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When the Hacker is Forced to Marry Ch.13

Chapter 13- I may have entered a fake black market

The expression on Lin Yan’s face chilled instantly. 

“How do you know about the Guide Alliance?” Lin Yan looked at the girl in the elevator with a frown, “And how did you know…I am a member of the Alliance?”

The girl seemed taken aback by the sudden cold tone and she replied, “Why wouldn’t I know about the Alliance….do you not know that your name has been in the Alliance’s directory since the beginning?” 

Then she seemed to have realized she had said something she shouldn’t have and yelped as she covered her mouth. 

My name….is in the Guide Alliance’s Directory? 

Lin Yan felt stupid right about now. 

Then what was the point of her stupid oath to join the Alliance earlier! 

That old man James apparently believed she would definitely join the Alliance and had added her name on there since the beginning. 

Thinking like this, Lin yan changed the subject. She knocked on the glass door and asked with a smile, “If you know about the Alliance and have seen the directory, then tell me, who are you?” 

The girl bowed her head again and didn’t answer. Lin Yan lifted her finger and held it above her device’s screen: “…Three…Two….One…”

The girl raised her head suddenly with a look of horror and just when she was about to say something, she saw Lin Yan press down a finger mercilessly. 


The elevator fell quickly, scaring the girl as she screamed when it suddenly stopped in the middle and then gently made its way back up. 

“I-I…..” The girl struggled to calm her emotions, “My name is Mihana.” 

Lin Yan failed to resist blurting out, “But you look like someone of the Eastern descent.” 

Mihana felt like vomiting blood in anger. She had abandoned her original name to replace it with the current more English and Western name just so she could be worthy of the person she gave her heart to. Yet this annoying brat in front of her–

“You’re probably a…..daughter of one of the high-level members of the Alliance, right?” Lin Yan asked, disregarding the anger on Mihana’s face. 

Lin Yan’s information should only be known to James but since James had written her name down in the directory from probably the beginning, that meant the senior staff inside the Alliance must also know about her. 

But seeing Mihana’s apparent age, it was impossible for her to be a senior member of the Alliance. Therefore, the biggest possibility was that she was the daughter of a senior member. 

Mihana’s eyes widened in surprise and her expression gave her away. 


Lin Yan had spent eighteen years in the Palace and had seen countless wealthy merchants and aristocrats. Even a person like her who was always on the edges of political matters knew how to hide her true thoughts under a poker face. 

Yet perhaps the girl in front of her has been too sheltered, for she had no precautions in place against other people and even she even dared to rashly follow a person without knowing the depth of their powers. It was simply ignorance that could have led the girl to her death. 

She felt too lazy to continue bothering with this child whose mental age couldn’t keep up with her outward appearance and changed the question: “You just said something about the Pandorian system being Pandora, care to explain what that means?” 

Mihana bit her lip, knowing that her life was now in Lin Yan’s hands. Plus, she had run out on her own and had shield herself from the surveillance cameras when following Lin Yan. If Lin Yan wanted her to die, she could die instantly and silently without anyone knowing better. 

Thinking like this, a horrible feeling sunk into her stomach and she opened her mouth: “….Haven’t you’ve heard of it before? About the rumors surrounding Pandora?” 

Pandora was the only planet in the Empire that had autonomy over itself. Rather than being a leading planet of the empire, it was closer to being like the China of the empire. 

Countless people have wondered why only Pandora got to enjoy such treatment among thousands of planets. There were rumors here and there but no one knew if they were false or true. 

“Pandora doesn’t have a President or a leader at all. Our head of the state is an intelligent AI, and is the Pandorian System itself.” 

“The Pandorian system coordinates all public affairs on this planet, she is considered to be the patron saint of Pandora.”

“She sheltered the original Eastern races that sought refuge here and were the one to send out an invitation to the Alliance when they first fled from Planet Ta. The Alliance relied on the Pandorian system to develop into the scale they are now.”

Mihana unexpectedly cooperated and quickly explained Pandora’s situation. 

After hearing the information she wanted, Lin Yan raised her eyebrows and pressed down on her device again. 

Mihana’s eyes widened from defiant to disbelief and prepared to scream again when she found that this time the speed was gentle and the elevator slowly made its way down. 

The elevator stopped on the first floor and opened. It was as if the elevator was working as normal as usual, not like the death machine from before. 

Mihana stumbled out of the elevator and looked back again. She could only grit her teeth and walk out of the building. 

Lin Yan stood on the top floor, fiddling with the device on her wrist. 

Sure enough, she wasn’t wrong. There was a hacker with superb means behind the Alliance, but the hacker was actually the Pandorian system. 

She has never seen an artificial intelligence system reach this level of….well could it be considered perfection? 

Lin Yan felt a little uneasy inside her heart as she felt there was still some important fact hidden from her. 

She looked up at the sky and saw it was getting late, but she did not intend to go back. 

Crimson was still lying in the treatment pod so it didn’t make sense to just go back. She might as well….to use her next few free days to do something meaningful. 

For example, visiting the black market of Pandora. 

A few hours later, a girl in an all-black cloak stood at the entrance of the legendary black market: Hades Market. 

The Pandorian system was only responsible for the management of public areas, so the places not under the management of the system become the dark zones of the planet.

The Hades Market, named after the god of the underworld in ancient Greek mythology, was a place that prospered in such a dark zone. 

Lin Yan looked around the bustling streets and felt her understanding of a black market has been wrong this entire time. 

She had always believed that in a place like the black market, everyone would hurry around while wrapped up in dark clothes, always afraid to reveal their identities. 

However, can someone tell her why there was a long row of food stalls lining the streets? There were even people laughing and talking as they stood in long queues to buy food. They all lacked the feeling they were at a black market but instead it felt like they were visiting a tourist site instead. 

Lin Yan was stupefied. 

She looked down at her black cloak that was conspicuous among the colorful crowd. 



She took off her cloak and tucked it within her ring, and joined the lines leading to the food stalls. 

An hour later, Lin yan held an armful of colorful snacks and she looked curiously at a skewer in her hand before taking a bite. 


An unprecedented taste burst across her taste buds. 

Lin Yan looked blankly at the food in her hands. The taste was full and rich, a novel sensation that tempted her to take another bite again and again. 

Why had Parent Ta never seen such good food?!

Lin Yan couldn’t help but recall those exquisite meals in the Platinum Palace. Everyone had to wear gorgeous clothes and eat elegantly according to that cumbersome etiquette….forget enjoying the meal, Lin Yan was too busy feeling exhausted after each banquet. 

Yet, these delicacies of the Hades Market were eaten freely and without care. For lin Yan, this was simply paradise. 

And so, she ate snack after snack as she walked down the streets. 

The delicious food quickly lowered her guard and when she had finished eating, she found she had unknowingly entered a dark and desolate area. 

Surrounding her were dim-lit streets where only an occasional person walked through hurriedly. 

Lin Yan shivered. 

…..this scene in front of her seems to match her initial image of a black market. 

There was even a strange feeling at the back of her mind. 

Lin Yan turned around with alertness, and at the same time erected a thick spiritual barrier. 

Not far away stood a somewhat tall figure, and when the figure saw her turn around, they actually walked a few steps forward, fingers in their mouth as they blew out a whistle: “Yo, little Guide.”

Lin Yan frowned and took a step back. 

It was a Sentinel. 

The other party was obviously not in a sober state of mind and Lin Yan suspected that the Sentinel had been drinking. As a Sentinel, their enhanced senses let them become drunk or high with just a little bit of ingestion. The higher level a Sentinel was, the more affected they became. 

The other party was no longer in control of themselves and leaned against the wall as they forcibly released a wave of pheromones in Lin Yan’s direction. 

Lin Yan’s brows furrowed tighter.

The release of pheromones was a prerequisite to beginning the bonding between a Sentinel and Guide. For a Sentinel to release their pheromones without permission was almost considered sexual harassment. 

And she disliked this kind of behavior, very, very much. 

The other party failed to pick up Lin Yan’s disgust signal and put on a smug expression: “A wild Guide too…this brother is lucky today…Little Guide, would you like to-” 

 The sentinel’s voice stopped abruptly, and then stood there blankly as if he had suddenly lost his soul.

“…You should be thankful that I am in a good mood today.” Lin Yan held out her right arm, the fingers of her right hand relaxing. 

 In a world invisible to the human eye, spiritual strands mercilessly penetrated the Sentinel’s spiritual barrier and controlled the Sentinel’s mind. 

A little owl emerged out of nowhere and perched quietly on Lin Yan’s shoulders, it’s round eyes filled with a dangerous gleam that was as deadly as the night. 

Lin Yan slowly clenched her fingers. 

The Sentinel hit the wall hard, his body then trembled violently before falling to the ground. 

 Lin Yan sneered coldly: “I’ll give you another gift.” 

Her voice sounded ethereal yet cold in the night breeze: “A strange beast has appeared at the Hades Market. You will not appear here again~” 

With this final order, Lin Yan turned around without hesitation and walked away. 

However, before she made a few steps, she saw another person leaning against the streetlamp while waving at her. 

“You really are amazing,” the person smiled heartily and applauded, “Your Highness, Lin Yan.” 

Author’s notes: 

Lin Yan after basically killing a Sentinel: “Hmph, trash.”

Kristen: “…..Although I’m still lying in the immersion pod, why do I feel like something amazing just happened?” 

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5 thoughts on “When the Hacker is Forced to Marry Ch.13

  1. I absolutely love the world in this story. Everything is amazingly done. Thank you for picking this gem!

    Kyaa~ When will Kristen show up again?? Will they get seperated? T.T

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I absolutely love the world in this story. Everything is amazingly done.

    Kyaa~ When will Kristen show up again?? Will they get seperated? T.T

    Liked by 1 person

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