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When the Hacker is Forced to Marry Ch.5

Chapter 5- The mercenary head is progressing a little too fast?

Kristen was seriously wondering if it was a bad idea to have been single for so long. 

Even though the previous battle was handled relatively easily, her spiritual sea felt chaotic and there was a suffocating feeling she couldn’t suppress. 

The fighting style of the Ants have always been extremely malicious towards Sentinels. A Sentinel is born with enhanced five senses and the more powerful a Sentinel becomes, the more sensitive they are when picking up information from their five senses. As a powerful Sentinel, this ability was essential to their survival but also their biggest weakness. 

Kristen’s perception ability helps her quickly gather all the information she needs on a battlefield and then allows her to judge and analyze what actions need to be taken. However, there was a heavy burden to using this ability. 

A Sentinel’s spiritual sea will collect a lot of information but also lots of useless information as well. Information that may mess up a Sentinel’s senses during an intense fighting moment. Even now, she could still feel the hardness of the weapons she had punched through, the sound of a skull exploding against the ground, and the vibrations of the glass wall when it collapsed. 

Even worse, the Ants, also a renowned mercenary group, was a powerful and mysterious force that possessed a vicious ability that restrained a Sentinel’s abilities. 

Perception Interference. 

One of the most annoying things in Kristen’s life was dealing with the Ant mercenaries. The first was their mechanical static noise they made that was torture to the ears. During a fight, it was ten times as annoying. 

The Ants’ favorite thing to do was to use that useless information to mess with a Sentinel’s perception and once the Sentinels’ information processing center couldn’t keep up, it would crash like a CPU overburdened with too many junk files. A brain crash that will ultimately lead to the Sentinel being defeated by the Ants. 

Of course, her subordinates who were defeated by said Ants were also no longer living in this world. 

The white light generated by the quantum teleportation dissipated as Kristen appeared on the transfer platform of The Crimson Assassin while holding Lin Yan in her arms. 


“Boss is so awesome!”

“The Boss is formidable!”

The group of shameless subordinates that were left behind on the Little Fatty was now standing under the platform, their small eyes shining brightly as the light on the platform turned green. 

Daniel happily set down the equipment in his hands and teased, “Boss is really powerful, she even soloed the Ants. Tsk, tsk, if this gets out I’m afraid those garbage Sentinels who complain every day about the undefeatable Ants will die from their shame!” 

Eden focused on his job of dismantling the platform: “This is the first time I met someone who would call themselves a garbage Sentinel to make the Boss look good…”

“You-! Shut up!” Daniel said in an exasperated tone, “I am part of the technical crew! What’s the use of keeping you people who specialize in fighting around if you force us, technical workers, onto the battlefield?” 

Seeing that the two were about to start a never ending quarrel, Kristen cradled the person in her arms and ordered: “Get out of the way, if there’s a problem we’ll discuss it later. 

Looking at the little Guide nestled in their Boss’s arms, they shut their mouths obediently and quietly retreated to the sides while watching the Boss carry the little Guide all the way to her bedroom. 

“Wo Cao….”

“Aren’t they progressing a little too fast…

Daniel said dumbfoundedly, “Could it be that since the Boss failed in chasing after that Imperial princess…she immediately switched her efforts into playing the hero that saves the damsel and stole another Guide instead?”

Eden looked on enviously, “No wonder she’s our Boss. If she says she can get any girl, then she can probably make it become a reality…”

Daniel knocked him on the head: “Our Boss is brilliant, why would she be the type to fall in love and then chase after every girl she sees?!”

“Tsk, tsk, tsk. You never know. After all, she has been single for a long time now…”

“Shut up, you-!”

Lin Yan laid nestled in the arms of the woman in the red dress and felt the hair on the back of her neck stand up in tension. 

In the past, she had felt this exact feeling when she infiltrated various systems and encountered hackers comparable to her. That was the first time she had encountered real danger and instead of thinking it was a terrible thing, she was even excited about it. 

And now, that long-lost feeling once again swept across Lin Yan’s heart. 

Unfortunately, this time the danger did not lie within other hackers thousands of miles across the galaxy but in the Sentinel right in front of her. 

At this moment, nestled in the arms of this Sentinel, her body felt like it was suffocating under the strong pheromones coming from this Sentinel. 

This realization made Lin Yan feel sick. 

However, what was more embarrassing was that her heartbeat seemed to be gradually accelerating and her facial expression that was tightly controlled before was now beginning to heat up. 

Lin Yan knew very well she should escape this Sentinel’s control immediately, but her limbs felt faint and weak and she could only grasp the Sentinel’s sleeves in vain. 

AHHHHHHH! What the hell is going on?!

Lin Yan fell into unprecedented confusion, her body stiffening. 

Kristen soon noticed that the Guide in her arms was frozen and when she looked down she could see half of that burning red face. At this moment, the Guide’s eyes were half-closed so one did not know what the other was thinking. 

She wanted to laugh, for she didn’t think that little and cute girl from long ago who was notoriously shameless now felt ashamed from a mere hug. 

Kristen couldn’t help but let out a small smile, making sure to not let Lin Yan notice. 

She lowered her head and mischievously blew a breath of hot air onto Lin Yan’s ear and then whispered in a slightly hoarse voice, “How are you feeling? Can you walk by yourself now?”

Lin Yan looked like she was burned and was overwhelmed with embarrassment as she shrank back, stammering in a flustered state, “I-I can.”

Kristen gently set her down and Lin Yan, still feeling a little weak, supported herself with Kristen’s arm and then stood firmly. 

Lin Yan stood there, blushing in the hallway of the battleship, her blood roaring and sending her heart into a mess. She felt like a small boat that had been forced into a storm while huge waves splashed harshly against her. 

Ba-dump, Ba-dump, Ba-dump….

Lin Yan’s spiritual force overflowed unconsciously from her spiritual sea and the spiritual force pushed against the edge of Kristen’s spiritual barrier. 

And Kristen received the messages emitted from the other’s spiritual force–she could hear the sound of the other’s heartbeat and her own gradually increasing. Her heartbeat seemed to gradually follow the other’s, slowly syncing until….


Kristen unconsciously took a step back.

This one step was able to temporarily stop the impact of her pheromones on Lin Yan and was enough to interrupt the resonance that had begun. 

The red flush on Lin Yan’s face receded and she straightened out her facial expression, quickly pulling back the spiritual strands that had overflowed. 

Kristen felt a little disappointed, but as she was the one who decided to retreat first, she couldn’t say much. She cleared her throat and smiled wryly, “I forgot to mention, Miss Guide, but welcome aboard the ‘Crimson Assassin’.”

Twirling around in her dress, she smiled shamelessly, “I am the master of the ship, you can just call me…Crimson.”

Lin Yan raised her lips, staring at the flaming red lips in front of her. A smile appeared in her amber eyes, “I am Lin Yan.”

She was not worried that her identity could be revealed by this name  

In today’s society, although the ethnicity from what was Eastern Asia of the ancient Earth was not a majority, there were still a lot of them. Not to mention…everyone knows the ruler of the Platinum palace was surnamed Stewart not Lin. 

The surname she used now was the surname of her mother. 

She looked up at the face of the female Sentinel in front of her and although there weren’t any glaring problems, after years of putting on makeup for her own disguise, Lin Yan could naturally catch a few subtle signs that even makeup couldn’t hide.

Such as the slightly sweating temples, the faint worry lines, and the eye bags the woman tried to hide under her gray-blue eyes. 

“You’ve said before,” Lin Yan tried to make her voice sound calm, “that the effects of the spiritual relaxants are not working. If you feel the pressure is too much, I can clear the obstructions in your spiritual sea right now.” 

Kristen did not disagree, this was after all the deal she had originally proposed. 

And so, the two entered Kristen’s room. 

Lin Yan sat on the sofa, with Kristen lying in her lap. Her fingers were lightly pressed against the female Sentinel’s forehead and her spiritual strands carefully entered the tiny gap Kristen had opened up, following a path into the other’s spiritual sea. 

The skills of a Guide are to provide mental guidance for the Sentinel, and although it did not require any special skills, it required two major things. 

Endurance and patience. 

The more powerful the Sentinel becomes, the more information they will retain and collect. But, at the same time, the more likely it will overburden the brain. The more the messy information accumulated the more tangled the mind becomes. Like balls of yarn flung carelessly until there were only a tangled mess, the Guide’s job was to untangle that mess little by little and to throw out the broken yarn balls that were not needed. 

Low-level Guides were unable to clear the minds of high-level Sentinels because their stamina was not enough to untangle what were mountain-like piles of yarn. Because of this fact, people were desperate and eager for high-level senior Guides like Lin Yan. For someone like Lin Yan to have not been matched and married off already at her age was a rare thing indeed in this Empire. 

Kristen’s spirit sea was gentle and did not seem like a sea one could use to attack others offensively. However, Lin Yan frowned. 

She had never seen such a spirit sea that was so messed up. 

Planet Ta was where the Guides’ Academy resides. The nobles on Planet Ta were powerful and wealthy, people who had no lack of Guides to fix their problems. Although their spiritual seas weren’t exactly clean, it was still at the least very well-organized. 

On the other hand, Lin Yan could not find a single area within Kristen’s spiritual sea that wasn’t a mess. 

… wonder the relaxants won’t work anymore. 

A spiritual relaxant was only something that would shake the strings loose, perhaps loosening the knots from the tangles. Although it was more useful than doing nothing and could provide relief, it was not a long-term solution. 

Lin Yan took a deep breath and then buried herself into untangling this great and arduous mess. 

Outside the door: 

Daniel grabbed the apple Eden gave him and nibbled it as he said thoughtfully, “Hey, you see, if even the Boss can progress so fast in her relationship, do you think when I get a Guide….”

Eden touched the bracelet attached to his wrist, “I’m afraid it isn’t that easy. Maybee you should learn from the boss. If you see a Guide in danger, just rush up and beat up the enemy.”

“You, shut up!” Daniel stretched out his juice covered hands and slapped Eden on the back of his head, “I already said that I’m only a technical worker!”

Author’s notes: 

Lin Yan: I seem to know this Crimson….

Kristen hugs tightly onto her alternate identity. [1]


[1] the direct translation is: ‘vest’ which is Chinese slang for an alternate account or throwaway account. The author is trying to imply that Kristen is trying to hide her identity by using a fake ‘account’ or name. 

*Wo Cao: Is Chinese slang for like ‘Fuck me!’  or ‘oh shit!” Used to show appreciation. 

Sidenote: This is something random that I just realized while I was in the shower. In the summary of this novel, I wrote Kristen’s name as ‘Christine.’ Oops. You see, her name could be translated into any of the following variations: Kristine, Christine, Kristen, etc. I went with Kristen in the end because, well, I’m the translator. Unfortunately, my placeholder while I was still choosing which name to use was  ‘Christine’ and I forgot to change it when I posted the initial summary. Teehee~ But dw, I fixed it like two days ago!

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