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When the Hacker is Forced to Marry Ch.57

Ch.57- Passed by one vote

The assassination of Lin Yan right after she had arrived on Planet Ta was quickly spread around the star network.

“Assassination” is a rarely used word in the interstellar era as techonolgocial advancements have improved security by leaps and bounds. This time, the assasinantion attempt reminded them of the last assassination that shocked the empire.

…The assassination of Empress Lin.

It was the same as last time. They had both submitted a bill on behalf of the Guide Alliance to advance the human rights of the Guides, and they both were soon the targets of assinations soon after….

The similarities were just too coincidental. Everyone could understand the implicit meaning behind it. 

Not to mention–

“Has the proposal been submitted?”

“The submission has just been completed,” Lin Yan replied, “But… are you sure you really want to submit it so early? We submitted right after such a big uproar and our proposal is not perfect, therefore, according to the current situation, I am afraid that only half of our people will willingly vote for us.”

“You are right. The people on our side are not necessarily those who wholeheartedly support the elevation of the status of the Guide. If the proposal is submitted too hastily, then I am afraid that it will not get the number of votes needed to pass. 

Lin Yan heard Pandora’s reply and tilted her head in confusion: “…then why should we submit the proposal in advance?”

Her brows frowned: “Now that the second prince is in the hands of the anti-guide forces, it is entirely possible for them to use the second prince as a bargaining tool and ask the parliament to compromise with them-“

“What we are fighting for this time is not to pass the bill with a majority vote” Pandora replied, “but to remind the man sitting on the throne of our existence…Let’s see if he is really a ‘puppet emperor’ as the rumors say..”

“Puppet?” Lin Yan asked rhetorically.

Pandora seemed to have remembered something: “Oh, that’s right, when His Majesty was known as a’’puppet’, you were not born yet-no, even Empress Lin was not the Empress yet during that time. 

Empress Lin is the third Empress of the Platinum Palace. As far as Lin Yan knows, the first two Empresses were also victims of political marriage.

“Those rumors have been quelled long ago….ever since Empress Lin became the new owner of the Platinum Palace, few people dared to utter such words.”

“So what you mean to say is that my father was able to ascend to the throne, because he relied on the power of…the current anti-guide forces?” Lin Yan guessed.

“The puppet who relies on the power of the powerful to ascend to the throne couldn’t even control his own marriage. The first and second Empresses were both Guides from powerful families, and finally left the Platinum Palace because they couldn’t bear it anymore. His Majesty’s most courageous deed was to push for Empress Lin to sit on the throne next to him.. “

“According to you,” Lin Yan hesitated, “isn’t he supposed to be on the side of the anti-guides?”

“That’s how it is said, but based on the comprehensive analysis by the Black Domain, we still believe that there is a 51% possibility that His Majesty will stand on our side.”


“Because…” Pandora paused, “Even if he is called a puppet, he is a puppet with a brain.”

A week later, the Imperial Parliament. 

The crowd discussed issues in a friendly manner, each with a polite smile on their faces, but there was a feeling that something was wrong. 

Compared to regular parliament meetings, even though the members still have a smile on their faces, their eyes are shone with hostility. 

But even if the atmosphere is tense to the point where even the dumbest individuals can perceive it, the Emperor sitting in the center seat still maintained his neutral face. He sat with his usual posture and elegantly smoothed out his clothes.  

——This puppet emperor’s blood and flesh were in another’s hands, and yet no one could tell anything was different from just his face. 

The anti-guides group couldn’t help but swallow nervously. 

…Although they have been cooperating with the puppet emperor for decades, and have long known what kind of cowardly character the Emperor is, the current Emperor….made them feel uneasy. 

No, everything will work out in their favor. 

His Imperial Majesty has only done one rebellious thing in his life and that was to ignore the parliament’s request of marrying the new Empress they provided, and instead marrying a Guide from a remote, unknown planet.

At the time, they believed that His Majesty the Emperor would betray their alliance.

But fortunately, the emperor has been a puppet for so many years, and he has long forgotten what courage and having a backbone meant.

Not only was he indifferent to the death of Empress Lin, he even allowed them to deal with the Guide Alliance and the Third Legion. Regarding the daughter left behind by Empress Lin, he didn’t even seem to care about her and left her to face her enemies alone and helpless. The princess then lived as a worthless and invisible person inside the Palace. 

This kind of puppet emperor who was only an empty shell was not something to worry about. 

After recalling these thoughts, they all breathed a sigh of relief.

At this meeting, although it is only a meeting to discuss whether to pass the motion on the human rights of Guides submitted by princess Lin Yan, everyone in the room knew what it actually meant.

…today’s meeting will decide the fate of the Empire. 

The Guide Faction has the power of the Third Legion, while the Anti-Guide Faction has the Second Prince and the huge network of interests built over the years.

The stalemate between the two sides needs to be broken. This was the perfect event to do so. 

And the result of this motion will become the weight that will tip the scales and break the balance.

The members of the Imperial Parliament come from different planets and represent the interests of all classes and people.

Who will choose to support, and who will choose to oppose.

No one knows the answer except themselves. 

Here’s which one will win and which will lose.

After the chairman started the meeting and asked for a second to the motion, the crowd suddenly fell silent. 

Voting begins–

Now! ! !

The crowd raised their heads and looked at the results projected in the center.

The bars for both the Nay and Aye side were unexpectedly rising at a nearly equal rate.  

The voting then slowed down.

The parliamentarians were sitting stiffly, their eyes fixed on the results of the polls, and their hands were oozing with cold sweat.

The data stagnated and the number of votes for the ‘Aye’ side was only a few more votes than the veto votes.


The number of vetoes suddenly rose!

Immediately, it kept rising in an alarming state.

An elderly congressman and the middle-aged congressman sitting next to each other glanced at each other, and both saw their worry in the eyes of the other party.

This situation…it’s not good.

Even if they have the support of the Third Legion, if the proposal this time is not passed, even if they succeed in all subsequent actions, they will still lack a proper justification.

Without this righteousness and official support, the following events will become several times more crucial. 

The number of ‘Nay’ votes continued to increase, and when there were 55 more votes than the approved votes, it finally stopped.

The data stopped moving. 

But since the voting screen has not closed, it means the voting is not over…someone must have not voted yet.

The entire imperial parliament has nearly 2,000 people, and the total number of vetoes, passes, and abstentions at this time totaled to almost 2,000.

Who hasn’t voted yet?

The middle-aged congressman closed his eyes.

What if someone was still biding their time? The difference of 55 votes…cannot be made up by just one or two people.

The elderly congressman stared at the data, then turned his head abruptly and looked at the man who had been sitting silently and gracefully in the center seat. Only the Emperor had enough votes in his hand to make a difference. As the head of the royal family, he holds all the royal family’s voting power in hia hands. 

Was he the only one who has not voted?

He… which side will he choose to stand on?

The whole venue was so quiet the sound of a pin dropping could be heard. 

The atmosphere was silent and depressing, and even the air seemed to freeze.

His Majesty the Emperor, who has always looked like a piece of decoration, never moving and always staying quiet, suddenly moved his body.

The gentle smile on his face disappeared.

He sat upright, looking around the venue like a real monarch for the first time.

Then he stretched out his hand and pressed the vote button.

The data on the screen changed suddenly.

The voting column, which originally had a section that was higher than the other, was chased back in an instant, and the bars became equal height. 

The result jumped out from the top—-

——The bill was passed! ! !

A congressman stood up in disbelief.

Abstaining: 421 votes.

Nay: 789 votes 

And Aye:….at the moment when the emperor pressed the vote, it changed from 734 votes to 790 votes.

After they frantically deprived the royal family of its power, they accidentally forgot to take away the voting rights of the empire. 

As the other members of the  royal family couldn’t vote, he was able to vote in their stead. A total of….56 votes belonged to the current monarch of the Stewart Empire.

One vote difference.

They had lost. 

“Stewart! Don’t forget that the second prince is still…”

In the overwhelming silence, someone suddenly shouted.

The Emperor smiled and then…began to clap. 

The person stopped his shouting mid-way, and only the Emperor’s clapping could be heard in the silent venue. 

The Emperor smiled gently and looked in the man’s direction. The smile on his face was obviously gentle, but it caused a chill to go down the backs of everyone present

The Emperor asked a question in reply: “Since I have already voted and the bill has passed, why do you still bring up the second prince?”

He stood up, carefully arranged his gorgeous clothes and then said: “Rather than worrying about the second prince, it is better to think about how to wipe your own butts first.”

The Emperor left the meeting place, leaving behind a group of dumbfounded people.

“What did he just say? ‘Wipe your butts’?” The old congressman also couldn’t believe his ears, “…His Majesty…When did he learn such vulgar words?”

“…” The middle-aged congressman felt the old man’s focus seemed to be on the wrong thing, “…Forget about that, don’t you think that the Emperor was a bit strange just now?”

“If that was his true self…then he has endured silently for all these years,” the elderly congressman touched his beard, “He has earned my respect.”

The middle-aged congressman smiled: “Yes. After all… both the country and our faction have already waited for this day for far too long.”

“I almost couldn’t wait anymore!” The elderly congressman laughed freely. He looked at the panic-faced people in the halls below, “I have waited for so many, so many years, and finally waited until this day.”

He walked out of the meeting with his head held high and his chest full of air.

The sun outside the venue was so dazzling that it hurt his eyes, but his footsteps suddenly staggered.

The middle-aged congressman rushed forward a few steps and supported the old man, but suddenly found that the old man had burst into tears.

Tears rolled down, sinking into the wrinkles on his face. He was still smiling, looking up at the sun above his head.

“Chu, it’s been ten years! Your grievances… finally we have avenged you! You can once again face the sun proudly!!”

Author’s notes:

“Justice may be delayed but is never denied.”

I will forever believe that this sentence is true. 


The quote in the author’s notes was spoken by the famous British statesman William E Gladstone. 

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