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When the Hacker is Forced to Marry Ch.11

Chapter 11- I am willing to join the Guide Alliance

…..Empress Lin 

That was a name and title Lin Yan hasn’t heard in a long time. 

The girl who bared a resemblance to the late Empress sat in front of the old man with a stunned expression, her eyes wide with shock, “…..She entrusted me to you?” 

When Empress Lin was assassinated, it was the news of the century on Planet Ta. The assassination was unexpected and so unpredictable that the Empress did not even leave a last word before she left this world. 

However, by James’ words…..did her mother know long ago that she would be assassinated?!

James smiled knowingly: “Empress Lin….she indeed knew what would happen long before the assassination took place.” 

Lin Yan abruptly stood up and slammed a fist onto the table. 

Full of anxiety and frustration, her voice came out sharper than intended: “…..Then why didn’t she run?! She clearly knew, she clearly knew that she could have avoided her death!” 

James watched her calmly, not in the least bit annoyed and he replied lightly, “Could she have avoided it?” 

His voice was not loud nor forceful and yet it held power within it: “If she escaped death the first time, then what about the next assignation attempt? Or the one after that?”

Lin Yan pursed her lips, her heart not willing to resign to the facts: “If one can avoid death once, then why can’t they do so again? As long as she takes the necessary precautions, she…..” 

Facing James’ unperturbed gaze, she felt her words lacking. 

Tiredness shone in James’ eyes and he sighed as he changed the question: “Your Royal Highness, do you know what a ‘Guide’s Miracle’ is?” 

Lin Yan raised her head, her eyes staring intensely at James. 

“When a Guide reaches a high level of spiritual power, it is a matter of fact for them to gain a sort of special ability,” James started as if he was explaining one of his lectures, “It is believed that the ability a high-level Guide manifests depends solely on their spiritual sea’s attributes.” 

“However, there are a few people who are different,” A flash of regret lit up Jame’s eyes, “For certain people, their power is hidden, and only they themselves know the true extent of their power.”

Back then, James had just released his invention of spiritual relaxants to the world. Every single noble and high-standing official wanted to win over this eccentric inverter, but James had turned down all invitations except the one from the Platinum Palace. 

When he was lost, confused and down on his luck, it was Empress Lin who encouraged him to try again and had personally allocated funds from her personal account to fund her research. Her support was what gave birth to the relaxants, the miracle medicine he had created. He had accepted only her invitation to thank the Empress and he hoped to repay her kindness. 

Empress Lin was the second empress to His Majesty, the Emperor. After the death of the first Empress, four children were left behind without a mother. Empress Lin, her gentle and dignified eminence, filled in the motherly role and kept the atmosphere in the Platinum Place harmonious despite the fact that none of the four children were of her blood. 

When James first laid eyes on Empress Lin, he had thought of her as the gentle mother as well. 

However, that stereotype was quickly shattered by the Empress herself. This Empress had a grand ambition—she wanted to give Guides the right to a career, the right to live. Instead of following only to the orders of the country and the despicable matching system. Guides were only allowed to learn how to assist their Sentinels in the best possible way from the Guide Academy, only ending up as a vassal for the Sentinel in the end. 

And James just happened to be a Guide who was not willing to become a vassal. 

He had quickly grown familiar with Empress Lin and helped her reform and manage the affairs within the Guide Academy. 

However….they had touched something they should’ve never disturbed.

Then danger came one after another. 

And it was then James finally learned about the Empress’s true power. 

The Empress’s spiritual beast was a precious bird, a specimen that was extinct in reality due to its envious beauty and priceless feathers. This type of beast was thought to be useless and so naturally people did not think the Empress had any special ability. 

However, Empress Lin was the exception. 

She could foresee the future, a few days into the future to be precise. 

Empress Lin had used this power to create countless favorable conditions for her to advance her ambitions, but this time, there was no way to escape her fate. 

James from the past had thought the same as Lin Yan and posed the same questions. 

“Even if I am able to avoid my fate, what next? If they fail once, they will inevitably try again. Maybe this time we’ll be able to escape death, but what about the next one, or the one after that?” The dignified queen smiled and fiddled with the flower arrangement in her hands, “The guards of the Platinum Place have grown lax, but nothing has happened under their watch and their reputation precedes them. For them to dare to set up such an intricate scheme shows they know the ins and out of the palace very well and they are convinced they can successfully kill me.”

“What do you think will happen….if I am able to escape a disaster they believe is unavoidable? What will they think of me then?” 

James stood there speechlessly and could only listen dumbly to his Empress speak such horrid words with an eerie calm. 

“They will realize that they have been caught, that they’re every movement have been revealed to the enemy if such a meticulous assassination is foiled,” The Empress plucked a rose and sniffed it gently, “Then they would monitor the Guide Alliance even more harshly then before, and at a higher level of vigilance. For the Guide Alliance that is still only a child right now, you should understand what that means.” 

….it means failure, dissolution, and death. 

More severe attacks against the Guide Alliance would cripple the organization, causing this young operation to collapse before it’s prime. 

“But the Guide Alliance can’t continue without you!” James finally replied, choking back tears.

“The Guide Alliance won’t be without me,” Empress Lin smiled, “I am just a behind the scenes investor for the Alliance, no one except for the senior executives even know that I am a member.” 

“If I am to die, it will not be a loss for the Alliance, but an advantageous opportunity.” The Empress smiled as if the matter had nothing to do with her, “They fear and target me because I am the Empress, a symbol of power in this country. Once I openly support the Guide Alliance, then the scales will tilt in our favor. They are not wrong in thinking like this, but first for the Alliance to reach that parallel, we must establish ourselves first.” 

“Once I die, in their eyes, the Alliance will collapse and naturally will no longer be a threat.” With a pair of delicate scissors, the Empress cut off a branch of the flower and inserted another into the vase, “You will then have a long period of peace where you can develop in the shadows. My death will effectively lower their guards. Even if something happens, as long as it is not a big problem and you justify that your motivation is to avenge me, they will not care what you do.”

James’s voice trembled: “You….haven’t you ever thought about yourself in this whole matter?” 

Empress Lin’s movements stopped, her hands no longer working on the flower arrangement, and her smile slowly faded. 

She then answered softly, “….my ancestors have an old saying. ‘One cannot hate to part.’ If you wish to create something grand, you must not care for the details.”

“My life’s only purpose is to assist the Guide Alliance and it is my fortune to die for it.” 

She lowered her head, a trance of sadness finally blossoming in those amber eyes, “However, if there is an opportunity to do so, I hope you can take care of Lin Yan. She is my daughter and in the future….she may become an important member of the Alliance as well.”

The pure white irises flowers swayed in the sunlight outside. And just like their definition in the language of flowers, they were….



Following the Empress’s orders, he escaped with a few young and immature initiates after the assassination. While the news shocked the Empire to a standstill, he had hurried off to Pandora. 

Relying on Pandor’s unique political status, they were able to reestablish the Guide Alliance little by little without being noticed. Even after so many obstacles and hardships, they were still safe and untouched. 

Everything went the way the Empress had predicted. Ever since her death, the other party put down their guard and grew lax. They had only started to become more alert over the past year but by now the Alliance had already established a foothold on Pandora. The other party, except for sending some search parties after Lin Yan, effectively failed to threaten the Guide Alliance. 

“The Guide Alliance….I have spent a whole decade and finally, the foundation is ready. It is time…for us to reappear in this world.” 

Jame’s eyes grew red and he once again looked like the old and tired man from before. 

Lin Yan realized that the old man in front of her should only be 40 or 50 but his white hair and wrinkled face made him look sixty or seventy instead. 

James raised a hand and wiped the corners of his eyes, regaining his composure as he tried to restrain the expectations in his eyes, “So will you….”

“I’ll do it.” Lin Yan smiled, “Is there any ceremony I need to go through to join the Alliance?” 

James froze. Lin Yan had agreed to do easily that he even felt a little suspicious. 

Lin Yan smiled and narrowed her eyes, “Five years ago, three B-level Guides disappeared from the Guide Academy. Half a month later, they reappeared in a rich businessman’s house. A businessman who should’ve died from the chaotic disorder within his spiritual sea. Three days later, these three Guides were declared mentally impaired due to the excessive use of spiritual power and were unable to erect a spiritual barrier to ward off the backlash.” 

“Four years ago, a pair of Sentinel and Guide pair were found. They had been privately bonded but the Guide was not registered, The two were clearly forcibly bonded and joined together. The Sentinel was sent off into the army for a year and then died a year later, not even his bones could be recovered. The Guide that was sent to Planet Ta died of depression two years later.” 

“Two years ago, a Guide who was matched with a senior official left a public message on the interstellar network. He said he was involuntarily matched, and then forcibly bonded with an incompatible Sentinel. He tried to seek help from the outside world but was beaten back violently. After an hour this message was posted, it was blocked and deleted on the grounds of it ‘not being productive to social harmony.’”

James watched the girl in front of him, her amber eyes full of pain and sorrow. Much like an old friend of his from many years ago.

“How can I turn a blind eye after seeing all this?” 

Lin Yan took a step forward, “I am willing to join the Guide Alliance.” 

Author’s notes: 

Civil Rights have always been an extremely difficult thing to fight for. 

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