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When the Hacker is Forced to Marry Ch.15

Chapter 15- Mission from Planet Ta 

Sunlight penetrated through the gaps between the curtains and dust scattered in the air as the thin beams of light moved through the air. 

The light changed position as the sun rose and slowly crawled over the sheets and pillows before finally falling onto the transparent glass cover of the immersion pod. 

The woman who was sleeping quietly in the medial pod was woken up by the irritating light. 

The woman tilted her head away but failed to escape the sun’s rays. Her Sentinel’s sense made her very sensitive to the light and so with no other choice she opened her eyes and awoke from her slumber. 

Lin Yan is not here. 

Kristen looked around the room but failed to find that familiar figure. However, she did not panic and instead relaxed her body within the liquid of the medical pod. 

It was rare for her to have moments of leisure and relaxation like this one. 

Since the destruction of her home planet and the disappearance of her younger brother Chris, she never rested except for those few spare days. She had journeyed across the universe with her group of mercenaries that risked their lives every day. Other than training, she would occupy her days with endless missions she needed to carry out. 

The life she was living may be exciting and stimulating, but is filled with the strong smell of smoke and blood. Occasionally she would ponder what her life would be like if she could have continued those quiet and peaceful days before her home was destroyed. Yes, her life back then was dull and normal, but it was safe and comfortable. 

Perhaps she felt that comfortableness while she lay in the liquids of the medical pod and was about to fall asleep again when a photonic device not too far from the pod sounded. 

Lin Yan unexpectedly still hasn’t shown up and so Kristen opened the lid of the pod by herself. She grabbed the device and opened the unread email on the screen. 

The name of the sender made Kristen frown. She bit her lower lip lightly, her eyes falling on the word ‘mission’ at the very top of the email. 

…..She did not have a good feeling about this. 

If she remembered correctly, the sender…this ‘Duke Wilson’ was an anti-Guide rights type of aristocrat. 

Kristen’s memory was not very good as she had even forgotten which officials she had accepted the recruitment notice from. Back then, she did not want to offend any of the officials and so had accepted the recruitment without checking which faction it was from. 

However, Duke Wilson was someone that Kristen remembered out of the thousands of nobles. 

As a member of the Imperial Parliament, Duke Wilson used his status and power to block many bills and proposals that advanced the civil and human rights of Guides. He used many schemes and tricks to slow the development of Guides’ rights and made it extremely difficult for such bills to be passed. Even the gentle Empress Lin, an advocate for Guides’ rights, was angered beyond words by him and was rumored to have smashed her glass against the ground in frustration when the Duke killed another one of her bills. 

Just from this, one could tell that Duke Wilson was not a good person. 

Kristen opened the email, but there was no content, and instead of a mission it was more like a notification. 

Kristen stared at the email and drummed her fingers lightly against the glass of the pod beside her. 

As a senior official and a high noble, the Duke does indeed have the power to issue missions to her. However, Kristen clearly remembered negotiating with the officials from the Empire that she would accept missions only after it passes a cabinet’s review. 

…..So why did the Duke want to speak with her alone and even requested a holographic call? 

Kristen couldn’t help herself and slammed her fist against the glass of the medical pod. The glass shattered and the liquid flowed out but she waved her hand and put the pod back into her storage ring. 

She had cleaned up most of her stuff when the Duke’s call came at the previously scheduled time. 

Kristen looked at the name ‘Duke Wilson’ pasted across her screen and took a deep breath, her gray-blue eyes suddenly turning cold and indifferent. 

The call was connected. 

A holographic projection of the Duke illuminated the room, his form becoming pixelated as the projection tried to stabilize. 

Wilson wore the formal attire that all Planet Ta nobles wore (with the exception of a certain Lin Yan) and he seemed to be seated in a nice setting as a female Sentinel stood politely behind him. 

“I didn’t expect that the head of the Scarlet Thorns have such…elegant and refined tastes.” His eyes fell on the interior decoration of the hotel that was styled after the earth’s ancient fashion designs, “I originally thought that people like you would only enjoy the grand and magnificent scenery of Pulangke. I did not expect you would be interested in the famous….romantic beauty that Pandora offers.”

Kristen did not try to hide her smile as the corners of her mouth lifted, “Mountains and rivers are indeed beautiful, but a sea of flowers is also beautiful in its own right.” 

“Oh?” Duke Wilson raised an eyebrow, “Based on your original attitude when chasing after the princess, I would’ve thought that the leader of the Scarlet Thorns was the type who became infatuated and believed in love at first sight…”

Kristen’s heart jumped furiously at those words but her face was careless and free as she answered, “Surely you jest, milord, and since her Royal Highness is unwilling, I will not force her to marry me.” 

“Haha,” Duke Wilson seemed to be very happy as he laughed with a fake smile, “So, that is to say, that you have found someone else?” 

Although his words would usually be considered rude, everyone knew about the admission rules into Pandora. For Kristen to appear on Pandora, she must naturally have someone else who was willing to accompany her. 

Therefore, he was implying that she was a frivolous woman who easily get bored after the novelty wore off. To this insult, Kristen only forced out a smile. 

Although she vomited inwardly, her face did not change as she continued: “Don’t say that, milord. If the princess changes her mind one day, I am still very willing to marry her.”

Duke Wilson smiled and then cut straight to the point. 

“This time I come before you for a personal matter.” 

“This isn’t exactly proper,” Kristen’s eyes sharpened in an instant, “You should now know that the Scarlet Thorns are now under the jurisdiction of the Empire. We are no longer a mercenary group that takes orders from private clients.” 

Kristen’s tone became heavy: “Even if it’s you, milord. Don’t you have to receive permission from the cabinet before the Scarlet Thorns can accept?” 

Duke Wilson seemed to have expected that Kristen would respond like this and smiled: “You do not need to worry about that. After all, this is not some shameless order but an escort mission.” 

He raised one hand and then tapped the palm of his other hand: “Of course, since you have just entered the Empires’ jurisdiction, you must be unfamiliar with the affairs of our Empire. For a mission like this, as long as you take on this mission, I will make a report to the cabinet. Although this mission will not be publicly announced, you will not be subjected to any criticisms from the cabinet.” 

Kristen seemed hesitant and Duke Wilson continued, as if to strike while the iron was hot: “If you are still unsure, I will not force you. I only hope that as the leader of the Scarlet Thorns, you will help me save some face on this matter.” 

As the leader, Kristen naturally didn’t get her position from just killing all day. Although Duke Wilson’s words sounded normal on the surface, she could understand the subtext of his words. 

If she was to help him this time…..wouldn’t her mercenary group, now a regiment, be able to gain a foothold in the Empire?

If Kristen had chosen to join the Empire just for the status, then this would’ve been a tempting offer for her. After all, with Wilson’s power and fame, it would not be difficult for him to take care of a small group of mercenaries from a remote planet.

It’s a pity then that he has guessed wrongly about Kristen’s true purpose for joining the Empire. 

After all, Wilson has never been to Pulangke and didn’t know that the Scarlet Thorns were a group of mercenaries that acted like wild horses and were unwilling to be restrained or tamed. Add on the fact that Kristen had enthusiastically joined the Empire when they recruited her then of course he was ignorant of her purpose. His judgment should be considered normal. 

Kristen’s expression seemed extremely torn and she gritted her teeth like she had made up her mind: “Milord, what do you need? Please speak freely.” 

Duke Wilson naturally was very happy: “It’s a small matter, not a very big deal. You probably already know but people like me from Planet Ta like to do business. This time our goods are a little bit on the expensive side and after thinking about it, I still have some worries. I hope you can elevate my stress by escorting a few of the merchandise.” 

At least on the surface, it really did not seem like a big deal and so Kristen agreed. 

“Whether it be business or the military, it is pleasant to work with such a good leader and suitable partner.” Duke Wilson laughed, “Sorry to have to trouble you. I’ll have to leave now, the goods should’ve arrived by now.” 

Kristen laughed with him before finally sending away this dangerous noble. 

When Wilson’s hologram disappeared, Kristen’s smile also gradually disappeared. 

… tiring….

Kristen really did not deal with nobles, their conversations full of barbed words and hidden traps. That one conversation with Duke Wilson felt like she had traded away half of her life’s worth of luck. 

But no matter, she had to deal with the matters of the Empire first. Although Wilson’s call was unexpected, the convenience he can provide for the mercenary regiment is indeed what Kristen currently lacks.

She wanted to help the Guide Alliance. She wanted to support them, for what they stood for, but her mercenary regiment’s strength was just not enough. 

She needed a foothold in the Empire. 

Only when she has a certain position can she finally get involved with the affairs of the Guide Alliance. 

However, just recalling her first contact with the Alliance so many years ago gave her a headache. 

She had saved the daughter of one of the senior members but the other party did not treat her kindly and she even faced extreme prejudice and hatred from them. They tried to keep her away and revealed only a bare minimum information to her.

With such a group of people, she would have a difficult time going through the normal means to help the Guide Alliance. She can only lurk among the Empire first and then protect this little organization from the shadows. 

She shook herself out of her thoughts and turned on her device. 

She still needed to find the lost Lin Yan who had gone out to play. 

Author’s notes: 

Lin Yan (who has no guilty conscience at all); A certain someone hasn’t appeared for several chapters and yet has grabbed all of my lines and attention the moment they appear? Unfair!

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