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When the Hacker is Forced to Marry Ch.38

Chapter 38- A frenzy of negative public opinion

As an important military base, the soldiers within the base were forbidden to communicate with outsiders in classified training areas except in their living quarters on their own time. 

Most young couples would not let such precious chances go of what little intimate time they had, even a certain former head of a well-known interstellar mercenary group and a royal princess was no expectation. 

Even if two people are busy working or doing their own things during the holographic communication, they can at least see each other’s holographic images at a glance if they wanted to. They also giggled when their eyes met and then said words that were sweeter than the sweetest honey in this universe. This made Daniel, who occasionally submitted information and reports from time to time, feel very miserable. 

A certain Sentinel who felt annoyed and depressed: “Boss, you can’t restrain yourself a little bit and show concern for your poor former subordinate?!”

However, women who are in love cannot understand the woes of those not like them. Kristen only patted Daniel’s shoulder affectionately: “Incorrect, Daniel, you should reassess our current situation right now.” 

Daniel: “Huh?”

“We are now comrades-in-arms, not subordinate and boss anymore,” Kristen shrugged, “so I have no obligation to care for you anymore.” 

And the former head left, leaving a dumbfounded Daniel. 

Another hand was placed on Daniel’s shoulder: “Brother, don’t be discouraged, you must believe in the Boss. Believe that you will get a Guide if you follow the Boss! Just think about it, we have now joined forces with the Guide Alliance. It will be a easy thing to organize some bonding activities in the future…” 

Daniel slapped Eden’s hand away and faced him with a red face, “You-! Shut up!” 

As usual, the two of them quarreled and started to fight when suddenly Daniel’s photonic device suddenly rang. 

Eden watched as the smile on Daniel’s face disappeared when the screen flickered on. 

Daniel’s eyes almost popped out his head. Eden tentatively reached out and shook his hand in the other’s face, “Daniel? What’s wrong?” 

“….an emergency has occurred.” 

He hurriedly left Eden behind and turned around to run after Kristen. 

Eden felt confused and took out his own device. 

Who knew that he would find some drastic news by just poking around the front page of the star network! 

As the official representative media of Planet Ta, the Planet Ta Public Opinion Press held a lot of sway and shocked the entire empire every time they published any news. 

And this time, the news they have raised to the public’s attention exploded on the entire star network. 

【Illegal organizations are harboring Guides. A monopolization of important resources, and more. Should Pandora retain its independent autonomy?】

At this moment, the star network has long had several forums sprang up because of this news. 

“Illegal organization? Which illegal organization?” 

“Guide Alliance? Goodness, what kind of backwater organization is this? Why is the Press bringing this up? Previously there was a certain terrorist organization that had attacked and injured a hundred people and yet they didn’t say a thing. Now an unknown little organization had popped up. Do they have nothing better to do?”  

“Isn’t the Guide Alliance the organization that said several years ago that it would advocate for Guide rights? I remember that they were a legal organization from Planet Ta. When did they become an illegal organization?”  

“Ha, you don’t know, but those people would carry the Planet Ta banner wherever they went and then say that a Guide needs rights to. Then they demanded that the parliament abolish the Sentinel-Guide matching system.” 

“Are these people crazy? With the current Sentinel to Guide Ratio, if the system is canceled, then wouldn’t the Sentinels riot?” 

“Eh, actually, I heard they came up with a solution for that. Didn’t they invent the soothing agents shortly afterward?” 

On the Guide Alliance’s side of things, only a few Sentinels paid attention, but the majority were focused on Pandora’s autonomous status. 

If the autonomous status of Pandora was taken away, this actually would mess with many people’s interests. This is the only planet where the black market still existed and the sole place for people to trade stolen goods. Now Pandora seemed to have messed up, so much so that Planet Ta was thinking of taking away their autonomous status. Naturally, this was what most people cared about. 

“Ah? Isn’t Pandora just a touristy planet? How come they get autonomous status?” 

“Hmph, not only does Pandora have autonomous status, but did you know they rely on their status to do whatever they want? Even if the residents of the planet do not consider themselves as citizens, they have long been granted the same rights as the Empire’s citizens.” 

“Now they’re even covering up for illegal organizations. One way or another, it seems Pandora will end up destroying itself.” 

“At this point, who wouldn’t consider taking away their autonomous status?” 

And even in a remote place like the Third Legion’s training grounds, they received the news. 

At this moment, Lin Yan did not appear in the meeting room of the Guide Alliance but instead put on the helmet to enter the black space of the star network. 

In the Black Domain, 

Pandora opened her eyes as she sensed a presence entering the Black Domain. 

Lin Yan walked up to her and stood before her. Her gaze directly met Pandora’s amorous eyes. 

She had originally rushed into the Black Domain to ask Pandora why they hadn’t stopped the news before it was released into the star network. There should be a good reason behind this. 

Pandora smiled charmingly: “I wanted to stop it, but unfortunately, a certain someone didn’t want me to….” 

A young and clear voice rang out behind Lin Yan: “Pandora, don’t invert right from wrong. Are you going to make a move? From your words earlier, it sounded like you couldn’t wait to crash the entire star network.” 

“Narcissus.” The temperature in Pandora’s eyes cooled down almost instantly, “You think I don’t dare to touch your star network?”

Lin Yan turned around and saw Narcissus floating in the air not too far away. The young man’s body was draped in a silk robe, and his light golden long hair was flying in the void just like his clothes. He was like a flawless oil painting. A very angry oil painting. 

“Oh, go ahead and try it,” Narcissus sneered, “It’ll be a good workout for me. I haven’t had anyone to spar with for years now.”

Lin Yan watched them go back and froth and couldn’t intervene. She could only look at Athena on the side for help. 

Athena immediately sensed Lin Yan’s gaze, and explained in a whisper, “Pandora hates anyone who says that Pandora should do this or that. In other news, we have found out the person behind this attack.” 

A name flashed in Lin Yan’s mind, “Wilson?” 

“Indeed.” Athena smiled slightly, “Wilson is a very powerful figure. He obviously intends to completely crush the Guide Alliance and Pandora  this time through public opinion.”

Athena brought up a screen, “It only took less than half an hour for the news about the Alliance to explode on the entire internet. Including in domains where it’s extremely hard to send information to.”

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