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When the Hacker is Forced to Marry Ch.9

Chapter 9- The light red rain in the middle of the night

Later that night, Lin Yan opened her photonic device. 

Suppressants were something that could definitely not be sold in the open. In addition to the black market Kristen had mentioned, there was also a bigger market at play. 

The dark web that lurked under the brightness of the interstellar network. 

Websites that could not be found through search engines were often the most notorious among the underground networks. 

Each year, countless criminal activities flourished on the dark web. Form precious and luxurious smuggled goods to human trafficking, it seems all the darkness of the universe was gathered on the dark web. 

Naturally, the products that existed only at the edges of the universe also took root among this darkness. 

Lin Yan was no stranger to the dark web and soon found the biggest seller for Heat Suppressants. 

She opened a hologram from her device and searched through the link provided. The corners of her mouth rose as her fingers clicked away at the hologram. Her spiritual beast came out from who knows when and crouched on her shoulder, letting out a quiet ‘biu~’ sound. 

Lin Yan’s eyes stayed on the screen but she freed a hand and lifted it to pet her little owl: “Ehm….doesn’t feel as good as the cat’s fur.” 

The little owl’s eyes widened and glared angrily at its owner. It stretched out its wings and pecked against Lin Yan’s head. 

Lin Yan grabbed the little owl by its shoulder and hugged it firmly in her arms. 

The little owl struggled and tried to free itself but Lin Yan restricted its movements: “Hugh, don’t move. We’re at the critical moment.” 

The seller’s anti-tracking technology was very strong and although Lin Yan tried many times, she failed to find the other party’s location, much less any information on the other party. 

Lin Yan’s fingers quickly flew across the screen and even the little owl in her arms now stared intensely at the screen. Its round eyes did not dare to blink, as if it was afraid of missing something. 

“Biu~~” The little owl suddenly cried out, lifted its head, and flapped its wings. 

Amber eyes lit up in satisfaction at the information on the screen: “Found you.” 

However, the smile didn’t even have time to climb onto her lips when she froze. 

Her device went dark at that moment and a line of words appeared on the screen that made her clench her fists. 

“Welcome to Pandora! However, cute little children shouldn’t peek at others!”

The feathers on the little owl’s body exploded in an instance, standing at full prowess as the owl readied into an attack stance. 

Lin Yan’s eyes froze over. 

Ever since she became a hacker, she had never failed this miserably. 

The hole in the other’s party defense was actually a trap deliberately left by them for her. 

The words on the screen changed: “Don’t move. I know why you are here.

Lin Yan pulled back the hands that she was going to use to counterattack and in turn asked the screen a question: “Who are you?” 

The other party did not answer immediately. They seemed to hesitate ad they typed out one line: 

A member of the Guide Alliance.

Your Royal Highness, we have waited for you for so long.” 

The other party’s sentence seemed to be mixed with heavy feelings and Lin Yan felt at a loss. 

….What the hell is going on? 

The other party seemed to see through Lin Yan’s heart and could read the doubt and hesitation within it. Slowly, words appeared on the screen line by line. 

With the Cosmos as my witness, I vow to dedicate my life to the Guide Alliance until death takes me away.

I am willing to relinquish all my glory and honor into nothing but dust.

I am willing to discard all my happiness to the clouds.

I am willing to use the last spark of my life to keep the torch alight in the long night.

I disdain those who choose the fame and power of being a Guide, for I will only choose freedom.” 

I disdain those who stand at the peak of the Empire, for I only desire the light.” 

When the irises are in full bloom, I will return.” 

The little owl stood silently in front of the screen, crying out a scream of anguish. 

Excluding the first sentence, this poem-like oath was something Lin Yan remembered even after so many years. 

For these sentences were cut into small pieces of paper and hidden one by one into her mother’s book. 

Later, they were burned into ashes but the candles her mother lit. She had watched them burn in her mother’s arms. 

Welcome back, Princess Lin Yan.

On the other side of the city, Pandora’s Underground City: 

Kristen stopped. 

The roads of the underground city were worn and damp. Most of the shops were closed and shut tightly. At this moment, it was so quiet that one could even hear the sounds of drops of water falling on the ground. 


Kristen silently expanded her range. 

The enhanced five senses of the Sentinel enveloped the surrounding 50-meter range and they quickly captured the subtle sound of clothes rubbing together. 

Kristen lifted her foot slightly, her high-top leather boots picking up some water and splashing a few drops here and there.

The quieter it was, the easier it was for people to hear quiet sounds. And this was even more true for Sentinels. 

“Come out,” a provocative smile lifted the corners of her mouth, “incompetent little rat.” 

As expected, the other party stilled. 

The smile on the corner of her lips spread across her face. She looked up and slowly closed her eyes. 


Another drop of water fell. 

A cold glint of light flashed. 

Kristen easily avoided the knife that cut straight down at her and stepped out 30 cm to her left, stepping away from the broken tiles on the ground. 

Come on! 

The excellent fighting instincts she had cultivated for years on the battlefield let Kristen discover the smell of a ready-to-fire gun. She opened her eyes, her grey-blue eyes now looking the same as the snow leopard’s eyes. 

Her eyes quickly landed on the person holding the gun, a figure who was standing at a distance in the small alley. She turned her wrist and pulled out her own small handgun that was hidden on her left leg. 

Sparks exploded on the far corner of the road in an instance and Kirsten stepped against the wall, gently landing on the landing of the second floor. She crouched low and blew the smoke coming out of the slight hot muzzle of her gun. 

The best deterrent method in this world was to attack first and the other party was obviously shocked at her play. The mechanical sounds that Kirsten hated most in this world grated against her ears. 

“So you really have turned to the other side, Crimson.” 

The Ant, draped in all black, stepped out of the darkness and into the dim light. The lighting hit the ant and revealed half of its face. The twisted smile was exactly the same as last time but now the eyes were full of grievance. 

“The soul of the deceased has not yet dispersed,” Kristen whispered, and the gun in her left hand was quickly raised as she pulled the trigger immediately. Her actions were quick as if there was no need for her to even aim. 

The Ant failed to escape. 

Compared to the advanced weaponry that high-level sentinels received, the Ants’ physical defense was far inferior. 

However, he did not fall down and only took a step back to lessen the impact of the bullet. 

“Did you appear on our spaceship that day because you were instructed to do so by the Platinum Palace?” 

At this moment, the Ant acted like an obedient child as he raised his head and asked seriously. 

It was then Kristen was able to see the full face of the Ant in the dim light. 

She had shot the Anr in the middle of the eyebrows. It was reasonable if the other party was to die from this shot but there was no blood dripping down the Ant’s face. There was only a small black hole, a hole burnt by high temperatures that appeared in the middle of the metallic luster. 

“The Undead Legion, so that’s how it is.” It was impossible for a living person to suffer such severe trauma to the head without dying. Whether it was from the shot this time or from her crushing the head last time. For any living person, it would be a fatal situation. 

Unless, of course, the person was no longer alive. 

The Ant didn’t care what Kristen was thinking as it closed its metallic chin, His eyes were fixed on Kristen and he smiled and tilted his head at a twisted angle. 

His face was pale and there seemed to be some blue on his face as his lips curled, “Boom!” 

The window behind Kristen exploded. 

The distorted mechanical creature let out grotesque laughter but then stopped abruptly. 

The bright red dress fluttered gently in the night breeze and the slender hand was now strangling the Ant’s throat. 

“You’re too noisy, be quiet.” The husky voice sighed softly. 

As she choked the man, the number of figures in black gradually increased and slowly entered her perception range. Kristen could only shake her head and lament her bad luck this time. 

However, she could only try her luck again!

It rained heavily in the middle of the night and Lin Yan who had fallen asleep was suddenly awakened.

She didn’t know why, but her heart was in a panic. 

Lin Yan stood from her bed and walked towards the window of her hotel room. She glanced outside. Pandora was experiencing a baptism of heavy rain today and even the flowers she saw during the day were bent by the rain. 

Then she heard the sound of heavy objects hitting her door. 

She hurriedly opened her door, her spiritual strands crawling out to intercept the stranger’s spiritual sea when she quickly felt the beginnings of that familiar resonance. 


She opened the door, only to catch Kristen’s falling body. 

The rain of the red dress dripped onto Lin Yan’s body, and she could only drag Kristen onto the bed. 

Lin yan raised her hand and suddenly realized a horrible truth as the dim light shone from outside the window and into her room–

–The rain on her hand was now showing a dark red color. 


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3 thoughts on “When the Hacker is Forced to Marry Ch.9

  1. There are still some things I’m confused with. The main one would be: who sent the ants? Is it the Guide Alliance or the Imperial Family?

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