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When the Hacker is Forced to Marry Ch.25

Chapter 25- Pulangke is in a state of emergency

Kristen’s brows instantly furrowed, and she asked, “What’s going on?!”

Daniel’s face was pale: “The current situation is unknown, but…according to the reports from the headquarters, this may be Duke Wilson’s revenge.”

Kristen cursed quietly. 

When she had decided to save those Guides, she had naturally considered the possibility of Wilson taking revenge against the Scarlet Thorns. Perhaps he would bar them from participating in imperial politics or completely freeze their right to operate as a group, but she never expected Wilson to be so bold. 

Daniel continued to report the situation: “At present, two unknown forces have invaded Pulangke and our little Fatty is not there to help. The headquarters are having a difficult time fighting for control of the airspace. They hope we can rush back to reinforce them as soon as possible.” 

Kristen pursed her lips and nodded, “I will return to the Port of Aphrodite soon.” 

She turned around apologetically and looked at Chris and Lin Yan. Before she could say anything, Chris stopped her: “Go, go, go. The situation seems a bit urgent over there, do you think you can win?” 

Kristen smiled: “I’ve been upgrading my ship from head to toe for three years know, I believe I haven’t seen another mercenary group who has a better configuration than mine.” 

Lin Yan suddenly pulled on the coat to the side, throwing it onto herself. 

Chris was a little surprised: “You…” 

Lin Yan tidied her clothes and raised her eyes. Determination flowed in those amber eyes: “I will go with you.” 

Kristen’s brows tightened even further: “Why are you going with me? I am going back to fight and rescue, not travel and visit family.” 

“I know,” Lin Yan stood before her, “but I am your Guide.” 

She had a smile on her mouth, but her eyes were extremely serious: “Sentinels and Guides are supposed to live and die together. And you’re just going to leave me on Pandora? How can that do?” 

“Have the number of Guides really gotten that low? Have you forgotten that bonded Sentinels and Guides are the best partners on the battlefield?” 

Kristen looked at her helplessly, “I don’t want to put you in danger.” 

Lin Yan’s expression relaxed after hearing her words: “Ever since we’ve met, can you honestly tell me when we had a moment where we weren’t in danger?” 

Kristen didn’t need Lin Yan to explain anymore as she remembered everything. 

The battlefield where they met, the reunion on the Ants’ starship, the serious injuries she suffered on Pandora, and their fight at the Port….

Looking at it this way, if she rejected Lin Yan then it would look like she was purposely abandoning her. 

Seeing her expression, Lin Yan relaxed and immediately stood next to Kristen to hold her hand. 

Chris sighed helplessly and met Lin Yan’s gaze. 

“Go if you want to. It’s not like there’s anything we need you to do right now.” Chris looked at the couple surrounded by an atmosphere of lovely-dovey pink bubbles and gave up on stopping them. “As for Teacher and Chu, I will help explain it to them.” 

Chris walked out of the room first and then remembering something he looked back and said, “Pandora and Pulangke are not too far from each other. When you get there, remember to keep your communications open.”

Lin Yan nodded.

Chris waved at them: “I wish you two a safe journey.” 

When they arrived on the Crimson Assassin, Lin Yan finally understood why Daniel was so anxious. 

Pulangke as a neutral planet on the fringes of the galaxy and although the Scarlet Thorns was a representative force from Pulangke, they did not represent the entire planet. 

So, when Pulangke was attacked because of the Scarlet Thorns, not all the natives on the planet chose to help them counterattack. On the contrary, many people believed this was a disaster brought by the mercenaries and instead turned around to hurt the mercenaries instead. 

Right now, the Scarlet Thorns headquarters was in an awkward situation. 

Pulangke is indeed not far from Pandora and the distance was only about 14 light-years away or 3 hours of traveling through hyperspace. 

However, once the Crimson Assassin does reach Pulangke, the battle will inevitably be fierce. 

Eden read through the analysis of the battle going on right now that was sent to him over an hour ago and cursed: “Those troublesome bastards! They always make trouble every single day and all day! Yet now they’re cooped up in their nests and become softer than water when they go out!” 

It was rare for Daniel to share the same hatred as him and he added: “Don’t they see who’s fighting them, they’re just a bunch of hired guns! What’s the point of hiding in the next? The enemy didn’t come here to steal their home, this is no time to be unreasonable with us! They are even helping outsiders kill their own people, yet they are still so muddled headed! Even if one helps the enemy, they won’t take you when you leave! It’s always us who will have to go back and clean up the mess!” 

“Brainless idiots!” 

“No foresight at all!” 


Lin Yan lowered the device in her hands and glanced at the two figures complaining int the corner and couldn’t help but secretly smile a little. 

Unfortunately, her spiritual connection with Kristen betrayed her mercilessly and Kristen stretched out a hand to pat her hair. Her eyes were fixed on the map in front of her when she tugged Lin Yan into her arms. 

Lin Yan struggled and failed to break free of the Sentinel’s tight hold. She tilted her head and puffed angrily at Kristen before passing a message through their connection. 

What are you doing, there are people watching…” Lin Yan’s words had a tint of embarrassment to it. 

“I’m not doing anything, just hugging you.” Kristen’s eyes were still on the map but she rested her chin on Lin Yan’s shoulder as if this would help relieve some of her fatigue. 

Lin Yan felt the weight on her shoulders and sighed silently. Her spiritual strands quietly flowed out of her spiritual seas and then comforted the other’s spirit quietly. 

When a Sentinel and Guide are bonded, although the bond is not as intrusive to form a two-way mind reading, it allows them to perceive each other’s moods easily. Lin Yan had sensed the other party’s heavy and complicated thoughts coming from their spiritual sea and could only help ease her beloved’s chaotic sea. 

Kristen extremely enjoyed this comfortable feeling and let the spiritual power of the Guide enter her sea unimpeded. Like the sea breeze blowing across the ocean, it slowly stirred the gentle waves and cleared the mess inside as the strained nerves of the Sentinel loosened and relaxed. 

For this three-hour journey, Kristen purposely did not allow the ship to enter hyperspace. 

It wasn’t until new information from the headquarters was received that the battleship entered hyperspace. 

This time the intelligence they received painted a much better picture. 

Daniel looked at the report with a stunned expression. He would’ve contacted the headquarters again to confirm the authenticity of the information if it weren’t for the fact that all communications are cut off when traveling through hyperspace: “Forget about them being hired guns….they’re all launching remote attacks onto ground targets but leave right after their attack. Why are they fighting so formally?” 

Kristen let out a sigh, prying herself away from Lin Yan as she walked over to the satellite image projected in the air. The group of battleships was neatly lined up just outside of Pulangke’s orbit. There was obviously no moment to form them but they made people feel solemn and cold. 

“It’s the third legion of the Empire.” 

Kristen came to this conclusion. 

Even an idler like Lin Yan who doesn’t give a single lick about the military of the Empire has heard of the prestige that is the third legion of the Empire. 

As the most prestigious Legion on the Stewart Empire, they have always been known for their superb execution of missions and amazing combat effectiveness. Their commander is General Doyle, a heroic figure the countless citizens praised and honored. 

So….why is the Third Legion, which has always been active on the front lines as the ‘Legion of Justice’ appearing on Pulangke at this time? 

For a while, everyone fell silent. 

Scarlet Thorns is one of the best mercenary groups in the Empire and its tech and configurations were amazing. But that was only when comparing them to general forces. 

In front of such a huge behemoth like the Third Legion, their power was laughably insignificant. Just this Third Legion alone would be able to wipe out the entire planet of Pulangke seven times over. 

Lin Yan looked up at the projected image of the Third Army, and suddenly said: “Wilson doesn’t have the ability to mobilize the Third Legion.” 

“The Third Legion is under the direct command of the royal family, “She sorted through the intricate information of Plante Ta nobles and the royal family in her heart, “If General Doyle has been deployed, they will only listen to the orders of the monarch during wartime.” 

“Then I can only hope that they didn’t come here to issue a death warrant for Pulangke.” Kristen ran around and began to relay orders to the various departments. 

The battleship trembled and the hull slowly left the hyperspace as the light twisted outside. 

Kristen’s gaze fell on the hired guns’s battleship that was still launching missiles at Pulangke and her gray-blue eyes narrowed dangerously.

“Ready the first cannon, get the laser beam ready.” 

The Crimson Assassin arrived at the North side of Pulangke, the sunlight fell on the ship as it reflected off the bloody light. 

“Daniel, fire at their main cannons!” 

The laser beam launched out of the canon and instantly rushed through the dark cosmic sky as it pierced the hull of the enemy ship. 

Lin Yan had also hacked in the opponent’s system and the main cannon shut down. She relentlessly seized the authority of the power supply of the ship. The enemy tried to fire in retaliation but was unable to get the energy to flow out of the cannon. Instead, the increasing build-up of energy caused their own cannon to explode and their ship along with it. 

Just as Kristen and crew were about to fire one more time to finish off their opponent, the ships of the Third Legion that had stood quietly to the side suddenly made a move. 

They intercepted the attack launched by the Crimson Assassin while the hired guns immediately flew their ship to retreat to safety. 

The Crimson Assassin slowly turned around to confront the deadly Third Legion. 

“This is Doyle Walter of the Empire’s Third Legion, requesting communications with the Crimson Assassin.” 

Author’s notes: 

A new supporting character appears and Kristen is preparing for an upgrade….

_(:3」∠)_ The exams are coming soon and this young author who has spent a semester off must go hug the Buddha’s feet. This novel will be updated every other day. 

There will be more updates later! Please don’t give up on me QAQ! 

I will start a daily update after I finish the exams in mid-January! 

Sending out hearts to all you little angels out there! Mwah!

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