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When the Hacker is Forced to Marry Ch.6

Chapter 6- Crap…I think I messed up this time…

Ever since she had escaped from her arranged marriage, the events she had experienced were so dangerous that it made her previous eighteen years of life seem as boring as boiled water. 

However, she was not thinking about the moment when the group of men in black tried to capture her or about who wanted to capture her, but about the tapping sounds she had heard on the glass. 

Lin Yan looked down at Kristen, the woman still resting on her lap, and she stared intensely at the beautiful face like she was trying to find a shadow of a person she once knew. 

Morse code….an ancient, and outdated communication technique that not even one in 100,000 people have known about, let alone master it. 

Lin Yan herself had learned the code only after accidentally finding a book in the library of the Platinum Palace. At that time, she was a lonely and gloomy girl who resisted others’ company and only quieted down when given a book to read. 

Furthermore, in her life, there was only one person she knew who mastered the Morse code and had taught it to her. 

Crimson…could she be….

Kristen had fallen into a rare and deep sleep. 

She felt as if her entire body had fallen into a gentle ocean, the waves warmed from the sun above gently splashed against her and made one couldn’t help but relax in that warmth. 

It was as if the heavy burden that had previously caused her body to ache from soreness was gently being removed by a pair of soft hands and she felt the rare feeling of being relaxed for onne. 

In this dream, she even felt like happily laughing.

The dream changed to reveal a scene of a rusty little robot handing a skinny child a piece of compressed dry food that was close to its expiration date. The robot had traveled through most of the city before digging out this lackluster food from the ruins of a shop. 

The child accepted the dry food, immediately opening up the dusty packaging and swallowing the morsel offered to her. 

The little robot stood to the side, silently moving a canteen full of water in front of the child. This was something it had picked up from the pile of broken things that the soldiers had discarded. 

The child ate a little too fast and quickly choked on the dry food. The child picked up the water to drink it desperately. 

The camera on the little robot’s head recorded everything and it seemed to hesitate but then proceeded to try and turn on its voice system. 

However, it was a pity that it had been neglected for a long time and that cute voice the system used to use was now damaged. It didn’t have much time before it will be completely useless. 

【Slow down, do not worry, I will stay with you.】

【Why don’t I teach you how to use Morse code?】

【Two taps mean a longer spacing between the letters, while one tap means a shorter spacing. This is a ‘da’ and this is a ‘di’ that is often used in Morse code. As long as you remember these rules, we can use a series of passwords and such to pass information to one another without being discovered.】

【No reason, I just want to help you.】

A smile, (^_^)/, formed on the robot’s screen.

That was the only time a speck of light had shined during her days of darkness.

Daniel and Eden had played an online game for two hours while waiting outside the room and in the darkened hallway. A little while later, they saw their boss come out with a face that was flushed with success. 

Eden exclaimed in a whisper, “So the Guide has fallen into the Boss’ hands! Tsk, tsk, she was shut in there for two hours! Boss, really is awesome.”

Daniel, who rarely agrees with Eden: “Nice! I think Boss should publish a book, it will definitely sell well. I even thought up a title, 《How to conquer a Guide in one day.》”

Eden made a disgusted face: “…Why does it sound like something a piece of scum would read?”

Daniel slapped the other’s head: “You just don’t understand! If the Boss has such ability, then that means it is simply an advantage for us! When the time comes, every brother in our group will have a Guide in hand….”

Eden pouted: “You have to persuade the Guide first and then you have to have the skill to last for two hours like Boss did. If it’s you, maybe you’ll last ten minute-” 

The two argued fiercely and hadn’t noticed until it was too late that their collars had tightened and they were lifted into the air like two strung up chickens. 

Kristen let out a bright smile and pretended to be interested in what they were saying: “What are you two talking about that has made you so happy?”

Eden and Daniel immediately mumbled as they shook their heads in unison: “No! We didn’t say anything!”

“That’s good.” Kristen nodded in satisfaction, “Since you two seem so free, why not visit the gravity chamber to play for a little while.”

Daniel wailed painfully, “Boss! Boss, please spare me! I was wrong! It was my and Eden’s fault for talking at all!”

Kristen turned towards Eden like she didn’t hear a thing, “Is that so, you know what’s interesting to talk about? The gravity chamber.” 

Eden…Eden dared not to speak. 

Wuwuwu, the boss is still as petty as ever. 

Lin Yan opened her eyes. In a strange room and on a strange bed, her heart jumped in confusion. 

She remembered clearing the mess in Crimson’s spiritual sea but how was it that in the blink of an eye she had ended up here…at…this… 

Lin Yan suddenly raised her hand and palmed her forehead. 

Clearing the obstructions of the spiritual sea was a painstaking task. After untangling so many piles of yarn, even an S-level Guide like Lin Yan would feel tired. 

The clearing of the clutters in Crimson’s spiritual sea was a success. Her spiritual sea showed no signs of resistance to Lin Yan’s spiritual force and was as docile as a baby cub. However, since the piles of yarn were extremely tangled and took quite a lot out of her, Lin Yan had felt dizzy and tired after finishing her work. 

She had let herself relax and then listened quietly to the other’s gentle and stable breathing as her consciousness gradually disappeared—

So she then slept with Crimson still on her lap and while hugging her too?!!

A rush of embarrassment attacked Lin Yan’s mind and she wanted to bury herself into a hole and scream. 

AHHHHHHH! Although the task was completed successfully, why did I fall asleep while hugging another woman?!!

And she guessed that it was Crimson who had then carried her to this bed! 

Lin Yan fell back against the pillows and closed her eyes as she tried to pretend not to know why her face was burning at this moment. 

She lay there on the bed, her brain going through a mental journey when she heard a slight rustling sound at the foot of her bed. 

Lin Yan opened her eyes curiously and turned to see a small yet fluffy head. 

The little fellow was covered ash-colored fur that was speckled with spots and two round yet short ears that stood at attention. Its small claws were much thicker than ones of domestic felines and it firmly grasped the best sheets as it tried to climb up. Unexpectedly, when its grey-blue eyes met Lin Yan’s, it let out a cute “Mi~” sound. 

The voice was both delicate and coy and pierced Lin Yan’s heart like an arrow. 

It took the little fellow three tries before it climbed up the bed and then crawled in front of Lin Yan, laid down, and gently rubbed its fluffy little hand against Lin Yan’s hand. Then it looked up at her with innocent eyes: “Mi!”

Lin Yan immediately surrendered to the cuteness. 

She tentatively reached out to pet the little fellow’s head. The velvety feeling from the fur against her hands was so soft that she wanted to hug the feline into her arms. 

However, this little fellow….seems familiar. 

Lin Yan went through her memories quickly and suddenly remembered that this snow leopard was the one she saw on the floating pavilion of Bill Garcia’s banquet. 

This little fellow is a snow leopard cub. 

The little snow leopard saw that Lin Yan had withdrawn her hands and whispered with a grievance, turning its head with its tail between its legs. It looked up innocently with it’s grey-blue eyes and let out another “Mi~” 

A sense of guilt overwhelmed Lin Yan instantly.

How could she have the heart to disappoint such a cute baby! 

Lin Yan completely threw her worry of, ‘what if this spiritual beast belongs to a bad Sentinel’ to the back of her head and reached out to hug the cute little snow leopard. 

The snow leopard was very cooperative and curled up in Lin Yan’s arms, meowing a few times in its milky voice that causes Lin Yan’s soul to fly out of her body. 

Lin Yan skillfully petted the little snow leopard, scratching its chin, rubbing the back of the head and even pinching the soft pad of its paw.

The little snow leopard let out a purring sound, twisting its body in Lin Yan’s arms as it revealed a furry little belly. 

Lin Yan’s heart was in chaos, and she felt that if this continued she would lose too much blood. 

Just as she was beside herself with joy, the door opened with a click. 

Lin Yan then turned her head in unison with the little snow leopard, her amber eyes widening slightly in horror. She looked like a thief caught in the middle of an act. 

Of course, Lin Yan did not see the teasing look that appeared in the little snow leopard’s eyes. 

Kristen couldn’t help but smile as she set a tray down on the table and then grabbed a glass from the tray to hand over to Lin Yan. 

Lin Yan’s brain was still offline and she raised her head blankly after seeing the purple-red liquid, “This is…”

Kristen thought the blank look on Lin Yan’s face was especially cute and her red lips arched into a smile, “It’s grape juice, freshly squeezed from the grapes stored in our frozen pantry.”

Lin Yan only let out an “Oh” sound, it seems she still hasn’t recovered from her daze yet. She watched as Kristen inserted a straw into her glass.

Kristen did not mind Lin Yan’s current groggy state and inserted a straw into her own cup. Then she took a sip of that sweet, yet cold drink from her glass. 

Lin Yan’s gaze naturally fixed upon the other’s face. 

The charming beauty with chestnut hair had her eyes drooped and her eyelashes curled slightly. As she drank the juice, her eyelashes fluttered softly and tickled LIn Yan’s heart. 

She noticed Lin Yan’s stare and lifted her eyes to meet the other’s gaze shamelessly. Her teeth biting the straw, her grey-blue eyes were filled with light.

Those eyes were filled with infinite tenderness and affection. With just one look, you’ll fall into that deep grey-blue ocean, never able to escape again. 

Just like the eyes of a certain scrawny little kid she had saved from the ruins many years ago. The eyes that seemed to reflect the stars of the galaxy above, everlasting and shining brightly. 

Lin Yan’s heart threatened to beat out of her chest. 

She thought, this time I’m really done for. 

Authors’ notes: 

Kristen with the little leopard in her arms: Tell me! Do you want me or this cat!

Lin Yan pounced: I don’t care, I want both!

By the way, the reason why the juice is grape juice is that I recently played around with an ABO quiz and it turned out that Kristen is a grape-flavored alpha. 


Apparently there is a trend of ABO quizzes on Chinese websites where you can take a test and it will tell you whether you’re an Alpha, Beta, or Omega and what ‘scent’ you have. For those of you who have no idea what ABO is….click here: There are some REALLY kinky fanfics with this trope…..

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4 thoughts on “When the Hacker is Forced to Marry Ch.6

  1. Thank you for the chapter!!!

    Hmmm… “just like the eyes of a certain little scrawny kid she had saved from the ruins many years ago.” Does this mean that Lin Yan was the one controlling the robot from the ruins?

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