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When the Hacker is Forced to Marry Ch.17

Chapter 17- Wilson’s plan and Kristen’s counterattack

Chapter 17- Wilson’s plan and Kristen’s counterattack

When the Crimson Assassin arrived at Planet Ta, it didn’t attract any attention. 

Nicknamed “Little Fatty” the battleship carried a variety of weapons and equipment that most normal cargo ships carried and so it entered the port with no hiccups. 

Duke Wilson seemed to have staff ready to receive them ahead of time and so when she stepped off the ship, she saw the cargo on the side, ready and prepared to go. 

Kristen’s eyes did not linger on the starship full of the supposed cargo and quickly walked towards Duke Wilson who was not too far away. 

As a duke, Wilson did not need to be here. And if the “cargo” of the starship that was being loaded onto her ship was what Daniel suspected to be, the Duke should’ve done his best to avoid the area and having any of this traced back to him. 

Kristen suppressed her doubts and stepped forward. 

Duke Wilson had attached great importance to this task and quickly ushered for Kristen to come over when he saw her. 

The two greeted each other before Kristen went straight to the point. 

“Milord, isn’t the briefing you gave me this time a little too simple?” Kristen went straight to the point and didn’t intend to give Wilson a chance to distract her this time, “Even now I am unclear as to what is the goal of this mission and who I need to deliver these goods to.” 

“You should already know that our Scarlet Thorns mercenary group has been established for many years and has handled so many missions without ruining our reputation even once. Once we accept a mission, we will do our best to ensure that the task is completed. But with how guarded the information is this time…” The smile on her face turned stale and her tone became cold, “I don’t think we will be able to accept this mission anymore.”

Duke Wilson didn’t panic and he laughed instead, “Since I personally went to you, I naturally trust the ability of the Scarlet Thorns. It’s just that this is a matter of utmost importance that cannot be disclosed in advance. I’m also doing this in consideration of you.” 

He narrowed his eyes and smiled, “Presumably, you don’t want to be held up because of some minor information gaps, right?” 

Kristen had a bad feeling that worsened as she continued to listen. 

According to Daniel’s suspicions, the so-called “cargo” in the starship should be the Guides from Planet Ta. They have encountered the illegal trafficking of Guides before–but Duke Wilson dared to do this so obviously that she cannot confirm if the cargo really were humans. 

Wilson naturally did not let them stand their idly and asked for them to move into a waiting room that had anti-eavesdropping systems in the place.

Only when they entered the room did Wilson visibly relax. 

He exhaled a breath of relief and smiled: “I never expected the leader of the Scarlet Thorns to be so serious…..this is the first time I have seen such a…strict group of mercenaries.” 

Kristen remained unmoved: “You jest, all mercenaries cherish our feathers. [1]” 

Although Wilson was not clear about the situation of mercenary groups, Krisen was. Not to mention her group, any slightly capable mercenary regiment will not easily accept a mission with unknown goals. 

To cultivate a group of competent mercenaries requires a large consumption of money and resources. Accepting an unknown mission will likely cause a disaster and destroy the regiment. 

Who knows how many small mercenary groups who wanted to be famous were crushed because of a lack of caution. 

Well, with the exception of that group. 

“I will not hide it any longer, this batch of good is indeed very precious,” Wilson spoke frankly, “This is the first batch of a newly developed soothing agent. The effects are more special than you can possibly know.” 

Eden who followed behind Kristen gasped lightly. 

Although the soothing agent is a far less effective alternative to a Guide’s spiritual powers, with the disparity between the number of Guides and Sentinels, the soothing agent has become an essential necessity for a Sentinel. 

There is even a saying among the Sentinels now: A sentient who hasn’t used soothing agents before is not worthy to be called Sentinels. 

“Soothing agent with special effects?” Kristen repeated. 

Wilson nodded in satisfaction at the surprised expressions on the faces of Kristen’s group, “One drop of this soothing agent is better than even a bottle of the currently most expensive one out there. Now do you see, why I can’t such a thing too early?” 

Kristen stayed silent. 

Wilson was telling the truth. 

With a large number of Sentinels and the number of Guides unable to keep up, there was a very large market for soothing agents. And people have tried to monopolize such a market. 

Wilson’s new soothing agent will be a product that someone would buy at any cost. Not to mention how he got ahold of this winning ticket, based on his nervous appearance, the cost for this batch must have been astronomical for him. 

Kristen smiled: “You have given us this information so generously, aren’t you afraid we will steal from you?” 

Wilson only smiled and revealed no emotion in his eyes, “This was originally a mutually beneficial thing for both of us. So I believe that you are clear about what would be the better option.” 

These soothing agents can be exchanged for lots of money, but then the Scarlet Thorns will lose their chance to gain a foothold in the Empire. 

Wilson was convinced that as the leader of such a talented group of mercenaries that Kristen would surely not make the stupid mistake. 

It was impossible for Kristen to refuse this mission. 

After the contract was completed between the two parties, the starship was loaded and they prepared for the return trip.

After arriving at Pandora, the delivery of the goods would be taken over by Duke Wilson’s men. Wilson wanted to ensure the completion of the mission by assigning a few Sentinels and Guides to ride in the starship where the cargo was loaded. 

However, Kristen still believed the matter was not as simple as it appeared. 

“Daniel, those Guides over there, they are all unbonded?” 

Daniel nodded: “Yes, and I’ve observed that the Sentinels from Wilson have been monitoring those Guides as well.” 

Kristen sneered: “And what did Wilson say? That they were researchers? Doesn’t he mean researchers that would be sold to the merchants after they finished their so-called research?!”

She slammed her fist heavily on the table and the objects on the table jumped into the air. 

“Who gave him such gall?!!!” 

Daniel hesitated and gritted his teeth, “Boss, then this mission…should we continue.” 

“We’ll do it, why would we not continue?” Kristen opened her mouth and licked her sharp canine with her silky tongue, “Wilson has given me such a big gift, wouldn’t it be rude not to use it properly?

Anna has failed again. 

She had suspected that she had been discovered a long time ago. 

Every time she tried to enter the passage that connected to the other rooms, she would bump into the bodyguards that Duke Wilson supposedly sent to protect them.

Even though she knew that Jiang Ling was in that other cabin, she still had no choice but to retreat. 

Anna returned again without success. However, even if she returned to her room, she couldn’t calm down and paced back and forth. 

She had competed with all her efforts to participate in this research and development opportunity but never expected to actually get on a pirate-like ship. 

Anna remembered the encrypted email she received from the Guide Alliance when she was at the port and felt herself shiver every time she thought of it. 

 【Wilson plans to leave Planet Ta with a Class-A Guide who has been missing for three months while transporting the soothing agents. The information has been obtained to show that the A-level guide is imprisoned in the starship, and has entered a frozen state, but there is no danger to her life.

Furthermore, according to Wilson’s previous transaction records, all the Guides for this transportation will become goods in this transaction.

We ask you not to panic and remain calm. Actively save yourselves and cooperate with our Guide Alliance’s rescue plan. 

The Alliance is with you.

It was by coincidence that she had joined the Guide Alliance. 

  At that time, Empress Lin had not yet been assassinated and the Alliance was still a young organization so she paid minimal attention to it. 

When several core members escaped from Planet Ta, she no longer cared about the reckless organization that had collapsed after Empress Lin’s death. 

But who would’ve thought that she would receive a message from them after all these years? 

When she received the encrypted email, she couldn’t believe it. If the email wasn’t sent in an encrypted form, she would not have believed its contents. 

But now she was afraid. 

For after entering the starship, those so-called bodyguards did not act as protection but as surveillance. 

All the signs they showed coincided with the words from within the encrypted email. 

Anna wandered around the room anxiously and took a look at her photonic device. 

The ship had already entered hyperspace and so her device could not access the intergalactic network and she could only see the time–


Anna looked at the screen in horror. Her screen changed from a normal interface to complete darkness and then like a cheap horror video game, the middle of the screen appeared a long mark that opened slowly….


Anna almost threw the device from her wrist. 

Then she watched as a stickman crawled out of the seam and then made a funny sound as it greeted her: “Hi~” 

And on the other side, Daniel was trying to kick Eden in the stomach. Eden then manipulated the stick man to wave at the Guide across the screen. 

“Ahem, then I will now ask, do you want to escape?” 

Anna hadn’t recovered from the shock when the stick man scratched his head and continued: “You see, I can’t explain a lot to you right now, but please remember, we only have one chance when we reach Pandora!” 

“So please work hard to escape~” 

Anna’s fingers trembled slightly. She held out her finger and typed out her reply on the screen:


Author’s notes: 

On the other side: 

Daniel: Can’t you speak properly! 

Lin Yan: …today is another day without any lines for me ^_^


[1] She means their reputation. Like how a peacock cherishes their feathers, merverneies cherish their reputation.

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