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When the Hacker is Forced to Marry Ch.30

Chapter 30- I’ve gone through all these obstacles so that I can meet you.

Her phonetic device activated without her permission.

Lin Yan watched as a holographic projection of a figure slowly formed in the air. 

Lin Yan raised her eyebrows in surprise as soon as that iconic long ponytail appeared.

In her mind, Chu is a very indifferent person and not one easily swayed by emotions. If he comes knocking on her door with a problem, it was guaranteed to be a tough one.

And she was correct. 

Lin Yan couldn’t help but sigh. She had heard from Daniel and Eden when she was on Little Fatty that the scenery of Pulanke was beautiful beyond comparison. However, she never expected that she would have to hurry back before she could even take a stroll around. 

While she was preoccupied with thoughts on how to deal with this problem, she did not notice that General Doyle’s eyes had widened with disbelief, and there was an incredulous expression on his face when he saw the holographic figure. Kristen, on the other hand, had been watching General Doyle’s every move and revealed a thoughtful look on her face. 

Now that they had to return immediately, Kristen naturally did not waste time. 

When Daniel and the others heard they had to return without getting the chance to take a break, their faces dropped, and they floated weakly on the bridge of the ship like lost wandering souls. Then they despondently gave out orders to replenish the ship’s energy as they prepared for the journey back. 

When the starship was ready, Kristen ordered for the ship to teleport them back up when General Doyle suddenly stopped them. 

General Doyle, in Lin Yan’s mind, has always been resolute and stern, but at this moment, the General Doyle in front of her seemed nervous and almost seemed….timid?

He seemed to have made up his mind about something as he sent a message to his subordinates and then looked at Lin Yan. 

He asked: “Your Highness, on this return trip to Pandora, will you let me go with you?” 

Then he quickly added an excuse: “If the Guide Alliance wishes to change the societal status of Guides, this is not feasible with how they are now. Currently, they are a non-governmental and illegal organization at best. If you wish to expand the influence of the Guide Alliance, it is necessary to show the world that the Alliance is now aligned with the Third Legion.” 

“With your identity and rank being questioned by the Alliance, you’re in a tough spot. As you have only just joined the Alliance, your relationship with the members are shallow, and there will not be many who will be willing to help you.” After years of navigating the political landscape of Planet Ta, General Doyle had become a sly old fox well-versed in political scheming and continued effortlessly, “Rather than rushing back empty-handed, you might as well reach an agreement with our Third Legion first and then go back to Pandora with us as your trump card.” 

Seeing Lin Yan begin to hesitate, he continued to strike. At the same time, the iron was hot: “Regarding our disturbance this time on Pulangke, the Third Legion sincerely apologize for our mistake and in a show of faith, will bring only one ship with us to Pandora this time.” 

The conditions General Doyle put forth were beneficial to both sides, and so Lin Yan agreed readily after some consideration. 

When all three of them were transported back to the starship, the Crimson Assassin and one starship from the Third Legion both entered warped into hyperspace as they began their journey. 

Meanwhile Kristen dragged Lin Yan into the bedroom. 

Lin Yan blushed from the suggestive gazes Daniel and his group sent her way, but couldn’t do a thing as the door closed behind her. 

Once the door closed, Kristen watched as Lin Yan let out a cheer and then flung herself onto the bed. She couldn’t help but smile a little at the cute actions. 

After going through one frantic situation to the next, Lin Yan had almost forgotten how amazing it was to just lie on a bed. She slowly stretched her body and then flipped over, her gaze coincidentally meeting Kirsten’s smiling eyes. 

However, after being wound up for so long and then finally getting to relax, Lin Yan didn’t want to move even a strand of her hair. She merely relaxed her stiff body as she lay there on Kirsten’s big bed, not an ounce of resistance in her body. Her soft eyes narrowed, her gaze filled with affection as she stared at Kristen. 

Kristen was utterly bewitched by her. 

Kristen lowered her head and was about to kiss Lin Yan’s lips when Lin Yan suddenly grabbed her shoulders and she fell onto the bed beside the princess. 

She looked up and saw Lin Yan reveal a sly smile, an arm resting under her hair as her long and supple black hair fell behind her, the strands gently brushing Kirsten’s face, which made her feel slightly itchy. 

The Little Guide pounced on her like a kittenish little beast, her teeth playfully tugging at Kristen’s lips. She nibbled at them until the lips turned a bright rosy color, and then she let go with a look of satisfaction. 

Kristen only raised a hand and patted Lin Yan’s head. The spiritual strands of the Guide wandered quietly outside of her barrier, asking to be let in. When the barrier fell, the strands quickly rushed into that gentle and tranquil spiritual sea. 

Lin Yan couldn’t help but frown as soon as she saw the information inside the spiritual sea.

She bit Kirsten’s shoulder as punishment, and the pain made the Sentinel hiss gently. 

Lin Yan looked at the chaotic state of the spiritual sea, feeling a little distressed over the fact that Kristen tried to hide something from her but understood that Kirsten had no other choice under the previous circumstances. 

She stretched out a hand and slowly touched the front of Kristen’s chest, feeling the steady and strong beating of the heart underneath. Lin Yan lowered her head and rubbed Kirsten’s neck with her cold nose. 

“How long did you plan to hide this?” Lin Yan poked her sharply, “The spiritual connection already reveals all of your emotions to me, and yet you still tried to hide information from me?” 

Kristen laughed lightly at the poking and stretched her arms around Lin yan’s shoulders as she hugged her into her arms. 

…So…So soft!!! 

Lin Yan struggled desperately but was unable to escape Kristen’s grapes. Instead, she gave up and buried her warming face into Kristen’s neck. 

How can this person be so soft despite having such a muscular body! 

She quietly squeezed Kristen’s arm. The smooth muscle lines were not stiff and hard like she thought but rather bouncy and felt almost like soft jelly. It made one want to swallow it all in one bite. 

Kristen’s arms firmly tightened around Lin Yan and her next words made Lin Yan stiffen slightly, “What do you want to know?”

Lin Yan sorted out the chaotic mess in the spiritual sea and then growled, “Of course of what happened just now!” 

Kirsten smiled: “I only guessed why General Doyle insisted on following us to Pandora. What’s there to be angry about.” 

Lin Yan was dumbfounded: “Huh?”

Kristen looked at the trembling, pale ears in front of her and couldn’t help but sink her teeth into it, causing Lin Yan to yelp a little. 

“Did you not see it? General Doyle’s reaction when he saw Chu was rather interesting.” Kristen’s voice then stated blankly: “And….remember when he told us that the former commander of the Third Legion is called Angus Chu?” 


Lin Yan remembered very clearly that when she first joined the Guide Alliance, 001 had told her about Chu.

001 never said his full name, only his last name. 

The man’s combat strength was rather strong, but he seemed to have no other ambition other than to rescue the Guides from the underground trafficking rings. 

And when she first met Chu…he had a pot of flowers on his table. 

Scabiosa atropurpurea. A gorgeous plant. Finely divided petals surrounded a small bud in the center and looked a lot like a ball of petals at first glance. 

Yet this lovely plant….had a meaning in the language of flowers that Lin Yan remembered clearly. 

Remembrance, dream, the sorrow of one who lost their lover. 

Lin Yan opened her eyes slightly as she listened to Kirsten’s hoarse voice: “Chu of the Guide Alliance is  probably the same man who was once known as General Angus Chu.” 

Every Guide who attends the Guide Academy on Planet Ta is given a manual. 

The manual describes the advantages of what a bond between Sentinel and Guide can bring, but also mention the harm this bond can cause in the last chapters. 

Once a Guide and Sentinel are bonded, they are connected both spiritually and physically, sharing an intimacy only they could understand for a lifetime. 

Therefore, when one of them dies, the other will suffer pain worse than death. 

When the other side of the connection grows silent, never to respond again, it will only bring endless loneliness and agony. 

Although the manual writes these warnings in bold and listed many contingencies for a Guide who separated from their Sentinel, it is still unable to protect those who lost their other half. Like moths to the flame, it is inevitable for them to fall into that dark abyss. 

The moment one loses their other half is the moment they begin on a path of self-destruction. 

Lin Yan tightened her grip on Kristen’s clothes, “How…did he survive?” 

Lin Yan had seen with his own eyes the state of the Guide who lost their Sentinel and vice versa. As a Guide herself, Empress Lin often took her to visit, the widows of those whose lovers died in battle. 

Her most profound impression among the widows was a violinist. 

After their Sentinel died in battle, the violinist cried until she became blind, but she was unwilling to undergo treatment. She locked herself in her room and played the violin for three days and three nights before dying with a bitter smile on her face. 

The music she played was so sweet and warm, but the ones who listened to it couldn’t help crying at the sound of the tune. 

Just how did Chu survive that? 

“Hate and obsession.” Kristen’s fingers gently brushed through Lin Yan’s hair, “These feelings can make a person strong and push them to keep walking, step by step. No matter how painful or long their path is, as long as hate pushes them forward and obsession guides them, they will not falter.” 

She held her Guide tightly in her arms, her thoughts drifting to a past from long ago. 

The day when she awakened as a Sentinel. 

Both Kristen and Lin Yan had run out of luck when they walked into an area controlled by an anti-human organization. 

They were a group of lunatic aliens who would slaughter any human, regardless if they were a soldier or an innocent civilian. 

Kristen hugged the little robot tightly as she hid inside a dilapidated shack, trembling as she listened to the footsteps outside approach closer and closer. 

She thought she was going to die. 

The rusty little robot in her arms tilted its head, and the mechanical arm gently tapped out a string of Morse code on the wall.

〖I will draw them away, and you will run once their attention is on me. You must run and never look back. I am not physically here. I live on Planet Ta; therefore, I won’t die. I will only be separated from you for a while.〗

〖So…You must live.〗

The little robot did what it said and lured away those murderous creatures, but Kirsten did not listen to her.

Kristen returned and found the wreckage of broken parts; the only thing left of the robot. 

Those murderers who had found the robot and realized the person they had been chasing wasn’t even a human….

They dismantled that robot piece by piece and destroyed the parts into irremediable parts.

In her moment of despair, she awakened as a Sentinel. 

Why hadn’t she awakened just a little earlier? 

Then Chris would not have been kidnapped, and the little robot would not have been destroyed because of  her. 

Hate and obsession. Two things that helped Kristen survive on that chaotic battlefield and endure the devilish training later. She sustained countless severe and fatal injuries but survived them all just so she could finally hold the person she had been searching for in her arms. 

I am not afraid of the hardships and the dangers that I must face on this path. I’ve all this…so I can meet you again.

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