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When the Hacker is Forced to Marry Ch.20

Chapter 20- Kristen’s identity is revealed

After dealing with the initial hostility from her teammates, it was finally time to sit down and discuss the mission in detail. 

Lin Yan studied her device, looking through the pictures of the starship and the information Chu had obtained. 

The dark red shell and the cubby streamlined body of the battleship that held the starship seemed really familiar to her. 

Lin Yan thought carefully about it but just couldn’t recall where she had seen this ship before. 

Chu continued talking about the details of the mission: “The target this time will be delivered by a mercenary group. We will not confront the people from the mercenary group, but rather take advantage of the lack of attention during the transfer to directly rescue our target.” 

He magnified the holographic projection floating in the air, the map of Aphrodite Port zooming in on a specific spot. He pointed at the port’s docking point: “Once the battleship docks, the mercenary group will naturally leave most of their crew on the ship. The transfer occurs in the lobby or a nearby hall. There will not be many people dispatched there.” 

“Lin Yan,” Chu turned his head to look at her, “This operation requires you to control the various facilities of the port. We must successfully complete the rescue mission during the transfer.” 

Lin Yan firmly nodded. 

Kristen was uncertain what actions the Guide Alliance was taking as the battleship could not communicate with the outside world when traveling in hyperspace. And based on the current position of the Scarlet Thorns, she could not just carelessly decide to let the people on the starship go. 

Therefore, Kristen’s plan was to create chaos during the transfer and create an opportunity for these Guides to escape. 

The diplomatic neutrality and independence of Pandora allow them to avoid accountability for the inhumane trafficking and transportation of Guides. However, at the same time, if these Guides escaped successfully into Pandora, the Empire cannot impose troops into Pandora to pursue the runaway Guides. 

For the Scarlet Thorns, their mission was considered complete as long as the ‘cargo’ made it onto Aphrodite Port. Even if something were to happen to their charge afterward, it was no longer related to them. 

Kristen stood up and watched as the ship gradually approached the port. 

She turned her head motioned for Daniel to prepare for action.

When the Crimson Assassin officially docked at the terminal, a silver-gray figure appeared in the port’s passage. 

Lin Yan stood in an inactive and disabled elevator to oversee the situation. She had just taken over the port’s systems that worked the facilities where the ship will dock. 

She blinked. She seems to have seen something flashing by but when she checked the surveillance cameras again, she found nothing. 

Had her eyes gone bad?

She felt a little doubtful but didn’t take the matter to heart. She focused on the little robot in the passageway instead and instantly deprived the machine of its autonomy and took control of the robot. 

However, who would have thought that this unremarkable little robot had so many tasks to do! 

Lin Yan glanced at the long list that ordered the robot to buy water, deliver food, deliver luggage, buy a pair of pants, and other messy service stuff that made her veins pop in exasperation. 

She restrained her urge to just cancel all these tasks but stopped herself as that would cause suspicion when the people who ordered the little robot didn’t get their things on time. She tapped on the screen and forwarded the tasks to a combat robot passing by. 

Combat robot: ????

However, the robot did as it was told and rushed to the front desk to buy a can of beverage for the customer and then rushed off. 

Lin Yan could then finally control the robot as her scout with satisfaction. 

The angle and image coming from the robot were very crude as people in its field of vision had no face or color, only a rough outline with low resolution.

She quickly maneuvered the robot to the docking area and arrived just in time to see a small starship detach from the bigger ship. 

Robots lingered everywhere around the area and so the appearance of Lin Yan’s little robot did not arouse any attention. 

The person overseeing the loading and unloading was probably a member of the mercenary group. When the person saw the starship detach, the blurry figure seemed to be relieved as another person tapped on their shoulder. 

The robot’s listening device was also very poor and Lin Yan could only make out the words, “The escort mission is completed, I’ll leave the rest to you.”

The other person seemed to have a smile in their voice as they said: “That is a given. Thank you for all your hard work and everyone else from your group.” 

“You’re too kind,” The figure, a male, replied, “You should go ahead and do your job, we’ll just replenish our fuel and then leave.” 

After the two spoke, the man from the mercenary group walked out of the docking area and into the passage. The other person watched the starship detach safely and walked forward when he suddenly felt a tingling sensation behind him and his entire body stiffened. 

The man fell straight down, revealing a little robot with a taser crackling behind him. 

Lin Yan watched as the man fainted from her electric shock and swiped a finger across her screen to connect with Cindy: “The obstacle has been removed, please respond immediately.” 


The robot stepped over the body of the unconscious person and walked straight to the starship. 

Then thought the network system installed on the robot, Lin Yan invaded the starship’s system. 

The system was more durable than regular systems but she had expected this and it only took Lin Yan a bit longer than usual to unlock the door when Cindy and the others arrived. 

Lin Yan looked around the starship’s cabin but unexpectedly there was only one person in there. 

The robot’s voice sounded a little puzzled as it said: “The system surrounding the starship’s cabin has been dealt with, are there any other problems?” 

Cindy entered the cabin and made her way to the frozen capsule in the center. She pulled up the information of the capsule before her and carefully compared the data: “Yes, this is her.”

“Connor!” Cindy turned her head,  “Take this girl away first! Chu and I will find the remaining Guides!” 

Kristen stood in the opening of another passage. She closed her eyes as she leaned against the wall, her fingers pressing lightly against the center of her eyebrows. 

Through the connection to her spiritual sea, she could see the long corridor and the several figures around the corner without actually moving. 

Found it. 

After the starship was unloaded, the Sentinels refused the mercenary group’s offer to help and told her they could protect the Guides themselves. However, it was only protection in name for everyone who knew what they were actually doing. 

And what she had to do now was to create chaos! 

Anna tried to calm down, but her anxiety grew more desperate as she continued to walk. 

As soon as they had docked, they were sent off the ship immediately and kept under constant surveillance. Only the Guide frozen in the capsule was left on the starship when it detached. 

When they left the ship, she didn’t have time to see if a rescue message arrived from the Guide’s Alliance and could only continue on. 

She walked the long passage, her steps feeling gradually heavier and defeated as she continued. 

The lights ahead seemed to dim. 

Anna’s pace slowed. 

A bright silver light suddenly appeared! 

A spiritual beast appeared in front of them and behind it was a combat robot! 

The robot couldn’t seem to catch the beast and grew angry as it readied its mechanical arm before firing. 

Anna screamed and shrank back. 

Obviously, these Sentinels never expected such a situation to happen. Although their task was to escort these Guides, they couldn’t just stand here and watch. They could only bite the bullet and charge forward. 

Anna was pushed to the back and she anxiously turned around to see that the beast that had caused the disaster was nowhere to be seen. 

Then she remembered the message she received when she was still aboard the ship. 

“Please remember, we only have one chance when we reach Pandora!” 

“So please work hard to escape~” 

This was it! Her one chance! 

She met the gazes of the either Guides and nodded. They all turned around in unison and began running in the opposite direction. 

They had only run out a few steps when a door along one of the walls opened. 

A long-haired man blocked their way and just when Anna was about to panic, the long-haired man waved towards her: “We are the Guide Alliance. Hurry!” 

Anna’s eyes lit up and as if she had finally found her backbone, she immediately ran through the door. 

Cindy led the way forward and Chu protected the Guides from behind while Lin Yan was responsible for causing chaos and distractions. She mobilized almost all the nearby robots to start making small scales of distraction and skirmishes while the group ran. 

Lin Yan took the elevator to the same floor, but her thoughts were focused on the robot that had suddenly appeared in the passage in the first place. 

The group of people entered the elevator and the door slowly closed when a hand forcefully interjected and stopped the doors from closing. 

The space inside the elevator was narrow and Chu drew out his knife but his opponent was faster than him and grabbed his wrist before he could attack. 

Lin Yan looked at the attacker with a disbelieving gaze: “Crimson?” 

The woman in a dark skin suit raised her head, her gray-blue eyes lit up: “Lin Yan!” 

Lin Yan opened her mouth but Kirsten suddenly stretched out a hand, and index finger pressed against her lips: “Let’s not talk here, first let me send you guys out before we discuss anything. 

Kristen let go of Chu’s hand and then turned to study Lin Yan. She hasn’t seen the girl for a few days and Lin Yan appeared to be thinner than before. Kirsten felt her heart ache, but Lin Yan only smiled ignorantly at her. 

The elevator soon arrived at the bottom floor and the group began to run huirriedly again. 

Due to her poor physical endurance and stamina, Lin Yan only ran a few steps before she fell behind. 

One hand suddenly grabbed her wrist. Kristen’s grip was strong and it hurt, but a warm feeling surged through her from the bottom of her heart. 

Holding Kristen’s hand, Lin Yan was dragged the entire way until they reached the entrance. She panted for air and could barely see what was in front of her when she was suddenly pushed into the walls of the passage. 

Lin Yan raised her head in confusion but saw Kristen protecting her in front and a person standing opposite who was clearly an Ant who she thought had died! 

The Ant was still wearing the same black clothing and the same twisted smile on his face: “Kirsten, we meet again.” 


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