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When the Hacker is Forced to Marry Ch.26

Chapter 26- You are the chosen successor?

Doyle Walter, the commander-in-chief of the Empire’s Third Legion. 

The name was no stranger to Kristen who entered the Scarlet Thorns at a young age. 

After all, the former head of the Scarlet Thorns was a fanatic fan of the Third Legion and even if she wished to forget General Doyle’s name, she couldn’t. 

The former head of Scarlet Thorns was a big bearded man with a story- although Kristen couldn’t get him to tell her his story no matter how much she begged. 

Everyone called him Big Beard because he claimed he didn’t need a name and did not get angry when others called him by this nickname. However, such a patient person had a set of reverse scales. Anyone who touched them would die. 

And this set of reverse scales was the Empire’s Third Legion. 

From Kristen’s first impression, Big Beard was an obsessed fanboy of the Third Legion. He would always make them buy the same starships as the ones used by the Third Legion. Even the weapons and equipment were similar to the ones from the Third Legion. Even the mercenary group’s manifesto was modeled after the Third Legion’s. 

The Big Beard’s favorite discussion topic was the Third Legion. From their history to their tactics, the Third Legion could do no wrong in his eyes. 

She remembered when she followed Big Beard to recruit some people and in order to join the Scarlet Thorns, many flattered Big Beard and his crew but insulted the major legions of the Empire while doing so. 

One person even said they despised the Third Legion and snorted as he said that they were the reason the frontlines were in a deadlock with no signs of progress for years. He couldn’t finish his words, however, when the angry Big Beard lifted him by the collar and threw him out. He also kicked the man for emphasis and broke one of his legs.  

According to the statistics maniac named Daniel, those who dared to insult the Third Legion in front of Big Beard always ended up in pieces. 

He loved the Legion so much that the members of the mercenary group had a conspiracy theory that Big Beard had a lover in the Third Legion whom he was desperate to return to. 

It was a pity that Big Beard died before he could spill his secrets and Kristen never learned about his true connections with the Third Legion.

Kristen looked at the tight formation of the ships as she accepted the communications request. 

A holographic image of General Doyle appeared on the bridge of the Crimson Assassin. 

A tall and majestic figure appeared before their eyes, the man’s back straight and tall while excluding an awe-inspiring air. 

Kristen took a step forward and nodded: “General Doyle, may I inquire as to why your Legion has come to a remote and poor planet like Pulangke?” 

General Doyle turned his head and looked at Christine in silence. Then opened his mouth as if to say something, but hesitated as he closed his mouth again. 

His eyes were cold and sharp like a knife as she slowly inspected the people around the room. 

Daniel and Eden subconsciously strained their backs, their legs tightening as they didn’t dare to meet the General’s gaze. The only time they had felt this way was when Big Beard had watched over their training so many years ago. 

General Doyle didn’t seem to have found what he wanted and retracted his gaze as he looked at Kristen: “Mercenary regiment commander, Kristen…well met, commander.” 

He softened his gaze, at least he tried to as it obviously failed: “The Third Legion have come here today to propose a pact between our two organizations.” 

Kristen didn’t take his words to heart. 

The nobles of the Empire were notoriously known to be able to tell one lie after another. They didn’t even need a script to lie efficiently. Even in the last meeting with Wilson, Kristen couldn’t avoid all the messy pitfalls and traps he laid out. It made no difference if the person in front of her now was General Doyle or Wilson, she was not a stupid fan like Big Beard who becomes blinded to reality.  

Kristen raised her eyebrows, a big smile on her lips: “If the General wants to form a pact with us, one must show their sincerity first.” 

General Doyle seemed to have anticipated this situation: “Then please accept this show of sincerity from the Third Legion.’ 

As soon as his voice sounded out, a white light flashed in the dark space and headed towards the retreating hired guns’ ship. 

Four high-energy laser beams intertwined and pierced through the hired guns’ starship. The hull was completely burned and penetrated and the weapon arsenal was destroyed too. The entire ship exploded and turned into a ball of light in an instant. 

That starship, which can be regarded as an upper-middle level in the interstellar mercenary group, was like a fragile piece of paper in front of the Third Legion with no room for resistance at all. 

The four starships who had shot the laser beams quickly returned to their positions and the lineup of the Third Legion. 

General Doyle turned around: “I wonder if you are satisfied with such sincerity?”

There was dead silence inside the bridge.

The Third Legion’s way of handling things was just too ruthless and heavy-handed. Such a swift attack made even the mercenaries on the Crimson Assassin tremble a little. 

Daniel performed a quick calculation and came to the sad conclusion that although the Crimson Assassin was known as the best battleship among the interstellar mercenary groups, it can last only a few second longer than the starship that had exploded into a ball of light earlier. They would not stand a chance against the Third Legion.

Lin Yan bit her lower lip, and slowly moved her fingers across her screen as she prepared to take over the opponent’s ships but stopped when Kristen sent her a telepathic message, 

Don’t move, it’ll only expose you.” 

The smile on Kristen’s face turned sharp as she looked at the projection floating in the middle of the bridge: “General Doyle, as long as your request for a pact does not harm the interests of Pulangke…we are naturally willing to cooperate with the Third Legion.” 

General Doyle nodded: “Since you have agreed, I hope we can work out the details on the grounds of Pulangke.” 

The Third Legion cut off the communication immediately after and the bridge grew quiet again. 

Daniel couldn’t hold back his words “Boss, are we really going to meet him on the ground?” 

“Yes,” Kristen walked to the monitoring station and watched the Third Legion’s lineup rearrange into a standard defensive formation, “We have no right to reduce.” 

Eden didn’t speak but slammed his fist against the console.

“Daniel, get ready and teleport me to the ground.” Kristin quickly sorted his belongings and stood on the teleportation platform.

Daniel hesitated.

Before he had time to bring up the interface for the quantum teleportation, he saw Lin Yan walking up from the corner of his eyes.

Lin Yan did not step onto the teleportation platform. Her steps stopped in front of the teleportation platform. She only looked up at Kristen: “Why would he ask you to meet him on Pulangke?” 

“If he just wants to win our trust, then it would’ve been enough to have him arrive directly on your ship to talk. Why bother with a meeting on the ground?” 

Her pale and slender fingers lightly stroked the screen of her device and a piece of information projected into the air. 

Daniel’s gaze fell on the cover of the material, and the words “Stewart Empire Military Department -Top Secret” were clearly printed on top. Daniel’s eyes widened. 

How could she have top-secret information about the military department?!!

Although…although Boss had told them about this Guide’s identity when they carried out Duke Wilson’s mission, he had thought she was only an 18-year-old princess from Planet Ta. How could she access such important military information? 

And Lin Yan’s next movements made Daniel even more shocked that his eyes almost fell out.

In front of so many people, she scanned through Doyle Walter’s information at will and then opened another program that she typed a string of characters into. Her fingers worked quickly and lightly across the screen. 

Of course, uneducated people like Eden couldn’t understand it, but Daniel, one of the leading members in charge of the Crimson Assassin’s digital system….how could he fail to see what Lin Yan’s current actions were doing? 

S-She was actually hacking into the military’s confidential database! 

If he remembered correctly, the level of confidentiality surrounding this database was so tight that if a person was discovered to have intruded into the system….they would be sent to prison immediately! 

Yet Lin Yan’s expression was unperturbed like the so-called extremely confidential database was just a small toy for her to be manipulated with. She easily invaded past the firewalls and pulled out Doyle Walter’s information. 

“He has never visited Pulangke in his entire life…until now.” Lin Yan pulled up another program and quickly searched through Pulangke’s data but didn’t find anything there either, “From the audio and video files recorded by the military, there have never been any experiments or military operations on Pulangke.” 

She raised her head and looked up at Kristen, “There seems to be no reason for him to meet you on Pulangke, yet you agreed.” 

Lin Yan smiled, a crafty look appearing in her amber eyes, “So, you must know the true reason already, don’t you?” 

Daniel was shocked. When did his boss get involved with the Third Legion? 

No, no, there was indeed someone from the Scarlet Thorns that was related to the Third Legion but–

Kristen shook her head helplessly, but her eyes were full of pride, “My Guide sure is amazing.” She smiled softly and then answered in her hoarse voice: “You’re correct.” 

“There is only one person in the Scarlet Thorns who has even the slightest relationship with the Third Legion. And that person is on Pulangke.” 

Kristen’s expression turned stern as she looked at Daniel: “Daniel, stop wasting time, send me down. The coordinates should’ve been sent to you already.” 

Daniel did what she said and teleported her according to the coordinates. 

Only when the light particles produced by the quantum teleportation gradually enveloped Kristen’s body did he realize–

“Wait, isn’t this the coordinates to our mercenary group’s Champion stele?!”

Before his surprise could vanish, Lin Yan stepped onto the platform and stood in the same position where Kristen had just disappeared from. 

Lin Yan turned her head and smiled at him, “Daniel, please teleport me to a location near the coordinates where Kristen teleported to.”

“!!!” Daniel opened his mouth to refuse but was stopped by Lin Yan’s next words, 

“I’m going to take a look at the situation. If Doyle recognizes me and if something happens, he will at least have some qualms to attacking me due to my position.” 

Lin Yan looked hesitantly at Daniel before adding, “Don’t worry, I won’t let her punish you for this.” 

Daniel finally hardened his heart and pressed down the button as he said through gritted teeth, “Sister-in-law! I’m counting on you to watch over the Boss!” 

The light particles wrapped around Lin Yan’s body and she raised a hand: “I know.” 

Pulangke, at the headquarters of the Scarlet Thorns mercenary group stood the Champion’s stele. 

Kristen stood under the steps of the monument as she raised her head to look at the huge stone in front of her. 

The sun shined brightly from behind the stele and Kristen had to squint slightly.

General Doyle followed behind her as he teleported into a position not too far away from her. He raised his head as he looked at the stone stele, his expression indescribable as he looked at the words written on it.

“Kristen, are you…his chosen successor?”

Author’s notes: 

Previously I have been writing the story focused on Her Royal Highness but finally, it is Kristen’s turn to play! Hahaha!

Although Kristen is probably wearing a dumbfounded look on her face right now. 

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