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When the Hacker is Forced to Marry Ch.49

Ch.49- Counter Kill! Take over the army!

Duke Wilson’s footsteps stopped.

The passage went dark for an instant, leaving only the emergency lights faintly lit.

“What’s the matter?” The Duke’s voice was obviously unhappy.

The subordinates immediately lowered their heads and consulted the device in their hands. After a long time, they said: “The entire ship’s energy supply was interrupted, including the supply of backup energy…The system is trying to recover, estimated time till energy supply is back on is about 3 hours.”

“The starship’s energy supply was interrupted?” Duke Wilson asked rhetorically.

The subordinates understood the underlying meaning in the  Duke’s words: “Although the starship is unable to respond at the moment, we can continue to sail, albeit a little slower than usual, and there are no obstructions in this star field, so please rest assured.”

Duke Wilson has traveled among the stars on a starship for so many years, but he has never witnessed such an accident. In the darkness, the subordinates couldn’t see the look on his face, but they could infer that the Duke’s mood must not be good, and they ran away when the chance arrived.

Wilson was silent for a long while in the darkness, then turned around and walked back to the prison room again.

There is nothing fun to do on this starship, so might as well go and see what kind of ugliness the noble princess is up to now.

Duke Wilson stood in front of the prison cell and looked through the thick glass.

Her Royal Highness, who had previously been in such a sorry state, seemed to have calmed down. At this moment, she was sitting quietly, her head drooping slightly, and her messy long black hair covered down her face.

“Your Highness, care for a little chat?”

Lin Yan tilted her head slightly, her long hair still covering most of her face. He couldn’t see the look on her face at the moment, but Wilson could feel her eyes on him.

“Everyone on Planet Ta knew what kind of talents Empress Lin had at the time, but no one knew about the talents Your Highness possesed.” Duke Wilson smiled, “If not for the previous incident, I wouldn’t even know that you were the infamous Guide hacker of the Guide Alliance.”

Lin Yan said nothing.

So Duke Wilson continued, “Are you not curious, as to how I knew that you were with the Guide Alliance, and knew when to lay my trap to bring you here?”

Lin Yan didn’t even move.

Duke Wilson looked at her steadily, his tone suddenly deepened: “…Then, do you want to know how your Sentinel was able to meet the enemy, and…ended up like that?

Lin Yan finally moved.

She raised her head slowly, coughing feebly twice, even her voice was hoarse: “…Why?”

Duke Wilson seemed to enjoy this smug feeling extremely, and he deliberately drawled out his words, and then said: “It was all because—”

General Doyle looked at the certain someone who was still lying in the medical pod and couldn’t help but sigh deeply. 

This time, Kristen’s actions shocked everyone fighting on the starship.

Whether it was a sudden stop in the middle of the battle or the subsequent explosion of madness, it seemed that something bad had happened. 

The report sent back by Strider made this situation even more difficult.

…The spiritual connection was broken.

In the report by Strider, although it was only a few words of speculation, the things that were foreshadowed by such simple words were too heavy to bear.

The disconnection of the spiritual connection, in most cases, represents the death of either the Sentinel or Guide.

In rare cases, it means that the spiritual connection has been artificially blocked by technological means.

Kristen and Lin Yan, no matter what kind of situation they encountered, what will happen next will not be easy.

General Doyle once again looked into the inquiry he sent to the military headquarters. Admiral Brandon was still replying whether vaguely. Whenever he directly inquired about Lin Yan and Chu and their status at the military headquarters, Admiral Brandon cleverly changed the topic. 

Doyle Walter no longer intends to wait any longer.

With Strider’s help, they were able to hold off the enemy and wait for the Legion’s three elite fleets to arrive and clean up the battlefield. 

No one knew why the enemy would suddenly cross the borders where the Third Legion was stationed, why Ares suddenly paralyzed, and why Brandon had to hide information about Lin Yan and Chu from Doyle.

The starship had to send out another ship to retrieve Strider and Kristen, who had fallen into a coma due to excessive spiritual consumption, and drove toward the military headquarters.

Rather than thinking about why, it is better to let this decadent military department thoroughly understand what buttons can be pressed and what buttons cannot be.

In any case, this time the military has violated the unshakable bottom line.

Brandon did not expect that Doyle Walter would come back so quickly.

When the violent female Sentinel smashed through the door of his office, he was still having fun with his new Guide.

The bold female Sentinel looked at the two disheveled people indifferently, as if looking at two lifeless stone statues. She calmly threw the knife in her hand, and the sharp blade was deeply embedded in the tabletop in front of Brandon.

After doing all this, the female Sentinel stood aside, and Brandon looked up and saw the man who had just stepped into the office.

…Doyle Walter.

Admiral Brandon’s face turned extremely ugly almost at that exact moment.

As a high-level military officer who has been fighting on the front line for years and has accumulated countless victories, Brandon was sure that if Doyle Walter was not from the Third Legion, or if he was one of the few who abandoned the Third Legion, which was only a handful of them at the time, he would definitely not be just a simple major general. (T/N: Generals are broken into different ranks: Brigadier, Major, Lieutenant, general of the army, etc.)

Brandon, on the other hand, relied on his schemes and smarts instead. If it wasn’t for those stains on the Third Legion, Doyle would be in his position right now. 

Brandon has always felt that Doyle was an unpredictable person.

To say that he was loyal, was not exactly true. He had said he was loyal to the Third Legion and its former commander who could not even be mentioned by name, but in the end he had given up on the former commander during a crucial battle, returned with the remaining troops, and even suppressed sentiments of reinstating the former commander’s ranks posthumously.

But neither is he a loyal member of Planet Ta, as he never gave any good words to his dignitaries. When Planet Ta wanted to disband the remnants of the Third Legion, they were stopped by Doyle. As a result, he completely ruined his own future. As a major general, he took over the almost disabled Third Legion and stayed on the front lines for ten years.

Doyle Walter’s tall figure stopped at the door, and those two eyes looked like the knife pierced on his desk as they scanned his body up and down with extreme sharpness. Brandon only felt cold all over.

He still held his ground and shouted: “Doyle! Breaking into the military headquarters and invading by force, you are committing a felony!”

Doyle ignored him, and just looked around his office. 

Admiral Brandon’s office looks low-key on the surface. On closer inspection, it is almost full of luxury. Even the inconspicuous table with a knife stuck in it at the moment are made of precious and rare ancient woods from the Black Market. 

Brandon pushed away the Guide in his arms and was about to stand up, but was glared back down by Kristen.

General Doyle turned around after admiring this low-key luxurious office.

His tone was very calm: “Admiral Brandon, this time I am not here to ask you for an explanation, but to reorganize this place where the dirt is hidden.”

General Doyle finished speaking, no longer looking at Brandon, and walked straight out of the office.

Kristen followed closely behind him, without a glance. The soldiers waiting at the door quickly entered the office and suppressed the person inside. 

The military was turned upside down.

It took General Doyle a full ten years to successfully hone an iron-blooded Legion on the border, and also successfully turned the military headquarters into a group of pleasure-loving silverfish.

Under the control of the elite troops of the Third Legion, the entire military headquarters was defeated, and with just such a light punch, it scattered into a pile of white ash.

After the initial search, Chu, who was imprisoned in the military’s prison, was naturally found.

Kristen followed General Doyle, looked at the figure lying on the ground, and walked into the small cell.

The light in those frighteningly cold gray-blue eyes dimmed.

…Lin Yan, where is she?

The military doctor rushed over and conducted a detailed examination.

A strangely shaped instrument was on Chu’s head. As soon as Kristen’s eyes fell on it, Doyle asked, “What is his situation now?”

The military doctor turned his head, the expression between his eyes was anxious: “His mental barrier has collapsed.”

“He has not suffered much physical damage, only some minor bruises,” the military doctor adjusted his posture again, “The more serious is the mental injury. The Guide itself is very sensitive to other people’s mental fluctuations, the more spiritual power a Guide has, the more sensitive they become to their surroundings. For a guide, the collapse of the mental barrier means that all sources of mental fluctuations within a certain distance from him will invade his mind and cause huge damage.”

The wrinkles between General Doyle’s eyebrows seemed to deepen a bit: “Can the isolator not be used?”

The military doctor shook his head: “Isolators are just a means to an end, and they are far less effective for higher-level Guides.”

The military doctor packed up the inspection equipment and explained: “Also, this isolator must never be removed until the patient re-establishes the mental barrier.”

The reconstruction of the mental barrier must have something to do with the cause of its collapse. General Doyle was just about to send someone to ask Brandon, but Chu, who had been in a coma, groaned and woke up.

Doyle stepped forward anxiously, but didn’t dare to touch him, and stopped again.

Chu’s condition is obviously very bad. He opened a pair of eyes, but they were out of focus, and it took a while before he seemed to recognize the person in front of him.

“…Why are you here?” He coughed hard and asked.

General Doyle was hesitant, a little at a loss: “We regained control of the military, and just found you…”

Chu grinned reluctantly, but it caused a pain in the spiritual sea, and so even his smile was pained: “…so daring. Her Highness Lin Yan and I were separated–ahem, the current situation…the person who took her might not necessarily be from the military department.”

General Doyle opened his mouth, and just about to say something,when Chu waved his hand and motioned him to shut up.

Chu continued: “Ares was set up as a trap. Ask the person in charge of the military department. Her Highness should no longer be in the military headquarters.”

“Also…” His eyes turned to Kristen, who was standing aside. He remembered that this young Sentinel was the new driver of the Strider, “K… you take over, use my power in the Guide Alliance, although… although it may not be much, but, at least within the Alliance, it still has a foothold….”

After saying these words, his forehead was full of sweat, and he was obviously pained to the extreme. The expression in his eyes was broken, but he was forcing himself to stay awake.

Doyle couldn’t hold back, and asked, “What did they use to make your mental barrier collapse? Can you think of a way to rebuild it again?”

Chu was silent.

After a long time, he slowly said: “…Angus.”

“You don’t have to worry about me,” his mouth hooked up weakly, helplessness hidden under his eyes, “If I can’t rebuild, then forget it.”

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