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When the Hacker is Forced to Marry


Lin Yan never thought that as the most useless and ignored Guide in the royal family, she would now be forced to marry!

To avoid marrying a leader of a former mercenary group that had just been recruited by her family, Lin Yan hacked the royal family’s special vehicle and escaped the dreaded Palace. 

After spending half of her life as a secluded hacker princess, Lin Yan was quickly bewildered by a world of sensual pleasure and met a graceful, charming, and enchanting Miss Sentinel.

Ah! Indeed, this is the proper way to choose one’s partner!

Miss Sentinel turns around, a flirtatious gaze dancing on her face as she said with a slight smile: 

“My name is Kristen.”

What a beautiful name…..wait, isn’t that the exact same name as the arranged partner I’m being forced to marry?!!

This is a story about a soft hacker princess who is protected and loved within the embrace of her alluring lover.

【”I hope that you can live a life full of happiness without worry.”】

A Sentinel-Guide story. 

Author: 山有荷叶 (Shān yǒu hé yè)

[click on link (their name) to go to their raws, support the author if you can]

Translation Status: Completed (2/14/2021)

Raw Status: Completed

Dark Mode:

****Reminder: This is a fan translation. I DO NOT OWN this novel. Please support the author if you enjoyed it: click HERE.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

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Chapter 60

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