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When the Hacker is Forced to Marry Ch.21

Chapter 21- I like you


Lin Yan stared blankly at the figure in front of her. 

Isn’t she….isn’t her name Crimson? 

Why did the Ant call her Kristen? 

The Ant seemed satisfied at the confusion he caused and grinned at the scene in front of him. He squinted as his smile grew wider but he didn’t laugh crazily like last time. 

He stuck an arm on his waist and then walked a half-circle around them, “An outward devotion but an inner opposition, you truly do hide your true thoughts in the shadows. Kristen, it seems your Scarlet Thorns is playing a rather dangerous game!” 

There was neither joy nor anger in Kristen’s voice as she replied: “From your words, is it correct to assume that the backer behind you is those people from Planet Ta?” 

Instead of panicking, the Ant seemed to have heard a funny joke and laughed himself out of breath: “Planet Ta? That useless planet? Hahahaha-” 

“Who is my backer?” Ant’s tone was full of disdain as he continued: “I am my own biggest backer, hahahahaha!” 

He then walked forward, swaying like a crazy person as he looked at the girl protected behind Kristen: “I don’t understand why you would fall for this girl, maybe her spiritual power…..” 

The Ant held up a hand and rubbed his chin as he muttered, “Indeed she is powerful, but it’s a pity that to the people on Planet Ta she is only a chess piece, an abandoned child-” 

“Shut up!” A fierceness flashed in Kristen’s gray-blue eyes, “If you spew anymore of that, I’ll kill you! I’ve killed you once, I can kill you again!” 

The Ant took two steps back, slumped his shoulders, and folded his arms. He looked like he was cowering in fear: “I’m so scared! When did the Scarlet Thorns start threatening innocent people?”

He didn’t wait for Kirsten to reply as he mockingly repeated, “I’m so scared~ I’m so scared~”

 His mechanical voice echoed across the passage and he retreated in the shadows. His voice gradually faded away as the dark passage grew silent once again. 

Lin Yan’s hands clenched the corners of her clothes.

She raised her head slightly and looked at the woman who was half a head taller than her.

The woman in front of her has a head full of delicate chestnut brown curls and bright red lips that Lin Yan could still remember faintly as they were so soft and warm to the touch. 

But the geown woman in front of her is no longer that little girl Lin Yan had saved on an unknown war-torn planet.

So, Lin Yan, what kind of eyes should you look at her with? Lin Yan inwardly asked herself. 

At first, she had only recognized Crimson as the little orphan girl she saved from long ago. That was all there was to it, for she refused to admit that she felt something more for this little girl that was locked far away in her memories. However, no matter how much she restrained herself from falling into that messy sea called love, she couldn’t help but linger on the shoreside. 

At the same time, she had always thought of her as just Crimson. A mercenary and an old acquaintance. 

So, how should she react to the revelation that this woman was Kristen? The woman who had asked her for her hand in marriage. 

Lin Yan hesitated. 

She would never forget the terrible and sinking feeling she had felt when she learned her father had granted her a marriage to an unknown stranger. An indifferent etiquette teacher had broken the news harshly to her and even when she escaped her family had treated it like it was of no concern to them. She would also never forget the ridiculously empty profile when she retrieved Kristen’s file. 

As the fifth princesses of the Stewart royal family, she has always been treated as an eternal joke. 

Lin Yan raised her head and looked fixedly into those gray-blue eyes as if she was searching for something.

“Why did you….propose to the royal family? Why did you ask to marry me?” 

“Is it because my status is the lowest in my family? That I am dispensable to the royal family so you can freely use my spiritual power?” 

This was the first time Kristen saw Lin Yan show any signs of sadness. Especially in front of her. 

Ever since she has first rescued Lin Yan, she has seen Lin Yan look confident, shy, a little gentle….but she never let down her guard to reveal any true emotion. 

Lin Yan had always acted like she didn’t know what sorrow was and ran around recklessly doing whatever she wanted. Even in their last holographic interaction, she had only shown a little bit of reluctance but no sadness. 

Unlike now, where a slight smile tugged at the corners of her lips but those twinkling amber eyes looked like they were about to cry any second. 

The words were stuck in Kristen’s throat, she was unable to speak. 

Lin Yan smiled weakly, a little self-deprecating as she took this silence as Kristen’s answer and slowly released her grip on her wrinkled clothes. 

Kristen caught the slight movement with her gaze. Even though this little princess was exhausted from just that short run, she still had the strength to wrinkle her clothes and even tore it a little. 

“….I understand.” Lin Yan slowly lowered her eyes, her lips pressed together as she felt at a loss. 

To her, Kristen’s silence could be regarded as a confirmation. She thought derisively to herself, why even bother asking?

With this silence, at least Kristen was saving her a bit of face and it can be considered as an act of kindness. 

So Lin Yan raised her head, her long but straight eyelashes blinking back tears as she smiled at Kristen: “Let’s just forget everything from before and get this over with.”

“From now on, you do not know and have never known a person named Lin Yan. As for the agreement between you and the royal family…since I’ve already escaped I can’t return. If you are willing, you may go ask the royal family for another marriage–” 

Kristen’s eyes flashed in surprise, she frowned anxiously and took a step forward “Get this over with?!” 

There was incredulous disbelief on her face: “How can you just say that—you’re just going to gloss over our entire history like that?!”

Lin Yan chuckled darkly: “What do you want? Spiritual power to clear your spiritual sea? I can not provide such service to you for an entire lifetime…” 

She didn’t finish her words as Kristen pushed her heavily against the wall, two arms pressed against either side of her head and against the wall. Lin Yan didn’t struggle. A Sentinel’s strength is not something to trified with and not easily shrugged off. A slightly hoarse voice sounded in Lin Yan’s ear: “Why can’t you stay with me forever?!” 

Kristen brought her hand down to caress Lin Yan’s face, her rough calluses from years of training rubbed against that smooth skin. Lin Yan only smiled bitterly and replied: “Surely you jest, regiment commander. I do not want to stay with a Sentinel who only pursues me for my spiritual power.” 

The woman suddenly squeezed Lin Yan’s chin, forcing her head up. Lin Yan let out a pained cry but that noise was caught off by a pair of red lips. 

The Sentinel’s powerful pheromones instantly overwhelmed Lin Yan’s senses. This kiss was completely different from the one they had faked at the port. It carried a sense of desperation and sorrow as her tongue broke past Lin Yan’s lips with a fervent need and poked into Lin Yan’s mouth. 

Lin Yan’s eyes widened and stared up at the woman kissing her. The water in those amber eyes trembled and her eyelashes could no longer bear the weight as it flowed freely down her cheeks. 

Lin Yan could see the pain hidden in Kristen’s eyes. She finally could not bear it anymore and closed her eyes to fiercely return the kiss. 

They leaned against that wall for who knows how long, they kissed each other as if it was the last kiss before the end of the world, desperate and melancholic. 

Their fierce feelings rose up like tidal waves and their originally quiet spiritual seas seemed to respond to the same call as their seas seemed to merge together. 

Spiritual resonance! 

Lin Yan could now hear the words that screamed out from Kristen’s heart, an unwilling and pained voice shouting loudly in her ears: 

“Why can’t you trust me more?”

“If I only wanted your spiritual power, then why would I… I didn’t force you to be my Guide after saving you, didn’t I?!” 

The fierce waves slowly calmed down. 

“When you left me, it was like you disappeared…like you never existed….do you know how long I have been looking for you?” 

“Lin Yan…you never told me your name or where you came from….it was only later….did I guess that you were on Planet Ta. Other than that, I did not know anything about you.” 

“Do you remember what you did? You saved me. To help me find food, to let me survive, you were almost shattered by the shells that dropped ruthlessly on the battlefield. You taught me morse code, a secret language that no one understood anymore except you. Then you finally said that you would lead away those who were chasing us so I could live!” 

“Do you know how I felt when I finally found you, that pile of destroyed parts?” 

“I swore to myself back then…..I will never, ever lose you again.” 

“I didn’t care who you were, if you were a Guide or Sentinel, what kind of power you had….I just…I just wanted to find you again.” 


“You guys?!!” 

Lin Yan abruptly awoke from their trance-like state of spiritual blending. 

She hurriedly pushed Kristen away from her, wiping her lips that were kissed just now, and turned to look at Chu who had just rushed over.

Chu was carrying a weapon in his hand and he had anticipated that they would be in a dangerous situation. He was here to rescue them but instead, he felt like he had walked into a situation where he accidentally separated two lovers. (T/N: 棒打鸳鸯: to break two lovers apart.)

Lin Yan pursed her lips in embarrassment and cleared her throat: “Are they all on the ship?” 

Chu nodded: “You’re the only one left. Hurry, we must go.”

Lin Yan hesitated and glanced at Kristen next to her before she said through gritted teeth: “Chu, you take them back to the base first, I still have some things I must do.”

Chu’s gaze lingered on Kristen before he finally nodded. 

Lin Yan bit her lower lips as she watched Chu leave before finally turning around to look at Kristen. 

Kristen looked at her with her gray-blue eyes. Her eyes were like a deep and gentle ocean that seemed calm on the surface but there were warm currents surging at the bottom.

Her lips moved slightly, she wanted to say something but suddenly, a glint of metal flash behind Kristen. The Ant had returned. He slashed down at Kristen with a knife. 

Lin Yan’s eyes widened and she yanked Kirsten to the side, but the knife now headed straight towards Lin Yan. 

Kirsten stumbled when Lin Yan pushed her, but right when the knife was about to hit its target, she shot out a hand and slapped the knife away. Her hand gripped the Ant’s wrist tightly and twisted it, sending the knife clattering to the floor. 

The Ant backed away, his trademark twisted smile still stuck on his face as he slowly rubbed his wrist that was twisted by Kristen. The wrist was hanging limply at an unnatural angle and even Lin Yan could feel her wrist aching at the thought of the pain the Ant was going through. However, the Ant seemed unperturbed by the pain or maybe felt no pain at all as he snapped his wrist bones back into its original position with a click. 

Behind him, a group of men in black with malicious eyes and deadly weapons in their hands appeared. 

Kristen still stood in front of Lin Yan and she didn’t say a word but Lin Yan could hear Kristen’s voice. 

No…to be precise, what she heard wasn’t a vocal sound but a telepathic communication set from Kristen’s spiritual sea.” 

Go!” Kristen’s words sounded anxious, “While Chu and the others have not left yet, you need to hurry and follow them!” 

What about you?” Lin Yan raised her head to look at the figure still standing firmly in front of her, “If I leave, what will you do?” 

I have my ways!” Kristen turned her head, her eyes full of urging. 

“You’re lying.” Lin Yan stared fixedly at her, her words silently being communicated through her spiritual connection with Kristen’s spiritual sea, “Last time, when you were hurt so badly, it was because of those ants.” 

The port is not the same as the underground city. One can not leave from a spaceport except by spacecraft. The people on your ship are no longer beside you, how are you expecting to return to your ship without communicating with them? You’re already in such a dire situation and you still want to lie to me?” 

What Lin Yan said was indeed true and caused Kristen to purse her lips: “And so?” 

If you can successfully escape… only one person will die today.” 

Kristen turned around, leaving Lin Yan to stare at her indifferent and cold back: “With you here, I will have to take care of you. You will only be a burden to me. Then we will both die.” 

From this one sentence, Lin Yan could feel bumps swelling upon her skin in anger. 

She looked at the woman in front of her, gritted her teeth and pressed her fingers down hard on her photonic device. 

Kristen watched as a service robot held a drink in its arms as if ignorant of everything happening in the passage and exploded after approaching the men in black. 


Lin Yan grabbed Kirsten’s hand and dragged her down the passage. 

Who gave you the gall to act like you’re so invincible and all-powerful!” 

The spiritual connection between them was unexpectedly strong as even in such a situation where both of them were angry at each other, the transmission of thoughts was not interrupted. 

And so, Kristen heard all of Lin Yan’s furious cursing for the first time. 

Lin Yan hadn’t cursed enough as she continued loudly in her heart and shot Kristen a look: “If I don’t put in your place, would you think I am just a useless flower vase!?” 

“.…I do not think that.” 

Kristen, let me tell you! I, Lin Yan, will show you today the tragic fate of those who dare to offend a hacker!” 

As soon as that thought was transmitted into her spiritual sea, Kristen heard another series of explosions behind her. 


Kristen suddenly felt dismayed for those construction employees working at the Port today. 

Lin Yan seemed like she was walking in her back garden as she led with a sense of familiarity around the port. She was not fast, but after a few sharp turns, they were able to shake off those Ants quickly. 

Lin Yan led her into an elevator, the door closing abnormally quickly, and then the elevator moved upwards slowly but suddenly stopped before reaching the next floor. 

Kristen’s brows furrowed. She stepped forward to forcibly break down the door but Lin Yan spoke quietly behind her, “Stop.” 

Their spiritual connection finally broke. 

Kristen turned around, the girl behind her seemed indifferent at the whole ordeal as if this was just an ordinary event not worth mentioning, “The elevator malfunction was caused by me.’ 

“It doesn’t matter where we go, it is not safe. At least it’s safer stuck in this place.” She raised her head slightly and stared at Kristen, “Kristen, you explained everything in such a hurry and yet rushed to drive me away again…don’t you think…”

Lin Yan stepped forward, raised her right hand, and placed her index finger lightly over Kristen’s heart, “Isn’t that…too irresponsible?” 

“You didn’t even explain properly, and even forced a kiss so strongly.” Lin Yan narrowed his eyes dangerously, “Do you think I have a good temper?” 

Kristen wanted to explain but was interrupted by Lin Yan: “Also, what did you say….I am a burden and that staying will only cause both of us to die?” 

Kristen shouted ‘I was wronged!’ loudly in her heart. At the time, she didn’t think too much about it and just wanted to force Lin Yan to run and so had casually said some hurtful words. Now, looking back, she was just slapping her own face! 

She frantically searched for help on the interstellar network. 

【How to pursue a powerful and strong Guide?】

【What should I do if I accidentally provoked my Guide?】

The second site provided an answer–First, be gentle, then admit your mistakes and then finally hug and kiss her! Kiss them hard! Hard enough that their legs go soft so they won’t be angry anymore! 

So Kristen lowered her eyes, her usually tough voice softening by several degrees as her hoarse voice carried an apologetic tone that scratched Lin Yan’s heart, 

“I’m sorry, I was wrong.” 

She admitted her mistakes simply and easily, causing the thorns in Lin Yan’s heart to fall. 

“…..I couldn’t guarantee I would live nor guarantee I could safely escape with you. So I thought if I said that you would get angry at me and then run.” 

Kristen looked up at her, her gaze now calm and sincere: “Lin Yan, I don’t want to watch you disappear before my eyes again.” 

“Remember what you told me before? That you want to be free? And you want to join the Guide Alliance? You still have so many things to do, so I….I can’t let you die because of me.” 

Kristen lowered her head, standing there like a kid reflecting on their mistake. Seeing this, Lin Yan, who initially just felt relieved, wanted to now laugh when she heard Kristen take all the blame. 

She reached up and pinched Kirsten’s face, staring into Kristen’s surprised gaze:“Then I ask you, aren’t we still alive now?” 

“Since we’re both alive, there are better choices to take. Why not choose a better path?” 

Kristen turned her head and avoided Lin Yan’s eyes, “We can’t stay in this elevator forever.” 

Lin Yan smiled, “Then we will find a way out together.” 

She turned on her device, a holographic projection of the port springing into the air. 

With the topic changed, Kristen could only secretly complain to herself at missing the opportunity to kiss the other. 

She hesitated for a moment, then decided to take the initiative: “Aren’t you curious…as to why I am here?” 

Lin Yan moved her gaze from the map to Kristen: “Have you forgotten, that I have seen your battleship before?” 

She had finally remembered where she had seen the battleship from. When she was kidnapped, she had seen that crimson behemoth from afar. 

“When I first received the mission, I didn’t recognize it.” Lin Yan’s fingers leisurely swiped across the screen, the holographic projection began to rotate, “After I ran into you, I finally remembered it.” 

She raised her eyes to look at Kristen and continued: And since I know you are Kristen, this situation is rather easy to explain…since you have enlisted into the service of the hanging Platinum Palace, the nobles of Planet Ta love to squeeze out as many benefits from people like you. They came to you, probably promising something you couldn’t refuse and asked you to do something for them that they are not legally allowed to do.” 

“….” Kirsten was speechless. Lin Yan had gotten a grasp on the situation clearly without making a single mistake. 

“Then, let’s see…did you find out something was wrong only after you agreed?” Lin Yan continued, “And then you began to calculate what loophole you can use to secretly help the Guides escape without being held accountable?”

Lin Yan shook his head and smiled, “I just knew the mission was too easy, too smooth. So it turns out, you were the hidden group that was helping us out.” 

She finally stopped moving her hands, and the map floating in the air revealed a route Lin Yan had marked. 

Kristen shook her head: “No.” 

“Why?”  Lin Yan raised her eyebrows and looked at her curiously.

“The Ants mercenary group are called Ants for a reason. They will attack as one and will complete their mission at all costs when they decide to be serious,” Kristen said solemnly as she looked up at the map floating above her, “The people from the Ants mercenary group are not normal. Every single member has undergone body modifications. When they fight, they do not know of pain or fear, and….none of them are truly alive.” 

“You’ve seen it too. When I rescued you, the Ants I killed suddenly appeared before you again and have caused trouble several more times.” She sighed, “Among the interstellar mercenary groups, the Ants are known as ‘The Undead Legion’. It’s as if they have been resurrected and have become a group of invincible undead.” 

“They are not like ordinary mercenary groups as they do not care whether the mission goes against any established set of morals. They only care about money. As long as you are willing to fork over the correct amount, they will even commit the most heinous of war crimes.” 

“They have a backer on Pandora, and so they will not leave the Port of Aphrodite for a while. Since they have not found us, they will scatter and search thoroughly until they catch us.” 

“But, like the creatures they are named after, once the members are scattered, their combat effectiveness will be far more inferior than when they are gathered up.” 

Lin Yan’s eyes lit up: “Then we only need to split them up and destroy them one by one!”

“As long as we prevent them from meeting up and forming a mob, we can indeed break them one by one.” 

Lin Yan suddenly hesitated: “Then…what about your ship?” 

Kristen smiled: “Daniel and the others have returned to the ship. Fatty is not a battleship that can be provoked casually, no one will try to attack it.” 

“If you are confident that we can separate them without alerting their entire organization, then separate them into these areas on the map…” Kristen’s finger tapped lightly on the map, “And I can then sweep through each area, one by one.” 

Kristen asked her: “Are you confident?” 

Lin Yan smiled wolfishly: “Of course!”

Before a battle, one must recharge first. 

Lin Yan sat down and leaned against the elevator’s wall before suddenly asking: “What happened just now…was that a spiritual resonance?” 

Spiritual resonance, the term Lin Yan has seen in textbooks but never in reality for all her eighteen years of life. 

This was an ability that only Sentinel and Guides with high compatibility can achieve. 

When a Sentinel and Guide ‘bond’, they form an unbreakable connection that is based on a resonance between to minds. The Sentinel and Guide communicates through emotions and thoughts with this connection. This also allows a Guide to monitor the Sentinel’s mental/spiritual state at any time. A bonded pair usually have a high level of understanding between each other and cooperate flawlessly on battlefields. 

However, the spiritual bond between a Sentinel and Guide also brings just as many disadvantages. 

As the Sentinel and Guide increase their bond’s strength, they will eventually become something like a pair of conjoined twins, their blood and life intertwined with each other.

If one of them dies, the other will feel a soul-crushing pain and meet their own miserable end due to the pain of having a spiritual bond forcibly cut off. That agony was truly too much for a person to bear. 

Kristen nodded: “Yes.” 

“To be more precise, that was a temporary spiritual resonance.” 

Although a temporary spiritual resonance was far less stable than one established when a Sentinel and Guide pair formally bonds, it was still a strong power. As for how to form a real spiritual bond….it was very simple for a highly compatible Sentinel and Guide. 

As long as both parties were willing to open their hearts to each other, their spiritual seas will meet and combine and then the spiritual bond will form naturally. 

….And the textbook also said the connection between the two people was unable to tolerate third parties. 

In the early days of when Sentinels and Guides first started appearing, an awakened Sentinel or Guide will almost always be forced into the army. The research from the early days show that the Sentinel and the Guide are dependent on each other. The spiritual connection between the two will make them highly unable to accommodate another bond. There was only one. Fiercely loyal partners will often explode with unimaginable power to save their lover from a crisis. 

Like the Sacred Band of Thebes during the ancient earth era, the soldiers swore their loyalty first to their partners before their country. They were always willing to sacrifice themselves to save their lovers. 

Lin Yan suddenly raised her eyes. She looked eagerly at Kristen: “Since we can establish a temporary spiritual resonance….then let’s do it again.” 

Kristen turned her head sharply, surprised but then delighted. Even the gray-blue eyes that looked cold and harsh a moment ago seemed to shine.

Lin Yan avoided Kristen’s somewhat scorching gaze and cleared her throat, “I…just want to increase our escape’s success rate a little bit.” 

Kristen watched her silently. She walked up to Lin Yan and then knelt on one knee. 

Seeing Kristen’s face gradually draw closer, Lin Yan’s face flushed red and her heartbeat accelerated. She closed her eyes in a resigned manner. 

There was something warm pressed against her head. She was expecting a soft touch on her lips, not on her forehead. 

Feeling a little annoyed, Lin Yan raised her head and her gaze met Kristen’s gentle eyes. 

She thought, I’m going to drown in those eyes. 

As if possessed by something, Lin Yan suddenly leaned forward and then captured those red lips that had smirked so arrogantly. 

The soft touch of lips caused a warmth to spread into her heart. Lin Yan wanted to sink into this ocean and be swept away by this warmth. She felt almost drunk, her thoughts of escape and mercenaries completely forgotten. She could only see the person in front of her and feel a desire to indulge in this dream, never to wake again. 

When the two separated, Lin Yan hadn’t recovered from her daze. 

She seemed almost robbed of spirit, as her eyes were glazed over and a moist blush covered her cheeks. 

Kristen felt her heart become tender, her lips parting slightly as she stared at Lin Yan. 

The spiritual resonance between them was already established with the light kiss on the forehead. Lin Yan could already sense the other’s emotions, the overwhelming feeling of happiness pouring into her via the spiritual connection. 

Kristen’s words wanted to slip out of her mouth, but Lin Yan suddenly straightened and pressed a cool finger gently against Kristen’s lips. 

Don’t say anything…” 

The sudden fluctuation of emotions that flowed in from the other party via the connection caused Kristen’s eyes to widen. 

She didn’t have time to ask why when Lin Yan suddenly stood up and turned on the device in her hands. The elevator that was stuck began to move again. 

Lin Yan lowered her head, her body half-turned away from Kristen. Kristen could vaguely feel stormy waves surging in the spiritual sea from the other end, and Lin Yan’s expression suddenly turned cold, “Let’s go.” 

Kristen sighed inwardly and drew out her trusty laser blade from her storage ring.

The passage’s door slowly opened. 

The man in black raised his head with alertness and looked towards the door. He waited in place for a while, but no one came in. 

He stepped forward, poked his head through the door, and looked around but there was no one to be found. 

“What is going on…..”

Before he could finish his mumbling, he was suddenly being strangled by a white and slender hand. He couldn’t even call for help as a laser blade slid across his throat and sliced through his trachea artery. 

He couldn’t even see who the person that killed him was as he was too occupied by the blood flowing from his throat. He fell to the ground, vomiting black blood. He couldn’t speak, he couldn’t even make a sound.

The sound of footsteps passed him by and then gradually faded as the person moved through the door that had just opened. 

The man strained to lift his head, his darkening vision making it hard for him to see clearly. He could only see two figures walking together, the person in the back seemingly holding a photonic device. Then the passageway went dark.

Perhaps it was because the ringing in his ears made it hard to hear or the two people were talking too softly, but he didn’t hear a single word from them. When the power supply was finally restored, the two figures had long disappeared and only three men in black were left in the passage. They had all fallen to the ground, their feet and hands still twitching despite the blood.

Too frightening….

The man in black kept repeating this sentence in his heart until he lost consciousness. 

The passageway in front of us is 50 meters long, the doors have been forcibly closed. There are three Ants in the passage and one service robot.” 

Kristen shook the blood off her laser blade and could sense the location of the three Ants from the information Lin Yan sent through their spiritual connection: “I will take care of the two people in front of the door. You take the last one.” 

The door in front of them slowly opened. Kristen charged through the door and grabbed the gun the man tried to shoot with before he could even pull the trigger. The laser blade pierced through his lower jaw and his face. The man groaned and then fell as Kristen let go. 

The second man had his back to the door and couldn’t even react when Kristen killed him right after the first man. The final and third man was a few steps away but before he could help, an unsuspecting service robot hit him heavily against the head and his eyes rolled into the back of his head as he fell. 

Kristen flung the second man onto the ground, kicking him mercilessly as she stepped on his spine with her heavy military boots. 

The next one is 30 meters long, one Ant.” 

Through the elevator, turn left to enter the docking area.” 

5 on the fifth floor, 8 on the second floor, and 4 on the third floor.” 

Our target through the second floor, pay attention to any objects falling from above.” 

Kristen sent a reply back: “Understood.” 

The number inside the elevator jumped to ‘2’ and the door slowly opened. 

The scene of the docking area was far more complicated than a regular passage. Passengers waiting for their rides were standing on the edges while chatting nervously in groups of twos and threes. Containers and various cargo luggage were stacked on the ground in a mess. A huge robotic crane arm that usually loaded and unloaded the cargo was frozen stiff.

Kristen looked at the containers in puzzlement and Lin Yan quickly replied, “When we were going through the second passage, I hacked into the crane arm and the port system thought it was a maintenance error since the crane arm’s technology is rather old. I already ordered the other robots to leave it alone. We can use these containers as cover.” 

Since there is cover, this will be much easier.”  

Kristen walked around the container in front of her and Lin Yan telepathically sent her the information regarding the location of the remaining Ants. Kristen quickly turned around to land behind the container, slitting the throat of the Ant who was hiding behind it. He fell to the ground without making a single sound. 

Lin Yan walked out of the elevator, the doors slowly closed behind her: “I’ve shared the location of the remaining 7 people with you. I’ll take the two people closest to our target spacecraft.” 

Alright, I’ll finish up here by the time you take care of the two of them.”

Kristen got into position, she grabbed the corner of one container and then flipped onto the top of it. 

The handgun she had stolen from the man in black was raised in her hand and she aimed quickly at the person not too far away before pulling the trigger. 

The man fell over, causing the passenger to start screaming. And the two people who Lin Yan said she would take care of looked up to see the huge mechanical arm dangling with a container above them. It stopped and then suddenly the heavy container rushed towards them, smashing the two underneath it. 

Kristen got rid of one more person before jumping off the container and then protected Lin Yan’s back as they moved towards the docking area. 

Lin Yan suddenly stopped and then quickly communicated through their spiritual connection: “You first, I don’t know how to fly a spaceship.” 

Kristen stepped forward and leapt into the cockpit of the spacecraft. Lin Yan hacked into the spacecraft’s system as Kristen pushed on a button and the spacecraft started. 

Lin Yan took a half step onto the spaceship when gunshots came from behind her. 

There were three more Ants they hadn’t killed yet! 

Lin Yan quickly jumped into the spacecraft and the door hadn’t even finished closing when Kristen brazenly pulled up the parking valve. The spacecraft began to charge up and fly up, making its way out of the port. 

The three Ants already rushed through the exit area to the docking area. Their muzzles were pointed at the spacecraft’s door that hadn’t finished closing and aimed at the figure that loomed behind it. 

A gunshot sounded out. 

Kristen turned her head, only to see a figure stumbling in the hatch behind her and bullets clinking against the spacecraft. Lin Yan grunted and dropped to her knees, her hands clutching at her shoulder. 

Feeling confused and anxious, Kristen almost dropped what she was doing to move to the back. 

I’m fine! Drive the ship first, we’ll talk later!” 

Kristen received this semi-order from the other and could only grit her teeth as the hatch closed completely with a click and the spaceship left the port to enter Pandora!

Lin Yan’s face was deathly pale and she gasped in pain. In her past eighteen years of life, she hasn’t experienced a single painful injury. She didn’t know how to bandage herself up and could only put pressure on her wound as she sat on the ground. 

After confirming the spacecraft was out of danger, Kristen hurriedly handed the controls over to the auto-pilot system. She rushed over to Lin Yan and unbuttoned Lin Yan’s clothes to reveal a wound on her shoulder. 

Fortunately, the injury was not serious. The bullet only passed through a layer of flesh without going through bones or getting embedded in the wound. 

Lin Yan looked at her wound and breathed a sigh of relief but then saw Kristen’s hand trembling with a face full of distress. 

Kristen carefully helped her treat the wound, and then she raised her eyes which met Lin Yan’s own smiling eyes.

“You’ve had injuries that were way worse than mine before, why are you so anxious for?” 

Kristen didn’t say anything and only tightened the bandages around Lin Yan’s shoulder.

Lin Yan felt a little annoyed and stuck out her tongue. 

Kristen turned around and sat back into the pilot’s seat, adjusting the controls to prepare for landing. 

Kristen’s face was covered in the warm rays of the sun that sharpened her already distinct features. She looked over at Lin Yan.

Then she turned her eyes to outside the window, her voice soft as if she was afraid of disturbing something. 

“It’s because….I like you.” 

Author’s notes: 

A certain author who has forgotten to save their writing due to slow internet speed will now go die~


Thank you cuties for supporting me!

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