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When the Hacker is Forced to Marry Ch.31

Chapter 31- Shut up, Lin Yudu!

“When we first formed the Guide Alliance, everyone before me can remember how difficult it was. Everyone here can be regarded as veterans of the Guide Alliance and naturally have steeled their hearts to have gone this far.” 

Lin Yudu smiled, but her smile did not reach her eyes as she stared at James sitting opposite of her with a meaningful look, “At that time, when the Alliance was in the danger of collapsing, we rebuilt the Alliance step by step. It is not an exaggeration to say we have sacrificed our lives to reach this point.” 

“I am not one who does not dress up our hard work with useless praise, but I am also not one who will casually undermine the effort our members have put from. There were some things I did not wish to say at the beginning, but today I must say it.” 

“Our Guide Alliance…what is the type of leader we need to lead our Alliance?” 

A sneer appeared at the corner of her mouth: “Why is it that a certain someone who has not done a single thing for our Alliance being propped up so eagerly into a high position by some people? Is it because they want her to lead the new generation of our Alliance or….because they wish to borrow her name to take over? To take this opportunity to grab all the power and then kill her in one fell swoop?” 

Everyone fell silent, and only her voice remained in the conference room.

“I know what you are thinking. After all, our Guide Alliance was only able to survive and come this far because of the Empress Lin’s sacrifice. I will not deny the Empress’s contribution to our Alliance, but please do not use this to deify Her Highness.” 

“No matter how you look at it, Her Highness is only a child. One who had just turned eighteen.” Lin Yudu’s voice took on a hint of fake concern, “Regardless if it’s age or status, we cannot afford to give her such heavy responsibly.” 

Chris, who was sitting behind James, chuckled darkly. 

Lin Yudu’s gaze landed on him, but he did not hide his laughter as he continued: “According to your statement, the younger generation should not participate in the Guide Alliance’s decision making at all.” 

As soon as Chris finished his words, Mihana,  who was sitting behind Lin Yudu, stood up.

Mihana had been warned by Lin Yudu several times before the meeting not to be impulsive. 

Today, her face was done up in a way that made her look pure and pitiful, but her words were sharp and strong, “Of course the younger generation can participate. I, Mihana, have personally contributed to the Alliance by guiding public opinion as an idol. Chris, you have also contributed with your research on the heat suppressants. Moreover, as two representatives of the younger generation, we have been given the opportunity to listen to today’s conference. Yet, as the younger generation, we must respect the opinions of our elders.” 

She turned her head towards Lin Yudu: “What Mother meant was that even if we need a leader to take up the position the Empress previously held, Lin Yan had no qualifications to be sitting in that spot and lived on Planet Ta for too long for us to know what her true character is like. As of now, she should not be pushed into a position that holds such power and becomes someone who is on par with a founder of the older generation.” 

“What’s more–” Mihana’s voice grew louder, “Lin Yan has already been compromised.” 

Someone asked, “Compromised?” 

Mihana lowered her head as she swiped on her screen before projecting the data into the center of the room.

“Long before she joined the Alliance, she had a relationship with an unknown Sentinel.” 

The screen in the center showed a video of the Port of Aphrodite. 

Someone spoke up: “Lin Yudu! You have illegally obtained surveillance from Pandora’s system! This is a violation!” 

The Pandora system, as the central authority figure of Pandor, handed over only a tiny part of the monitoring system to the Guide Alliance. As Lin Yudu’s scope of work belongs to the aspect of public opinion intelligence, this part of the Pandora system’s authority has always been managed by Lin Yudu. Even when Chu needed help from the Pandora system or surveillance for a mission, he needed to go through Lin Yudu first. 

Because of this, Chu, as a neutral faction in the Guiding Alliance, welcomed Lin Yan’s arrival. 

After all, not everyone likes Lin Yudu, someone who never treated the Sentinels nicely and always gave them only half of the information out of spite.

Lin Yudu’s face did not change: “This is not a violation. I am only reporting my suspicion of the possibility of members of unknown origins infiltrating our Alliance. No one wants spies in our Alliance or to let a possible spy attain such a high position. Am I right?” 

“Her Highness Lin Yan is the biological daughter of the Empress. Regardless of your prejudices against Her Highness, you should not slander and suspect the daughter of a hero who has made a significant contribution to the Alliance.” 

Lin Yudu laughed, her laughter shrill and sharp: “If she is the daughter of the Empress, then I am the Empress’s sister!” 

The smile on her face suddenly dropped her face grew stern: “James, you have been getting more senile lately. Why are you putting more trust in a child who had grown up under the brainwashing of Planet Ta’s education than a comrade who has fought with you for so many years?” 

James frowned, looked at Lin Yudu with disappointment, and then shook his head helplessly. 

Lin Yudu didn’t wait for him to speak and turned towards Mihana: “Mihana, play the video!” 

In the video, Lin Yan walked up to someone in the Port and embraced the female Sentinel, whose features were obscured by mosaic pixels. 

Whispers immediately broke out in the conference room. 

Lin Yudu’s smile became smug, but before she could say anything else, Chu suddenly stood up. 

He looked at the projection in the center of the conference room, gave Lin Yudu a meaningful look, and said coldly: “Continue your discussion. I am going on a walk.” 

This controversy about Lin Yan lasted for almost a day.

As an expert in manipulating public opinion, Lin Yudu’s words were indeed persuasive. 

As early as a few years ago, Chu and James had already experienced Lin Yudu’s skills. 

When Lin Yudu’s propaganda began to deviate towards hatred of Sentinels, they reminded Lin Yudu to cease her manipulation. At that time, Lin Yudu naturally adjusted the propaganda angle quickly, but James and Chu did not expect that this so-called adjustment was just her spreading her hatred in a more subtle way that they couldn’t detect. 

Noiseless propaganda was far more terrifying than outright brainwash. 

By the time James and Chu realized it, the number of Guides who refused to bond began to rise, and even Chris, someone who did not like Lin Yudu, was forcibly used for Lin Yudu’s purposes. 

After having dinner, the senior members of the Alliance returned to the conference room to continue the discussion. 

This time, Lin Yudu felt that she had laid down enough for the foundation and would finish this in one fell swoop. 

She took out the la final nail in the coffin for this discussion. 

“The reason why I question Lin Yan’s intent is because of something that happened the other day.” 

The holographic projection plays silently in the center of the meeting room.

The place on the screen was the Guide Alliance Base.

The Female Sentinel, who had entered Pandora with Lin Yan, broke into the base while holding LIn Yan. 

In the video, Lin Yan’s face is flushed, and her eyes are watery.  Almost all the people present were Guides, and all of them could see what kind of situation Lin Yan was in. 

….Heat period. 

And since there is such a Sentinel by her side, the bonding between the two was only a matter of course.

Lin Yudu saw that the room reacted the way she wanted, and a satisfied smile appeared at the corners of her mouth. However, she did not realize that the daughter behind her had paled considerably behind her. 

There was an uproar in the conference room.

There weren’t many Sentinels in the Alliance in the first place. Except for a few members from before the death of Empress Lin, most of the Guides were not ordinary people but Guides who were rescued from battlefields or underground trafficking rings. 

For a Guide from the Alliance to bond with a Sentinel, the Sentinel’s identity must be checked thoroughly and the Sentinel must go through several tests before they can be allowed to bond. But Lin Yan had recklessly bonded with a Sentinel they did not know of. This was undoubtedly someone that the members of the Alliance could not accept. 

At this moment—


The door of the meeting room opened abruptly. 

The person in question, the person they had been arguing about all day, was standing at the door and was smiling at the group of stunned Guides. 

“Everyone, regarding the problem pertaining to me, we must put that aside for now. I would like to introduce you to someone.” Lin Yan walked into the meeting room, and the two people behind her entered the meeting room while standing on her left and right sides. 

These…these two were clearly Sentinels! 

Chu turned his head, his eyes stopped on the tall man behind her, and his eyes widened in disbelief.

The smile disappeared from Lin Yudu’s face and her voice sharpened. “Lin Yan, you just brought two unknown Sentinels into our base! Do you even still have our Alliance into your eyes?!” 

Lin Yan looked at Lin Yudu in disdain and ignored her question: “Since you are all high-level members of the Alliance, you must have all experienced the catastrophe ten years ago.” 

“You all escaped to Pandora from Planet Ta. I wonder if you guys still remember the people who put their lives on the line to escort you here.” 

The room fell silent. 

The great change ten years ago was so painful and unforgettable, how could they not remember it? 

The Guide Alliance that was supported by Empress Lin was like stars in the sky back then. Just how many powerful forces attempted to establish a relationship with the Alliance back then? Yet, when everything collapsed, only the Third Legion which had suffered heavy losses, were willing to escort them to Pandora.

Someone stood up tremblingly.

The kindness of the Third Legion was not something she will ever forget. That’s why she even remembered the name of commander of that Legion even though ten years have passed. 

“Y-You…you are General Doyle Walter!” 

As soon as she spoke, tears couldn’t stop falling from her eyes and the wrinkles on her face trembled. 

General Doyle took a step forward, and nodded at them, 

“Doyle Walter of the Third Legion. We hope to cooperate with the Guide Alliance once again.” 

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