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When the Hacker is Forced to Marry Ch.12

Chapter 12- What is the Pandorian system?

The sky was sunny when she came in but now as Lin Yan walked out of the store, the blue has turned gray and it began to rain. 

Just as she was about to search for something in her spatial ring, James gave her a long-handled umbrella. 

“Take it,” James smiled and waved, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.”

As a planet famous for tourism, a core selling point about Pandora was their imitation of the long-dead Earth’s weather, culture, and more. Therefore, they even let rain pass through their barriers freely instead of keeping it out or in controlled areas. 

Only ghosts know why so many people who can’t bear the slightest inconveniences traveled to a planet that inmates the life during the Earth age where everything was inconvenient. 

Lin Yan tried her best to shrink her body so the umbrella fully over her as she walked carefully through the streets wet with rain. 

In this intergalactic era, few people liked the rainy weather, not to mention people who were on a tourism planet for fun. When it rained, few people could be seen on the street and only the sound of pattering rain could be heard in the silent city. 

Lin Yan closed her eyes and released her spiritual strands. A few moments later, she detected spiritual power. 

The sound of the rain hitting the umbrella was unexpectedly relaxing and she could now understand why Sentinels enjoyed their white noise so much. 

The sound was consistent, but not dull or boring. For Sentinels whose five senses were extremely sensitive, the white noise was probably comfortable and relaxing. 

Unfortunately, there are people who won’t let her enjoy it. 

Lin Yan’s footsteps lightened. 

The spiritual detection of a Guide was much vaguer in detail compared to the enhanced perception of a Sentinel. While a Sentinel’s range of perception was like a super clear yet pixelated image, then the Guide’s spiritual detection was more like a blurry mosaic. 

And that mosaic allowed Lin Yan to discover the person who was quietly trailing behind her. However, she couldn’t quite see who the other person was. 

She turned a few sharp corners, her spiritual strands never leaving the person behind her. Finally, after a few quick turns and twists, she bowed her head and sighed. The person was indeed following her on purpose. 

After experiencing so many life-threatening events, Lin Yan was not one to take this lightly. She pretended to be lost and took out her photonic device from her spatial ring. She stood there with her cheeks puffed and poked at the screen, looking like a squirrel holding a pine cone, as she decided where to go. 

Lin Yan quickly hacked into the A.I. controlled system of the nearby building while releasing a sigh and then puffing her cheeks again like a pufferfish. 

The screen showed her the images from the nearby cameras. The other party was wearing a large raincoat and she still could not see the face. The height wasn’t very tall and the figure was very slender. There were no similarities between this girl and the professionals from the Ants Lin Yan held dealt with. In fact, the figure looked like a girl about her age. 

Seeing this, Lin Yan almost couldn’t control her surprise and her spiritual strands, but she responded in time and slowly pulled back the spiritual power she was quietly spreading around her. She also reeled back the spiritual power she had 

The spiritual power of a Guide made it quite useless for stealth and spy use. If the spiritual power was used on an ordinary person, then it was fine. However, if used on a Sentinel or Guide then one can be discovered within minutes. If someone powerful detects you, getting caught is a light punishment. At worst, you might receive a nasty spiritual attack in retaliation. 

Lin Yan exhaled and smiled, her head angled in a way that the other person won’t be able to see it. 

She quickly hacked the system guarding the door to the building beside her and walked forward. 

Still keeping up a facade, she pretended to have finally found the right direction and stowed away her device with a satisfied expression. Her boots stomped against the ground, making loud and crisps sounds. 

The person following her only saw Lin Yan carelessly walking while holding an umbrella and watched as she disappeared around the corner. The figure quickly ran after the disappearing girl. 

However, when the figure turned the corner, not a trace of Lin Yan’s silhouette could be found. 

The figure seemed to punch the air in frustration and then rustled around with something in their raincoat, the light of a small hologram appearing through the gaps of the raincoat. 

After confirming the location and information needed, the figure turned to look up at the looming building beside them. 

Lin Yan had run at an incredible pace and in a blink of an eye, she had already reached the top floor. 

The figure seemed to understand that their cover was blown but did not seem resigned as they gritted their teeth and entered the building. The figure then stepped into the elevator to the top floor. 

However, when the figure stepped into the elevator, the usual humming the old elevator emitted was gone and it zoomed up the building at an incredible speed before stopping suddenly. However, the door did not open. 

The figure, a female, raised her head and saw Lin Yan standing in front of her. Lin Yan gave her a bright smile and greeted the figure from the other side of the elevator’s glass doors. 

“Hello,” Lin Yan’s voice was light as she started, “It must’ve been hard to have stalked me for so long, am I right?” 

“You-!” The other person’s tone was full of frustration and a tender and fair finger shook slightly as it pointed at Lin Yan. The vehement expression on the woman’s face made it seem like Lin Yan had down something terrible to her. 

Lin Yan acted like she didn’t notice the other party’s anger and still held up an air of innocence, “Tell me, why are you dressed so stealthily? In fact, if you wanted to follow me it would be better to wear something more simple. Wearing clothes like that will only make people suspicious of you….” 

“…Shut up!” The other party interrupted Lin Yan’s words and then continued loudly in an almost sobbing voice, “You little thief who knows no shame! You’re a thief through and through! A parasite who reaps where one has not sown!” [1]

Lin Yan stood there stupefied as a bunch of accusations were flung into her face: “Ah?” 

This was beyond the scope of her understanding! 

It made sense that she was being called a parasite for she did really live off the priceless food and drinks served at the Platinum Palace without doing anything, but why was she being called a ‘thief’ too?

Other than staying in the suffocating Platinum Palace for the last 18 years, she really hasn’t interacted with the world outside. How could she have stolen anything from anyone?

When the other party saw her confused expression, she immediately became even more aggressive: “Have you ever invested your all into anything? Made any contributions to the betterment of society? Then why…why is someone like you from who knows where appearing on Pandora just to steal the things that originally belonged to me!”

Lin Yan became even more confused: “Your things?”

The other part took off their raincoat and the hat that covered their face, revealing a pitiful yet beautiful girl, 

“Stewart….other than your surname, what else do you have?!!” Tears began to fill in the girl’s eyes, “Yes, I know you’re an S-level Guide, but I am an A-level Guide, not that far behind you! Why is it that you who is not favored within the Platinum Palace can easily get so much from the outside!” 

Unfortunately for the girl, Lin Yan was a ruthless person without many sentimental feelings. She withstood the flood of emotions pouring out of the other party’s eyes and only tilted her head while gently tapping her fingers against the screen of her device. 

The elevator suddenly dropped downward. 

The nauseating vertigo from the unexpected drop made the girl scream in horror. 

“What are you trying to do!” The girl began to scream hysterically, “Stewart!”

“I’m not doing anything,” The light smile on Lin Yan’s face disappeared and she looked at the girl with an indifferent expression, “Is it too hard for us to speak properly?” 

She walked forward a few steps and smiled again, “Or was that enjoyable just now? You want to try that again?” 

“You-!” The girl barely let out a word when the elevator immediately dropped down again, shaking her fiercely that she had to lean against the elevator’s wall. Her voice fell into a whisper, “What do you want?”

“How about you answer my question from before,” Lin Yan tilted her head, her fingers idly stroking her photonic device, “What….‘things’ did I steal from you?” 

The girl bit her lip and then reluctantly spit out a word: “….Kristen.” 

Eh? Why does this name seem so familiar? 

Lin Yan looked at the girl in front of her with a baffled look and then wondered who this Kristen was. 

The name was considered unique or common….who was it exactly? 


She remembered it now. 

Wasn’t that the mercenary leader, the Sentinel that the royal family had wanted to marry her off to?!

Recalling the profile page, Lin Yan remembered that the person didn’t even have a picture and she almost felt like laughing: “Who are you? You want something I don’t want. I haven’t even seen this Kristen….so how can you still blame me?”

“But if it wasn’t for you….How can Kristen turn a blind eye to me! I’m the highest-ranked Guide among the group of independent Guides, so if it wasn’t for you, why does she still ignore me!” 

Lin Yan laughed, feeling the tension leave her shoulders. She had thought this would be some big deal, but it turned out to be a boring love affair. 

Feeling bored now, she shook her head, “Whatever, as long as you’re happy.” Anyhow, she had escaped from that marriage already, why should she care about a Sentinel she doesn’t even know? 

Lin Yan lowered her head and poked around on her device’s screen. Her eyes now soft and gentle, she asked: “So let’s talk about us…how did you find me?” 

This she was extremely curious about. 

For most people, their devices have limited protection on it. And to Lin Yan, those firewalls were the same as a rag cloth that she can easily pierce through. Even when controlling the system of a high-tech building, she only needed to spend a little time to make it hers and bend it to her will. 

However, the girl in front of her didn’t look like someone with any hacking ability and yet the device in the other party’s hand was like an iron fortress, firmly blocking Lin Yan out of its walls. 

Lin Yan was extremely convinced that the means of tracking someone like her must be hidden inside the other party’s device. 

Seeing the girl in front of her stay silent and refusing to meet her eyes, Lin Yan raised her own device in a threatening manner: “If you don’t say anything, you’re going to have a pleasant trip downward.”

The girl winced and raised her head in a panic, “….it’s the Pandorian system, the Pandorian system!” 

Lin Yan frowned: “What is this Pandroian system?” 

The girl closed her eyes tightly: “It’s Pandora!”

Lin Yan’s hand tightened around her wrist. 

The girl opened her eyes and looked at her in doubt, “…You’ve already joined the Alliance, right? How could you don’t even know about the Pandorian system?” 

Author’s Notes: 

Kristen: I’m so angry! How come she’s not feeling jealous at all!


*Note: If you’re confused: Lin Yan still doesn’t know Kristen’s real name as she only knows her as ‘Crimson’ and ‘that girl I once interacted with by pretending to be a robot’. 

[1] To reap where one has not sown: An idiom that is the opposite of ‘you reap what you sow’ and basically means that you’re stealing another person’s hard work.

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