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When the Hacker is Forced to Marry Ch.53

Ch.53- The Trial of Mihana

“Chris, has the results come out yet?”

Chris put down the sample in his hand, kicked his feet against the ground, and the chair with wheels beneath him slid toward the door.

“It has,” Chris turned his head, about to reply when he suddenly choked, “No, wait, what, that, what, y-you…”

Kristen’s collar was a little low and on her exposed neck and collarbone, there were several ambiguous red dots, along with a faint scratch mark. If Chris’s eyes weren’t so sharp then he might not have been able to see that-

No, why did he see that in the first place!

A scarf was wrapped around Kristen’s neck, and after circling the cloth along her neck, she regained her serious aura. Lin Yan, wearing a high-collared shirt, walked in from behind Kristen and asked with a smile, “Although I have a good idea who it was….I need to confirm the final results. So who was it?”

Chris tilted his head and couldn’t help sighing: “…It’s Mihana.”

This was hardly unexpected. Mihana’s fascination with Kristen and her jealousy towards Lin Yan was not hard to see as long as someone paid just a little bit of attention. 

Even the insensitive Chris could see it. 

Chris has been in the Guide Alliance long enough to consider Mihana as a childhood friend who grew up with him. 

With her good looks, plus Lin Yudu’s love, she was regarded as the “little princess” of the Guide Alliance. So when she was rescued by a Sentinel from her kidnappers, and even brazenly declared she would marry the Sentinel, it caused an uproar in the Alliance. 

As an extremist with anti-Sentinel sentiments, Lin Yudu naturally didn’t agree and was furious with her daughter. 

After that, Mihana disappeared for long periods of time and then seemingly matured a lot. As a representative of the new generation of the public opinion faction, her hard work and dedication gained even Chris’ admiration. 

But Chris never thought that Mihana was so obsessed with this Sentinel, who turned out to be his older sister and even committed an unforgivable mistake like this. 

Lin Yan was kidnapped and Chu’s mental barrier was destroyed…even Ares’ collapse was probably related to her.

She destroyed half of the Guide Alliance in one go….this time around, Mihana could not escape judgment. 

Chris sighed and said sternly: “Mihana says she will only confess to her crimes if sister, Your Highness, 

and Chu agrees to meet her.”

Lin Yan has never been able to understand what was going on in that girl’s brain and replied with a surprised, “Huh?”

Kristen shook her head: “Let’s go take a look. Let’s see what she has planned.” 

“Let’s go then.” Lin Yan turned around. 001 had already thoughtfully projected a map in the air, marking the location where Mihana was currently being held.

When the three of them arrived, Chu was already standing at the door.

Since the breakdown of his mental barrier, he had to wear an amplification device to maintain his tenuous mental barrier and even had to avoid crowds.

One could see how badly the loss of a mental barrier affected him. 

Lin Yan has inquired about it, besides being easily disturbed by other people’s mental power fluctuations, it also caused a great physical burden due to external interference.

Usually, the breakdown of the mental barrier leads to the Guide’s death. 

And, the Guide usually only loses their mental barrier after their Sentinel’s death. 

And Chu’s mental barrier collapse this time was basically a death sentence. 

Chu didn’t seem to care about his broken body. He glanced at Lin Yan’s forlorn expression and smiled instead.

“Your Highness,” Chu said, “My work has been handed over to Kristen, and as for the Guide Alliance…I leave it in your capable hands.”

Lin Yan didn’t seem to expect him to say this and looked at him with a startled expression. 

“Chu…I’m sorry.” She took a deep breath, “If I had listened to you and had been a little bit more cautious…”

Chu’s smile fell and he then said with a serious face: “Your Highness, you are not to blame.” 

“Even if we had avoided it this time, what about the next time?” Chu analyzed, “It is not a good thing to keep allowing such dangers to continue lurking in the Alliance.” 

He laughed a little self-deprecatingly: “And despite knowing that something was wrong, I did not stop you at the time. The timing of Ares’s system crash was just too coincidental, so… I also wanted to try and see if I could find anything.”

“It’s just that we happened to walk right into a trap, and now…..we were lucky enough to be able to reverse the current situation.”

Lin Yan opened her mouth, as if she wanted to say something, but was stopped by Chu. 

“If you want to say something to apologize or if you feel guilty, then don’t,” Chu smiled frankly, “If you really want to make up for me, then quickly catch those cowards on Planet Ta and… rebuild the Third Legion.”

Lin Yan froze. 

She bit her lower lip and her eyes suddenly became firm and sharp.

She replied loudly: “I will. I won’t let you wait for long.”

Chu retracted his gaze and looked at the cell on the other side where Mihana was being held: “…then let’s go.”

There were not that many people in the room because of Chu’s current predicament. 

Then when Kristen appeared, Mihana suddenly raised her head as if she had received a signal.

But she only looked startled for a moment. 

She quickly schooled her expression and the ugly emotions that had almost appeared on her face were suppressed by her. She soon regained the well-behaved and innocent appearance that they were familiar with. 

“Mihana,” Lin Yudu called her name softly, her voice trembling, “You…”

Mihana didn’t seem to intend to say anything to Lin Yudu, and even lost the respect she used to have as she called her mother’s name directly: “Lin Yudu, do not interfere in my interrogation.”

“…” Lin Yudu fell silent.

She tilted her head to look at Kristen who was standing beside her. Since Kristen has taken over Chu’s position, the job of interrogating people landed on her shoulders. 

Kristen and Lin Yan glanced at each other and then stepped forward together.


“… Leaking internal confidential information about the Guide Alliance to Planet Ta’s Anti-Guide Forces, and revealing the whereabouts of Lin Yan and Chu that resulted in heavy losses within the Guide Alliance. Mihana, do you confess to doing all these things.” 

Mihana did not answer her immediately.

She lowered her head, reflected quietly herself, and after confirming that her emotions were sufficiently buried within her heart, slowly raised her head and revealed a bright smile. 

“Yes, that was all me,” Mihana admitted clearly. 

Lin Yudu couldn’t believe it: “Mihana, why did you…”

Mihana seemed to have completely lost patience with Lin Yudu and stared back coldly and fiercely: “Lin Yudu, you have no right to speak. I don’t want to repeat myself for the third time.”

After that, the smile on her face returned but it was a bit colder than before. 

Lin Yan remembered that when she first came to Pandora, Mihana was still a cute, albeit naive and haughty, little girl. But now…..she had become unrecognizable. 

“Kristin, do you want to know more?” Mihana chuckled lightly. “As long as you want to know, then… everything I’ve done…..I can tell you.”

“After all… this was all done for you.”

Kristen felt that this person in front of her was a complete stranger. 

She spoke with a bit of difficulty: “… Tell me.”

Mihana seemed to have heard some great joyous event, as a smile spread across her face again, and her eyes lit up, and even her tone was full of joy: “Great! Kristen, listen carefully~.”

“I contacted the people on Planet Ta and told them everything, including Lin Yan’s abilities and about those things from the Black Domain.”

“But I never betrayed you, Kristen.”

“They gave me a very simple little program. During that time…Narcissus was helping me in my work with the public opinion faction, so it was not difficult for me to get in touch with Narcissus.” 

“Then… I installed this small program into his system.”

“However, I heard from them that this program does not work on Narcissus. It only works on an A.I. like Ares.” 

“This was a program designed for Ares, but no matter since all of them meet periodically in the Black Domain, the program on Narcissus will naturally be transferred into Ares.”

Mihana smiled with satisfaction: “That’s why Ares suddenly crashed for no reason.”

“It’s just a pity,” she sighed regretfully, and looked at Lin Yan who was standing to the side, “You are like a cockroach, really hard, even with all these calculations in place, fate smiled on you and you survived.” 

“No wonder… I can’t compete with you.”

Kristen closed her eyes, she couldn’t imagine…this person was the same little girl she had rescued so long ago. 

She took a deep breath, with some bitterness handing from the corners of her lips: “Do you know that your schemes caused the Third Legion to be ambushed and almost caused me to die on the battlefield.” 

The smile on Mihana’s face suddenly disappeared.

She looked at Kristen with a blank expression, and said, “I didn’t know… I didn’t know…”

Kristen’s eyes were full of disappointment: “If this is what you call love, then… I am afraid that there are only a few people in this world who will dare to accept it…right?”

Mihana was at a loss, her eyes widened as two lines of tears rolled down her cheeks.

She choked on her sobs and cried while screaming in agony. 

Chu frowned with furrowed brows. 

Lin Yan released her spiritual power and had a part of her power embraced around Chu to protect him from Mihana’s fluctuations. 

Chu only felt that the pressure had disappeared, so he turned his head and smiled at Lin Yan.

Mihana laughed miserably.

“Why…why!” She cried and laughed, yelling hysterically, “Why, why should she take everything from me? I tried my best, but I couldn’t get a response from you!”

“It’s not fair! It’s not fair!!!”

She looked at Kristen with tears on her face, a trace of blood slowly spilling out of the corner of her mouth.

She gave Kristen one last look and then turned to look at Chris who was standing silently in the back. 

“Thank you…” Her voice was slightly inaudible, “Thank you for the…”

She didn’t finish her words before she died. 

Author’s notes:

The poison for Mihana’s suicide was given to her by Chris.

Next, we’ll wrap up all the plot’s remaining problems. 

The next part is a short paragraph about what happened to Lin Yudu. 

The end is near, it is time for some of the actors to leave the stage. 


Later, Chu asked Lin Yudu what she planned to do next.

After Mihana committed suicide, Lin Yudu seemed to have lost her will and she seemed to have aged 10 years. 

Even though Mihana was the daughter of a Sentinel who abandoned and hurt her, she gave all her love to her daughter. 

Although this love was not as precious for Mihana as she thought. 

Because she had spoiled Mihana so much, her daughter had expected everything to come easily to her. 

So, when she realized Kristen could not be as easily obtained, she became obsessed. 

Then… she easily gave up everything her mother gave to her. 

Lin Yudu cultivated Mihana as her heir, but in the end, she became a knife pointed towards the Guide Alliance itself. 

Lin Yudu smiled bitterly: “…what else can I do?”

“I’ve gotten old and I’m so….tired.” She sighed weakly, “Perhaps…when the Alliance stabilizes, I will retire and step to the side to give way to the new generation.”

She could no longer withstand these heart-breaking situations anymore. 


And so….

Mihana and Lin Yudu make their exit

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