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When the Hacker is Forced to Marry Ch.51

Ch.51- Rejoin the connection 

The problems within the Guide Alliance were handed over to the Black Domain to solve. Pandora was itching with hatred and vowed to dig the three feet in the ground–no, dig all the way to the asthenosphere to find this spy. 

And after searching through the military headquarters, the Third Legion were able to find the list of culprits for this complicated situation. 

The first batch of lists was sorted out.

As one of the people on the list, Brandon has made sure to keep the list updated. 

This is a list of Anti-Guide forces.

From political leaders to military leaders, from business celebrities to energy tycoons, countless forces were linked together through invisible hands, forming a huge group of forces that almost made one feel hopeless. 

When Brandon was interrogated, the admiral was dismissive at first. If he hadn’t used more ‘excessive’ means to force out a confession from Brandon, he was afraid that Brandon would still refuse to talk because he believed that his power was still great enough to make the rebels feel fear. 

Unfortunately, since Doyle dared to take control of the military, no matter how large this group was, he would no longer fear this monstrous behemoth. 

General Doyle had just finished up the new debriefing meeting before he walked out of the meeting room and saw Kristen standing in the passageway.

He paused, and walked towards Kristen.

Kristen saluted him, and after months of training, her original mercenary air was gone, leaving behind the picture perfect aura of a soldier. 

“General, is there any news on Wilson’s side of things?”

General Doyle looked at her carefully.

After the spiritual connection was severed, except for that breakdown on the battlefield, Kristen’s actions afterwards were unexpectedly normal.

Except she no longer smiled and she kept a frosty appearance at all times, even her every movement was very restrained and calm.

But Doyle knew very well that the longer she was in this state, the more destructive it would be when those suppressed feelings finally burst out.

Fortunately…  this time he was able to find something. 

General Doyle saw through the meaning behind Kristen’s words, and gave her the answer she wanted.

“Duke Wilson took Her Highness with him somewhere, we have no idea where As for the spiritual connection, it was cut off at the Military Medical Center.”

Kristen’s calm eyes suddenly lit up.

“According to intelligence analysis, Wilson then brought Her Highness back to Planet Ta.”

“The current situation is unstable, so my fleet and I cannot leave the military headquarters at the moment, but you can.”

General Doyle looked directly at her, his tone suddenly stern: “Kristen, if I give you a starship, will you be able to bring Her Highness back?”

Kristen’s tight lip line softened a bit: “…Without a doubt.”

She is still alive.

To Kristen, this was all she needed to know.

Planet Ta

“Wilson actually didn’t die?” the elderly congressman asked, “He brought on such a disaster and has done so many evil things, yet he was able survive?”

“Although he has survived, he is virtually half-dead. He also went a little crazy.” The middle-aged congressman smiled, “No matter what, it can be considered a big blow to his faction….”


The middle-aged congressman explained: “I just received news from the port. It seems that Wilson’s accident was a bit serious this time. Even the starship he borrowed did not make it back and only one escape pod came back. Who knows what that escape pod has gone through as it was almost destroyed beyond repair. Wilson seemed to have broken his spine during the escape, and his lower body is now paralyzed. It is said when he was lifted out of the escape pod, his pants were dripping wet.”

“Hahaha! Oh, happy day!” The elderly congressman laughed happily. “Wilson’s faction has acted arrogantly for so long, almost ten years, right? Ho! If it weren’t for the fact that my old body and bones refuse to give out, I’m afraid that even if I wanted to, I wouldn’t have been able to live to see this day!”

The middle-aged congressman responded with a smile still on his face: “Yes…ten years, we weren’t even considered a faction back then and we just said a few words for Angus but were almost beaten to death by them. Even after the situation had passed, they still made things difficult for us. If Wilson and the others hadn’t acted so cruelly, I am afraid we would not have formed the faction as we are today.”

“Hehe,” the elderly congressman squinted his eyes. “After living a lifeless life for ten years in the parliament, I should finally let them know….”

“That justice and righteousness will never be defeated.”

The elderly congressman seemed to suddenly remember something, and then asked: “What about Doyle Walter’s situation?”

“All moving according to plan.”

Lin Yan was still confined in the prison room.

Even though the spiritual tentacles were connected to the starship system, and she could open the shackles that bound her to the chair, and leave this repressive and confined space by herself, Lin Yan had somehow lost the courage to leave. 


Memories collapsed like a flood that broke the dam. 

In fact, this is not the first time it has collapsed. It’s just that every time she would repair the dam until she could file those memories away and shut the door. 

She had to remind herself over and over again that now was not the time to be sad, and she was not allowed to lose herself in grief just yet. 

The things she was carrying on her back were too heavy for her to fall now.

She had to help the Third Legion rebuild themselves, help the Black Domain complete their current plan to protect the future of mankind, and…

And the dream she and Kristen agreed to realize together.

To let the Guide Alliance stand in front of the parliament proudly and pass the human rights protection for Guides, making it become reality and– 

She opened her eyes helplessly, trying destreply to push back the liquid that threatened to pour out of her eye sockets.

The connection between the spiritual tentacles and the starship system was silently disconnected.

Lin Yan didn’t even know how much time had passed.

The expanse of the universe is large enough, that she could wander in darkness for years before coming across a star. And a starship without an energy source was forever stuck in this darkness. 

Therefore, when a red figure walked out of the darkness, Lin Yan did not notice it. 

She just tilted her head, her eyes lazily looking forward and then she froze. S

The thick glass wall was cut open by someone, and a laser blade flashed, slashing away the shackles on Lin Yan’s body at a speed too fast to see clearly.

Then, she was forced into a rough  embrace.

The sound of rapid breathing sounded in her ears, and a hot breath of warmth encircled her. The muscled arms were wrapped tightly around her waist and shoulders. Her entire body was embraced tightly into the other’s arms, and it kept tightening, as if it was about to her death. 

However, Lin Yan didn’t protest in the slightest. She had only gone without this embrace for a few days, but it seemed like years since she was last held like this. Like an addict who had returned to their addiction, she relapsed and hugged back fiercely. She called out her name repeatedly in a small and soft voice.


“I’m here.”

“…Kris…cough, Kristen.”

“I’m here.”


“En, I’m here.”

As if she had suddenly lost her ability to comprehend language, Lin Yan could only keep repeating her name, while Kristen held her tirelessly and replied softly each and every time. 

Lin Yan moved from the crook of Kristen’s neck, her eyes stuck firmly on Kristen’s face, and then she kissed the corner of her mouth violently.

Kristen felt something wet slide down her face.

“You’re here… What took you so long…” Tears flowed down her cheeks, mixed with salty bitterness between the entwined lips and tongue.

Kristen held her face, their two faces were separated by less than two centimeters, and Lin Yan leaned forward to touch their foreheads together. 

“…Did you know… When I was alone, I was so scared… from now on, you must stay by my side without being more than a step away from me, okay?”

Lin Yan didn’t have much strength left but at this moment she was clutching Kristen’s wrist rather tightly while her whole body was trembling slightly.

Kristen’s wrist hurt from the tight grasp, but she only gently grabbed Lin Yan’s other hand and said softly: “…Alright, I’ll stay by your side, so don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid anymore.”

There were still tears on Lin Yan’s face, but she suddenly let out a brilliant smile at Kristen: “En, wait for me, I still have something to do… …Don’t worry, there is not much left to do. I will finish my tasks soon, and after I finish I will go with you. Ok?”

Kristen was a little at a loss: “…what else is there to do?”

Lin Yan thought the other was dissatisfied, and her amber eyes filled with panic, kissing Kristen’s lips repeatedly as if to coax the other: “Don’t be angry, I really, really will finish them soon. I just can’t go with you yet. There are many things, the Third Legion, Chu, Pandora and others… Wait for me, wait for me to finish my promise with the Guide Alliance. Once I’m done, I will walk by your side once again, ok…”

Kristen felt that the other’s state was a little strange. 

Lin Yan suddenly broke free from her embrace, tears gushing out uncontrollably, running down her somewhat sunken cheeks.

She trembled nervously, and her white lips seemed to cry and laugh at the same: “I can’t die yet…I can’t die now…”

Kristen finally understood. 

Lin Yan’s current muddled mind believed that the Kristen before her was an illusion or… a ghost.

In her subconscious, she no longer believed that Kristen was alive anymore. 

Kristen grabbed Lin Yan’s cold palm abruptly and pressed it tightly to her chest.

The strong and powerful heartbeat trembled through Lin Yan’s palm.

The body in front of her was obviously warm and very much alive.

“I’m here, I’m still alive.”

The female Sentinel’s slightly hoarse voice sounded out. 

Lin Yan’s body tremors slowly eased up. 

She tentatively stretched out her spiritual tentacles, and then ran into a familiar and yet unfamiliar mental barrier.

A voice sounded in her ear: “It’s okay…the spiritual connection….what was broken can be mended. Everything will be ok.”

So she took down the barrier and opened up her spiritual sea to accept the other party without reservation.

“I love you.”

Author’s notes:

Hmm… In addition to spiritual union, there is also another type of union~

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