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When the Hacker is Forced to Marry Ch.59

Ch.59- May thousands of stars become your crown 

The empire experienced nationwide turmoil.

The things that people thought had become commonplace were brutally uprooted. Those who deserve to be sentenced were sent to prison.

This top-down cleaning once caused panic among countless people, and even some congressmen stopped Princess Lin Yan’s aircraft repeatedly just to ask her to stop this ‘purge’. 

Unfortunately, they failed.

Princess Lin Yan had a gentle and affectionate smile on her delicate face, but what she said next did not make them feel good at all. 

“A thorough cleaning will not destroy the Empire. On the contrary, if you know that this country has life-threatening tumors and other diseases yet does not exist…such behavior is what causes an Empire to truly decline.”

“When the scum are cleaned up, those who have previously have been suppressed will finally have a chance to shine.”

And the subsequent development occurred exactly as Lin Yan said.

Just like a tree that has most of its sickening branches cut off, instead of falling into decline, the Empire becomes increasingly prosperous due to this injection of fresh blood.

When Planet Ta entered the late autumn season, the Sentinel-Guide Drug Research and Development Center established by James, the father of the soothing agents, informed the entire empire of the latest research results.

The medicine that mimicked the effects of a Guide was finally released.

As the chief scientist of this drug development, Chris participated in the publication of this medicine. 

Chris was undoubtedly declared as one of the geniuses of his era.

As the most successful disciple of the father of the soothing agents, he was also the brother-in-law of Princess Lin Yan, the heir of the empire. And since he was also an A-level Guide, to begin with, he was soon considered the Empire’s most eligible bachelor, and like a beautiful flower, he attracts a wave of mad bees and butterflies.

Unfortunately, no one has succeeded so far.

What was even stranger is that after a period of time, the Sentinels who originally pursued him with great enthusiasm will suddenly distance themselves from him. 

Lin Yan heard this rumor and quietly went to find Chris for an explanation. Only to get an answer that made her both laugh and cry. 

“Ah? Those Sentinels?” Chris touched his chin and recalled carefully. “Basically…well there are a few ways. All you need to know is that those who can be persuaded with words will back down willingly. As for those who don’t….well, you can then use them to advance experiments.”

“Aren’t they in love with me? Then they can prove their love to me by participating in the new drug research. It will only help them anyways. “

The medicine that mimicked the effects of a Guide was really effective and those who dared to chase Chris were all high-class people. Like this, the medicine was spread among the upper-classes/ 

Even before the official release, a number of people were already looking forward to it.

And the credit for that actually goes to Duke Wilson.

He had developed a batch of Sentinel soothing agents, that was delivered by Kristen, but later those Sentinels discovered that this so-called high-efficiency soothing agent was actually made out of pheromones of a Guide and would allow Wilson to control them through this drug. 

For James and Chris, this devious investigation was actually what helped open up a new path in their research. 

Since the pheromone of high-level guides is very effective in relieving a Sentinel’s berserk problem, they studied this effect a little more closely. 

It took Chris nearly two years to develop a more stable version of this medicine. 

This medicine also was very helpful in propelling the implementation of Guide rights. 

For even though the original bill was passed in parliament, such an issue could not be solved in just a day.

The most serious problem with this idea of Guide rights was undoubtedly the massive gap in the Sentinel and Guide ratio. 

Soothing agents can’t solve the problems in the more powerful Sentinels’ spiritual seas, and the number of Guides can’t meet the needs of all the Sentinels, which was had lead to the strict control of the supply of Guides in the first place. 

But… the most prominent feature of this medicine is that it can simulate the soothing effect of a Guide’s pheromones on the Sentinel. 

When this medicine came out, the resistance against Lin Yan’s reforms dramatically decreased. 

In the same year, the reform of the Guide’s human rights officially began.

Lin Yan furiously fiddled with her hair as she looked in the mirror. 

She was so anxious she could die, yet Kristen was just stood to the side with her arms crossed and a smile on her face. 

Lin Yan couldn’t help but give her a kick, “Can’t you at least give me a hand?!”

If it wasn’t for this person who just had to do it before bed last night, how could she have overslept today!

Kristen stood behind her, stretched out her hands to tighten the sash on LIn Yan’s waist, and inadvertently stroked Lin Yan’s smooth back with her fingers. 

Lin Yan could endure it once, twice, but on the third time when she felt those thin and callused fingers touch down on her spine, she turned her head angrily and beat the dishonest hand away. 

She gave Kristen a glare, but couldn’t help laughing again.

Lin Yan looked up and kissed Kirsten’s lips lightly and coaxed: “Hurry up, the ceremony is about to begin. If we don’t leave, we will be late.”

Kristen sighed in annoyance, and resigned herself to help Lin Yan tidy up the gorgeous and cumbersome dress: “But… after the ceremony, you will no longer by just mine.”

Lin Yan laughed out loud.

She couldn’t help but laugh and stretched out her hand to pull at Kristen’s cheek: “So… you were sticking so close to me for the last few days, because of this”

“Major General Kristen, you are an official soldier now, and it is time for you to learn how to stand by yourself—”

Before she could finish her sentence, she was blocked by a kiss from Kristen.

When the kiss was over, Lin Yan panted slightly, and the corners of her eyes glowed with attractive watery red.

Kristen had to admit wearing such a gorgeous dress, even Lin Yan, who has always hated wearing such clothes, looked dignified and elegant. But with that pitiful look on her face, a look of half-restraint and half-inviting….it was simply a crime to look that beautiful.

It made a certain someone want to throw the princess, who was about to become a Queen, onto the big bed behind them. 

The corners of Lin Yan’s mouth was pulled up into a smile, but there was a threatening expression in her eyes. She stretched out her hand across Kristen’s slim uniform, grabbed Kristen’s arm with her fingers, lifted it, and rotated it 180 degrees——


Kristen gasped.

Lin Yan lifted the hem of her long dress with a ‘hmph’ and walked out first.

Kristen looked at her back and slowly clenched her fists.

Lin Yan suddenly turned around.

She looked at Kristen with a serious look: “To others, I am the princess of the Stewart Empire, and soon the monarch of this Empire, but—”

“Kristen, I will always be your Lin Yan.”

She stretched out her hand in the direction of Kristen, and the corners of her mouth curled in an arc warmer than the sun: “My general,… it’s time for us to face the battlefield together.”

The Platinum Palace was in a rare state of liveliness today. 

Countless celebrities were talking quietly in the halls, and the Emperor, who had been sitting on the throne for decades, was also a little fidgety.

A bell sounded from afar.

The crowd lined up immediately and quieted down.

The solemn bell continued to ring. 

Two silhouettes appeared in the distance.

The sound of bells echoed in the wind.

Lin Yan’s long hair was braided into a delicate hairstyle and half draped behind him. Kristen was half a step behind her, guarding her soon-to-be Queen like a loyal knight.

Kristen stopped outside the hall and watched as Lin Yan entered the hall and walked towards the Emperor.

The Emperor looked at the daughter in front of him who had grown into a reliable young woman. She looked just like her mother and already held the air of a monarch around her. 

He smiled, slowly raised his hands, and took off the crown, the symbol of imperial power, from the top of his head.

Lin Yan nodded.

The Emperor forced his trembling hands to calm down, and gently put the crown on Lin Yan’s head.

Lin Yan turned around.

She walked out of the hall. 

The light of the sun dimmed, as countless stars appeared in the sky.

Lin Yan stood still in front of the hall, and the starlight fell on her.

The thousands of stars shined upon her, crowning her as the new monarch. 


A new era has begun.

Author’s notes:

The End. 

There is one extra chapter that will be released later, but the main story is now over!

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