high regard and thought she was only being modest. She said softly and gently, “How could you make a mistake? I’ve seen your piano performances before and liked them very much.” 

When she said this a teasing look appeared on her face along with a smile, “Could it be that An-An doesn’t want to play for me?” 

“Of course not!” Shu Yian quickly denied it. 

“If that’s the case, then just play one song. Please.” Lin Ge’s gentleness disappeared as she forcibly pulled on her arm and dragged her directly to the piano. 

The piano is set up at the center of the banquet’s stage and is in a very conspicuous spot. As soon as Shu Yian approached, people started turning their attention to her and a sudden silence washed through the people around them. 

She had only gotten on stage for about 30 seconds when the entire banquet hall went quiet. 

For some reason, Shu Yian had a feeling that the Lin Ge in front of her was completely different from the Lin Ge she had met earlier. It was as if she couldn’t wait to pull her onto the stage and let her make a fool of herself. 

Yet, she didn’t hear a single malicious thought from Lin Ge’s mind. 

Shu Yian could only blame herself for thinking too much. Perhaps this person just really wants to hear her play. 

Meanwhile, the spectators who acted as if none of this was of their concern were chittering wildy in their hearts. 

【It couldn’t be…she’s going to play?】

【En? Is her mind recovered then?】

【Don’t tell me she’s just trying to get attention? Then it will be very embarrassing if she performs poorly. 】

【Hahahaha, I’m going to die of laughter! I don’t know if Lin Ge did it on purpose or if she just doesn’t know, but she actually forced Shu Yian to go up and lose face!】

Yan Ruxue didn’t personally know Shu Yian very well. She had only heard from other people’s mouths about her skills. Since Shu Yian took the initiative to go up to the state, she also wanted to use this opportunity to know what level this person’s skills are. 

“Since Shu Yian has graced us with a performance at my birthday party, then please begin.” 

The host has spoken, so the matter was final. Everyone waited and Shu Yian could not refuse. She also couldn’t act like the previous person who inhabited Shu Yian’s body and fled in a panic in front of everyone. That would only make her more of a laughing stock to everyone. 

However, she really doesn’t know how to play. 

She can’t leave, she can’t stay, it really was frustrating. 

When Su Wen finished cleaning her clothes, she finally returned to the banquet only to walk upon this scene. Everyone was looking at Shu Yian while Shu Yian gazed at her helplessly. 

【That stupid woman, if she doesn’t know how to play she shouldn’t make trouble. Why did she run up there?】

【If you want to embarrass yourself, don’t embarrass yourself while you’re seen with me. 】

When she heard this sentence, Shu Yian gave up completely. She must be really out of her mind to think of asking Su Wen for help at this time.

【No matter what excuses are made now, if Shu Yi’an doesn’t play, she will be blamed. Since that’s the case…】

Su Wen walked up the stage with a stern face. 

“Since you want to play, let me and Little An play together!” 

She then whispered as she sat down next to Shu Yian: “I’ll play the main part, can you play the accompaniment?” 

In a duet, the accompaniment supports and doesn’t play many of the important notes of the music. Su Wen thought that even if Shu Yian’s reputation is a little exaggerated, she must at least know how to play the basics. So with her help, the performance can be carried out. 

However, the situation was far worse than she imagined. 

Shu Yian gently shook her head,

Su Wen: “?????” 

【It can’t be?】

【You don’t know how to play at all and you dare to boast about having the reputation of a genius?】

“Forget it. Then you can pretend to play.” Su Wen’s piano skills are not that good either. Her focus is on doing business and that’s what she’s good at. The reason she knows any piano at all is because it’s a staple in the circles she runs around in. 

Daughters of prestigious houses, whether they actually like the arts or not, will find themselves involved in arts in some way or another. On the surface, they say they learn the arts to gain an appreciation for it, but in reality it’s because of the many banquets the rich hold. If you cannot follow along these common topics, you can never mingle in these circles. 

Thus it was under such circumstances that Su Wen learned how to play a little bit. As for how well she can play, well she is unclear about it as well. 

Shu Yian felt grateful at this moment. She feels that she should apologize to Su Wen at this moment. No matter what motivations pushed Su Wen to help her, she is a good person in her eyes. She actually stepped out to help her, instead of leaving her to her own devices. She also didn’t look at her coldly and push her away either. 

Lin Ge still smiled at her, as if she had no clue what she had done. It seems she really just wants to listen to Shu Yian play. 

Su Wen and Shu Yian placed their hands on the piano at the same time. But everyone’s eyes were on Shu Yian as if they were waiting for her to make a fool of herself. 

The piano sounded as they began to play, but Shu Yian was visibly not playing and the people watching her began to laugh. Even Su Kiss glanced at her in surprise, not knowing what she was doing, but her hands did not stop as she pressed on the keys. 

【Sure enough, just as predicted!】

【President Su must love Shu Yian very much. Even in this situation, she tries to help her.】

Although these young ladies didn’t swear or say anything vulgar, the words they did say still pierced even the hardest of hearts. 

Shu Yian was in agony and wanted to cry, but the discomfort in her heart had nothing to do with the mean-spirited gossip in the audience. 

When she placed her hands on the keys of the piano, she felt an intense love and hate at the same time. 

The familiar texture of the keys….she pressed down and a discordant sound played out and interrupted Su Wen’s song. The people in the audience laughed again, saying that she only knows how to make trouble. 

It was if the keys in front of her were like the familiar stars in the sky to her, a familiar constant that stayed by her side through the seasons, and had once sung the sorrows of her heart. 

“Su Wen, you may go down.” Shu Yian said suddenly. A joyful yet sorrowful feeling erupted in her heart. These emotions brought to her by the piano made her feel overwhelmed and confused. 

If it was like before, Su Wen would definitely insult her but this time she didn’t. She swallowed the words that wanted to come out of her mouth when she saw the expression on Shu Yian’s face. 

“I believe in you.” Su Wen stood and gave her a glance, before moving away. However, she stood at a distance that would still allow Shu Yian to see her clearly. 

Shu Yian closed her eyes. She didn’t need to look at the keys, she was all too familiar with the music beneath her hands. 

A few unrhythmic notes sounded out, causing a commotion in the audience. 

【What is this? I thought she was a monarch at the piano, turns out she is but a bronze neophyte. 】

【Can she play or not? What a waste of time!】

Then immediately afterward, the notes turned into a stream of flowing water. She began to play a piece named, The Truth That You Leave. A song that wasn’t suitable for a birthday party, but it was the song that she wanted to play the most. 

Perhaps she was reminiscing something or paying homage, but the heartbreak and sad nostalgia buried themselves in the music like a solitary tomb. 

Although one felt heartbreak from the music, at the climax of the piece there was a certain sunniness to it, as if a small patch of flowers had bloomed above the solitary grave. Then the wind blows and scatters the petals as they root and sprout into a field of flowers. 

And in this manner, she was also reborn. 

When the song finished, the audience was unable to regain their sense for a long time. 

The song itself is not shocking, but the gentle and slow way it flows into one’s hearts makes one unable to pull away. 

A pianist cannot be successful without emotions behind their piece. A song that conforms to every line of a textbook may sound good, but it cannot penetrate into one’s heart. 

A good pianist should be like Shu Yian. Where after she finished playing, the audience still recalls every note of the music over and over again in their mind. 

At that moment, the people who waited for her to make a fool of herself dare not say another word. 

Some people are like this. When they misunderstand you they will laugh at you, yet when the misunderstanding is resolved, they will still not apologize to you. 

For some it is because they are too embarrassed and ashamed to apologize, while for others they feel that it is unnecessary and never realize their mistakes. To them, it wasn’t like they stabbed a knife in your body and so they think it is a gift just to stop scolding you. 

However, there were some who had just joined the fun without knowing and their attitudes were much more fair as they now praised her in her hearts.

【Did I really misunderstand her last time?】

【As expected of a genius, she played this piece even better than a professional pianist.】

【I really want to hear her play it again.】

However, even as the crisis was resolved, Shu Yian wasn’t happy. 

She doesn’t know how to play the piano, so who played it just now? Who is she? 

Author’s notes: 

Su Wen: Who are you? You are my wife! My wife is awesome! **Cheers wildly for her wife** 


The piece she played was this one I believe: 

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