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When the Hacker is Forced to Marry Ch.34

Chapter 34-First Snow Day (Part 2)

After being held by Kristen and then rolled out of the snow, Lin Yan finally woke from her daze. 

Those loving and affectionate words Kristen had said made her unconsciously avoid the Sentinel’s playful gaze as she bashfully turned her head to the other side. 

Snowflakes began to fall from the silvery-white sky once again, the sun far above the clouds as it watched from the highest point in the sky. The bright sunlight penetrated through the heavy clouds and created a bright halo in the sky. 

Not too far away is a huge bell tower that stood intimidatingly, the tips of the tower covered in snow as the bronze bells rang out an ancient sound from the ancient earth era. 

The distant bells seemed to have the power to overcome even the physics of space as the sounds traveled solemnly through the air. As if announcing the arrival of something sacred, the beginning of something new. 

The falling snow slowly turns into a blizzard and shifts the snow that had piled up to blanket the land with endless snow. The crowd who frolicked outside lapsed into a sudden silence as they stood there quietly, watching the snowflakes land on their heads. 

Lin Yan finally remembered what day it was today. 

She never liked holidays that much, but as the capital of the Stewart Empire, Planet Ta liked to engage in festivals during this time of year. While they say it is a tradition, it is in fact just an excuse to eat, drink and have fun. 

In this interstellar era, there are many forms of entertainment. Just the internet connected to so many galaxies was enough for people to indulge in for days on end. If someone like Lin Yan who was under strict rules of the royal family could not escape the curse of the internet, those citizens without restraint were even less able to. 

So although the government of Planet Ta repeatedly expanded the festivals and asked for people to come out and play, most choose to celebrate the holidays on the huge web instead. Therefore, the festivals on Planet Ta were always empty as the people lacked interest in in-person celebrations. 

Except for the novels who wanted to invite guests to have an in-person discussion, the festivals during this holiday existed in name only during this interstellar age. 

However, Pandora was probably the only planet that experienced true festivals. 

In the early days of the interstellar age, almost every planet that was inhabited by mankind ignited in the flames of war. 

Humans have paid a heavy price for these long periods of desperate war that they almost forgot the joys of being human. 

Instead of playing in the snow and having snowball fights, most had watched the snow numbly as they sighed in their hearts. 

It wasn’t until the revival movement that started from Pandora did humanity regain a semblance of themselves. Like a spark on a pile of dry grass, a sea of flames spread in an instant. 

After a while, a small group of people discovered that the initiator of this extraordinary revival movement was not a human, but an artificial intelligence system that humans had deemed ‘emotionless’. 

This was none other than the Pandorian system. 

The Pandorian system resurrected the long-forgotten emotions in humanity’s hearts, the feelings that had long been crushed by wars and devastation. It has reawakened those things that had slumbered inside humans since the beginning. And so, the people decided that Pandora would remain an independent planet, one governed only by the Pandorian system. 

Therefore, the first spark of the revival movement that started long ago during a day of early winter was designated as the New Year of Pandora. 

The day of the first snow. 


Even the birds were awakened by the sound of bells as they spread their wings and lifted up towards the distant sky. 


The snow rustled down from the top of the bell tower. 


The world around it was silent as if everything had been reborn, even the people standing in the snow. The white snow washes the darkness away and returns the world to its original pureness. 

The bell rang twelve times, and on the twelfth chime, the world is reborn. 

Several satellites unfolded in the sky, painting the sky gray. 

A vivid streak of colors soared into the sky and bloomed against that dark gray background. 

The fireworks exploded one after another in the dark sky, their bright sparks fizzling out as a new batch of fireworks took their place. 

The people who were previously silent suddenly boiled over with cheers and the solemn atmosphere had turned into a lively setting. The shocking bursts of explosions lifted the hearts of the people as well as brightening the sky. 

Lin Yan raised her head, a myriad of colors reflected across her amber eyes as she looked up at the sea of shining lights. 

She watched the array of fireworks in a daze but didn’t notice that Kristen had crouched behind her, playing with a handful of snow in her hands. 

The cheers slowly faded away when a chorus of singing broke out from a distance. 

Lin Yan recognized the song. This is the anthem of the Guide Alliance. 

It sounded like it was from the other side of the base, probably from Lin Yudu’s faction. As to why Lin Yudu’s faction was so far away….that’s because the academic faction and Lin Yudu’s faction couldn’t stand each other. However, today, the day of the first snow, the tension between the two factions seemed to relax. 

Then the first person from the academic faction began to sing. 

And slowly more joined in. 

They sang about their undying idealism, sighing at the dark road ahead as they prayed for a ray of light from the sky. 

It was like they were partaking in a sacred ritual as they stood under the bell tower covered in snow, watching the fireworks as they wished for a brighter future. 

It wasn’t until the singing stopped that Lin Yan turned around, her eyes meeting a pair of affection gray-blue eyes. 

Kristen’s hands were reddened from the snow, but in the palms of her hand, she held a slightly crooked heart made from the ice and snow. 

It was only a palm wide, perhaps half a finger width, not a speck of dust on it as it laid quietly in the middle of Kristen’s palm. 

Kirsten carefully placed the little heart carefully in her left palm as she lifted her right hand to brush off the snowflakes that had landed on top of Lin Yan’s head. She smiled: “Why are you still standing there for? Hurry up and take it.” 

Lin Yan’s eyes widened, her eyelashes covered in snow fluttered as water blurred her vision. 

This caused Kristen to panic as she raised her hand hurriedly to wipe Lin Yan’s tears. However, her hand stopped as she realized her hands might be too cold and she withdrew her hand. She could only anxiously say, “Hey, don’t cry. If you’re not careful, your tears might freeze up and….” 

Lin Yan felt amused by her words and raised a hand to wipe the tears flowing down her face. Her eyes then fell on the pure white heart lying in Kristen’s hand. 

She carefully lifted the little white heart and gently held it in the palm of her hand. 

This giving of a snow heart was a special custom on Pandora. 

I will give you my truest heart, so the love between us will live on forever. 

This is what it meant to give a snow heart. 

The pure white heart melted little by little in Lin Yan’s palm, the melted water slowly flowing down her fingers and finally dripping onto the ground. 

By accepting the heart, Lin Yan accepted Kristen’s confession. By letting this heart melt little by little in her hands means she has accepted this sacred oath. 

“Lin Yan, listen carefully,” Kirsten took a deep breath, “No matter where I am, no matter the circumstances, I swear on my life that I will never renege, betray or give up on my promise to you.” 

We will march through the long night and welcome the new dawn together. 

“I have given my heart to you. So from today on, even death cannot break us apart.” 

Just like the melting snow in your palms, it cannot be taken back. A connection that cannot be broken. 

Unfortunately, Lin Yan interrupted before Kristen could finish. 

Lin Yan raised an eyebrow, her gaze filled with a threat, “Retract your statement about death.” 

“I will not allow you to die.” Her eyes sharpened for a moment, “Kristen, you must know that the oath of the snow heart is a little different than the words you have just said.” 

She slowly said the next sentence, “You have given me your heart, therefore you and I now inextricably connect to one another.” 

“While you live, I live.” 

“If you die, then I die as well.”

Kirsten looked at her blankly and then smiled, 

“I understand.” 

She folded her hands over Lin Yan’s hands, both of them now holding the remains of the snow heart together, “General Doyle has sent down an order. Three days later, I must leave Pandora to participate in the training with the Third Legion.” 

Strider is an indispensable force for the Third Legion and the Guide Alliance. So I must go.” 

Her voice softened, 

“Remember to take care of yourself. Don’t fight head to head with Lin Yudu, at least not until you have an absolute advantage.”

“Remember to go to bed early. Don’t get so wrapped up in your work that you forget to eat and sleep.” 

Lin Yan smiled and raised her head as she planted a light kiss on Kristen’s lips. 

“Then you should also remember…don’t rush straight into the battle. Stop injuring yourself to save others. If you encounter a problem that can’t be solved, it’s better to fight in a roundabout way then head into a fight to the death.” 

The snow heart finally completely melted in Lin Yan’s hands. She stretched her fingers, clasping her frozen fighters over Kristen’s rightly. 

Those amber eyes curled upwards in a smile, it’s surface clear like water in autumn, 

“Your heart, I have already accepted it.”

Author’s notes: 

There is always some sort of ritual when it comes to falling in love~


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