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When the Hacker is Forced to Marry Ch.3

Chapter 3- The Floating Pavilion

Regardless of whether or not the Guide Alliance will be a good or bad thing for her, Lin Yan had no time to think of a retreat route and could only go along with the identity they have given her. 

Lin Yan forced her facade to the end when dealing with the bodyguards until finally the day of Bill Garcia’s birthday banquet arrived. 

When she escaped the palace, it was fortunate that the woman who forcibly cleared her room left behind her wardrobe full of dresses. Then when she fled, she simply transferred her wardrobe into an almost limitless spatial ring she now carried. If she runs out of money, she can sell these dresses, but for now, they will be used to keep up her disguise. Otherwise, she would’ve had a headache trying to buy a dress for the ‘banquet’ she was supposedly going to. 

One’s spiritual beast reflected the state of their master’s subconscious. Her beast was currently relaxed and leisurely hanging from one of the ceiling’s beams as it watched its owner with its big watery eyes. The beast watched as Lin Yan pulled a long purple one-shoulder dress from the spatial ring. It tilted head in satisfaction and hooted gently, 


Lin Yan felt like laughing every time she heard her beast make a noise, but stifled the laughter and covered her soft smile as the owl was looking at her directly. 

She glanced at herself in the mirror and found that her looks had matured instantly the moment she put on the dress. She smiled softly at her reflection but then the smile disappeared and was replaced with a serious and reserved expression. 


Neither sweet nor friendly, she looked perfectly like the identity the Guide Alliance has set for her– an eccentric S-level Guide and a Countess with a strange yet cold temperament. 

Even the eyes of the little owl flying by her side seemed to flash coldly for a second as it looked almost indifferently at the mirror. 

Lin Yan raised her chin in an icy manner and silently pointed a finger, “Let’s go!”

At this moment, a floating pavilion floated in the sky above the magnificent Huahai sea. There was fresh spring water dripping from who knows where and into sound bowls that were set up all over the pavilion. The sounds could faintly be heard in the background, a music piece that was a well-known track from the ancient earth era. 

Almost all dignitaries and high officials built and owned floating buildings. Perhaps it was because they were trying to imitate the famous Platinum Palace that was also constructed in the sky. Anyone who was rich enough would have one or two floating buildings of some sort built in their manors. If they did not have one, then it was like saying that their family did not have any power. 

Lin Yan sat near one side of the floating pavilion, loosely holding her glass of fruit wine specially made from the fruits of the Pandora. The dark red yet translucent liquor swiveled around in the glass, sliding up and down the walls of the glass. A small smirk hung on the corner of her lips, her eyelids half-lidded and a smile yet not quite a smile appeared in her amber eyes as she glanced casually at the crowd densely gathered in the middle of the pavilion. 

Her eminent and unapproachable demeanor was consistent with what an S-level Guide should act like and was even expected. Therefore, no one questioned her identity nor did anyone dare to be the first to greet her. 

Lin Yan raised the glass to her lips and took a light sip, her attention long since drifted to matters other than the sordid party before her. 

The wine was pretty good and Lin Yan licked her lower lip in satisfaction. The sweet fruity fragrance mixed with the slight scent of wine caused her taste buds to tingle in delight. However, despite the slight tipsy feeling, her brain was still quite sober and alert. 

And it was with this sober mind that she pondered just why she was following the Guide Allicane’s arrangement to attend a banquet, a banquet that seems to have no purpose. 

She raised her eyebrows in her boredom and watched the crowd with a puzzled gaze. 

Just what kind of mentality did these people possess to waste their time on meaningless scenes like this one? Forcing a smile on their face as one tells jokes that are neither boring nor interesting and participating in conversations where ‘you try to trick me and I’ll try to cheat you’, a game of mutual deception. In her opinion, it was better to spend the time on something more worthwhile like playing a video game. 

Ah. today is another confirmation that 3-D can never beat the world of 2-D. 

Lin Yan resisted the urge to yawn and glanced around to find a distraction. She looked down to suddenly find a large and fluffy feline lying at her feet. 

Great, she thought as the last of her tipsiness disappeared. 

The little ears on the top of its furry head flickered and the feline turned to look up at Lin Yan. 


A pair of gray-blue pupils look up at her coldly, the bright light from the pavilion bouncing off their eyes to create an artificial silver that glimmered in the feline’s eyes. 

The ash-colored fur was speckled with spots and the hair thick and long. The entire figure of the feline gave off a soft, round, and fluffy feeling. The type of feeling that made people want to swoop it into their arms and cuddle to see how soft it is. 

Lin Yan held herself back, clenching her dress and causing the cloth to wrinkle. If she wasn’t at a crowded party and therefore completely aware of the numerous eyes on her, she would have squealed. 

Too…..Too cute!!!!

Only God knows why a Guide like her, one with a bird for a spiritual beast, would be so obsessed with a large feline that would love to eat her owl if it got its paws on it. 

Why is it so cute!

The soft and cute appearance, the agile and flexible way it moved, it’s cold and ruthless eyes and that charming soft meow….

Lin Yan felt like she was losing too much blood. 

How can there be such a cute creature in this world! 

Her eyes were fixed on those two short and round ears. She almost couldn’t control herself anymore. 

Just when Lin Yan was about to lose control of her hands and pet that head of soft hair, the snow leopard suddenly took a step back and stiffened with alertness. 

The disappointment in Lin Yan’s heart hadn’t washed away yet when she heard a large ‘BOOM!’ not too far away. 

The crowd that was conversing in the middle of the pavilion before quickly moved away from the source of the explosion, all of them trying to run away while chaos ensued. Lin Yan pushed through the crowd and stopped. 

The magnificent and exquisitely painted wall now had a large hole in the middle of it. The wind from the high altitude blew in, wailing as it chilled the atmosphere. 

……Beware of Greeks who come bearing gifts. [1] 

The age-old idiom appeared in Lin Yan’s heart as she looked at that hole. 

The buzzing sound of the engine of a spacecraft could be heard. Suddenly, a hand appeared at the entrance of the hole and a shadow appeared in the pavilion. 

Then a group in black burst through the hole and several of them stood to block the entrance of the hole. Several female Guides standing near the entrance suddenly screamed and many shrank back to the safety of the crowd. 

Lin Yan released her own spiritual energy and although she was far away from the group in black, she could still perceive the strong malice coming from the group. 

The leading man in black let out a strange laugh, a twisted and mechanical sound, “I’m terribly sorry to disturb your elegant party–” 

The mechanical sound was grinding and harsh, even the least sensitive Guide felt uncomfortable from it, not to mention the hyper-sensitive Sentinels present. 

The host of the banquet, Bill Garcia, hesitated before pushing the Guides behind him protectively. He stood against the owner of that shrill voice, a white-headed sea eagle appearing on his shoulders. The eagle fluttered its wings and got into an attacking stance. 

Garcia asked, “Who are you! Do you not know the consequences for intruding on the Garcia Manor?!”

His heart was full of uneasiness and it only got stronger as time went on. In the past, if something big like this happened the guards in his manor should have long been dispatched. However, even now only the strange men in front of him appeared and there were no signs of his guards. 

Unless…those faithful bodyguards that have been following him for years have been defeated or killed by the group in front of him. 

That horrid and mechanical voice changed its tone, sounding cryptic as it answered: “You don’t need to know who we are….Bill Garcia, you should thank your luck that you are not our goal.”

He chuckled a few times and continued, “Though, I must thank you for your cooperation. If you hadn’t chosen to hold the banquet in such a location, I am afraid we would’ve never had the chance.”

The psychotic man in black clasped his hands behind his back as he wandered around the pavilion. From time to time he would make a few comments, “This place is well built. The location is high enough, it is very suitable too….as an isolated island, that is! Hahahaha!” 

Garcia felt a slight chill go down his back: “What the hell do you want?!”

“What do we want? Don’t worry, it’s not you who we want.” The man in black reappeared in front of Garcia at a speed that he could not follow with his eyes nor react to. The man held Garcia’s chin mockingly with a grin, “A Class-B Sentinel. Although quite rich, ultimately useless.”

The man in black pinched Garcia’s cheek like he was petting a puppy, and left a spot of red on that otherwise pale cheek. The man clapped his hands indifferently and chuckled, “You don’t have to panic, our goal is only one person.”

He rudely pushed a few people out of his way, throwing anyone who blocked his view to the side. When he found his target, he let out a distorted smile. 

“Found you.” A strange metallic reflection flashed in the eyes of the man in black, “Countess.” 

Lin Yan didn’t even have time to do anything when she heard a ‘Clink!’ sound. 

The sound was fleeting and the man in black clapped again as he turned towards another Guide. 

It was a female Guide and she paled as she shook her head again and again. Her heart threatened to beat out of her chest as she watched the man in black stand in front of her, a strange smile on his lips. 

“Ha!!” The man in black opened his hands, a small unknown metal fell from his hands. The female Guide screamed and fell into a trembling mess. 

The man in black bent down and picked up the metal that fell. 

It was a bullet. 

The man pinched the bullet between his two fingers and leaned in close to the female Guide’s face. He laughed wildly and with impunity, “Hahahaha! Are you disappointed? Did you really think such a small bullet could kill me?”

The Guide shrank back even more and the man reached out to grab the female Guide by the neck. His tone was soft as if he was whispering sympathetic words, “No, it’s me who was wrong. How could bullets not kill people? After all, couldn’t all of you gathered here easily be killed by bullets?”

The female Guide’s face flushed with red as the hand around her neck tightened, her survival instincts kicking in as she struggled and twitched. 

The man in black carefully avoided her struggling limbs and whispered into her ears as he choked the life out of her, “Don’t move…be good and it will no longer hurt anymore…”

The female Guides’ struggle grew weaker and weaker. The crowd around the woman seemed to be scared frozen by this crazy man and only stood to the side as they watched. 

Lin Yan finally stood out from the crowd. 

In a world invisible to the naked eye, spiritual energy sprang up wildly from Lin Yan’s spiritual sea and charged in the direction of the man in black. 

“You shouldn’t drag bystanders into this. Tell me, what do you want from me?”

Lin Yan took a step forward, her spiritual energy turning into strands that wrapped around the man. She searched for a gap in the other’s spiritual barrier. 

However….Something’s wrong! 

The man dropped the female Guide in his hands and looked at Lin Yan with amused interest as he slowly turned around. 

He narrowed his eyes and gave a gentle smile, but what he said next caused the people around her to shudder, “Countess….you can’t find a barrier to the spiritual consciousness, right?”

Lin Yan blinked, the color and expression on her face remaining unchanged but she felt horrified inside. 

She indeed could not find a barrier to the man’s spiritual consciousness nor a spiritual consciousness in the first place. 

Even….even the biology of a living human could not be found on the man. 

This was a monster that no one on scene would be able to defeat. 

Lin Yan pursed her lips, forcing her expression to relax. She looked at the monster like she was just looking at any other human, “What do you want me to do?”

The man in black took a step back like a gentleman and made way for Lin Yan. 

He smiled softly, mechanical gears twisting and creating a screeching sound as he did so, “Madam is an S-level Guide. Naturally, we ask for you to do things only an S-level Guide can do.”

The man bowed and extended his hand to the left, making a ‘please, after you’ gesture, “Let us depart, Countess.”

Lin Yan glared at him but did not speak. She walked through the crowd, through the big hole, and onto the spacecraft waiting outside. 

The crowd watched her silently as she passed by and only Garcia moved, raising his hand while his mouth opened. However, in the end, nothing came out of his mouth and he helplessly watched her go. 

Throughout this whole ordeal, no one noticed the snow leopard, the feline who was lying next to Lin Yan, had disappeared without a trace. 

Author’s notes: 

A new work has been published! 

《Did my wife go offline today》

Xu Youlin is a genius with outstanding abilities, and she had shouldered the expectations of her country as she completed the missions for her country for n years now. 

Xu Youlin has a wife who is domineering, beautiful, and rich. She is also Xu Youlin’s ideal type. 

Xu Youlin is reluctant to let her wife know her true identity and has to get up early every day to try to hide her world from her wife. 

Xie Xuan is also a genius with outstanding abilities and she too shouldered the expectations of her country as she completed the missions for her country for n years now. 

After getting injured, her country has finally given her a long vacation and allowed her to go home to inherit the family business. 

During her leave, she met a little cutie and got married, beginning her happy and content life.

However, she recently discovered the person she loved the most is hiding something from her. But what could it be?

Is she cheating on me?!! 

Xie Xuan will not be resigned to such a fate and so she contacted her country. She prepared to go back into the field and use their resources to investigate what her wife was doing at the same time. 

Xu Youlin: “Why do I feel like the captain of the team next-door looks a little like my wife?”

Xie Xuan: “Why do I feel like the eyes of the captain of the team next-door don’t seem quite right? 

-A story about two bigshot special agents who pretend to be ordinary people and got married before they discovered they were colleagues. 

-A black-bellied little white lotus special agent x An aloof but irritable and fiery special agent

-A pseudo-entertainment circle article

-Modern era


[1] The original idiom is: ‘He who comes is surely ill-intentioned.’ Or even more simply: ‘no one well-meaning will come.’ The one I used is the Latin phrase for this idiom and is more well known.

Link to the work the author mentioned, it is one of the author’s few works they have written (It’s in mandarin, no English translation available):

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