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When the Hacker is Forced to Marry Ch.16

Chapter 16- Are you unwilling to part with me?

Meanwhile, Lin Yan was also feeling conflicted at this time. Should she send a message to Crimson? 

She had run out the hotel so sneakily and didn’t even leave behind a message for Crimson. She had a bad feeling that Crimson was awake by now.

……but she didn’t know she would be out for so long either. 


Lin Yan was like a student who’s been absent from school for a long time. She clearly knew that she would get in trouble if she doesn’t go back to class but was unwilling to go back and face her punishment. 

She rolled around her bed and then moved her fingers repeatedly across the screen. Finally, she exited the app and then opened a game instead. However, she only stared at the screen and could not press the key to start. 

Ahhhhhhh! Why do I feel so guilty! 

Lin Yan threw her device onto the bed and then buried herself into her blankets. 

As if her photonic device had picked up her feelings, it suddenly rang out loudly in the silent room. 

Lin Yan tossed her blankets back and grabbed the screen, the name that left her feeling conflicted having on the top of the new message. 

Are you able to answer a holographic call right now?

Lin Yan immediately pressed the accept button. 

The holographic image was quickly constructed into the air as the signal in the secret base was quite good. Before Lin Yan could even sit up from her bed, Kristen’s holographic image floated above her. 

…..well this is awkward. 

Lin Yan imagined what she probably looked like the other party…probably her entire person was lying in the air in a messy manner. 

She quickly sat up in the bed and then looked at the smiling holographic image in front of her: “What….are you wearing?”

From the very first time she’s seen Crimson, the woman has always dressed in an arrogant red dress or other glaring red clothes. However, Crimson had now changed into a dark skinsuit and looked a lot like an agent in one of those movies who’s about to carry out a secret mission.

“Sorry.” Kristen’s gray-blue eyes looked at her apologetically, “I have something I need to do so I must temporarily leave for a while.” 

The news was so unexpected and sudden that Lin Yan stood there speechlessly. 

She heard her own voice ask dryly, “Will you return?” 

Lin Yan felt a trace of panic within her. 

“Return, why wouldn’t I return?” Kristen replied, “If I don’t return, where else will I go?” 

“Back to where you…..” Lin Yan’s voice grew quieter until finally, she bit her lower lip and no longer said anything. 

Kristen walked forward, the transparent holographic image standing in front of Lin Yan. She raised a hand as if she was about to pinch Lin Yan’s face: “Don’t bite your lip.” 

Lin Yan looked up at there innocently and then tilted her head in an aggrieved manner. 

“Are you unwilling to part with me?” The voice sounded and Lin Yan’s heartbeat raced across her chest. 

Lin Yan did not confirm nor deny it. 

The corners of Kristen’s mouth lifted and her voice carried a trace of tenderness, “Idiot, I’m unwilling as well.”

She wanted to hug Lin Yann and so she did just that. 

Lin Yan watched as the other stretched out their arms and did the same, both of them embracing the other’s holographic image. 

“Be good, when I’m gone you should explore the area.” Kristen smiled, “Don’t worry, I’ll be back soon.” 


“I’m leaving now.” 


“Make sure to take care of yourself.” 



Lin Yan finally got annoyed and stepped away from Kristen’s arms, “Enough!”

Kristen smiled. 

She waved goodbye and then the hologram dissipated into the air. 

Lin Yan watched as Kristen’s image disappeared and then walked out of the room. 

These past two days, she finally understood the general layout of the huge underground base. She had rejected 001’s initial offer to lead the way and explored the long corridors by herself. 

James and Chris seemed to be very busy lately and she only saw them sparsely every now and then. Instead, most of her questions were answered by 001. 

001 is an AI with a high level of intelligence and was very enthusiastic in answering her questions. Even when she didn’t ask anything, 001 would actively disclose any and all information to her. 

So in less than two days, Lin Yan has learned over half a month’s worth of gossip about the other members from 001.  

So even when she has become very familiar with the base’s layout, 001 still walked behind her: “Do you know how Lin Yudu’s strong hatred was formed? It was a tragedy from long ago….”

Lin Yan asked rhetorically: “Oh, really? A tragedy?” 

“Yes, although it might sound a little cliche to you humans.” At least 001 judged it as a tragedy based on his limited experience with human emotions, “Lin Yudu used to be a person with a relatively high status on Pandora. And you probably already know that those with even a little status would be forced into marriages at a young age. And someone as beautiful as Lin Yan was arranged into one when she was very, very young.” 

“The Sentinel she was supposed to marry was a good match for her. Lin Yudu had met him several times and was very satisfied with the other.  However, when she was in the middle of her pregnancy, another Guide came knocking at her door!” 

“It turned out that the Sentinel had another Guide who he bonded with before the marriage, but the other party had no money or power. Other than their spiritual power being a better match for the Sentinel, the Guide had nothing to their name. That’s why the Sentinel had abandoned this Guide initially and turned around to marry Lin Yudu.” 

“As a result, Lin Yudu who was in labor got worked up into such a fit of anger that she had to be sent to the hospital. When she gave birth, the Sentinel then abandoned her and ran off with this other Guide!” 

“Such a thing actually happened?” Lin Yan asked in surprise. 

If she remembered correctly, the Guide Academy has taught that the bond between a Sentinel and Guide was unique and often could only be formed once. So how could the Sentinel up and leave?

001’s mechanical laughter ranged out at the unasked question: “The Sentinel had used a nasty trick when Lin Yudu, a Guide with no experience to the bonding, was bonded and married to him. The bond he made was a pseudo-bond.”

Lin Yan has never heard the term before and asked: “Pseudo-bond?” 

“Something terrible people came up with long ago,” 001 replied, “The Guide has too much influence over a Sentinel in a bonded pair. So some Sentinels created a technique that allowed them to enter a pseudo bond. Although it successfully deceives the Guide and allows them to bond, it is impossible to achieve resonance unless the Sentinel deliberately allows it. Furthermore, this type of bond can be released at any time by the Sentinel and the backlash causes great harm to the Guide but not a single sting to the Sentinel. 

“When Lin Yudu gave birth, the Sentinel released her from their bond. A woman is at their most vulnerable after giving birth and so Lin Yudu almost lost her will to survive when her bond was severed.” 

“From then, she became a staunch believer in anti-Sentinel sentiments.” 

“…that’s understandable.” 

For once, Lin Yan wanted to know more about the gossip when 001 unexpectedly shut up. 

She only heard 001 complain in a whisper, “I nearly got caught…just when I was about to reveal the full gossip, the protagonist unexpectedly appeared.” 

Lin Yan hadn’t walked more than a few steps when two figures appeared. The person in front walked with steady steps and her pretty face seemed very familiar. 


Mihana was completely immersed in her own troubles when she looked up blankly at Lin Yan’s words. 

As soon as she saw Lin Yan, she looked like she had seen a ghost and immediately took a step back: “Why are you here?” 

“Why am I here, shouldn’t you know already?” Lin Yan replied with her own question. 

Mihana prepared a refutation when the person behind her stopped her. 

The person was Lin Yudu and she smiled politely, but her smile did not reach her eyes: “Your Highness Lin Yan. How are you finding your accommodations?” 

She did not give a chance for Lin Yan to answer when she continued: “Of course this place cannot be comparable to the Platinum Palace, but compared with the other places on Planet Ta, the conditions here should not be any worse.”

Lin Yan pretended not to hear the bite in her tone: “My accommodations are great, I don’t find anything lacking.” 

“Then….can Your Highness tell me what happened to the Sentinel who entered Pandora with you?”  

Lin Yan never expected to be asked this question but the daughter replied before she could. 

Mihana’s eyes were widened, “Lin Yan! How dare you betray–”

However, she didn’t finish her sentence and stopped herself before she revealed the name. Instead, she stared angrily at Lin Yan. 

Lin Yan turned towards Lin Yudu: “I only needed them as a way to enter Pandora. I think you should be more concerned about Mihana than worrying about me.” 

She looked at Mihana again and then mercilessly said: “Also, it must be hard for you, always chasing after the things I don’t want.” 

After leaving that bomb of a statement, Lin Yan retreated. 

Unaware that she had changed titles from someone that Lin Yan was ‘unwilling to part with’ to the ‘unwanted thing’, Kristen stepped onto the Crimson Assassin and greeted Daniel who had long-awaited her arrival. 

As the leader of the intelligence-gathering committee among the Scarlet Thorns, Daniel’s information gathering skills were very high level. And for the first time in so many years, he had an armful of reports that made Kristen frown. This was not a good sign. 

She quickly stepped forward and took a report from Daniel, “What’s going on?” 

“Boss, the information you gave me before,” Daniel leaned forward and pointed to the information about the starship they were about to escort, “Things don’t add up….” 

Kristen asked: “Where?” 

“The loading capacity, the route, and even the model of the ship,” Daniel quickly opened a graph that compared the information, “are all far from normal standard.” 

“With a starship like this one, their total mass is too light, and….it doesn’t seem to be loaded with cargo at all.” Daniel looked at Kristen nervously, “Boss, did they tell you what was inside?”

Kristen shook her head. 

Daniel swallowed and said in horror, “I suspect…suspect that we are transporting human beings.”

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