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When the Hacker is Forced to Marry Ch.43

Ch.43- New ability unlocked =w=

Kristen frowned at the unknown objects made up of the broken parts. 

The Strider’s voice rang out again: “The enemies’ bodies have been scanned.” 

A simple biological mecha composed of biological limbs, nerves and artificial machinery. This ability cannot be copied.” The Strider quickly analyzed and concluded, “Kristen, be careful.

Kristen let out a sigh, her gray-blue eyes glowing like a blade drawn from its sheath. She slowly moved the joystick in one of her hands and the silver and black mecha assumed a fighting posture: “Understood.” 

The battle is about to benign. 

Lin Yan raised her head and looked at the dark screen in front of her. 

Chris, who was sitting behind her, looked a bit more nervous than her, and couldn’t sit still for a moment. Lin Yan glanced at him a few times and couldn’t help laughing.

Lin Yan relaxed and leaned back with a smile, “What are you so nervous about? Our opponent is someone your sister has defeated many times before.” 

Chris was a little annoyed. He grabbed his spiritual beast and petted the little thing forcibly to push down his nervousness before he barely calmed down: “This is too harrowing….I am just a researcher….I am not suitable for something like this….” 

Lin Yan chickled: “Wasn’t the person who barged in here, demanding to see how they are doing…”

Chris was still busy with the research and the development of a new batch of soothing agents when the operation began. When he finished his work, he turned around to find the battle had begun. 

The people of the Third Legion quickly assembled the equipment Lin Yan asked for and the originally dark screen lit up, to show a new scene. 

A combatant in the uniform of the Third Legion stood in the center of the screen. The signal transmitted back was a bit poor, and his voice was a little distorted: “Your Highness, the equipment has been installed.” 

Lin Yan nodded: “Thank you, please continue your mission.”

The combatant saluted her, then quickly turned and left.

Chris was a little curious: “What is this for?”

Lin Yan typed away on the keyboard and the visuals on the screen began to change: “Used to–”

The video changed again until the originally grainy image turned clear and the dim and cold mechanical interior of the ant nest appeared in front of the two of them.

“–to get inside the nest of the Ants.” 

The image on screen rapidly began to change again. 

Chris grew dizzy from the high-speed switching between different images and even with his spiritual beast’s support, he was dazzled by it. 

Yet, Lin Yan did not seem distrubed at all and quickly searched for Kristen and the Ants. 

Then the screen stopped abruptly, and Chirs rubbed his eyes to see a scene of the battle from a somewhat distant perspective. 

In front of them was a relatively spacious space, with gravel, broken metal and cement scattered all over the ground. A dim light fell from above to illuminat what was happening below. 

Two huge figures stood upright among the  messy ruin. 

Lin Yan’s gaze instantly locked unto the beautiful silver-black mecha Her fingers moved subconsciously, and she quickly connected to the Strider’s comms. 

Strider, who discovered this communication request instantly sent back a “?” to Lin Yan. 

Lin Yan smiled and replied: “I am Lin Yan.”

The Strider was silent for a while, and asked, “Do you need me to put you through to Kristen?”

Lin Yan had no such plan: “No need, I just wanted to leave a backdoor. In case of any special circumstances, I will have a way to give you important information easily.” 

Chris let out a small exclamation from the side. 

Lin Yan followed his gaze of surprise to see the other ‘mecha’ on the other side of the ruins. 

When a person’s eyes landed on it, it caused a strong sense of vertigo and nausea to rise up in their throats. 

Chris murmured, “…what is that…”

Countless broken limbs with blood still flowing from them were randomly spliced together like one of those dolls from a really bad horror movie and those mechanical parts were like a child’s today, randomly put together in no real order. The entire thing was a strange and terrifying thing to look at. 

Lin Yan’s gaze stopped at the very top of that grotesque thing. 

The screen zoomed in to enlarge the image. 

Lin Yan silently looked at the familiar and distorted face in the center of the frame.

An Ant…..

The Ant’s mouth opened, as if to say something, but Lin Yan could not hear what it said. Then it ore off a broken arm that was attached to its body and inspected it carefully before reconnecting it to another part of the mecha. 

Suddenly the Ant raised his head to look in the direction of Lin Yan’s camera.

She could make out a few words by reading his lips. 

Thank. You.

Lin Yan felt a terrible premonition in her heart. 

Then, in the next second, the Ant charged forward and rushed towards Strider

Before Lin Yan even had time to zoom out, the screen turned black. 

“What’s going on?!” Chris stood up almost instantly.

Lin Yan clenched her haws and the screen flashed quickly as she dived into the system. 


She tried to restart the device but the screen only made a few weird noises before it turned dark again. 

Lin Yan’s hands trembled. 

As soon as the Ant had attacked, all the equipment in the entire ant nest stopped working almost instantly.

Just like an electronic device attacked by a virus, when countless information floods into the channels and instantly overwhelms the entire system to leave in paralyzed. 

Lin Yan dropped the device in her hands and accepted the new decision Pandora gave her. The picture on the screen instantly changed as Pandora’s built-in system started up. The scenery that appeared was the planet of Pandora. 

She had the entire system of Pandora at her fingertips. 

However, she had not time to appreciate the beautiful scenery as she quickly located Kristens’ location and searched for all the objects and devices which could be controlled by her. 

Time ticked by, one minute at the time. 

The information from the Third Legion did not seem to be optimistic. 

Although the Strider is far superior to the Ants in combat power, the Ants have some of the most incredible abilities.

No matter how many times the Strider defeated the Ants’s mecha, it reassembled itself over and over again. 

And…the speed which it reassembled itself continued to accelerate as the battle went on. 

Every time it reassembled itself, its speed and power grew faster and stronger. 

The ant nest was like an energy conversion field for the cyborgs. As the Strider gradually grows weaker, the Ants gradually grow stronger. 

The longer the battle was dragged out, the more unfavorable the battle became for the Strider. 

Lin Yan quickly compiled all the available resources around her and handed control of the Pandorian system back over to Pandora while giving all the information over to the Third Legion. 

Pandora couldn’t understand her: “If you’re not going to command things over here,are you going on the battlefield personally?” 

Lin Yan unexpectedly did not give her an answer for once. 

She stood up and was about to leave when Chris frowned: “Your Highness, even if you go yourself, there is nothing you can do–” 

Lin Yan just packed up her things and raised her hand to flick Chris’ forehead. 

“Who told you that there is only one battlefield?” She smiled, “I have my own battlefield to fight on.” 

Chris stared back at her blankly. 

Pandora seemed to have suddenly remembered something, and jumped up excitedly, “She’s not going to try to use the star network….is she??!” 

This was exactly what Lin Yan planned to do. 

She returned to her room, buckled the virtual reality helmet around her neck and then allowed her consciousness to sink into the ocean of virtual data. 

Within the confines of virtual reality, there is a ray of hope for those who try to defeat viruses that seemingly have no solution on the surface. 

That’s because all the data is laid out before one’s eyes in this virtual world, thus creating gaps in between the unstable strings of data and makes it easier to capture the weaknesses of the virus. 

If one wishes to prevent the virus from spreading throughout the star network, then one only needs to cut off the channel between the virus-infected area and the star network. Then the goal will be easily achieved. 

As a person who has countless experience with the technology of the interstellar era, Lin Yan was no stranger to this method of using the star network to solve viruses. 

She stretched her hand out in this dense virtual space and immediately countless programs filled with data displayed on a scream before ehre. 

When the first person discovered how to use the star network’s virtual space to defeat viruses, a new game was born. One that was extremely difficult and dangerous, and Lin Yan happened to be one of the players of this game. 

She tapped away at the programs casually, recombining and breaking apart characters in a smooth and beautiful manner. What seemed to be a blade with no handle appeared beside her. 

She grabbed the long sword without a handle and jumped into the transmission channel that had appeared as a hole in the ground. 

If the other players of this dangerous game saw this scene, they would inevitably exclaim with envy. 

That long sword with no handle was actually one of the most simplest yet most efficient codes of the star network. A powerful tool used to defeat the viruses born in the virtual space of the interstellar world. Once, a large reward was offered to anyone who held information on this sword, but no one came forward and eventually it became a legend among the star network. 

At that moment, Lin Yan raised the long sword. The originally closed off channels of the ant nest’s networks were suddenly sliced apart by her sword! 

She jumped into the virus-infected network and the hole she created filled up behind her. 

She has successfully infiltrated the enemy’s network!

Pandora was about to kill the bastard named Narcissus. 

“Do you know how dangerous it is for a human to enter a virus-infected area?!” She was almost hysterical, “If she can’t get out, then everything we have done until now would be reset! We would be forced to return back to square one!” 

Narcissus didn’t seem to care at all: “”Pandora, you should know that she is currently the strongest person in the entire star network. She is the only one who can deal with this virus.”

“So what?” Pandora gritted her teeth. “If she didn’t go, then at most will lose some-” 

“Pandora!” Narcissus interrupted her with a stern tone: “When did you become unable to even figure the simple human heart? The creator did not give you the box for you to just to weigh the pros and cons like this!” 

Pandora pursed her lips defiantly. 

Narcissus looked down at the closed channel Lin Yan had disappeared into. His voice took a serious turn, “Human emotions have never been something A.I.s like us can interfere in.”

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