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When the Hacker is Forced to Marry Ch.56

Ch.56- Assassination 

Lin Yan’s application passed very quickly. The right of parliamentary proposal was not a power the royal family used often and was long forgotten power anyways, so not many people paid attention to this issue.

After the application was completed, Kristen was taken into an aircraft with Lin Yan at the helm. The aircraft slowly left the ground, but instead of driving towards the gorgeous palace overhanging the mountains, as Kristen thought, it flew in the opposite direction.

The topographical layout of Planet Ta is very distinctive, with the symbol of the highest power, the platinum palace, hanging high above the mountains. Meanwhile, the large mountain basins and artificially cut flat mountain tops below were the residences of the powerful.

The more flat the ground one lived on or the lower topography level one lived on, the lower your status. 

Kristen watched the scenery outside the window gradually change from high mountains to flat and open plains with winding rivers, and finally couldn’t help asking: “Where are you taking me?”

“That’s a secret.” Lin Yan winked her right eye, “I’m taking you to a place… that belongs to the future.”

The princess laughed: “I thought you would hold yourself back from asking any questions until the very end, yet you asked me almost immediately. Are you feeling restless?”

Kristen shook her head. She looked out the window again and was attracted by a pure white building not too far away from the river.

The black logo on the pure white building was particularly conspicuous.

A circle of dotted lines encloses an arrow that points to the sky. The circle symbolizes the protection Planet Ta extends to their Guides. 

Although nowadays, so-called protection seemed a bit hypocritical. 

Kristen murmured: “This is… the Guide Academy.”

The aircraft was docked near the gate of the Guide Academy. Lin Yan stood at the magnificent gates of the Guide Academy, smiled, and turned her head to look at Kristen.

“After graduating, students from the Guide Academy, except for those who stay on campus for research, have only one chance to visit the campus again. That is, they are only allowed to visit with their chosen Sentinel. ” Lin Yan made an inviting gesture, “So, Miss Sentinel, would you like to accompany your Guide to take a tour around the campus?”

Kristen took Lin Yan’s hand: “Of course I want to.”

Classes were still in session, so there were few people wandering on the campus at this time. 

Lin Yanxu talked to her about what she had done during her time here, including how she hacked into the school system and canceled all the courses she didn’t like and how all the courses were catered on what the Guide should do to please their future Sentinel. 

Lin Yan seemed to suddenly remember something and pulled Kristen forward.

After running through a dense forest, they arrived at a river. 

A pleasant meadow surrounded the river, and there were these small white flowers that are not much bigger than fingernails that spring up from it. The sound of insects mixed with the sound of running water produced a sense of calm and tranquility–like one had entered an entirely different world. 

Kristen looked at the white walls belonging to the Guide Academy behind her. They extended from the forest all the way to the side of the river. She turned her head and asked, “Is this the edge of the Guide Academy?”

“Yes, as you know, most of the graduates of the Guide Academy will participate in the academy’s…” Lin Yan paused, “…a matchmaking banquet or auction of some sorts. However, there are always some who already have a partner and if a Guide wants to meet their Sentinel before graduation, the Sentinel can only swim from the other side of the river and sneak in to meet their lover.” 

“So…” Kristen chuckled, “You want to reenact that sort of private rendezvous here?”

Lin Yan was not ashamed or annoyed by the question and raised her head with a look on her face that seemed to be asking Kristen for a kiss: “Yes.”

Kristen’s heart moved, and she was about to move forward when she suddenly heard a faint rustling sound not too far away.

But when she looked over, the sound had disappeared without a trace. 

Although Lin Yan didn’t have a Sentinel’s heightened sense of hearing, she could tell something wrong from their spiritual connection. She tentatively asked: “What’s the matter?”

Kristen waited quietly for a while but still did not notice any changes. She shook her head: “…It’s nothing, maybe I heard it wrong.”

She had just said this when she felt a sudden chill in her heart.

Kristen’s intuition has always been very accurate. She pulled Lin Yan towards her when something flew towards them. They managed to avoid it and when they recovered, they discovered something burning in their original position. A dazzling bright light flashed and then a laser beam struck out. 

—An assassin!

Lin Yan widened her eyes in disbelief.

“Strider!” Kristin flicked out the storage space that held the Strider, “Come out!”

The Strider popped out and immediately blocked the laser beam. 

“Why would someone try and assassinate me at this time?” Lin Yan was astonished. “This is the Guide Academy, have they forgotten the empire’s most sacred laws?”

The Strider turned on the ability shield to block any more incoming lasers and then crouched down and opened the cockpit’s door for Kristen.

As for that assassin, still didn’t give up even though he had failed his initial attack. Even when he saw the Strider, he didn’t falter and took out his own mecha. 

Kristen’s eyes darkened and she pulled Lin Yan into the mecha with her. 

The two mechas got into their stances at the same time and at this moment the energy shield of the Strider was exhausted, and so the two mechas began to fight in hand-to-hand combat. 

The movements of the mecha were not quiet at all and it alarmed the students who were still in class/

Those students ran to the windows of their classrooms, one after another, and looked at the two mechas not too far away with incredulous expressions on their faces. 

Lin Yan was thrown by Kristen into the seat behind the cockpit. The space there was very narrow, and Lin Yan had to twist her body to fit and was barely able to pull out her photonic device. 

The mecha on the opposite side was probably using some sort of signal jammer, as it took Lin Yan more than a few seconds to get around the jammer and hack into the communications of the Guide Academy.


The harsh electromagnetic interference sound reverberated through the entire campus, and most of the students couldn’t help but cover their ears.

Kristen frowned as well. 

“Everyone at the Guide Academy, this is Lin Yan from the Guide Alliance.”

The previous anti-guide forces had long exposed her identity, but her identity was useful at this very moment. The Guides in the Academy were all supporters of the Alliance and these students screamed out with excitement when they heard Lin Yan confess her identity. 

The Strider retreated slightly, and then attacked the other mecha with a hard punch. 

“This is an assassination operation carried out by the anti-guide forces. Please do not panic. The Third Legion and the Guide Alliance will do their best to protect the safety of all students.”

After Lin Yan finished saying this sentence, she closed the connection with the broadcasting system of the Guide Academy, and instead began to try to interfere with the chaotic signals of the opposing mecha.

“Are you having any trouble?”

“No.” Kristen replied quickly, “I will take care of him in the next attack.”

As soon as Kristen’s voice fell, the mecha on the opposite side was pressed down by the Strider and became immobile on the ground. However, unexpectedly it did not struggle anymore and instead projected a holographic image into the Strider’s information system. 

The emotions in Kristen’s eyes changed suddenly.

…It was Duke Wilson.

Duke Wilson laughed miserably: “Hello, Kristen, it’s been a long time since we last worked together.” 

Kristen didn’t want to listen to his nonsense. She was about to blast the mecha in front of him, but Duke Wilson’s complexion changed. He looked at her with a grave expression, “…Are you really not going to let me finish my words? Won’t you regret not listening?”

“If you don’t listen…then the future heir of the empire will also die…..right in front of you.”

The movements of the Strider stopped.

The holographic image blurred for a moment before revealing a familiar face to Lin Yan.

Lin Yan’s second imperial brother is currently the official heir to the royal family.

At this time, the royal heir’s face was pale with horror, and his lips were trembling, but no one could hear what he was talking about.

Kristen hesitated as her hand hovered over her controls. 

The other party was waiting for this moment of hesitation!

The Strider suddenly sounded an alarm: “Ground Missile detected!”

Lin Yan’s grip around the device in her hands tightened. 

Kristen moved and the mechanical arm instantly transformed into a muzzle.

And the mecha that was originally immobilized by the Strider, was immediately kicked over to the side and Strider’s muzzle aimed at its cockpit.

The muzzle was switched from the normal laser beams to the armor-piercing projectiles, and then—


Duke Wilson was so furious that he almost broke his teeth from how hard he was clenching his jaw. He looked despondently at the burning mecha on the screen in front of him. 

Someone laughed contemptuously behind him: “It seems… that our second prince, it’s not worthy of being saved.”

Duke Wilson’s expression relaxed on his face: “Since he is so useless, then kill him.”

“Your Grace really is ruthless…” the man joked, “Very well.”

When Duke Wilson conveyed the order, the second prince was not in front of him but in a more hidden place far away from here. 

He comfortably took a sip of the red wine in his hand. The alcohol was like an effective sedative, and it slowly soothed his nerves until his trembling arms were slowly stabilized. 

Duke Wilson let out a long sigh, and said, “Get ready, we will storm the Platinum Palace, and then–“

As he talked, he didn’t notice the bright light outside until he was almost blinded by it. 

He stood up, and was about to walk to the window to take a look, when he saw a huge robotic hand suddenly appear outside his window.

A silver and black…..

The hand broke through the window and tore the wall as easily as a piece of paper, exposing everything in the room to the sun outside. 

“I’ve tracked you down.” Lin Yan’s voice sounded, “Duke Wilson, please do excuse me for what is about to happen next.”

The roof was lifted.

Dust and sand fell on Duke Wilson’s exquisitely managed outfit and carefully styled hair, causing him to look like a ridiculous clown.

Duke Wilson raised his head and watched the sun suddenly become obscured by several shadows.

He squinted his eyes and saw what the shadows really were. 

…The Third Legion.

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