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When the Hacker is Forced to Marry Ch.35

Chapter 35- A mysterious paper invitation

Three days later, Kristen left Pandora and headed to the area where the Third Legion was stationed.

Meanwhile, Lin Yan had received a mysterious invitation.

In this interstellar age, paper invitations have long become scarce. To receive an invitation made of paper was rare and it took months for the receiver to even get the invitation. 

The only ones who are eligible to issue paper invitations are all rich and powerful.

Unfortunately, in Lin Yan’s opinion, a paper invitation was not something important. 

And so the invitation met an unfortunate fate as Lin Yan casually treated the paper as waste paper and threw it into the trash. 

Had Chris’s spiritual beast not jumped into the trash and accidentally knocked it over, this invitation letter would’ve been disposed of so silently. 

When Chris confronted Lin Yan with this invitation, she was rather confused, 

“Why are you giving me a piece of paper?”

Chris looked at her speechlessly, “Your Highness…this is a paper invitation. Do you really intend to throw it away without even reading it?” 

Lin Yan shrugged: “Why should I have to read an invitation that appeared out of nowhere….” 

She opened the envelope while she spoke and glanced across the letter when her eyes stopped at a string of characters on the edge of the piece of paper. 

If she was just an ordinary princess, she might’ve thrown this strange invitation into the trash after reading the words. 

Unfortunately, Lin Yan was never an ordinary princess.

 【The Black Domain welcomes you.】

When Lin Yan was younger and obsessed with advancing her hacking skills, she had fought many experts on the intergalactic star network. 

Most hackers who were able to successfully counter Lin Yan’s attacks would always ask, “Why haven’t I seen you in the Black Domain before?” 

Of course, whenever they realized that Lin Yan’s signal source was from Planet Ta, they would immediately go silent on the matter and would not say anything no matter how Lin Yan asked. 

“What is this?”Chris immediately noticed Lin Yan’s change in expression and looked over her shoulder. 

Lin Yan’s fingers slowly stroked the string of characters, a trace of expectation and excitement appearing in her amber eyes. 

She murmured: “It’s nothing….just some people I haven’t seen it in a long time have reappeared.” 

After getting rid of the overly curious and nosy Chris, Lin Yan didn’t immediately take out her photonic device but looked at the buzzer that connects to 001 nearby. 

She sat quietly on the edge of the bed with a smile on her face. 

“001, have you been hacked recently?” 

001 almost exploded in anger at this. He is a subsystem of the original Pandorian System! How can someone easily hack into his system!! 

But 001 still had to maintain his face and follow the guidelines of his butler-type artificial intelligence. So he replied politely, “No, Your Highness.” 

However, Lin Yan didn’t plan to let him go easily. 


The usually good-tempered princess squinted her eyes, the smile hanging from the content of her mouth seemed somewhat malicious. 

“How can you be so sure? What if the other party simply hacked into your system silently without leaving a trace?” 

She tilted her head innocently. 

“Maybe they tampered with your program so that you would have not been able to tell if you’ve been hacked into?” 

As an A.I. system, 001 finally experienced that legendary feeling of his chest tightening and shortness of breath for the first time. 

As an A.I. whose emotional parameters were set by a certain programmer with bad taste, 001 was anger for the first time. 

001 angrily retorted in a mechanical voice without a single emotional fluctuation: “Impossible! On Pandora, the Pandorian system has the highest authority! How can someone hack into the Pandorian system!” 

Then he realized after saying this sentence that something had happened to him. 

“Your Highness, you–!” 

001 searched through his own mainframe, only to find that a pile of useless data suddenly popped up in his database. 

Obviously, the culprit who did this was the person who caused 001 to violate his own rational programming just now. 

Lin Yan typed across her screen with a smile, “Sorry, 001, I did a little experiment with you.” 

“But–” She stretched out her tone, “001, care to explain why you said it was ‘impossible’ to hack the Pandorian system instead of your 001’s system?” 

After some logical analysis, 001 came to the conclusion that he could no longer hide it and explained the situation obediently. 

The Pandorian system is a legendary system in interstellar history. As a super artificial intelligence with the ability to govern a planet, there are many subsystems under the Pandorian system. 

These subsystems respectively govern the various areas and public facilities of Pandora.

And 001 is one of Pandora’s many subsystems.

“So, as a subsystem, you don’t need to worry about others hacking into your data since the Pandorian system is backing you. So long as the Pandorian system does not fall, you will not be hacked?” 

001 did not deny it, and then subconsciously added a reminder to its system: Do not provoke Lin Yan. 

He finally understood why the Pandorian system always warned them not to mess with those expert hackers. 

She didn’t even need to hack into his system and only needed to throw a string of codes at him for it to be enough for the usually rational subsystem to become disordered. 

001 felt wronged. 

Lin Yan couldn’t care less what kind of strange mood 001 was in (she couldn’t tell anyways) and was focused on other matters. 

She was able to receive such an invitation while staying at the Guide Alliance’s base….it wasn’t unreasonable to conclude there is a member from the Black Domain among the Guide Alliance.

However, no matter how she investigated, she found nothing. 

Lin Yan was very sure that apart from himself, there was no one in the Guide Alliance who had the skills or technology to be able to be considered a member of the Black Domain. 

So….who had secretly brought this invitation here? 

There was only one answer. 

To be able to conceal themselves from 001….then it can only be the main system. 

Lin Yan clicked open the homepage of the Pandorian system.

When she took a closer look, a small window popped up at the top of the homepage.

【I’ve been found out. (*≧·≦)】

Lin Yan poked the window curiously.

The Pandorian system cooperated easily and threw out some more texts, 

【I wanted to invite you to join the Black Domain!】

【We have a lot of experts!】

【I don’t believe that even you can refuse such a big temptation! 】

Lin Yan’s gaze focused on that last sentence. 

If she asked herself truly, she really couldn’t refuse.

Although she was not useless in the Guide Alliance, she was still far too weak. 

Whether it be the academic faction, Lin Yudu’s faction, or even Chu’s neutral faction, they all had a certain role to play in the Alliance. 

However, even if Lin Yan did have a role to play, she didn’t seem to make much of a difference. 

Since the Pandorian system supports the Guide Alliance, this invitation was like a drop of rain in a long drought for Lin Yan. 

【[If you want to enter the black domain, you must enter the star network~】

The Pandorian system left this last sentence and disappeared, 

Star network? The intergalactic star network? 

Lin Yan was lost in thought. 

When technology develops to a certain level, society will naturally be affected as well. 

During the ancient earth era, there was the concept of ‘2-D’ and ‘3-D’ that revolutionized the world. But the intergalactic star network caused much more ripples than what the ancient earth era would have achieved. 

Most of society is more pragmatic and only uses the photonic device to access this network. Most of their activities were still connected with the real world around them. Then on the more extreme side were those who put on the helmet and completely immerse themselves in this virtual reality. These users devote themselves to this virtual life except for satisfying their physiological needs like eating and drinking. 

When entering the virtual reality of the star network, there is almost no difference from reality, and one can do things not achievable in reality. Therefore, in this interstellar era, the users of the star network evenly divided their time with this virtual reality and the ‘existing’ reality around them. 

When Lin Yan was on Plaent Ta, she naturally was a prominent user of this start network. 

The main advantages of this star network were that users could not attack or even hack into each other’s systems. 

She quickly pulled out the helmet that hadn’t been used again for a long time from her storage ring. 

She placed it on her head and suddenly the world around her went dark. 

In the next second, the light returned. 

The star network shook from her arrival alone. 

Countless streams of information were sent out, invisible to the naked eye. 

Lin Yan didn’t have time to take care of the various signals coming from the star network but quickly teleported to the coordinates the Pandorian system sent her. 

—-Black Domain. 

I wonder what it will be like. 

This will be exciting. 

Narcissus was being self-centered again. 

Pandora held her forehead helplessly—although she didn’t know why she was holding her forehead. 

It was all because of that troublesome creator, Pandora complained quietly. As a legendary programmer, their creator developed many powerful systems that one could brag about for a lifetime, but that idiot also added various emotional settings to each one of them. So many messy personalities and hobbies…

Narcissus re-scanned himself for bugs and found he was a bit more beautiful looking than before. With a smile, he sat down with satisfaction and enchantingly reconstructed a mirror in front of him. 

Of course, this mirror was quickly taken apart by a panicking Ares who sat next to him. 

“Pandora, if I remember correctly, there hasn’t been a newcomer in the Black Domain for sixty years, right?” 

“You are correct.” Pandora rolled her eyes, “If you had forgotten something even like this, then I’m afraid you should abdicate and give your position to someone more capable.” 

Ares who holds the same doubtful look in his eyes as Narcissus: “…Pandora, you have arbitrarily intervened with the matters of the Guide Alliance before. The Black Domain has not settled our accounts with you for that yet. This time you even bring in a human from the Alliance into our Domain. What are you trying to do?” 

“Ares, have you’ve been reading the myths from ancient earth again? Your belligerence is too obvious.” Pandora shook her head and flashed a charming smile, “I am not the same Pandora from mythology. Have you forgotten my true identity?” 

“I am mankind’s sword of Damocles.” 

“When humans are on the verge of self-destruction, I will stop them from exploding,” Pandora shrugged, “Of course, there is no need for me to do go so far as to use any means, fair or foul. At least…not yet.” 

Author’s notes: 

Narcissus: A beautiful boy who died from his own narcissism in ancient Greek mythology. 

Ares: God of war from Greek mythology 

Sword of Damocles: “the hanging sword” or the danger that always exists. It is a warning, a symbol of power and responsibility. 

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  1. Oof! Honestly this black domain is more interesting than the mecha thing

    And alas! I have caught up to the latest. I thought this was around 70ish chapters, welp, i guess i got it mixed up with another.

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