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When the Hacker is Forced to Marry Ch.29

Chapter 29- The Third Legion needs you, Kristen 

The name “Strider” was something Lin Yan was all too familiar with. 

One of her Imperial Brothers, the one who accidentally helped provide her with the necessary equipment to escape, was an enthusiast of all things mecha related. He was obsessed with collecting various types of spaceships and battle crafts but he loved collecting mecha the most. 

Unfortunately, the royal treasury could not support the hobbies of a NEET prince and would not give him the funds to buy the expensive mecha. Her Imperial Brother could do nothing but beg and act coquettishly in front of her father. He begged, pestered, and threw tantrums every day until Imperial Father agreed to buy him a mecha. 

Even though it was only slightly better than the military’s ordinary mecha and didn’t even have its own custom design. 

And yet, because of this mecha, her Imperial brother became even crazier. He would pull anyone he could find into a conversation about this mecha’s configuration and would always go on for hours about the legendary mechas in military history. Because of this, Lin Yan was able to learn a little bit about the mechas of the world. 

Strider” is among the best legendary mechas and was the only one still in service. 

Most of the other legendary mechas have either been destroyed or are missing important parts needed to function and therefore could only be collected in a museum for people to look at. 

The Strider, however, was able to survive because of its harsh conditions for its riders. Since it lacked suitable riders, this legendary mecha was able to avoid the tragic battles that caused the other legendary mechas to be destroyed and was able to survive to this day. 

Angus Chu is the fourth master of “The Strider”. After his death, this mecha ‘disappeared’ in the chaos of war. The military was caught in a rather awkward situation when their last legendary mecha disappeared. Their reputation only improved again after Parliament decided to invest a lot of military expenditures on the training of mecha units.

Her Imperial Brother always used a disdainful tone to complain about the mecha units of the military, saying that even if the number is much larger than before, the quality is far inferior.

The legendary mechas were valued by the military not only for its strong combat capability but for its special pilot requirements as well. 

The special requirements of the fast-movers are of course classified as military secrets but it was not difficult for people to speculate on those conditions through studying Angus Chu. 

First, one needed an S-level physique. Then they must have a high reaction speed and abilities that almost transcended human limits. 

The meaning of General Doyle’s words couldn’t be more obvious. 

Lin Yan felt like her always agile and flexible brain was on the verge of crashing. She turned her head blankly as she looked at her own Sentinel. 

Kristen, this wooden-headed mercenary leader with an S-level physique was actually….

One of those weirdos that could meet the harsh requirements of the Strider?!!

She still remembered how her Imperial Brother had complained bitterly, “Do you think I don’t want a high-level mecha?! It’s not my fault that those high-level mechas each have high-level requirements, one after another. Those who can meet the requirements of the legendary mecha are all abnormal weirdos! Those requirements are simply beyond what a human can achieve!” 

Lin Yan felt like short-circuiting. 

….Although, thinking about it….when Kristen broke into the spacecraft of the Ants mercenary group to rescue her was already an amazing thing. Then when Kristen was seriously injured by the Ants ambush…Lin Yan remembered thinking that if Kristen’s reaction speed was a little bit slower if she was another and weaker person…she would’ve definitely had died.

And in the match between Kristen and General Doyle just now, the attacks were so fast that Lin Yan could hardly keep up with her eyes. 

Lin Yan almost felt like she was in a dream. So much so that she wanted to reach out and touch the person in front of her to make sure she was the real Kristen. 

Meanwhile, Kristen was full of doubts and completely shocked. 

In her mind, although she did learn all kinds of fighting skills with Big Beard and was much faster than most, she did not reach a point that could shock the world. Even in the years when she became the leader of the Scarlet Thorns, she did not think of herself as someone amazing. How come in front of General Doyle, she suddenly became, “The only person who can pilot the Strider?” 

The look of confusion in her eyes was so evident that the usually icy faced General Doyle had a smile in his eyes. 

Most of the officers in the military are top students who graduated from the military academy but have an exaggerated opinion of their own abilities. Yet seeing such a talented person doubt herself made General Doyle want to laugh out loud. 

When General Angus was the commander of the Third Legion, Doyle had the fastest attack speed in the military department and was trained personally by Angus. He was polished until he became a regular sparring partner of the General. According to the words of General Angus, if Doyle’s physique was a little bit higher (he only had an A-level physique) he would’ve become the next pilot of the Strider. 

General Doyle lowered his head, looked at the cross in his palm. Although he should be frustrated, he felt relieved instead.

He was not one to curse the heavens and blame others for what he lacked. 

Why…. did he have the fast reaction speed and attacks needed for the Strider, but lacked the physique? 

Now he felt as if a heavy burden has been lifted off his shoulder. 

Of General Angus’ two adjutants, one had saved his precious mecha and found an heir to pilot it while the other kept the originally military spirit of the Third Legion and had finally verified the abilities of the so-called heir. 

General Doyle nodded slightly and asked, “Do you know…where your former head hid his wine?” 

This Kristen knew. 

Big Beard loved his alcohol but unfortunately had a low tolerance and didn’t drink much. He also was bad at keeping his mouth closed and so he built a secret room for his wine and gave Kristen the key. 

If it was New Year’s Day or a day he had nothing to do, Big Beard would indulge himself and ask Kristen to open the door to the secret room. When he got drunk, he would ask Kristen to carry him out. 

Kristen stood in front of that secret room, the door now covered in dust. She brushed off the dust lightly and slowly unlocked the door. 

The door lock made a beeping noise before it slowly opened. 

It is indeed wine storage. 

Even though no one has been here for a few years, those hidden wine jars were still there and have become even more mellow over the years. 

The smell of wine mixed with dust made one’s heart feel heavy. 

General Doyle raised his head and looked at the bottle of wine at the top of the wine cabinet.

The exquisite shape of the bottle looked more like an expensive handicraft than a bottle of wine. 

General Doyle reached out and took down the bottle of wine. He wiped the dust off the bottle with his fingers, twisted the mouth of the bottle smoothly, and poured the liquid inside onto the ground.

Kristen frowned and quickly stepped forward to grab the bottle. 

She remembered that Big Beard loved this bottle of wine the most and wouldn’t let others even look at this prized treasure of his. Still, there were people stupid enough to ask him for a drink and then proceeded to get kicked out by Big Beard. Those who tried to steal this bottle of wine were beaten half to death by him. 

The bottle was now half-empty. Kristen raised her head angrily, “What are you doing?!” 

General Doyle’s eyes wandered down to her hands and there was a light sigh in his voice as he said, “Look at what’s inside the bottle.” 

The liquid on the ground that soaked the ground was colorless and transparent, and it didn’t even have the irritating stench of alcohol. 

Lin Yan raised her eyebrows: “This is….water?”

If the precious thing inside the bottle was not wine….it could only be something else. 

Kristen turned the bottle upside down and poured out the remaining water. A small thing dropped from the bottle with the last drops of water and clattered to the ground with a crisp sound. 

It was a storage ring. 

Kriste picked up the ring and willed the contents to come out. Beside them, General Doyle’s face changed and he quickly grabbed Kristen and Lin Yan out of the secret room. 

There was a loud grinding noise coming from the secret room behind them. 

Lin Yan turned around, only to see that the secret room seemed to be filled to brim with something in a blink of an eye.  Even the door was blocked. 

General Doyle’s voice sounded and Lin Yan could hear a bit of pain in his voice, “…the Strider is much bigger than your ordinary mecha.” 

In other words, the thing that now filled up the secret room is the Strider. 

Kristen silently returned the mecha into the storage room and pursed her lips in embarrassment. 

General Doyle suddenly turned around and stretched out a hand to Christine.

Kristen looked at him in surprise while General Doyle’s eyes were full of seriousness.

“Kristen, as the commander and commander of the Third Legion, I officially invite you to make an alliance between the Scarlet Thorns and the Third Legion” 

“The Third Legion needs the power of the Strider once again and…..” He turned his head to look at Lin Yan, “If the Guidance Alliance wants to make some real splashes in the empire, they must need some military strength to back them up.”

Kristen didn’t hesitate as she stretched out her hand to shake that palm covered in calluses. 

Pandora, headquarters of the Guide Alliance:

Chu gave a look at James and then walked out of the noisy conference room. 

Every time Lin Yudu gets worked up…her voice becomes so high and sharp that it makes his brain hurt. 

He held his hand against the wall and then knocked on it: “001, get out. It’s time to work.” 

In front of Chu, 001 obediently popped up a virtual screen for Chu to use. 

Chu quickly found a certain name he was looking for and used 001 to forcibly community with the other person. 

Although he can’t see the situation on the other side, at least he can transmit his own image.

“Lin Yan, think of a way to return to Pandora…right now.” Chu’s eyes were heavy as he looked on quietly, “Lin Yudu has learned the news about your bonding with another Sentinel and is now claiming you have broken the Alliance’s rules and using this to provoke the anti-Sentinel sentiments within the Alliance.” 

He glanced back at the direction he left indifferent and continued: “The message Chris gave me said that you have completed the spiritual bond. It’s best if you don’t go through a heat period right now. We are in trouble, do not complicate matters any further.” 

Chu’s voice paused, as if he thought of something, but then he stopped himself, 

“Lin Yudu intends to take advantage of your absence to suppress all the prestige that James had originally established for you. You must prepare yourself–” 

“–This will not be an easy battle.” 

Author’s notes: 

Lin Yudu: Ready to make trouble.jpg

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  1. One of those weirdos that could meet the harsh requirements of the Strider?!!

    That “wierdo” is your wife dummy

    thanks for the translation~


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