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When the Hacker is Forced to Marry Ch.45

Ch.45- A new gift

Chris looked nervously at the woman lying on the bed while wearing a virtual reality helmet. 

Suddenly the woman moved and sat up as she lifted the helmet off of her. 

Chris let out a relieved smile and rushed towards Lin Yan. 

Lin Yan also got off the bed and opened her arms to give Chris a big hug. 

“We won!!!” 

She didn’t even pay attention to her current unkempt appearance as she rushed out of the door like a gust of wind after giving Chris a hug. 

She rushed out of the base and squeezed through the crowd that had gathered at the base’s entrance. The crowd were all watching a huge figure flying in the sky up above. 

The silver and black mecha slowly approached the base and then lightly landed on the ground. 

The engines roared as a strong and violent gust of wind swept the planet. Lin Yan’s long, black hair fluttered haphazardly in the wind but she didn’t have time to care about the hair flying in her face. 

She stood at the feet of the mecha and raised her head to look at the tall mecha in front of her. The sunlight glinting on it’s metal was so dazzling that it could make someone cry. 

In front of such a humongous piece of machinery, a mere human seemed so small. 

But at this moment, the Strider’s cockpit opened and a familiar figure leaned out. 

From where Lin Yan was standing, the harsh light made it so that the figure above couldn’t be made out clearly but she could still feel the joy passed from the other side through their spiritual connection. 

The crowd behind Lin Yan started cheering.  

Without the help of any equipment, Kristen jumped out of the cockpit. Like a mystic creature clothed in crimson flames, she hopped towards the ground and then landed lightly on the ground, almost making no sound. 

The young woman hurried forward with a smile as she grabbed Lin Yan’s hand. 

“I’ve returned.” She said. 

She has never broken a promise to Lin Yan before and she would not start now.

As an important mercenary group for the Planet Ta, the Ants had handled an astonishing number of missions. 

Data that the Guide Alliance had gathered before were vague and unclear, but with the records they scourged from the Ants’ base, all the puzzle pieces finally fell into place. They now had the true and unfiltered information at their fingertips. 

And Lin Yudu did not intend to miss this opportunity. 

So while the Third Legion sent in their reports to Planet Ta, Lin Yudu released the news to the star network. 

She was trying to put pressure onto Planet Ta. 

The Third Legion had no power on Planet Ta, but was the sharpest blade of the Stewart Empire. Under Doyle Walter’s command, they may have regained some status, but in order to keep the Third Legion together, he had to report all of their findings. However, these findings more often than not were concealed by Planet Ta.

Since Planet Ta wanted to cover the light of the star so badly, she’ll have to personally lift the fog of darkness. 

And the news of the demise of the Ants was to be expected. The Third Legion did not disappoint her. 

The tides have turned!

“A report has come in from the front lines of the Third Legion. They have successfully eliminated the illegal mercenary groups stationed on the independent planet of Pandora. The most prominent mercenary group they have eliminated is a group that has repeatedly participated in the smuggling and illegal trafficking of Guides. This time the Third Legion’s victory caused the….” 

Duke Wilson brushed his hand and closed the panel in front of him. 

He turned his head and glanced at the red dots on his communication panel that symbolized the countless missed calls with a sneer. 

“It’s funny,” He lit a cigarette, and the smoke curled around his face, blurring his expression for a moment, “…when things were going well, it was to each their own in terms of shared benefits and yet because of a few words, one by one they flock towards me with countless criticisms.” 

“Ha, there is no such thing as a free lunch. They want to keep their hands clean after all they’ve done?” 

He chuckled darkly to himself and then stretched out a hand to pull up the data released by the Guide Alliance. 

“You lot should be grateful. They haven’t been able to find out the true identity of the big buyers.” Duke Wilson took a deep breath and exhaled some white smoke, “Since the Guide Alliance is being so cooperative then…might as well all obediently tie yourselves to my ship.” 

Duke Wilson smirked and the star network’s interface appeared on his screen. He looked at the families who tired to cleanse themselves of their sins and smiled disdainfully in an indifferent manner. 

He crushed the cigarette in his hand and pulled up the communications with his subordinates. 

“All those who want to leave must release their transaction records first.” Duke Wilson laughed threateningly, “If you want to betray me so much…then let me show you what happens to traitors.” 

Duke Wilson lowered his head and looked at the inquiries sent by his subordinates.

“As for the Guide Alliance? That’s nothing difficult. Even if they put up a united front, they are not as united as they seem.” 

“It is time to begin what has already been planned.”

Ever since Lin Yan has settled into the Guide Alliance, Mihana seemed to have gradually matured as she temporarily took over Lin Yudu’s position as the head of the public opinion faction. Her work has been splendid so far that even Lin Yudu, someone who did not praise people often, said she was proud of her. 

She had just finished a round of paperwork and was about to take a breather when a notification popped up on her device. 

Mihana clicked on the screen and saw an encrypted email lying quietly in her mailbox. 

Her body froze and her eyes widened. 

The encrypted emails of the Guide Alliance almost never goes to her, so there is only one source who would send this type of email to her. 

Her fingers trembled slightly, but she still clicked open the mail with a determined press of the finger. 

She silently and motionlessly let the email play through its contents before it was automatically closed and destroyed. 

“Mihana? What’s the matter? Something happened on the star network? What’s with that expression–” The person working beside her laughed goodnaturedly, “Was you plan rejected?

Mihana closed her eyes and then her usual smile reappeared on her face: “Even if my plan is rejected I can only continue to work hard.” 

She stood up as if nothing happened, and left the office. However, no one seemed to have noticed the darkness slowly spreading in her eyes. 

Another present for the Guide Alliance will arrive soon. 

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One thought on “When the Hacker is Forced to Marry Ch.45

  1. I hate this girl because she wants to throw all her friends, family, comrades and everyone who worked themselves to death to save thousands of people, into the fire because her love story didn’t work out. Since when is that a reason to kill all the people around you? You think your life is unfair but thanks to all these people you got to live peacefully! You might not have gotten the love of your life but at least you didn’t get sold to a sleazy old man, like other guides have!!

    Liked by 2 people

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