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When the Hacker is Forced to Marry Ch.24

Chapter 24- Wilson’s drug conspiracy

Lin Yan’s wound woke her up. 

She almost scratched it in her sleepy daze but somebody grabbed her wrist and stopped her movements. 

Someone then spoke soothingly in her ear: “Don’t scratch, it’ll leave scars if you do.” 

Lin Yan strained to open her eyes to see Kristen sitting next to her bed, her gray-blue eyes smiling tenderly down at her. 

Kristen moved her body, helping her sit up as she pulled up her clothes and then unwrapped the bandages to inspect the wound. 

Lin Yan followed her gaze and her eyes fell on her own shoulder. 

The medicine Kristen had used on her was really effective. Even without soaking in the medical pod, her wound was seventy percent healed and now a new piece of pink flesh covered it. 

Kristen sighed a breath of relief and then removed the rest of the bandages before poking the skin around her wound. 

Her fingers were cold and Lin yan shivered like she was touched by ice yet that itchy feeling finally lightened up. 

Lin Yan finally sobered up and her eyes widened. She remembered everything as Kristen continued to smile at her. 

The shrimp who finally remembered everything snatched the blanket out of Kristen’s hands and buried herself in it. 

…..what did she do?!!! 

First, she accepted a confession on impulse, and then she entered a spiritual bond. Finally, it even triggered a heat period that would’ve led to–

Her memories after the heat period had started was rather blurry. She just remembered holding onto Kristen and kept throwing herself at her until she ate a super bitter medicine that calmed her down. 

After recalling everything, the temperature in her cheeks rose higher, and steam almost ran out of her ears. 

Lin Yan simply buried herself in her blankets, but Kristen was silent the entire time. She thought it was weird and wondered if maybe Kristen had left so she quietly lifted a corner of her blanket and then took a peek outside. 

Who would have thought that the tiny gap would cause a fluffy creature to slip in? 

Lin yan grabbed the little fluffy thing and flung open her blankets as she sat up, both embarrassed and angry: “Kristen!” 

The little owl appeared in the air and fell in front of the small snow leopard. It stared at the feline with its round eyes, tilting its head curiously. Suddenly, the little creature threw itself onto the owl and happily licked the bird’s feathers. The little owl struggled desperately and could only make a miserable cry for help as its feathers were licked into a mess. 

Lin Yan: “….” 

The spiritual beast’s behavior reflects its master’s subconsciousness. Even Lin Yan could tell what was going through Kristen’s mind right now and she glared angrily at her. 

This stare only made Kristen’s heart soften and she shamelessly climbed onto Lin Yan’s bed as she aimed for those lips to kiss them. 

Lin Yan originally reached out a hand to push away the woman who had forcibly combined on her bed when she felt confused at the feeling of joy coming from their spiritual connection. She changed her movements and her hand went from pushing to pulling instead and her other brushed through Kristen’s curls. She began to unknowingly cooperate with a certain mischievous Sentinel. 

Chris walked into Lin yan’s room, the door automatically opening for him since it was not locked. 

And so, he stood petrified at the door as he watched the show. 

He couldn’t help but roll his eyes. 

Yesterday, he had only asked one sentence when he was pulled into his sister’s monologue. For an entire night, he was subjugated to listening to the romance between her and the princess, some stupid story of ‘out of the tens of thousands of robots she ended up controlling the one closest to her’ and ‘it’s going to be ok. I am just a robot who doesn’t feel pain, it doesn’t matter if I explode.’ A cheesy story of the hero saving the damsel on the battlefield! A story that Chris didn’t want to listen to! 

He is supposed to be a cool headed pharmacist who will replace James as the genius of the century! 


The ‘emotionless’ Chris knocked on the door indifferently and watched the two people on the bed stiffen immediately. Then they quickly rearranged their expressions as they turned their head towards him. 

Chris cleared his throat and pretended to be solemn as he spoke: “The suppressant can only restrict the heat period three times. Please be careful.” 

Lin Yan’s face instantly flushed red. 

Kristen got up from the bed, walked over to Chris, and then asked in a whisper: “What are you doing here so early in the morning?” 

“….room inspection?” Chirs said innocently and tilted his head. Then his expression turned serious as he turned towards Lin Yan: “I have something I must tell your Highness.” 

It was obviously not a simple matter if it made Chris’s expression turn serious and Kristen’s expression grew stern to: “Do you need me to leave?” 

Chris hesitated slightly, but still shook his head: “No, this matter… also has to do with you.”

Lin Yan straightened and watched Chris drag a chair next to her bed and then sit down. 

Chris lowered his head and then swiped through his photonic device before finding what he needed. He projected the hologram into the air. 

Lin Yan looked at the familiar images and raised an eyebrow.

This was the information Chu had given them about the recent rescue mission. 

He looked at the image of the Crimson Assassin floating on the tip and asked, “Did something go wrong with the mission?”

Chris nodded

He pulled up a video that Chu sent him. The person on the screen stood in front of the starship that the Guides were dragged out and filmed the many sealed boxes lying on the floor. 

Chris clicked to zoom in on the boxes: “At the time, there was no time for us to bring all of these back with us and so Chu had no choice but to open a box and bring only a few of these agents.” 

Lin Yan asked in surprise: “Reagent?” 

The cost of traveling between galaxies and planets was very high and they were being escorted by Kristen’s deadly group, so why would they bring a bunch of worthless agents with them?

Kristen grabbed her hand while her expression darkened: “Wilson said…those are soothing agents for Sentinels.” 

Chris nodded and pulled up another picture: “This reagent…based on our analysis of it….is a soothing agent that is even better than the currently most advanced one on the market.” 

“But,” The holographic projection showed a test result, “this agent is also highly addictive.” 

Although Lin Yan had never studied pharmacology extensively before, she still understood the basic process of creating the soothing agents: “The original formula is not addictive…so they changed the original formula.” 

“It’s a new formula developed by Wilson’s team,” Kristin added, “It seems a few Guides who were brought along were involved with its research.” 

“However, they don’t know the key component of the true formula, so just these guys….” Chris smiled disdainfully, “were able to develop such advanced soothing agents?” 

With a swipe of his finger, the image changed. 

Lin Yan felt it looked familiar and she stared intensely at the image but only felt that it looked extremely like the capsule they had found on the starship. 

Chris’s voice rang out from his gritted teeth: “The so-called main core of this formula is the pheromones of Guides A-level and above.” 

Lin Yan thought she heard it wrong: “What?” 

“A Guide’s pheromones are usually treated as things of little value but….pheromones produced from Guides in the middle of their heat do indeed have a certain soothing effect.’ 

Even Kristen, who has dealt with the heinous black markets for years and have seen all kinds of ridiculous experiments, was stunned: “Is…this true?” 

“I did a little experiment.” Chris didn’t walk around the subject and went straight to the point, “Wilson’s new medicine, when mixed with the soothing effect of the Guide’s pheromone does indeed achieve an improved soothing agent.” 

The soothing agent itself was initially designed to be just medicine that can only relieve but not solve the problem. Otherwise, there is no need for a Guide then, “However…..a Guide’s pheromones will slowly make the Sentinel dependent on it.” 

Chris continued as he looked at them both: “when a Sentinel and Guide has completed a spiritual bond, they can no longer accommodate a third person. The Guide’s pheromones in the middle of the heat period will induce the Sentinel into ‘pseudo-bond’ state.” 

“This pseudo-bond is not stable and is a unilateral form of a spiritual bond.” Chris pointed out the main problem, “Most pseudo-bond are induced by high-level Guides onto low-level Sentinels. It causes the Sentinel to obey the Guide’s words and become obsessed with their every movement.” 

“The research and development of this medicine do not require too many Guide pheromones and the sole provider was the A-level Guide we reduced.” 

Lin Yan was horrified: “In other words, once this soothing agent is mass-produced and sold, we will have armies of Sentinels who will be drunk on this soothing agent and who are willing to follow Wilson’s every demand?” 

Chris smiled: “For a nobleman like Wilson, it is not difficult to support a Guide to become a Goddess of tens of thousands of sentinels.”

Then, after the goddess image is established, they could quietly spread the items containing the pheromones to various areas. 

And people will not notice any abnormalities as they would only think that the Sentinels were obsessed with their idol. 

When that happens, whenever Wilson wants to do something, he will be able to release terrifying power into society.

Chris turned off the holographic projection: “I will report this matter to the leaders of the Guide Alliance next and find a solution. As for…”

Before he could finish, Kristen’s device suddenly rang loudly. 

Kristen glanced at him apologetically and then connected the holographic projection thought. 

Daniel’s figure appeared in the air, his face full of anxiety as he hurriedly called out, 

“Boss, Pulangke has been attacked! Our headquarters are asking for assistance!!” 

Author’s notes: 

Regarding as to why Chris knew that the Guide’s pheromones would have that effect -> because the testing madman Chris is an A-level Guide

James is only a B-level Guide so he couldn’t’ find anything =w=

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