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When the Hacker is Forced to Marry Ch.39

Hacker Ch.39- Alliance meeting (Part 1)

From the moment the Planet Ta Public Opinion Press published their article, the Guide Alliance was riled up into a frenzy. 

Not only was Lin Yudu’s faction, who managed the Alliance’s public opinion and image, panicking, but even James’s faction, the faction focused on research, was panicking in this unexpected situation. 

Planet Ta is the political center of the Stewar Empire, and naturally they had the authority to speak on these matters. However, once the article was published, it essentially sealed the Alliance’s fate. 

This was undoubtedly a fatal blow for the Guide Alliance who haven’t even announced themselves to the masses yet. 

Lin Yudu, who was the first to bear the brunt, was naturally so worried that her hairline was starting to recede. 

She had exhausted almost all of her power and yet she couldn’t even do a thing to control the current situation as the public opinion gradually shifted towards Planet Ta. 

The group of elders were panicking and the questions such as, “The Guide Alliance and Planet Ta aren’t currently at war with each other, we have no conflict with them so why did they suddenly target us and Pandora?” Back and forth, the group of old men and women analysed this question to the best of their ability. 

Lin Yudu sat in the conference room with a blank and cold face as she listened to the elders complain over and over again about her failure to control the public opinion. They even targeted Chu for offending Planet Ta by rescuing trafficked Guides and complained that because of his actions this disaster happened. 

Lin Yudu was extremely irritated by all this and was about to throw a tantrum in anger when a cold snort sounded out. 

The cold snort was like a bucket of cold water and it poured onto the flames and silenced the room. The voices who previously were so eager to complain and yell were now silent. 

The huge conference room fell into an awkward silence. 

Chu tapped his fingers on the table and smiled a smile that did not reach his eyes, “Oh, why aren’t you guys continuing? Go on, you seemed like you were talking rather happily just now?” 

The group of people who were previously adding oil to the flames didn’t notice when Chu came in and now that he had made his presence known, they closed their mouths firmly and fixed their gazes onto the table. They stared down intensely, as if a flower had suddenly grown on the tabletop. 

“Now, what were you guys talking about again? Ah yes, about how Wilson retaliated against the Alliance because that batch of Guides were rescued and that his future money-making plans were also destroyed by the Alliance and so…..

And so, the Guide Alliance has now become a target of criticism and ridicule. You can’t even endure a few words of scolding?” 

One of the members stood up suddenly and retorted angrily, “So what if we can endure it?!! Do you not understand what situation we are in right now?!” 

He angrily pointed to the real-time projection of the data summary in the center of the conference room: “The current situation has derailed completely out of our control! No matter how much we try to clear our names and regain the public opinion, every single major media is colluding with Planet Ta! We can’t even speak up for ourselves, let alone expose the so-called ‘truth’!”

“And because you feel that there is no way to rectify your own name, you think everything we have done till now was wrong?” Chu coldly interrupted him, his eyes full of disappointment when he looked at the man, “Haydn, it has only been four years since you became a free Guide, right? What has made you forget your own past so quickly? How could you have completely forgotten about how you got out of your miserable fate in the first place?” 

Under Chu’s intense gaze, the man’s lips trembled a few times before he continued, “”Even if we know that we have done nothing wrong, the entire galaxy has already sentenced us to death! From now on, the Guide Alliance will become a group of heretics and criminals in the eyes of others!” 

Chu suddenly stood up, opened his mouth as if he wanted to say something, but suddenly lost his voice.

……This scene before his very eyes was playing out the exact same way as back then. 

He had returned as a hero, but everyone regarded him as a coward. 

Ten years ago, Chu waited for the return of his lover but only received the news of his death through the broken spiritual connection. 

Even when less than a quarter of the Third Legion returned, they were treated as traitors and suffered under a barrage of criticism. 

Isn’t the current Guide Alliance going down the same path? 

A loud chuckle rang out as a familiar voice asked, 

“Who said that the Guide Alliance has been sentenced to death?” 

Chu seemed to sober up in an instant as he raised his head and stared at the holographic projector in the center of the room. 

Suddenly the room was plunged into darkness. 

“What is happening?!!”

“What’s wrong with the equipment?!”

Lin Yan’s voice rang again: “Everyone, stay calm.”

As soon as her voice fell, the holographic projector transformed the surrounding darkness into a dazzling starry sky. 

Lin Yan chuckled again: “Finally, everyone has arrived.” 

Slowly, one platform after another emerged from the void. Chu squinted his eyes and recognized the figures standing on a platform not far away.

They are Doyle,Walter and Kristne. 

The people on the other platforms were covered in figures that floated in the air and seemed almost incorporeal with only Lin Yan being the only figure who stood steadily on her platform. 

Kristen’s gaze never moved away from Lin Yan the moment she had appeared, while General Dyole’s gaze landed on one of the floating figures and froze. 

General Doyle: “…”

General Doyle: “Huh?”

Kristen finally noticed something was wrong with the General. 

“General, is something the matter?” 

“…..Ares,” General Doyle’s voice paused, “Why is he here?”

During her training, Kristen had memorized a lot of the information the Third Legion had given her and within the catalogs of information, only one thing matched that name. 

She tentatively asked: “Ares…as in Ares the artificial intelligence system?”

If she remembers correctly, “Ares” is the name of a famous artificial intelligence system. 

The brows between General Doyle’s eyebrows deepened and he sighed, “Yes, that Ares.” 

Ares usually does not appear in front of the world in any image, and only performs data collection and reports analysis on the information. But as a high-level military officer, Doyle had naturally seen the holographic image of Ares once. 

Therefore, Doyle was able to recognize Ares with just a glance. 

The artificial intelligence system serving the military department should be the most solid and unbreakable existence of the military department, but it conveyed the wrong intelligence information to the Third Legion ten years ago, causing the Third Legion to be almost completely wiped out. 

For a long time after, Doyle was reluctant to trust the military intelligence system again, and he formed a new system for his own use, but in these past ten years, Ares had never made a single mistake and the results Ares provided were far better than Doyle’s own system. 

“Why is Ares here?” Kristen asked in confusion, “And are the other floating people artificial intelligence systems too?” 

“Yes,” General Doyle turned his head, “Kristen, do you know who the ‘Creator’ is?” 

“The ‘Creator’?” Kristen returned his question with another question, but then a memory from a recent conversation with Lin Yan appeared in ehr mind. 

“The ‘Creator’ was properly a very whimsical person. Some people call him the ‘Creator’ and others call him ‘Genesis’.” Lin Yan continued, “It is said that the ‘Creator’ was the one to create a group of elite artificial intelligence systems that humans today still cannot understand. The creation of these systems perfected the star network and revolutionized the cyber world. He can be indeed called a genius.” 

“Of the artificial intelligence systems that were created, Hera, the Sentinel-Guide Matching system is probably the most well-known and was one of his first systems. There are some loopholes that can be exploited in the system, and I wonder why he allowed those loopholes to exist in the first place.” 

“The star network is considered to be his greatest creation and so he proudly named the artificial intelligence in charge of it, Narcissus.” 

“This person….” Lin Yan tilted her head, “never revealed his true identity to the world in his entire life. He is known only as a legendary and mysterious figure who took on the survival of mankind as his own responsibility.” 

Kristen’s gaze fell on the beautiful boy and the dignified woman behind Ares.

If she had to guess, those two were probably Narcissus and Hera respectfully. 

The sudden gathering of these elite systems presented a unified front that seemed to say they were all created by the same person. 

So what does the sudden appearance of these elite artificial intelligence systems mean? 

Lin Yan lifted her head and met Kristen’s slightly worried eyes. 

The farther they are, the weaker the spiritual connection between the Sentinel and the Guide. At this moment, Lin Yan couldn’t sense Kristen’s emotions, but she could clearly perceive the emotions in the others’ gaze. 

She winked at Kristen and then her smile disappeared as she turned to face everyone else. 

“Who said that the Guide Alliance has been given a death sentence?” 

Lin Yan looked lightly at the person who had originally spoken so passionately. That said person was obviously taken aback by the unprecedented situation in front of him and shrank back as he spoke quietly, 

“What did I say wrong? You can go on the star network and take a look for yourself! If you even dare to say a word of support for the Guide Alliance or Pandora, you will be completely buried in insults from everyone else. Even if you want to rely on this controversy to expose the other party’s evil deeds, in this situation, you will only be regarded as someone at the end of their ropes who’s trying to bring anyone they can down with them.” 

The man smiled miserably: “We have no hopes of a comeback. Even if we want to explain, every time a statement is issued, it will be taken down in less than an hour! What can we do now? All hope is lost!” 

These words spoke of the truth and everyone’s face darkened with miserable emotions. 

Lin Yan smiled amidst this gloomy atmosphere, and as if she had heard an extremely wonderful speech she raised her hands and clapped enthusiastically. 

Her actions which seemed inappropriate in this current situation, angered the other members of the Guide Alliance and they glared at her as she opened her mouth to speak. 

“That was a wonderful speech, it would indeed provoke some passionate feelings….” Lin Yan still had a smile on her lips but then her gaze suddenly sharpened, “That is, if you hadn’t accepted a mission to sabotage and destroy the fighting spirit of the Alliance. Otherwise, you would’ve been the perfect seed for our public opinion faction.”

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