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When the Hacker is Forced to Marry Ch.50

Ch.50-Starship out of control

As the military center of the Stewart Empire, the military headquarters was built in the form of an interstellar fortress near a pair of twin stars.

The fortress is actually relatively far away from the pair of twin stars, yet relies on the energy of the twin stars as a source of energy.

This pair of twin stars does not have any planets revolving around it, instead, it has the fortress. The fortress floats in space, slowly revolving around the twin stars and follows the gravitational changes of the twin stars.

Therefore, when the military was controlled by Doyle Walter, the useless leaders with little practical experience could not resist and couldn’t even transmit messages to Planet Ta due to their isolated position.


Kristen stood tall in a heavily guarded area of the military headquarters-the host location of Ares.

She stood firmly at the door, looking at the door in a daze.

Her Highness should have been attacked here.” A voice rang abruptly in Kristen’s spiritual sea.

It was Strider’s voice. 

As Kristen’s exclusive mecha, the Strider maintains a connection with the driver’s spirit to ensure that the mecha can be activated during critical moments.

However, after she was bound to the Strider, except during battles, the Strider never said a word to her through this connection. 

This is the first time.

Kristen didn’t speak, she just stared indifferently at the front, and her gaze passed through the door, and landed on Ares’ host not too far away.

She remained silent, but Strider could detect the abnormality of her mental fluctuations: “Warning, please do not try to damage the A.I’s host.”

Kristen smiled indifferently: “Do you still believe in Ares after all this time?”

“Haven’t we suffered enough?” She continued faintly, “Ten years ago, it was an intelligence error that caused the Third Legion to almost be annihilated. Ten years later, its system almost collapsed, which caused it——”

The Strider’s voice, which had always spoken in a slow monotone, spoke in a hurried and panicked tone for the first time: “Kristen!

If you do not wish to go berserk again, calm down right now.” Strider’s voice returned to his normal robotic tone, “Lin Yan is not here to help you, are you still going to abuse your own body like this?”

Kristen stayed silent.

She stood there for a while before stepping into the cabin.

Ares, who had been re-starting, projected his own holographic projection into the room.

The tall man in the old armor looked unusually weak, and nodded slightly in the direction of Kristen, then saluted: “Sorry.”

Kristen did not return his salute. 

Ares smiled bitterly. He didn’t think that Kristen would treat him amiably at this moment, so he took the initiative to start: “…the last time the intelligence error occurred was because….of the same reason the system crashed this time.”

“I am the second artificial intelligence system created by the Creator. Compared with the systems that had improved afterwards, my program is not as powerful as theirs.”

“Therefore, in both cases, the same loophole in my system was attacked.”

“In the last intrusion, the hacker disrupted the procedures of the intelligence-gathering system, and at the same time caused errors in the data and intelligence that I transmitted to the Third Legion.”

“But when I submitted a request for the military to fix the vulnerability, it was rejected.”

When Kristen heard this, her blank face finally flickered with a trace of emotion. She raised her eyes to look at Ares, and asked, “Why?”

“Because… I was told there was not enough money.” Ares said, “According to my calculations military expenditures should not be so overwhelming that they can’t repair my system. However, after the incident of the Third Legion for five years afterward, I sent a total of 2,541 repair applications to the military department, but no response was received.”

“All of your applications were detained by military officials?”

Ares nodded: “Moreover, the attack this time exploited the same vulnerability from over ten years ago. Therefore, I suspect that the two attacks came from the same person.”

Kristen pondered. The two attacks that Ares suffered were actually targeted towards other groups.

The Third Legion was the first target as ten years ago it was an important bargaining chip for the Guide Alliance when the Guide Rights bill was proposed in parliament. When the Third Legion was destroyed, Empress Lin was immediately assassinated. The thriving GuideAlliance collapsed instantly and could only escape in shame. 

Ten years later, the new target was Lin Yan, who was about to become the new face and leader of the Guide Alliance.

And the only people who would pursue the Guide Alliance, stubbornly refusing to let go, are the Planet Ta nobles headed by Duke Wilson.

However, Lin Yan has acted very cautiously ever since she uncovered the spy last time, so most ordinary members were completely unaware of her whereabouts, and her ability and power are by no means traceable by ordinary members either. This time, the ambush was too quick, too accurate, like someone from the top ranks of the Guide Alliance was constantly leaking information.

Ares said: “According to my initial analysis, I think…there is another spy inside the Alliance.”

Planet Ta is the political center of the Stewart Empire. In order to obtain the right to reside on Planet Ta, countless people have shed blood and tears to succeed. Many people even sold their talents or bodies to the so-called nobles who had long been corrupted to their very bones. 

If she could start over again, Lin Yan would wish to have never been born on a planet that looked magnificent on the surface, but was so rotten to the core. 

She especially felt sick with disgust when the well-dressed nobleman in front of her was talking about the so-called balance of national interest and society. 

“Do you know that since the founding of the Guide Alliance ten years ago, we tried everything possible to stop its ascension, even when we knew that Empress Lin stood behind them? Do you know why we did that?” Duke Wilson squinted, mockingly with a smile on his face, “With the current Sentinel-Guide ratio, for the Guides to retain their current little bit of freedom, they should be grateful…I mean, what else are you guys good for? Not as strong as Sentinels in terms of combat effectiveness, not as numerous as us Sentinels, and far worse in terms of contribution to society. Besides helping Sentinels solve their spiritual problems, what else can you do?”

The Duke grinned: “After all, no matter how much the Alliance claims that you are the soulmate to the Sentinel, you lot are simply just….somewhat special playthings.”

The Guide who had been silent for a long time finally moved and slowly raised her head, her voice still weak and tired: “…For you, that is all the Guide’s existence amounts to?”

Duke Wilson laughed: “Why would I be standing in front of you today if I didn’t believe in that? I am not a fool like Angus…”

Lin Yan couldn’t hear the following words clearly.

She only felt that her surroundings had gone silent, and a sudden sneer sounded in her tortuously quiet spiritual sea.


That was her own voice.

The quietness was fleeting, and Lin Yan’s hearing was quickly restored. However, Duke Wilson was still chattering away like there was no tomorrow. 

“…then the Guide Alliance and the Third Legion joined forces. If Angus was still here, it would work, but now….answer this, what is the difference between Doyle and me? Isn’t he also a sinister politician who uses political schemes to obtain what he wants? While I use Guides to win support, isn’t he using military power to do the same?”

Lin Yan suddenly felt agitated.

She opened her lips gently: “Shut up.”

Duke Wilson was just getting into it, and at first didn’t realize she had spoken, and then looked Lin Yan in surprise.

Lin Yan raised her head, her voice suddenly stern: “I said…shut up!!!”

As her voice fell, a loud bang sounded, and the entire starship trembled suddenly and violently.

Duke Wilson was shocked: “What’s going on?!”

During the entire, since they were traveling in a rather isolated space, the turbulence was non-existent and the trip so far was very smooth. 

But such a violent tremor does not seem like a normal collision, it is like being hit by an explosion——

“Your Grace! We must go!” The subordinate’s panicked voice came over, “The starship….the starship is out of control——!!!”

Duke Wilson felt like his liver was going to split open.

“The starship is out of control?!” He furiously said, “What is going on?!!!”

“I don’t know!” The subordinates held him, “The highest authority of the starship has been transferred, and now… now we can’t even drive the starship, or even operate the starship at all!”

“The sound just now… it was the ship’s self-defense weapon–it suddenly exploded!”

Lin Yan smiled slowly, but the smile did not reach her eyes.

She watched the group of people running around in a panic. They were planning to use an escape pod to flee. The entire scene was ridiculous.

The person who was boasting so proudly in front of her just now was so scared that his face had turned pale.

It was so funny.

The spiritual tentacles finally connected to the last parts of the central system of the starship, and Lin Yan narrowed her eyes with satisfaction.

She suddenly laughed softly and happily.

Her laughter instantly transmitted to every corner of the starship through the starship’s broadcast system.

With the support of his subordinates, Wilson had rushed to the starship’s spare escape pod when he heard the sudden burst of laughter. 

This voice, this voice is clearly–

Lin Yan! ! !

She, how did she gain control of the entire starship? ! !

Wilson felt cold all over his body. He had clearly checked that Lin Yan had no electronic equipment on her body, so…what did she use to control the starship? !

Such an unthinkable situation exceeded Wilson’s range of expectations, and for a moment his legs began to tremble.

The throat that hadn’t been hydrated for a long time was dry and hoarse, but Lin Yan smiled through the pain, coughing violently while laughing, with her mouth full of the sweet taste of blood. 

She had overdone it…forcibly empowering her spiritual power and then overusing her mental power….it would leave an impact on her body. When she invaded the system and tried to wrestle control of the highest authority of the starship, she used her mental power so much that all of her internal organs were in agony.

“Escape, just try and escape—”

She didn’t care about her injuries, instead she laughed louder and louder, a bit of craziness entering her voice.

“Flee like the cowardly mouse you are.”

Through the cameras of the starship, she watched as Wilson and his crowd fled in panic, manually opening the escape pods, and then ejected the pods out of the starship. 

She smiled and found the weapon arsenal of the starship.

A civilian starship like this one didn’t have many weapons, Lin Yan sighed in disappointment.

She hastily fired off the first few cannons towards the escape pods. 

Lin Yan revealed in the screams coming from the system connected to the escape pods, and smiled as she unloaded the main energy source and then the auxiliary energy source from the starship’s arsenal. 

Then…launched them towards the escape pods. 

When the shells of the energy sources hit the escape pods, it exploded and every pod was caught in the crossfire. 

Lin Yan’s laughter stopped.

She stared blankly into the darkness ahead.

The starship had lost all its energy and now floated aimlessly in space, like a ghost ship that had been abandoned. 

Who knew what lay ahead, but it was long past the point of no return. 

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