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When the Hacker is Forced to Marry Ch.8

Chapter 8- A fake couple

Pandora is a beautiful planet without a parallel. In addition, she received a special status among the Empire that allowed her to be above bloody politics. Her beauty and scenery persevered, the magnificent setting was a popular place for interstellar travel. 

As the only planet who enjoyed privileges such as a limited autonomy, Pandora was allowed to build many tactical satellites among their atmosphere. When an unidentified spacecraft enters their airspace, the satellites would immediately attack the invading spacecraft. 

Lin Yan sat in a small spaceship, a reserve spacecraft of the battleship. After learning this peculiar fact about Pandora, her eyes widened in surprise: “Then what about the Ants Mercenary group?”

The Ants’ spacecraft had appeared suddenly on Pandora and clearly violated Pandora’s terms of the agreement, yet they were not shot down immediately. 

“I don’t know,” Kristen drove the spacecraft above the atmosphere, the sunlight peeked through the clouds and shined dazzling against the glass, “Perhaps they found an overlooked area where the satellites’ range did not reach or maybe they had an inside source on Pandora that received them…”

“Yes, because the only other ways to enter Pandora without going through customs at the Port of Aphrodite is either they are participating in an event organized by Pandora or invited by someone who lives on Pandora.” Lin Yan continued with furrowed brows. 

“Yep,” Kristen smiled, “Since the Ants aren’t considered to be ‘people’ naturally they aren’t allowed to participate in Pandora’s events which means there was only one other way they could’ve gotten in.” 

The spacecraft slowly sank beneath the atmosphere, making its way towards the Port of Aphrodite not too far away. 

The port of Aphrodite was named after the goddess of love itself, the one and only Aphrodite that existed in the ancient Greeks’ mythology. The port was built with aesthetics in mind, retaining its artistic appearance. Compared to the rough, cold, and stiff ports of other planets, it was nominally different, to say the least. 

Lin Yan glanced out the window and watched as the spacecraft bypassed under a huge white dome, a replica of the antique Greek architecture. as they entered the harbor. Skylight poured down from the gap between solar panels and at night the transparent semi-circular arc done gathered the starlight. The starlight then shone across the many reflecting metals, forming a wonderful and dreamy picture. 

“I haven’t seen such a landscape before….” Lin Yan stared blankly, a little lost in thought, “…..too beautiful.” 

Kristen smiled: “If you stay on the ground all day, of course, you won’t see such a view.”

Saying so, the spacecraft entered the port’s docking area. A channel opened for them to enter, extending out to receive the landing spacecraft. Then the channel closed as they landed and oxygen was pumped into the area as the spacecraft’s glass slowly slid open. 

Kristen jumped out of the spaceship first and then turned around and held out an arm for Lin Yan to hold. Like an affectionate couple, the two walked closely together as they took the long tunnel towards the center of the port. 

Before they even reached the lobby, Lin Yan could hear a commotion in front of her as the voice of a robotic guard tried to calm the tension. 

“Why won’t you let us in!” 

“Is this how Pandora abuses the privileges that were benevolently given to them by the Empire?!”

The robot answered each of their inquiries in an unhurried manner: 

“Greetings. Pandora received autonomy roughly fifty years ago. As based on the rules set then, except for the people who have received invitations….all tourists must enter as either romantic partners or bonded pairs….”

“This is an abuse of human rights!” 

“Believe it or not, we will go back and report everything to the Imperial Parliament!” 

The robot did not seem surprised by the outburst: “Although Pandora is affiliated with the Empire, it has corresponding autonomy and independent administrative power. Therefore, all questions and concerns must be reported to Pandora’s legal affairs administration. The Empire will not respond to your appeals otherwise.” 

The woman was angered speechless and could only stand there in the middle of the port’s lobby. Her female companion only sighed and then patted her on the shoulder. As soon as the first woman turned around, her chin was grabbed by the other female. 


And so, in the middle of a crowded lobby, the two kissed. 

After the kiss, the female companion let go of the blushing woman, her eyes full of affection as she said: “Qianqian, I love you, will you go out with me?”

The first woman only nodded blankly, apparently still stunned from the shock. 

The female companion took the opportunity to hold the woman’s hand and then smiled and asked the robot, “Can we enter the country now?” 

The robot took a half step back, performed a gentlemanly bow: “Please.” 

……Although she has long known about the strange regulations for entering Pandora, Lin Yan still felt rather astonished at the moment. She had entered previously without going through the port and its strange regulations because of her invitation from Garcia.

“So why is it that only couples are allowed to enter Pandora?” Lin Yan gently pulled on Kristen’s arm and asked in a whisper. 

Kristen shook her head and shrugged: “Who knows, maybe it’s because this is the Port of Aphrodite.” 

…..In the name of the goddess of love, only couples and lovers are allowed to enter? That’s a little ridiculous….

Lin Yan hugged Kristen’s arm tightly and lined up behind the already long line of couples. 

The requirements for couples to pass were even weirder. There was no need for a test or show of any kind of proof. They only needed to kiss under the eyes of the robot’s video recorder to be eligible for entry. 

This rather playful regulation was deeply liked by many people and so Pandora was a popular dating site for many. Of course, many with a calculating heart might also deceive their crushes into coming and pretending to act as a fake couple. By acting as a fake couple, eventually, their crushes might also love them back and the pretense becomes a reality–

Lin Yan quickly threw this thought into the back of her head and began a series of self-hypnotizing thoughts: 

I am not trying to do anything, I am not going to take advantage of anyone and I am not going to let the pretense become a reality!!!” 

As she berated and scolded herself, they had arrived at the front of the line without her noticing. 

Lin Yan was stiff and helpless as Kristen dragged her under the video recorder. 

Kirsten lifted her chin, smiled gently. Her breath felt itchy against Lin Yan’s face. 

“Relax a little, “ The smooth and delicate face inched closer and closer and LIn Yan seemed to suffocate, unable to breathe, “It’s just a kiss, don’t be so nervous.”

Then soft red lips pressed against her own. 

Lin Yan couldn’t help but close her eyes as she stood there obediently and let Kristen kiss her on the lips.

 【When a girl closes her eyes, it means she wants you to kiss her.

Unexpectedly, this sentence from her memories popped up in Kristen’s mind. She had long forgotten where she had heard those words, but she hoped that they were true. 

The lips were extremely soft to the tough and even tasted a little sweet. As an old Sentinel who has been single for many years, she was easily satisfied by the sweet scene of the little Guide obediently receiving her kiss. 

Kristen tried to restrain herself and did not deepen the kiss, staying only on the surface level. 

However, the little Guide’s lips were just too soft, too sweet, like an intoxicating dream. She only wanted to go deeper and deeper–

“Please continue to the next checkpoint.” 

The robot who couldn’t read the mood let out an annoying reminder, immediately awakening the two people from getting lost in their own world. 

LinYan’s face immediately turned red and she pulled away from Kristen. 

Ba-dump, Ba-dump, Ba-dump“`

Lin Yan could hear the sounds of her own heartbeat again. 

During that moment when Kristen kissed her just now, Lin yan only felt sparks of electricity go down her body, all the way from her lips to the edges of her body. And from the bottom of her heart, she was unable to reject it–

–She couldn’t help but admit the truth: she and Kirsten had formed a resonance. 

Even if she knew there were so many secrets within Crimson that still haven’t been revealed to her, and she understood that she should not trust anyone right now. However, the resonance that is engraved so deeply in the souls of every Sentinel and Guide would not deceive her. 

She recalled a book she had read about the Sentinel-Guide Resonance in the Platinum Palace. The book had explained the phenomena like so: 

Sentinels and Guides are born to be strong and the path of the strong is destined to be lonely. However, a Sentinel and Guide can bond for life. 

Within the depths of their souls is a sigil that is deeply engraved into their very being. Each is born with sigil that is made to pair with another. When they find the other half that they can bond with, the Sentinel-Guide pair forms a tacit understanding that surpasses reason, even if they only met for the first time. 

And when the sigil connects with its other half, that connection is called the resonance of a Sentinel and Guide.

Lin Yan didn’t relax until they entered an aircraft that was designed to take them from the port to the ground. She shook herself out of her daze, but her face was still red and her eyes a little glazed over as she looked at Kristen with a serious expression. 

“…..When we land, how are we going to find them?” 

She was talking about the Guide Alliance. 

Kristen reached out to grab Lin Yan’s hand, gently tapping her fingers against that soft palm. 


Lin Yan had never heard this term before and opened her mouth to ask when Kristen continued: 

 〖The full name is called a Heat Suppressant. It is a type of medicine that prevents the Guide from inducing the heat needed to create a resonance. Currently, there are only a few being circulated on the black market, but the price is not expensive.〗

 〖However, no one expect for the Guide Alliance would sell something like this and at a cheap price. 〗


〖The Suppressant can interrupt the process of a Guide bonding and break a premature connection. What do you think it is for?〗Kristen raised an eyebrow sarcastically. 〖The Sentinel to Guide ratio is 300:1 and even the Guide Academy that proclaims itself as the protector of Guides is always looking to arrange for Guides to be sent off as gifts for Senior officials and nobles. If even they won’t protect their Guides, who else would think twice about the rights of Guides?〗

At these words, Lin Yan felt distant memories awaken from the depths of her mind like rolling thunder. 

Book, Guides, human rights….

Leave flying everywhere, a dirty white tablecloth, a gunshot. 

A woman’s screams and then crying. 

Lin Yan turned her head sharply, her eyes gazing at the scene outside the window. All around her, she was a sea of flowers that stretched for mile upon miles. Pink daisy petals floated like pale pink smoke across the ground. 

She presses those memories down again. 

Lin Yan sighed softly, pushing down the sudden hatred and madness in her heart. She was just a naive princess who had escaped the Platinum palace to avoid her marriage. 

She smiled at Crimson: “Then let’s start from there.” 

To start on a planet that provided shelter for the Guide Alliance and also reduced the Empire to watch helplessly from the side. 

Author’s notes: 

Lin Yan: Why hasn’t Pandora been wiped from existence yet knowing the Empire’s overwhelming strength?

Kristen: Maybe it’s because they are afraid of opening Pandora’s box.


Bruh, security is pretty lax if you can simply enter a country by kissing someone. Also, knowing the author’s preference for ABO novels, I would treat the bonding in this novel similarly to the ‘heat’ that is often prevalent in those settings. It seems that bonds can be forced in this novel but resonance can only be achieved with the right match or matches. 

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Can’t wait to see humanity develop crap like this. Assuming we don’t die before then.

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5 thoughts on “When the Hacker is Forced to Marry Ch.8

  1. Whoa. Lin Yan has inexplicable memories. It may be from her past life considering this novel’s tag.

    The question is, does Kristen also have her past life’s memories? And if so, did they knew each other?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I had a feeling about the true nature of the guide academy when she thought about it and the emblem. It’s not to protect them but to manage them like a commodity, to be traded away for benefits and with no rights of their own.

    Liked by 3 people

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