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When the Hacker is Forced to Marry Ch.41

Ch.41- I will settle my accounts with you when you wake up 

The contents of the headlines on the star network was like a ridiculous yet realistic drama. Everyone who laid their eyes on it found it difficult to believe. 

After the shock settled in, the anger grew tenfold. 

There were doubts and naturally a lot of crying. There were people who yelled loudly in anger and those who fished for more information in troubled waters. 

But the account named ‘Narcissus’ who posted all of the headlines remained motionless and as if he couldn’t see the chaos in the comment section, he casually dropped one bomb after another. 

As a result, the originally organized and peaceful media of the Stewart Empire that was once like a steady lake, rippled furiously as stormy waves rolled in. 

Planet Ta 

A man in an impeccable suit and leather shoes wore a tight face, his facial expression ever sordid and foul. He squeezed his fingers tightly on the edges of his phonetic device and he squeezed so hard that the screen couldn’t bear the pressure anymore and it began to crack. 

The Sentinel’s sensitive five senses, even when he was clouded by anger, allowed him to clearly pick up the sound of deliberately light footsteps behind him. 

He raised his head and looked at his subordinate standing at the door who shrank back from his gaze. 

His subordinates were clearly very afraid of his current state and respectfully yelled ‘sir!’ before the photonic device flew towards his head. 

The subordinate bent down in pain, but did not dare to scream. Instead, he looked up with a smiling face and said, “Your Grace, you see, this current situation…..”

“A bunch of trash!” Duke Wilson was obviously very displeased, “Do you still need me to tell you what to do?!” 

“Clearly the next step is to clean up the source where this news came from and use everything we have at our disposal!” 


A burst of green veins popped on Duke Wilson’s forehead: “But what?!! Trash!!!!” 

Subordinate nervously said: “But the source is the star network itself.” 

“Then delete the news that is on the star network!” Duke Wilson was furious, “Even such small things–” 

“The publisher of the news is the Narcissus!” Seeing that the situation was deteriorating, the subordinate quickly clarified his previous statement. 

“Narcissus is the maintenance and optimization A.I. system for the star network and we have lost all authority over the star network. The other planets also seemed to have lost authority over their media outlets as well….”  

Duke Wilson obviously did not expect such a situation. He frowned with anxiety, and even the whites of his eyes were flushed with anger.

This was not the first time the subordinate faced an angry superior so he asked despite his worry and fear: “Your Grace, do you need a soothing agent?” 

Duke Wilson sneered: “What soothing agent will work now?” 

He walked over to the window and plucked the flower sitting in the pot on the window sill. The delicate petals were ravaged in the palm of his hand and quickly grinded into dust. 

“Send the Guide we caught before to my room.” He paused, then continued, “The previous plans should be pushed ahead of its schedule. 

The subordinate bowed respectfully: “Understood.” 

There was chaos all over the star network. People had thought that the official media of Planet Ta would come forward to clarify the facts but they haven’t even made a peep. Instead, a new voice suddenly emerged in the chaos and they became the center of focus. 

The Guide Alliance, which had previously been labeled as an ‘illegal organization’, suddenly appeared in front of the world and took over the headlines.

If the news about selling Guides can be trusted, the follow-up news released by the Guide Alliance tore the delicate balance of peace in the Stewart Empire apart. 

As the last ten years worth of crimes committed by the authorities of Planet Ta appeared, those who had originally fiercely supported them gradually despaired. 

These records are too detailed and detailed, so accurate that they cannot be forged.

Then the confirmation from various netcitizens made this absurd news that seemed like a cruel joke turn into reality. 

After awakening, many were forced to separate from their friends and family. 

If those who were already bonded were revealed to be Guides, they were forced to cut off their spiritual connections. 

Then a forced match. 

And the Guides who mysteriously disappeared. 

Just how many people have disappeared on this bloody road of Guide trafficking?

Even the Guide Alliance who exposed this ghastly news had no accurate number.

At the same time as the Guide Alliance exposed the trafficking of guides under the protection of Narcissus, several starships were arriving from a distant part of the galaxy. 

And Lin Yan was trying to locate the headquarters of the Ant Mercenaries. 

Due to the particular mutation of the virus on the Ants, even with the most powerful group of elite A.I. systems on her side, she cannot find them. None of them could be compromised and so she had to do everything herself, much to her annoyance. 

Pandora, the administrative system of an entire planet, apparently had so much free time in a day that she could throw random holographic projections into Lin Yan’s face and even strike up idle conversations with the tired hacker. She liked to watch Lin Yan pull her hair out in frustration as they tracked down their opponent. 

The newly mutated version of the killing virus was simply and casually renamed as the Ant virus by Lin Yan, but the humble name did not do justice to the lethality of the virus. 

Since Lin Yuan wanted to track down their headquarters, she had to dive deeply into the database but unfortunately her skills were not up to par just yet as even when she is only just one step from the truth, it was still one step too far for her. 

It was really painful for her to admit this. 

Lin Yan threw the ruined device behind her as she grabbed a new one Pandora handed over to her. 

The number of devices and gadgets that have been fried by this virus cannot be counted. 

While Lin Yan concentrated on hacking into the Ant virus, Pandora again quietly scanned Lin Yan’s facial expressions and her results showed that the human was still not discouraged after so many failures. 

It stands to reason that when humans have experienced many failures, they will always fall into confusion and self-doubt, but the human girl in front of her was different. Not only was she still actively seeking a solution, she was not discouraged in the least and her failures seemed to act as a stimulant instead of a roadblock. Although her body was exhausted, her mind was still excited and her amber eyes still showed with brightness.

Pandora looked at the girl who was preoccupied in front of her, then glanced at screens she had set up around the Guide Alliance base, and couldn’t help smiling.

The girl was too absorbed in her work to notice that the light of her door was suddenly blocked by a tall figure. 

However, even if she was deep into her work, in the depths of her spiritual body she could faintly feel something. 

It was like…..she was walking on a wire and then suddenly someone stretched out their hand to protect her from falling. 

And that feeling made Lin Yan feel relieved somehow. 

At the same time, she seemed to have caught on to something and her typing speed increased as her eyes brightened even more. 

Lin Yan’s own small A.I. program quickly assisted in the calculation and cracking.

Her eyes quickly searched through the dense strings of data, and then her gaze stopped suddenly on a line of numbers.

She found it. 

Lin Yan quickly recorded the information she found and then put down the freshly fired device. Suddenly, a wave of exhaustion swept through her body. 

She threw the recorded information to Pandora, and shakingly stood up, her body swaying unsteadily, when she caught a glimpse of a bright red color in the distance. 

Due to starting at a screen for such a long time, her eyes still had not adjusted yet and she rubbed them with great effort, but still her vision was blurred. 

But this patch of red was very familiar with her. 

She couldn’t help but let out a chuckle as she immediately felt a sense of joy through her spiritual connection. 

Kristen wore the same red dress she had worn when she met her for the first time and her hair was let down from it’s usual tied up position. Her long chestnut brown hair was slightly curled and one could tell was carefully managed to look both effortless yet beautiful at the same time. 

When she had finished dressing up and was about to get off her starship, she was laughed at and teased by her subordinates: “Why are you dressed up so beautifully? Are you going on a date?” 

Kristen naturally replied shamelessly without a hint of shyness, “Yup.” 

The subordinates all choked on the sudden mouthful of dog food. 

Ever since Kristen and Lin Yan had met, after some thinking, they realized that they had not properly gone on a single date. 

Originally, Kristen had wanted the banquet on Pandora to be the perfect first encounter with Lin Yan. For that reason, she had even released her spiritual beast in advance to act as a peace offering of sots. 

But that plan was utterly destroyed when the uninvited Ants showed up. 

Then after that, one thing led to another and Kirsten had not only failed to find a suitable opportunity to woo the girl of her dreams, but also found herself hurt many times. 

Fortunately, Lin Yan eventually agreed to become her Guide without her needing to persuade the girl. 

Kristen stood at the door and smiled as she watched Lin Yan concentrate fully on tracking down the Ants. 

Their spiritual connection was very strong at this distance, so when Lin Yan finally succeeded, Kirsten immediately felt the overflowing joy from the other side. 

And when Lin Yan saw Kristen, she stood up and faced her with a smile. 

The girl obviously had not rested in a long time as dark eyebags plagued her face and even the whites of her eyes were bloodshot with the familiar crimson color. 

The previously bright amber eyes now were misted over with fatigue and the girl herself fell into her Kristne’s arms. The person shrunk into her embrace and giggled almost hysterically, “I like your clothes. Beautiful….very beautiful.” 

Seeing that Kirsten showed no reaction, the little Guide tilted her head and nuzzled her head deeper into the embrace. She then said in a whisper, acting like a spoiled child as she said, “Kristen, I’m so tired. Can you carry me?” 

Kristen sighed and resigned herself to her feet as she lifted the girl and then walked towards their room. 

Lin Yan did not stay still obediently and was clingy like a little kitten as she cuddled deeper into Kirstne’s arms. From time to time, her cold nose grazed Kristen’s jaw and teased her with a few light touches. 

Meanwhile, Kristen couldn’t stand these little teasing actions and wanted to lower her head to bite the other’s ears, but she restrained herself in the end. And when she entered the room, she quickly threw the little Guide on the bed and then tucked her in a swaddle of blankets. 

Lin Yan didn’t seem to want to go to sleep just yet as she fought against her heavy eyelids. She moved to sit up but before she could do so, she was pressed down by a strong force. 

Something soft and gentle pressed against Lin Yan’s eyelids and a warm feeling enveloped her entire body. 

Lin Yan felt like she was immersed in a hot spring for a moment and then the sounds of reality slowly grew more quiet as she drifted farther into the dream world. 

Someone whispered in her ear amusedly. “Little brat, you didn’t take care of your own body again……” 

“I will settle my accounts with you when you wake up….”

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