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When the Hacker is Forced to Marry Ch.32

Chapter 32-Today is also a day full of dog food!

Lin Yudu stood there awkwardly as if she had lost her voice.

Everyone turned their gaze towards the tall man in the uniform and Lin Yudu realized that the focus of the meeting had turned towards this man. 

Lin Yan had successfully stolen everyone’s attention. Compared to the issue of Lin Yan’s status within the Alliance that had been debated for a day, the invitation to cooperate with the Third Legion made the previous issue completely worthless in comparison. 

The old members of the Alliance who previously held no goodwill towards Lin Yan now looked at her with admiration and a little bit of relief. 

The Guide Alliance sorely needed the support of a combat force. 

As an illegal organization, if the Guide Alliance wasn’t based in Pandora, which had independent autocracy form the Empire, they would’ve been wiped out a long time ago. 

Since the Alliance aimed to improve the rights of Guides, it was inevitable for them to clash against the political bigshots of the Empire. 

If they only relied on the Pandorian system alone, they would never have enough power to defeat their powerful opponents. 

The Guide Alliance ten years ago had almost collapsed without military support. 

The current Guide Alliance is far stronger and more together than before. The current Third Legion, according to the recent reports, has also became more cunning compared to the stupid rough boys from before. 

As long as they could cooperate with the Third Legion, the Alliance will no longer have to carefully develop their forces with their hands tied behind their back but can freely expand their power. 

The veterans of the Alliance were no fools. They knew an opportunity when they saw one. 

After working out the details, Lin Yan finally felt like she could breathe again. 

She turned her head around but couldn’t find the familiar figure she was looking for. Before she could search for Kirsten with her spiritual connection, she saw General Doyle and Chu whispering to each other in the corner. 

Lin Yan couldn’t help but stop and look at them. 

She couldn’t hear them since they were too far away but she could read General Doyule’s lips. 

Lin Yan focused on the General’s mouth. 


Lin Yan was extremely confused. 

She stood to the side and tried to piece together the conversation when someone covered her eyes from behind. 

Even though her vision was dark, the spiritual connection told her who the other was. 

So Lin Yan did not tense at the loss of her vision but relaxed and fell back before she was caught immediately in a warm embrace. 

A slightly hoarse voice rang in her ears, words full of nagging but the tone was gentle, “Who gave you the guts to be this bold? What would you have done if you fell?” 

“But won’t you be there to catch me?” Lin Yan grinned and lifted the hands covering her eyes. Her amber eyes gleaming with light looked directly up at her assailant. 

Lin Yan wanted to stand up straight but was tightly captured in Kirsten’s arms. 

She struggled a little more but couldn’t break free. Instead, Kristen took advantage of this situation to turn her body and hug Lin Yan into her chest. 

Lin Yan let out a sigh but hugged her arms around Kristen’s neck. 

She couldn’t help but let out a slight moan and Chu turned his head to see Lin Yan being hugged 

Lin Yan felt her face burning up. 

Kristen lowered her head and watched as Lin Yan buried her face into her chest. She laughed and then wrapped her arms around Lin Yan’s waist before lifting her and carrying her away.

Chu watched the little couple from a distance as he was force fed dog food but couldn’t help letting out a small smile. 

General Doyle saw the subtle smile but the smile disappeared before he could blink. 

He sighed in his heart and could only change the subject: “The Third Legion has not been in contact with the Alliance for years. What’s the situation….over here?” 

Chu retracted his gaze from the couple and then replied seriously, “The situation is better than before but the path has become crooked.” 

Chu was on Pandora long before the Guide Alliance escaped from Planet Ta. 

As the Guide who was matched to the commander of the Third Legion, Chu had felt the connection between him and Angus go silent the moment Angus died in battle. 

Planet Ta had probably never expected that Angus would have such an extreme and tragic way to deal with such a large number of enemy forces. They believed in the combat effectiveness of the Third Legion and so their surveillance of Chu wasn’t as strict. They believed Chu wouldn’t escape with his lover still fighting on the frontlines. 

At that time, Empress Lin was still alive and well, the Guide Alliance at the height of their glory. They were completely unprepared for the potential crisis. 

Chu was the first person to wake up.

When the spiritual connection between a Sentinel and Guide is about to be severed, the emotions between the two become even more intense. 

At that moment, Chu and Angus reached an understanding that could not be spoken in words. 

He had never felt such complex emotions before. 

In Chu’s twenty years of life, there were not many moments in his life where he was overwhelmed by emotion. The first time was when he was forcibly marched and then sent to become Angus’ bed partner. However, the emotions he had felt from Angus’ spiritual sea was far more intense and complicated than anything he had felt before. 

Anger, unwillingness, grief….guilt. 

The feeling was so intense that it took Chu several hours before he could sort them out. 

And at that time, Chu couldn’t tell the Guide Alliance. 

The methods of those people who had killed his lover had concealed their tracks so thoroughly that even Angus and Chu had not realized what had happened until too late. 

Therefore, seeing that the time was right, he left Planet Ta. 

And when he figured out that the incident was not just aimed at the Third Legion but also at the Guide Alliance, his communications with the Alliance was cut off. 

And Chu never knew that James and others did not receive his warning until a half a year later when he met up with them on Pandora. 

Most of the operations within the Alliance were secret and hidden. As an A-level Guide who had a bond with a Sentinel and was a compromised spy, he did not have a high enough status within the Alliance to submit any information directly to the ruling council within. the Alliance. He had to go through a middleman first. 

And this middleman betrayed the Alliance. 

As a result, when the leaders of the Alliance finally received his warning, the time had passed. 

Empress Lin had to sacrifice herself in order to ensure the other members can flee to Pandora. 

And Chu had discovered the underground Guide trafficking when he escaped from Planet Ta. 

He originally thought his experience of being forcibly matched was the worst thing a Guide can go through and did not expect there was a darker reality out there. 

There are a large number of low-level guides on Planet Ta.  Even if a few people are missing, the authorities can be fooled by reasons such as successful matches made by the system or married away suddenly. The friends of the missing students are also quickly matched to their Sentinels so the students can be separated and no one will question anything. 

After meeting up with the Guide Alliance on Pandora, he had no intention of just staying idly on Pandora and focused his attention on the underground guide trade tens of millions of light-years away.

It took Chu three full years to set up a commando team composed of sentinels and guide partners and together they investigated the underground trade before sending in people to rescue Guides. 

And when he finally looked up from his work and focused on the Alliance again, the path had begun crooked. 

Lin Yudu held all the power of public opinion and image for the Alliance. The propaganda was also strictly controlled by Lin Yudu. Furthermore, the anti-sentinel faction within the Alliance quickly rose to power. 

Even if he joined with James’ academic faction, they were only on par with Lin Yudu’s faction. Neither side could win. 

What the Alliance needed was a brand new force to join and break this precarious balance. 

The newly incorporated Third Legion was just the thing that broke this balance. 

General Doyle returned to the Third Legion after hammering out cooperation with the Alliance. This incident left an impact that livened things up within the Alliance for a good month before things calmed down. 

As the representative of the Third Legion to the Guide Alliance, Kristen had a legitimate reason to stay at their base and spend every day with a certain princess. 

Meanwhile, Chris never thought he would be forced fed dog food every day and event was held responsible for covering up these twos’ tracks. 

Chris felt wronged.

The two young lovers who had just fallen in love were not afraid of anything in this early stage of their relationship. 

Lin Yan, who has always been addicted to games, was always confused why humans were so entertained by those scenes of kissing and love. The audience never seemed to get tired of it despite how many times it was shown on TV and in games. Now she finally understood. 

When someone falls in love with another, nothing matters but the one they loved. 

Lin Yan was in this situation right now. 

Kristen hugged her and rolled her over, leaving Lin Yan breathless. 

Lin Yan and Kristen both knew that they had so many things to do, but they only wanted to spend all their time together. 

Unfortunately, the world did not agree with them. 

Lin Yan finally recovered from her daze when a heavy pounding sounded at the door. At this moment, both her and Kristen’s lips were swollen and red, their tongues tingling from their kiss.  

The two looked at each other and finally nodded. 

Lin Yan cleared her throat and tried to school her expression but couldn’t help smiling. 

The person knocking on the door seemed to have finally become annoyed at being ignored for so long and slammed the door with a loud bang. 

When Lin Yan finally sorted out her messy clothing and opened the door, a black feline rushed in impatiently. 

And Chris was standing outside the door while shaking his head helplessly. 

“My God, have you’ve guys forgotten what today is?”


Plot twist, Chu was actually the Guide of General Angus~ Remember Chu is only a surname~

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