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When the Hacker is Forced to Marry Ch.10

Chapter 10- The Guide Alliance has come online

Lin Yan was full of anxiety as she considered beating up a certain someone right at this moment. 

I haven’t seen her for an entire night, how the heck did she end up like this! 

…..ugh, my brain hurts….

Lin Yan was someone who hasn’t suffered a single serious injury, ever. Seeing such an injury on another person’s body, she had no idea where to even start. 

She pursed her lips and picked up her photonic device. She considered calling the hospital when she felt something cold grip her wrist. It was Kristen who should long have passed out by now. 

Lin Yan turned her head and glanced down at the woman. The face that was so bright and charming earlier was now pale as if everything was washed away by the rain and now only left her with a pitiful imitation. 

Lin Yan stretched out her hand and tugged Kristen’s cold hand off of her: “Be a good girl, stay still. We’ll go to the hospital soon.” 

Kristen shook her head, and then coughed hard. She pulled on Lin Yan’s sleeve, her voice hoarse, “It’s fine, I am not afraid of pain….”

Lin Yan chuckled at this unexpected sentence: “Oh, so it doesn’t hurt?” 

She knocked away Kristen’s hand and glanced down at the serious wounds on Kristen’s body. She gritted her teeth: “We’ll see if it hurts pretty soon.” 

Kristen drew a shaky breath. 

Lin Yan withdrew her hands and continued to dial the hospital’s number when Kristen stopped her once again. 

Kristen’s every breath was painful, but she forced herself to smile. She had finally gotten out of that underground city and had even come back under the constant assault of the rain. She had exerted too much energy and at this moment she was beyond exhausted, every part of her body was screaming at her to rest. 

“Lin Yan…no,” Kristen coughed twice, “I encountered the Ants again. There’s a hidden force behind them, someone who is right here on Pandora.” 

“No?” Lin Yan’s eyebrows drew together and her forehead wrinkled, “If your injuries are not treated soon, it will kill you.” 

Kristen laughed when she heard this: “It’s not that serious.” 

She transferred a spatial ring from her hand onto Lin Yan’s: “There is a lot of medicine scattered in there. Use it how you see fit. If it still doesn’t work, drag out the immersion pod.”

As she said all that, she still smiled at Lin Yan and didn’t seem to care about her injury. 

Lin Yan clenched her fits, the palms of her hand damp with rain and sweat. 

This was the first time Kristen had shown such a vulnerable side to her. 

Even when she had found her crying in the rubble of that city, the woman in front of her was still full of aggression and determination, like a lone wolf refusing to die. 

Since their reunion, she had realized that the girl she once knew was stronger than before. Even in the face of a mercenary organization like the Ants and faced with a messy spiritual sea, she alone had gotten Lin Yan out of that spaceship. 

Even when she had sorted out that messy spiritual sea, Kristen had easygoing afterward, However, that front made it easy to forget that she too was a person who can get hurt and exhausted. 

Lin Yan opened Kristen’s spatial ring in silence. Just like the woman had set, there were all kinds of medicine packed in boxes within the ring.

…..But what kind of person would have so much medicine on their hands at all times? 

There was only one answer: someone who got injured often. 

“Fine, I won’t take you to the hospital.” Lin Yan glanced down at Kristen’s hand that was still clasped around her wrist, “Can you let go? I will help you treat your wounds?” 

It was only when she treated Kristen’s wounds and then set Kristen in the immersion pod did Lin Yan breathe a sigh of relief. 

She looked towards the horizon and at the sky that was beginning to turn red from the sunrise. She glanced down at Kristen who had long fallen asleep in the immersion pod. Her eyes slowly wandered down that well-defined face, her brows furrowed. 

Even with such advanced medical technology, for Kristen to fully recover, she would need to lie within the pod for two to three days. 

She had felt conflicted earlier. She had wondered how she was going to secretly meet up with the Guide Alliance without Kristen knowing. However, now she was left with the perfect opportunity. 

Pale fingers tapping against the glass cover over Kristen’s face, she looked down one more time at the sleeping woman. 

“Have a good rest, I’ll be back soon.” 

 Chris was slumped in his chair. He had tolerated and tolerated until he couldn’t help it anymore and rolled his eyes at his teacher who was standing in front of a mirror. 

“…..Teacher, aren’t we just going to meet someone?” Chris watched as his teacher shifted through his closet, searching for a suit and helping him pick out a suitable tie from the drawer, “Even when you went to meet the researched from Planet Ta you weren’t this serious.” 

Not only did he not take it seriously, but his own teacher also didn’t care at all about his own image and had gone into a seminar in unkempt clothes. 

After the seminar was broadcasted, the group of idle commenters on the internet had nothing to do and decided to make his Teacher an interesting topic for a few days, “I remember them saying about how those peacocking researchers were humiliated by a sloppy old man….”

“How can this compare to that?!” The professor’s beard almost exploded from his anger and he stretched out his hand to snatch the tie from Chris’s hand. He fastened the tie around his next, “When meeting important people, of course, one must be well prepared.” 

His teacher was a handsome fellow back in the day, so even after years of neglect, the foundation was still good. When his teacher seemed satisfied by his clothing he turned around. His hair and beard was almost all white by now but he was still handsome. 

The Professor carefully recalled the proper etiquette he had not used in more than ten years and stiffened into a gentleman’s posture before he was ready to go. 

Chris followed after him but was then pushed back by the Professor. 

The Professor stood outside the door and smiled kindly, “Little Christopher, your mouth isn’t too pleasing to the ears so I won’t be taking you out with me this time. Please wait here obediently for me to come back to the base.”

Chris quickly grew furious and was about to forcibly break his way out when he was grabbed back by his collar by a tall figure. 

“001, please take care of this kid,” The Professor watched his student being dragged away with a smile, “Let him out only when I come back~” 

The ruthless robot raised his hand in a salute to gesture that he understood and ignored the certain someone who twisted and struggled in his grasp. The robot then stomped heavily back into the lab without a second glance.

On the other side, Lin Yan naturally did not have any idea of what was going on. She was currently standing on a somewhat remote street at the moment and stood in front of a small shop. 

It was a small and casual restaurant. The decoration and design were modeled after the ancient earth era. There were flowers and plants spread around the window sills and made one feel comfortable from just a glance. 

The Guide Alliance had contacted her several times now and all their contact was sneaky and shady, always unwilling to contact her in a fair and upright manner. However, she never expected that now she was about to meet them in such a small shop. 

She looked at the ‘Closed Today’ sign that hung on the door and gently pushed it open. 

An old gentleman wearing a suit that was out of place compared to his surroundings was sitting at a table in the middle of the lobby. He looked like he was trying to shift into a decent posture. 

Although Lin Yan had no patience for the complicated etiquette of the aristocracy, her previous eighteen years were spent among the preening aristocracy so she could recognize the familiar posture from a glance. Seeing this old man’s jerky movements, she felt it was quite funny and felt empathy with the man.

Other than those from the Palace, who would know that she, as the fifth Royal Princess of the House of Stewart, was the most rusty and stiff when it came to etiquette? 

….Maybe that’s why her etiquette teacher never liked her and had always tried to make her life difficult. 

Lin Yan sighed in her heart and stepped into the shop. 

The old man stood up a little embarrassedly, an awkward smile on his face but his eyes were gentle: “You Highness, good morning! Please, sit down.” 

Lin Yan nodded and walked over to sit down on the chair opposite of the old man and asked in a whisper, “And you are….?” 

The old gentleman smiled and the silver-white beard of his quivered gently in the sunlight: “ I am James Brown, currently a member of the Guide Alliance.” 

He spoke in a very humble manner but Lin Yan’s eyes widened and looked at him speechlessly. 

James Brown?! 

The legendary Mr. Brown from 20 years ago?! 

James Brown was not a very unique name, but almost every Guide knew the man. 

A normal Guide awakened around the age of 8-16. Once they exceed that age, an ordinary person would most likely not awaken. However, there are always expectations. Some people awakened to their abilities at 4 years old, others did not awaken until their late twenties. 

And James was one such person. 

He had tested into the number 1 higher education institution in the Empire and was in the process of an extraordinary breakthrough in research when on the eve of an important discovery, he had awakened to become a Guide. 

According to the laws of the Empire, a Guide must be sent to the Guide Academy and be taught by the Guide system there. If they are not delivered to Planet Ta on time, the local government would be held accountable. 

And so, James was forced to give up on his research and was sent to the Guide Academy. 

The Guide Academy. A comprehensive institution that was strictly controlled by the government. Naturally, it was far behind in scientific research compared to the school James was previously at. Due to the scarcity of Guides, it was unavoidable that most Guides chose not to pursue such ambitions. Within that tower of Guides, James could not find a single person who was as ambitious as him.

What was even more ironic was that his original scientific research project was taken over and solved by another. The newcomer was given an award but no one sought to gain permission from the project’s original owner. Instead, the person who replaced him had accepted the award without shame and stood on that podium without remorse. 

Lin Yan did not know what happened to Mr. Brown after that. In her memory, Mr. Brown appeared again in front of the world when he had revealed the creation of soothing agents for Sentinels to use. His discovery once again shocked the world. 

Seeing the amazement in Lin Yan’s eyes, James seemed relieved but also sad at the same time: “Her majesty, Empress Lin, had once entrusted me to take care of you. Unfortunately, soon after that incident, I was forced to leave Planet Ta.” 

“Fortunately, I am finally able to meet you again, Your Highness.”


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