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When the Hacker is Forced to Marry Ch.19

Chapter 19- Controller of the field: Lin Yan

Lin Yan smiled slightly: “Please.”

She accepted the challenge head-on and decisively, making Cindy pause for a moment, who then pushed the man beside her, 

“Connor, let’s go!” 

Chu watched as Cindy dragged Connor out of the chamber and shook his head helplessly. 

He reached over and turned off the holographic projections. Then, as if suddenly remembering something, he turned his head towards Lin Yan: “They….have seen too many nobles from Planet Ta before….they have become rather repulsive to anything related to the planet. Please don’t hold it against them.” 

Lin Yan had no grievances against the amusing pair, and smiled with her eyes narrowed: “It doesn’t matter, I don’t like Planet Ta either.” 

She was frank and open about her dislike which surprised Chu. He looked at the girl smiling innocently in front of him and then said in a rarely heard soft voice: “Cindy and Connor are a Sentinel and Guide duo. They are fast and work together well. Pay close attention and try to dismantle their cooperation if possible.”

Lin Yan smiled and replied: “I understand.” 

Chu’s chamber was not far from the training room and Cindy entered the training room enthusiastically as she began to set up the training simulation. 

The training room during this interstellar era was no longer a typical training room. All parameters could be easily adjusted and controlled and can almost simulate reality. 

This time, the mission is related to infiltrating a part of the starship and so all training parameters will be adjusted to be consistent with the reality of the mission they will take on later. 

Lin Yan had never properly learned how to fight before, she didn’t even know how to fire a gun. Aside from the hacking skills, the only thing she can use to compete with outers was her outstanding spiritual and mental prowess. 

The spiritual power of an S-level Guide was several times more powerful than that of an A-level Guide or Sentinel. The number of Guides or Sentinels that could compare to her were far and few. That is to say, in one-on-one situations, as long as the person didn’t carry a weapon that was capable of large-scale destruction, she could deal with any Sentinel or Guide 99% of the time. 

However, more often than not, most who dare to face an S-level Guide would have a mighty weapon prepared beforehand. Why wouldn’t they? Would they willingly let themselves be defeated that easily? 

Lin Yin walked into the training room with only her photonic device as a weapon. 

She stretched out her hand to straighten the headset that was buckled on her forehead. She praised whoever invented this thing as a true genius. 

For everything in the room looked exactly like the Aphrodite Port and this was all due to the headset that was on her head. It made the scene before her eyes seem extremely lifelike, the simulation before her becoming reality. 

Chu followed behind and at the moment he stood above them from a safe distance. He looked over at Cindy and Connor, who could barely be seen at this distance and pressed the button to start. 

A huge countdown timer appeared before Lin Yan.

Lin Yan exhaled. She didn’t panic, instead, she cooly and calmly studied her opponents. 

Cindy’s request for a fight was not actually excessive and she was rather accommodating towards Lin Yan. 

The path in front of her was complex and full of obstacles. There were many robots blocking her way. However, to Lin Yan, a hacker, this was essentially allowing her to control the battlefield. 

And Cindy had set aside 1000 meters between them and promised no lethal weapons. With such a concession, Lin Yan would not lose tragically as long as she had a little skill. 

However, concessions did not necessarily mean friendliness but rather mockery and ridicule towards her skills. 

“Do you think I won’t win even with all these concessions?”  Lin Yan muttered to himself, a smile that could be considered ironic or something else spreading on her face, “Then I am sorry in advance.” 

The countdown reached zero. 

Lin Yan’s fingers jumped across the screen. 

She was at the small entrance of the passage and her view of the path was unhindered. All she had to do was sit down against one of the pillars. 

Lin Yan quickly hacked into the surveillance system of the Port. Through the countless cameras, she found Cindy and Connor who were currently far away form her. 

She recalled Chu’s reminder: “Cindy and Connor are a Guide and Sentinel duo.” 

Although she was born on a planet with the most Guides with almost every Sentinel having been bonded to one, she had never actually seen a pair fight together. 

She couldn’t help but get excited. 

Bring it on! 

The Cindy on the screen soon separated from Connor but it did not seem she intended to break through Lin Yan’s imperfect defense system that was still flimsy in the early stages. 

Lin Yan brought up the monitoring screen into a holographic projection in front of her. 

This was like one of those games where she had to clear the level before moving onto the next one. 

The place where Lin Yan was located was the center of the area. The passage openings extended in front of her in a fan-shaped radial pattern. There were interconnected passages among the path, confusing the onlooker if they just walked in. However, form Lin Yan’s perspective, she could see everything almost like a grid. 

Cindy leaped into the air, an army dagger in her hand as she plunged it deep into the center of the robot. The attack speed of the robot was far too slow for her speed and cat-like agility.

The robot swayed on its feet and fell heavily to the ground after losing balance. 

Cindy stepped over the fallen robot, her eyes already locked on the next robots. 

The next one wasn’t as easy to deal with. Cindy watched as the robot unscrewed one of its own arms, exposing the muzzle of a dark cannon pointed right at her. 


On the other end, Connor could feel the anxiety of his lover through their resonance: “She’s controlling the heavily equipped robots already?”

Cindy slammed into a door in a lateral passageway and closed it quickly, barely escaping the explosion wreaking havoc behind her. 

Cindy replied: “Yeah.” Lin Yan’s speed was much faster than she thought. In order to prevent wide-spread panic once a hacker finds its way into the system, heavily equipped and armed robots each had their own control systems that were different from the port’s main system. 

“Connor, I’m afraid we’ll have to meet up earlier than expected.” 

The monitoring screens were packed densely before Lin Yan’s eyes. More than a dozen screens showed what was happening in real-time at different angles and she switched quickly between them. 

She raised her head and watched as Connor switched to a different passageway and felt a playful urge to mess with him settle in her. She turned on the voice channel and broadcasted her voice to the duo: “Sending you a small gift in three, two, one-” 

Connor opened the door only to see a robot standing on the other end, a smile that clearly should not belong on the robot’s face spread out across that mechanical visage. Then, it exploded. 

Connor backed away quickly, jumping to avoid the shards of hot metal flying everywhere. Suddenly, he felt something behind him and tilted his head left to avoid it. Before he could see what it was, the light in the passage went out. 

Sentinels are known to be extremely sensitive to light and their adaptability to the darkness is only as fast as normal humans. With the loss of light, he could only rely on his other senses to quickly turn around and run. He soon reached a wall and then ran up on it, jumping off and using it as a springboard as he turned to kick whatever was chasing him. 

The cracking sound of a machine breaking sounded out and Connor’s eyes finally adjusted to the darkness. He crouched down and saw the remains of a robot at his feet. He felt speechless. 

“Cindy, we have underestimated our enemy.” 

Connor quickly darted out of the dark passage, recalling everything that he just encountered. A cold shiver went down his back.

Even though she was facing two people at once, the girl could still meticulously plan an attack without so much as breaking a sweat. Connor wondered if that girl who seemed so harmless and weak might actually be able to make him retreat. 

Everything that followed after made him even more shocked. 

He was forced into an elevator by an armed robot and then forcibly sent up to the next floor. He encountered a high-altitude attack from robots that were flying in the air and every door he opened would have a robot smiling at him in return.

So when he finally succeeded in meeting up with Cindy in the lobby, both had gone through a series of bothersome skirmishes and attacks that made them lose a sense of reality. 

There was no trace of Lin Yan in the lobby, only an armed robot with its muzzle pointed and aimed right at them. 

Meanwhile, Lin Yan witnessed first hand the explosive damage and power a Sentinel and Guide duo can bring.

With only melee weapons, they were still able to defeat the armed robots she had installed with the most powerful systems. 

From instant communication, perspective sharing, and seamless cooperation, this was a Sentinel’s most powerful weapon on the battlefield. 

Cindy squatted near a pillar, tightening the wire around her hand. Immediately, the armed robot was pulled down by the undetectable wire and Connor rushed up, caught the army dagger thrown by Cindy, and masterfully plunged his weapon heavily into the robot’s control center.

[The simulation has ended. ]

Cindy took off the headset on her forehead and the reality around her faded back into the gray world of the training room. 

During the simulation, the raised pillars were quickly retracted into the ground. Connor turned around and the pillars dropped to reveal a girl standing behind it. 

Cindy raised her head and looked at Chu: “Why is it over?” 

“Like we’ve agreed before unless Connor and I are defeated, this round is not over!” 

Chu did not look at her. Instead, he cast his eyes on Lin Yan who was not far away: “Cindy, you lost.”


Connor looked thought and then walked over to the control center on the edge of the training room. 

With one look, he immediately felt a cold shiver go down his back as the hair on his neck stood up. 

The data reflected the dire situation. Other than the robots in the lobby that was ready to explode but were hiding behind the pillars, every passageway and exit were densely packed with even more robots ready to explode at a moment’s notice. 

Cindy followed behind him and fell silent when she looked at the data. 

Cindy stared at the screen, took a deep breath, and then turned around. 

She stretched out a hand to Lin Yan: “I acknowledge your ability, Lin Yan.” 

Lin Yan smiled and shook her hand: “Thank you. Then….we are teammates from now on.” 

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