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When the Hacker is Forced to Marry Ch.14

Chapter 14- Even if there is no light or fire, she is willing to be the one who holds the torch

Thanks to her little owl, Lin Yan’s night vision has always been outstandingly good so even with the dim lighting she could clearly see the young man’s appearance. 

Short and curly chestnut brown hair, a pair of light gray eyes, and sharp features that looked very familiar to her. 

However, she is originally a face blind person and has always been bad at differentiating facial features in other people so she didn’t care too much about the strangely familiar feeling. 

The other party seemed to have noticed her vigilance and smiled gently at her. He stretched out his hands, palms facing up, as if to signal he was no threat, “Your Royal Highness when the irises are in full bloom, I will return.” 

His words were cryptic, but it revealed his true identity. 

For that was the last sentence of the Alliance’s oath. 

Lin Yan still didn’t relax her guard however, “And you are?” 

The young man on the opposite side looked conflicted for a second then raised his hand as he pointed at his hair, “White.” 

Lin Yan: “???” 

“White,” The young man repeated and pointed at his chin, then he gestured with his hands, “very long.” 

Then pointed at his clothes: “Suit. 

Finally, he hunched down into a weird posture as he saluted Lin Yan. 

….then Lin Yan finally figured it out. The guy was imitating James who she had met this morning. 

“Greetings,” The youth finally raised his head with a smile, “I’m his student. The name is Chris.” 

Chris didn’t give Lin Yan time to respond and glanced at the black shadow that lay limply on the ground. His eyes bent into crescent moons as he smiled again: “Your Royal Highness’s spiritual suggestions are really interesting.” 

Lin Yan remembered the words she had uttered just now and so casually too. She suddenly felt a sense of shame at her chuunibyou ways. 

She cleared her throat embarrassingly and forcibly changed the topic, “How did you…”

Before she could finish, Chirs rushed up and grabbed her arm. Raising an index finger to his lips, he motioned for her to be quiet: “Don’t say anything. There are many ears listening. Let’s go somewhere else first.” 

Then he took out what looked like a small pile of black fur and threw it onto the ground. The black fur unexpectedly started moving and rushed away silently. 

Lin Yan only saw a black shadow of fluffy fur rush past her and then it disappeared into the darkness. 

Then Chris, dragged her lightly through the dark alleys, seemingly very familiar with where he was going and navigating the darkness like it was his own backyard. 

After Lin Yan had longed gotten dizzy and felt completely lost with her shoddy sense of direction, Chris stopped in front of a stream that was obviously man-made. 

While Lin Yan felt confused, Chris walked through the tall reeds beside the stream. She followed closely as they bypassed the clump of reeds and then saw a passageway entrance appear on the ground, one that seemed to lead to the other side. 

It was well hidden, but it was a very common looking underground room.

There were rustling sounds in the reeds behind them and Lin Yan looked up. What she saw made her blink a few times. A dark kitten came crawling out, meowing tenderly and it ran up as if asking for a hug. 

Chris heard the meowing and turned around, hiding the little black feline into his arms as he rubbed the animal’s furry head. 

Lin Yan whispered softly, “Is this your spiritual beast?” 

“Yeah,” Chris kissed the little black cat in his arms with a proud smile, “This is my little baby!” 

Chris then walked into the underground passage, holding his black kitten. He pressed on some random spots on the wall and then instantly the posters hanging on the wall disappeared as a door from who knows where appeared. 

Optical camouflage! 

Lin Yan asked: “Where are we?” 

“This is our base.” Chris smiled and then extended a hand in invitation, “Welcome to the Guide Alliance’s Headquarters.” 

Lin Yan stepped through the door. 

The interior of the base was very different to Pandora’s low tech style that mimicked earth. Instead, there was blue light-emitting the area that illuminated the walkways and a closeness that only high tech could create flowing in the air. 

The base was silent and Lin Yan followed Chris as they walked through a long corridor, their footsteps echoing in the strange silence. 

“…Is there no one at the base today?” Lin Yan finally couldn’t help it and asked.

But as soon as she said this, Chris’s expression immediately changed his face and he looked around like he was searching for the enemy, “Miss, oh, I mean, Your Highness! Could you please not speak to me right now? There is a guy trying to catch me—AH!” 

Suddenly, he was grabbed by a mechanical arm and was raised into the air. 

A cold and ruthless mechanical thing laughed: “Chris, do you still want to try and run?” 

“N-no!” Chris answered straight away, “001, you see, I brought her Highness here. I am not someone you can deal with casually now! I am now the hero of the Alliance. Praise me, praise me!” 

“Oh, will do.” 

Chris seemed overjoyed, “Are you finally going to give me a glorious title? Can I be given more authority then, such as opening up the intergalactic net with limitless-”

‘There is no such thing.” 001 dismissed him indifferently, “If you have the time to waste, it’s better for you to finish the reports you still haven’t completed from the last experiment.” 

Chris seemed stunned, “Report? Haven’t I finished it already?”

“You might have finished it in your dreams.” 001 related the true reality of this without mercy, “You either fell asleep in the lab or was moved by me into the bedroom. However, I didn’t see you finish the reports.” 

“What!” Chris screamed, “What did the teacher say before?  That I have to submit it by tomorrow?! Ahhhhhh! 001, I’ll leave her Highness to you, I have to finish my report!” 

Lin Yan watched as the irresponsible Chris passed her off to 001 and then ran away screaming. 

“That brat….” The mechanical creature named 001 seemed to sigh almost helplessly and then turned around to receive its unexpected visitor, “Your Highness, welcome to the Guide Alliance’s base. If you have any questions, please ask me.” 

“It’s already getting late today and I have arranged a room for you to stay in already. I do hope you’ll like it.” 001 played the role of a dutiful housekeeper, “Please follow the red arrow on the wall, the system will lead you to the location of your room.”

It wasn’t until she entered her room that Lin Yan asked the questions she had held back along the way. 

She asked: “What are you?” 

001 answered her question: “I am an artificial intelligence robot, 001. I am currently in charge of the management Guide Alliance’s base, and I am responsible for the lives of everyone in the base. As a member of the Guide Alliance, please don’t hesitate to ask me anything as I have an obligation to tell you everything I know.” 

Lin Yan hesitated and then asked, “….Did James add my name to the list of members a long time ago?” 

001 did not try to conceal anything and replied, “Yes. One year after arriving at Pandora, James entered your name into the directory system.”


“Because James and Lin Yudu had very different ideas on how to lead. James wanted the Guide Alliance to focus on fighting for human rights for Guides while Lin Yudu was very antagonistic to all Sentinels and believed we should wipe them all out. It was only when James revealed Empress Lin and your name did the potential split in the Guide Alliance disappear. When your name was added to the directory, the collapse of the Alliance was prevented.” 

“You have a huge influence on the Guide Alliance. While I am only the management system of the Guide Alliance. It stands to reason that I have no right to interfere with your orders, but I hope you will think carefully before making decisions for the future of the Guide Alliance.” 

Lin Yan widened her eyes in surprise and raised her head: “What are you talking about? What do you mean….about thinking carefully about the future of the Alliance?” 

“Am I not just a regular member of the Alliance?” 

“No, you are the core of the Guide Alliance.” 

“You are currently the highest-ranked Guide among all of us. Your status is also the most worthy. The Pandorian system has determined that you are the most suitable leader for our Alliance. In other words, the reason why you helped you escape Planet Ta was precisely for you to become our future leader. 

Lin Yan laughed bitterly, “You guys are…..basically forcing me into this situation.” 

001’s voice held no emotion as he replied, “I am very sorry to have caused you trouble.” 

“So….who gave you such gall, to dare to put all your hopes into someone….” She lowered her head and looked down at herself, “someone who has never even left Planet Ta before and an 18-year-old at that?” 

“It’s because of Empress Lin.” 001 spoke slowly, “Everything Empress Lin prophesied has come true. Every single prophecy she made became reality.” 

“Ten years later, there is only one prophecy that hasn’t come true.” 

“And that is for you to one day take over the Guide Alliance and sit on the Imperial throne. That day has not come yet.” 

Lin Yan froze. 

She had guessed what the many reasons were for the Guide Alliance to have pulled ehr in, but she would have never thought it was all because of one of her mother’s prophecies. 

She felt at a loss. 

001 saw her despondent gaze and left the room quietly. 

Regarding her memories of her mother, Lin Yan honestly couldn’t remember much. 

In her memories, Empress Lin was a gentle mother. Someone who would comb her hair and take her to play in the garden. 

She didn’t remember any prophecies made by her mother, in fact, her mother never even revealed such power in front of her. 

When Lin Yan had awakened as a Guide, she had lost most of her memories from before. 

Only the images of Empress’s Lin’s assassination was embedded in her heart like a bloody sword. 

She was only eight then, holding a maple leaf she had picked up from the garden outside that she had wanted to give to her mother. 

Then she stood at the door, frozen as she watched a person break into the lonely palace and shot the Empress who was reading quietly in the head. 

The maid who was beside them, busy organizing the flowers, dropped the vase and screamed. 

The day before, Lin Yan remembered clearly as her mother showed her the words in her books and told her the importance of rights for Guides. 

Then the next day those words were stained with the blood of a martyr. 

Lin Yan opened her eyes. 

If the last embers of light had died and the fire no longer burned, she would be the person who held the torch and relit the flames it once held. 

Even if the torch holder were to be targeted and hated by all, to die for something she believed in would be enough. 

Author’s notes: 

Kristen: For those who try to touch what’s mine, you have to get past Fatty first!

The Crimson Assassin: The arsenal has been stocked, ready to fire!

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5 thoughts on “When the Hacker is Forced to Marry Ch.14

  1. Damn. Kristen’s brother is… interesting.

    Lin Yan’s mother has a pretty sad life. She was a high ranking guide that was married to a king (I think it was arranged) so she created an alliance for guides like her. But because of this, she sacrificed her life whilst losing the chance to see her daughter grow up.

    The balance between guides and sentinels is pretty interesting. Guides are commonly treated as commodities by the world for the sentinels. We can see the oppression they experience, especially from nobilities.

    Liked by 2 people

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