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When the Hacker is Forced to Marry Ch.33

Chapter 33-Snow Day (Part 1)

“What day is it?” Lin Yan asked dumbfoundedly.

Chris did not answer her directly: “You’ll see if you follow me!” 

Lin Yan walked out of the entrance of the Alliance base and shivered from the cold. 

Before Kristen, who was standing behind her, could say anything Lin Yan screamed and rushed forward like a child.


Kristen laughed and followed slowly, the snow crunching softly beneath her feet. 

It probably snowed all of last night as the snow reached up to her ankles. The snowplow robot worked hard to clear the roads but was knocked down by some young kids before picking itself back up again. The extra snow piled together to form a large snow pile. 

“This area is the territory of our academic faction!” Chris smiled, scooped up the snow, making a soft snowball, and then tried to stuff it into Kristen’s collar. 

It’s a pity that he wasn’t fast enough as Kristen grabbed his wrist before he could succeed. 

Kristen, then threateningly stuffed the snowball into Chris; collar. Chirs wasn’t strong enough and begged for mercy: “Sister! Sister, I was wrong! Let me tell you about a Pandorian custom to make it up for you!” 

He glanced at Lin Yan sneakily before speaking in a low voice.

As Chris finished speaking, a snowball hit the back of his head. 

He turned his head furiously and saw a member of the academic faction in a provocative stance as they threw another snowball at him. 

Not to be outdone, Chris roared, “Just you wait!” and rushed onto the battlefield. 

Kristen watched dumbfounded as the usually logical and calm members of the academic faction acted like kids as they fought in the snow. They brutally smashed each other’s faces with snow and they wrestled each other to the ground. 

Kristen observed the snowball fight before her gaze settled on a tree not too far away. 

Underneath the tree, Lin Yan tentatively raised her hand trying to pull down a branch that was filled with thick white snow. 

Kristen jumped: “Lin Yan, don’t-”

Before she could finish, Lin Yan’s hand tugged gently. 

Lin Yan heard her shout and turned around but before she could even smile, the white snow collapsed onto her and her expression became confused. 

She tried to wipe the snow off her face when an even large force crashed into her. 

Lin Yan only felt that she was once again hugged by a warm embrace. The snow from the tree fell even more and buried her and Kristen into a large pile. 

The scene of being buried by the snow was rather funny and Lin Yan couldn’t help laughing. However, the mouthful of snow really made her teeth feel cold. 

Kristen stretched out a hand and brushed the snow off, digging her way through the snow pile and pulling herself and Lin Yan out of the snow.

Kristen looked down at the head half-buried by snow. Lin Yan’s face was covered with snowflakes, and even a thin layer of ice crystals hung on her thick eyelashes.

Both of them were covered with white snow and painted a funny picture. 

Kristen wanted to lift Lin Yan up but suddenly her neck was being held tightly. 

Kristen turned her head in surprise but didn’t even see the look in Lin Yan’s eyes when a pair of cold lips pressed against her. 

Lin Yan didn’t open her mouth, and let their lips press gently against each other in the frozen cold, the corners of her mouth melting with a refreshing sweetness. 

Lin Yan looked at the sentinel in front of her, an impulse arising in her heart. 

Her face was raw from the cold and she felt numb, but she felt such a beautiful warmth from the other. 

The chaotic thoughts that have been suppressed in her heart were finally set free. 

For a long time, Lin Yan knew that she wasn’t normal. 

She had witnessed her mother being assassinated as a young child and then ignored by her father for years. Although she managed to survive those horrible years by devouring books and knowledge, this did not mean there were no scars in her heart. 

Compared to the other spoiled royal family members, the rate that Lin Yan matured was somewhat terrifying. 

While others were addicted to playing games and having fun with other children, Lin Yan was reading piles of out-of-print books about hacking and technology. 

And when she first started exploring other planets, she had actually shown the faint beginning signs of madness. 

If she didn’t meet Kristen, if Kristen didn’t want to so desperately find her family, the Lin Yan of that time would’ve lost herself and perhaps have become a lunatic genius that would’ve happily created anarchy and discord wherever she went. The almost insane Lin Yan had once again remembered her human emotions when she met Kristen and those emotions kept her from falling. 

And one emotion in particular slowly grew from the depths of her unconsciousness. 

The feeling of wanting to monopolize her lover. 

In the early days of the Earth Age, human beings often burned themselves into the soil after death. Lin Yan had read in a book that those things are named ‘tombs’ and felt kinda like how Kristen and she were buried now in the snow. 

I like it. I like it a lot. 

How great would it be if time could stop at this moment? 

For the snow to freeze everything so the world will stop at its most beautiful moment. 

What a happy thing it would be. 

The tip of her tongue slowly licked those soft yet cold lips and then probed into the warm interior. 

Kristen opened her mouth subconsciously when sharp teeth bit her lips hard. 

The smell of blood permeated their noses. 

Kristen faintly discovered something was wrong when Lin Yan pressed her lips against hers. 

The spiritual connection between the Sentinel and the Guide is always two-way. Although one wouldn’t know exactly what the other party was thinking, so long as the other party’s emotions fluctuated widely, one can basically perceive their thoughts. 

And what is in Lin Yan’s spiritual sea? 

Lin Yan may not know it herself, but Kristen had felt it when they bonded. 

It was a very calm and quiet sea. 

Much like the Sargasso Sea on ancient earth, distinctive for its deep blue color and exceptional clarity. The sea always seemed so quiet and calm but was full of unimaginable danger. 

For under the calm waters lies a dark abyss of dangerous algae and rotten bones. 

Everyone says that the spiritual beast represents the character or personality of a Sentinel and Guide, and Kristen believed this was indeed correct.

On the surface, Lin Yan looked well-behaved and harmless, just like her own owl but underneath that cute exterior is a cruel and dangerous predator. 

The emotions coming from the other side of the spiritual connection are intense and joyful, but also frightening. 

The feelings were so strong as if the other was willing to die at this moment and they wouldn’t care. It was so strong that most would feel terrified. 

Kristen understood that the little lover in her arms is not a cute and obedient animal. 

She is a fierce and cunning bird of prey with a strong and stubborn personality. 

However, Kristen didn’t feel the slightest bit afraid but instead she felt…happy. 

When she felt the tongue licked her lips, she only felt indulgence, that she wanted to spoil her lover. She wanted to embrace the little owl into her arms, and protect her from the heavy rain as she makes her forget all the pain and fear of the past. 

Even when she felt the stinging of her lips, she only patted Lin Yan’s head. 

“Kristen….why aren’t you afraid of me?” She heard Lin Yan whisper quietly as the force on her lips strengthened, “You feel it, right? You must have discovered it already….there’s a monster inside me and one that can shatter the person you see now. Then it will crawl out and you might not even be able to recognize me anymore. 

“It wants to keep you under its watch forever, possess you, and never let you go. Are you….are you not afraid of it at all?” 

Kristen laughed and pinched LinYan’s cold yet soft cheeks, “Why would I be afraid of you?”

Her slightly hoarse voice turned sweet and warm in the cold winter sun, “I am…your sentinel?” 

“Have you forgotten what you told me?” Kristen bit Lin Yan’s nose gently, “ You said before that in the Guide Manual, that the spiritual bond between Sentinel and Guide is similar to the concept of ‘soulmates’ and the Sentinel and Guide are connected by their very souls.” 

“No matter who or what you become, you will always be the one I choose. My dearest and most important person.” 

“We have a lot of time to figure this out. Let us walk down this path slowly, little by little….together.” 

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  1. Oh my gosh I love these two! and I love this work !!! ahhhh don’t know what to say exceptional that this is amazing !! and thank you for translating this work! kudos

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