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When the Hacker is Forced to Marry Ch.55

Ch.55: Official decree: Eradicate the malignant tumor

Port of Aphrodite.

Before boarding the ship, Lin Yan subconsciously tilted her head and happened to see a tall figure in front of her. 

The other party was obviously waiting for her. Seeing that Lin Yan was looking at him, he walked over and saluted: “Your Highness, please allow the First Fleet of the Third Legion to accompany you on your trip to Planet Ta.”

“General Doyle,” Lin Yan raised her eyebrows, “Abandoning your duty at the borders without permission and taking control of the military headquarters….you should be facing some rather serious charades. If you have to return to Planet Ta, are you afraid of repeating the mistakes of the past?”

Doyle shook his head: “It won’t be the same.”

He sternly said: “I have steadily rebuilt the Third Legion for ten years not to rebel against the empire, nor to gain any status and power. I only hope that I can give the Third Legion from ten years ago an answer.”

Lin Yan did not speak. She fixedly observed the look on Doyle’s face, trying to find any emotion on his face but she failed to see anything. 

Even members of the royal family like Lin Yan who has always been invisible in politics will be taught how to manage the empire. 

And in those courses she took, she was taught to always be on guard against people like Doyle Walter.

Those who hold military power and hold the most elite troops in the entire empire, easily become a threat that one cannot control if the ruler cannot maintain their grip on them. 

Lin Yan inexplicably remembered what she had learned in class, but looking at Doyle’s face, she couldn’t find a single lie in his expression. 

“General Doyle,” Lin Yan said with a smile, “I will do my best to help the Third Legion regain their honor, and I will address all injustice it has faced up till now.”

“Then… please remember what you said today.”

The huge fleet was docked at Planet Ta’s Port. Lin Yan looked through the porthole, and the light from the stars above poured downwards into a dazzling arc of light.

It has only been less than a year since she had last been here, but it felt like decades.

The last time she left this planet to change her life, this time…..she returned to this planet to change the lives of others.

Lin Yan chuckled. She turned her head, reached out her hand to hook around Kristen’s neck, raised her head, and kissed her cheek, then took Kristen’s hand and smiled: “Let’s go, I will take you on a tour around the Platinum Palace.” 

Unfortunately, her words did not come to fruition until much later.

Lin Yan had only just arrived before and she was bogged down by a list of things to do. 

First, Doyle Walter and a group of Planet Ta politicians have joined the Alliance’s forces on the side of the Guide Alliance. They then held a conference. Lin Yan, as the representative of the Alliance, naturally had to participate. After much arguing and yelling, everyone received what they wanted, but before Lin Yan could catch her breath, another bomb was dropped. 

Lin Yan looked at the words on the screen with disbelief. 

She reread the words over and over again until she suddenly came back to her senses.

The “Stewart Empire” mark was placed in an inconspicuous corner of the notice in front of her, but those who understood the meaning of this ‘mark’ jumped up in excitement. 

The previous reports sent out by the Public Opinion Agency represented the official attitude, but this notice with the “Stewart Empire” mark was ordered by the highest authority in the Empire. It was also the final say in the matter. 

And this time the official conclusion was-

“How is this possible!!!” Duke Wilson was almost mad, “His Majesty…How could His Majesty make such a decision?!”

Duke Wilson has had quite a tough time these past few days and he was glad to have even managed to escape from that lunatic when he returned to find this had happened. 

How could he be willing to accept this!

“Haha,” one of the few figures across from Duke Wilson sneered a few times, “Duke, instead of venting hysterically here, you might as well stop and think about how we can solve the current situation. “

“His Majesty’s is really ruthless…” Someone laughed gloomily, “Just how much did we sacrifice to support him? Who would have known that he would just throw us away like this.”

“How could you not expect this? The little puppet from before has grown wings and wants to fly away from us—”

“Look at what he has written, “Eradicate the malignant tumor.” If we are the malignant tumor then he, as the emperor who relies on this malignant tumor….is he not the bigger malignant tumor?”


Someone patted the table again and said sharply, “Is this the time to be laughing?!”

“If we don’t laugh, then do you want to cry instead?” Someone snorted impatiently. “I’ve said before, with a muddle-headed man like Brandon, how can he lead the military….yet you guys didn’t believe me. Now take a look. Our ace in the hole has been defeated. I want to see just how you guys expect to counterattack.”


“Looks like I poked a sore spot, eh?”

The scene was rather chaotic. 

Someone seemed to think of something suddenly, and said hurriedly: “We may have lost our ace in the hole, but we actually have the means to come back–!”


“Think about it, the royal family—”

Lin Yan had no clue what was going on behind the scenes. 

Kristen accepted the order from General Doyle to protect Lin Yan’s safety rather seriously and Lin Yan decided to take advantage of this. Lin Yan deliberately forced Kristen into the corner and pressed her body tightly against the other. She smiled and asked, “Is this close enough for you?”. However, within a blink of an eye, the situation was reversed and Kristen was now pushing her against the wall. One fierce makeout session later, Lin Yan’s legs were soft and numb, before she was let go. 

Kristen asked her: “The royal family has made such a statement, are you not going to do anything?”

Lin Yan shrugged:”… A notice does not mean that it will actually be carried out. Most likely the old man was scared by the arrival of General Doyle’s fleet of ships. does not mean that it can be put into practice. It’s better if we pay attention to the actions of those anti-guide forces instead.”

Kristen’s gaze fell on the pile of paper in Lin Yan’s hand: “But you haven’t been paying attention to them this entire time” 

Lin Yan laughed. She assembled the documents in her hand and leaned forward to kiss Kristen on the corner of her lips before handing the stack of documents to Kristen: “There’s no hurry… there are more important things waiting for us.”

Kristen lowered her head to see the first few letters on the cover of the documents. 

【Application for the right of parliamentary proposal】

Kristen looked at Lin Yan with confusion. 

Lin Yan felt satisfied by the confusion in Kristen’s eyes, “This is a real thing.”

She saw Kristen’s puzzlement and explained: “It is a privilege in the Empire to propose a bill in parliament. Once the actual application goes through, one can only submit proposals, but cannot participate in the actual voting. In the end, it’s a means to save a little bit of the royal family’s face. Except for the Emperor, almost no other member of the royal family can actually participate in politics.”

“But… the right to offer up a proposal may be more than what it seems.”


Honestly, I have no idea what is even going on anymore in this story….but we’re so close to the end! 5 more chapters! Equivalent to about 2.5 ch of system~

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