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When the Hacker is Forced to Marry Ch.54

Ch.54- Transition chapter 

The wave that the Guide Alliance set off on the Star Network, in the beginning, could be described as shocking. The explosive news was enough to attract people’s attention, but… if there is no follow-up, then the attention naturally disappears. 

The first time may receive the people’s sympathy and pity, but after the second, third… eventually, people become numb to it. 

During the first wave, Planet Ta did not respond and fell silent uncharacteristically. This silence was tantamount to acquiescence,  and at first, the people were excited for more news but after a long time, when everyone has calmed down, different voices began to speak out. 

Lin Yan just pulled herself out of Kristen’s arms when she received a notice from Pandora.

Guide Alliance was trending in the searches again. 

When the Guide Alliance obtained Narcissus as an ally, the Guide Alliance became a constant in the headlines and was a frequent visitor of the trending section. After the more outlandish headlines were removed, the Guide Alliance was still at the top of the trending for several days.

But this time, it was not a good thing. 

#The Guide Alliance’s One Man Show#

The source of the headline seemed to be a forum that discusses current affairs. This forum has always been good at interpreting current affairs news in a unique way. It can be regarded as the paradise of conspiracy theories, but every conspiracy theory they discussed was rather logical and so it was quite popular among the Star network users.

And this moment, they were hosting a “close-study” of the current press releases by the Guide Alliance. 

Starting from the past releases, they affirmed that the Guide Alliance was indeed led by the deceased Empress Lin. 

The organization was established from within the Guide Alliance. I know a few Guides who are old enough to remember and apparently there were many Guides from the Academy who joined the Alliance.  The Guide Alliance back then really could be considered as a ‘Guide Alliance’.

Then they put forth a proposal on Guide rights. It was a real struggle for human rights and if it were not for the unfortunate death of Empress Lin, then would the current Guide Alliance even need to ‘jump out’ in the first place?” 

Then, they began addressing some questions about the current Guide Alliance. 

The current guide alliance itself is made up of so-called ‘free guides’ who have not studied at the Guide Academy. As we all know, the imperial law has clearly written that after a guide is awakened, he or she must study in the Guide Academy. This is the protection for the Guide but what did the Guide Alliance do? They took in many ‘free Guides’, this is already a great crime!

Naturally, some people refuted: “But the Guide Alliance had said that there are people who are trafficking Guides inside the academy!

But can you make sure that all the information given by the Guide Alliance is true? There are so many Guides who went missing during the war. They just need to investigate a bit and report a few names, then find a few people to call themselves the ‘relatives’ of the deceased. Then couldn’t they just simply blame the Guide Academy for these ‘missing’ people?”

Lin Yan took a deeper look into things and found that the Empire’s public press has begun to move again, although their bias was much better hidden this time. 

Lin Yan smiled.

Planet Ta finally couldn’t take it anymore. 

“The movement has begun.”

Speaking of which, this development has Duke Wilson to thank. If Lin Yan hadn’t been captured by him for a while, then the Alliance would never have dug out so many of their enemies. 

From the military headquarters to the high-ranking nobles on Planet Ta, there is by no means a lack of those who have participated in the Guide trafficking, and even other forces that are not directly involved are linked to this. 

When a malignant tumor takes root, it naturally will be difficult to remove it. 

And at this moment, without knowing which party it was, suddenly a new development occurred. 

James did not intend to intervene in the internal work of the Guide Alliance.. James, who secluded himself with Chris to develop a new batch of Sentinel soothing agents, rarely raised his head from his research, but today he actively went to find Lin Yan. 

James and Lin Yudu can be regarded as people from the same generation, but perhaps James worries too much or he has too many demons in his heart because his original pepper and salt hair has become completely white. 

He looked at Lin Yan with anxiety between his eyebrows: “Your Highness, what can I do at this time…”

But Lin Yan was unexpectedly calm, and replied with a smile: “No need to do anything, we will wait and see before we make a move.”

James’s voice was trembling: “But when I promised the Empress to bring you into the Alliance, it was definitely not for you to become…”

Lin Yan interrupted him: “I have not become anything, Mr. James. I am the princess of the Stewart Empire and a member of the Guide Alliance. 

“I know all what the Guice Alliance has and hasn’t done. I also know that I entered the Guide Alliance not to become a  symbol, but to become someone useful to them.” She smiled freely, “If the…Guide Alliance wishes to use me, then let them. You do not have to worry.”

She blinked playfully: “Maybe, this is a bomb that someone has deliberately dropped?”

It was as Lin Yan had said. 

The other side finally began to move. 

At the same time, Lin Yan also received an invitation from Planet Ta.

The elderly congressman in the holographic video projection saluted Lin Yan tremblingly.

“Your Highness, the current struggle has embroiled the entire Planet Ta.” The elderly congressman looked like a light in his eyes, “If you want to, and we urgently hope you do,…you can travel from Pandora to Planet Ta.”

“Only here can we attain real freedom and power.”

“If you want the Guide Alliance to achieve their full potential, you must return. You must meet up with your allies and fight the enemies waiting for you.”

Lin Yan smiled.

“—I will be there soon.”

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