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When the Hacker is Forced to Marry Ch.52

Ch.52- NSFW (kinda)

Lin Yan never knew that when the broken connection was rejoined, it would actually hurt so much.

Compared with the dazzling pleasure and suffocating sweetness of the first time, this time the establishing of the connection was like getting in a car accident. 

If the last time was a perfect blend of coffee and milk, then this time it was like undergoing a baptism by fire. 

She shuddered with pain, loose strands of her hair sticking to her forehead due to the dense cold sweat, and her fists were clenched so hard that her palm began to bleed. 

Kristen also suffered the same pain. She stretched out her hand and slowly unclenched the other’s fists, one finger at a time. 

Lin Yan wanted to struggle, but she was overwhelmed. Her eyes were red and her voice was hoarse: “Let go of me, it hurts, it really hurts–“

Tears gathered in her eyes, and kept falling along her cheeks.

But at the same time, Lin Yan was smiling.

She laughed so hard and pressed her cheek against the side of Kristen’s face with affection. Kristen was full of tenderness, and lowered her head to kiss her carefully, gently sucking the tears that were rolling off her face.

Kristen looked at the person in front of her. Lin Yan’s face was full of tears and sweat, and her eyes were distressingly red. Her expression twisted and awkward, yet she kept smiling as hard as she could.

Kristen’s hand moved slowly, stroking her back comfortingly.

Lin Yan was much too thin.

After going through such a torment, the originally thin body looked worse for wear and her bones protrude out of her back, almost like a butterfly’s wings.

She pulled up one of Lin Yan’s hands, and her eyes fell on Lin Yan’s palm. The contrast between the red nail marks and Lin Yan’s fair complexion was extremely obvious. Kristen’s heart ached faintly, and soon the connection decreased in pain. 

When the previously severed connection was repaired, Kristen could feel the resonance from the other side and her eyes became red as well.

The sense of companionship that had been lost once again reappeared.

Lin Yan’s originally tense nerves suddenly loosened, she struggled to open her misty eyes, only to hear Kristen chuckle in her ear: “Go to sleep, when you wake up… We will be home.”

Lin Yansi was exhausted, and finally fell asleep the moment she leaned into Kristen’s arms.

When Lin Yan woke up again, it was already a few days later.

The sun was shining and a few rays of that yellow light fell into the room from outside the window. Dust floated slowly in the air under the warm yellow light and it seemed that the birds outside were chirping softly. The whole world was warm and quiet, as if she was in a fantasy of her own making. As if she was in a dream. 

But Lin Yan knew that this was not a dream.

She sat up, there was no pain or discomfort on her body, and the other side of the connection that had been empty all this time, seemed to respond suddenly.

Ba-dump, Ba-dump, Ba-dump.

The heartbeats sounded one after another, establishing a steady rhythm and the responding beats that followed was like the most beautiful chorus in the world.

Lin Yan sat up and hugged her legs close to her. 

Everything was so perfect that it almost seemed fake.


Where was the person she had wanted to see as soon as she opened her eyes?

Chris said that based on Lin Yan’s current physical condition, she will probably wake up this morning.

So she got up early, stole a quick kiss from Lin Yan’s lips, who was still sleeping, and left the room to make her breakfast.

Lin Yan was in a coma for a few days, and in order to intake the nutrient solution, Kristen had to feed her. Although the nutrient solution can barely ensure the body’s metabolism, it was still better than eating nothing. 


Kristen recalled how Lin Yan looked when she fed her that nutrient solution, and she couldn’t help the sudden warm and sweet feeling that swelled in her heart.

When she tried to feed Lin Yan, the girl acted like a little beast whose sleep had been disturbed. She would hum in annoyance and try to bite her, but when her body realized it was Kristen, it would automatically soften. Like a rose who suddenly retracted her thorns, she would calm down, leaving behind a beautiful woman. 

Almost like a little hedgehog.

And then when she obediently swallowed solution that Kristen fed her, making people want to bully her——

Stop it!

Kristen couldn’t help swallowing.

…She’s a sick patient!

She can’t be moved by such thoughts!

Have a little self-control!

She suppressed those bad thoughts and returned to the room with a tray in her hands. 

The door to the room slowly opened and as soon as she stepped into the room, she happened to meet Lin Yan’s gaze.

Lin Yan didn’t know how long she had slept, but her amber eyes seemed to be covered with a layer of mist, and she looked over with a dazed expression. 

Kristen put the tray on the table beside the bed and sat on the bed. 

“You’re awake? Then it’s time to eat breakfast.” Kristen reached out and took the porridge bowl off the tray and then blew lightly over the hot surface. 

“Today’s weather is pretty good, so I opened the curtains.” Kristen carefully scraped a spoonful of scented porridge along the edge of the bowl with a spoon, and then tried the temperature with her lips, before holding it up. 

“Taste it first. Tell me if it’s too hot.”

Lin Yan looked at her sluggishly and her eyes didn’t even blink, but she still opened her mouth obediently and allowed the spoon to go into her mouth.

Kristen has a pair of hands that can do almost anything, but she has never taken care of people with them before. So her current posture was awkward and jerky, but Lin Yan was surprisingly obedient, and drank the entire porridge, one spoonful at a time. 

Kristen cleaned up the silverware and was about to leave when Lin Yan suddenly stopped her. She turned her head, and Lin Yan still sat there with her legs curled against her chest, but now there was a trace of confusion in her eyes.

“Kristin,” Lin Yan said softly, “Can you…not go?”

Kristen only felt that the heart in her chest softened into a puddle of water. She put the plate aside, sat on the bed and kissed her little Guide: “I’m not going anywhere.”

Lin Yan laughed, raised a hand and squeezed her face: “Why are you so good…so good that I feel like everything is a dream.”

“Where does it feel like a dream?” Kristen asked back.

Lin Yan moved to the other side of the bed and motioned for Kristen to come up: “Everything feels unreal… because I feel so light, just like a dream.”

Kristen sat down beside her when a hand reached out to wrap around her waist. 

Lin Yan raised her eyes slowly, and something seemed to change in those amber eyes.

“Will you hug me?”

“You…” Kristen thought she had heard wrong.

Lin Yan stretched out his hand, and pushed her down onto the bed. One smooth and slender leg slipped between Kristen’s legs. The little Guide leaned down and then placed her hands somewhat tightly against Kristen’s shoulders. 

A somewhat cold voice rang out: “Kristen, hold me.”

Those misty eyes instantly froze over, and she held the body below her with such strength. Suddenly the little princess turned into a queen. 

Kristen was stunned.

This was the first time she’s seen Lin Yan like this. 

In front of her, Lin Yan has always been a soft and sticky little cutie, and even occasionally has this playful side to her. It always made her feel that Lin Yan was like a vigilant and careful little beast, and even when she attacked there was always a fluffy look on her face. 

But the Lin Yan right now is completely different from her previous impressions.

Haughty and cold, cruel but fragile.

Like an eagle under a downpour of heavy rain, her eyes still stubborn and proud despite the suffering. 

Kristen realized that Lin Yan was deliberately trying to provoke her. 

And she had succeeded.

Kristen flipped over and pressed Lin Yan below her, before pouncing like a dangerous cat. 

She bit Lin Yan’s lips hard, and ravaged those pale lips until they turned bright red.

Lin Yan continued to tease her. She bit back viciously, and both of them could taste blood: “Try a little harder, or are you weak because you haven’t eaten yet.”

Kristen tore off Lin Yan’s nightdress.

Lin Yan raised her chin. She tried to calm her hurried breathing, as she lifted up one leg in a charming and provocative manner, before hooking it around Kristen’s waist, and then gazed upwards suggestively. 

Kristen was almost driven mad by her.

The fiery and powerful kisses that came next were so strong, as if they were trying to crush the person underneath them. The lips were rough and sucked desperately, like a traveler who had almost died of thirst in the desert suddenly found an oasis and it tried to suck out every ounce of water from Lin Yan’s mouth. 

Lin Yan made a surprised noise. 

The slightly hoarse voice then said in a rather nervous tone: “Isn’t this what you wanted?”

Lin Yan snorted and then sucked in a cold breath as the other moved towards her neck, her breathing was staggered “…hurry up.”

Come and make me feel the pain.

A whole new war has begun.

The sounds of clothes being torn, gasps, and moans could be heard.

Lin Yan furiously grabbed Kristen’s neck, and was then embroiled in another wave of strong emotions. 

Kristen changed her position so she was hugging Lin Yan’s body firmly from behind. Her gaze fell on her Guide’s slender shoulders and the hand that fell onto the blanket. 

She used a little more strength and Lin Yan gripped the blanket underneath her hand with trembling fingers. 

No, her entire body was trembling. 

The body was so sensitive that it made her crazy, but Kristen did not  stop and wait, and did it over and over again, until she was screaming. 

Lin Yan let out several screams, her voice laced with a pleading yet joyful tone that made Kristen even more energized. 

In the constant war between the two, Lin Yan was defeated.

She flipped over and tried to turn this defeat into victory. However, she could do nothing as she was like a puppet that danced to the other’s tune. 

The sun slowly moved further away from the bed until it dipped below the window. 


This chapter was originally posted by the author but was later locked in the raws on jjwxc and even deleted on some pirate websites in China. Now say it with me: “Fu*k Chinese censorship!” That is all, have a good day. 

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