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Donations/Extra Chapters


Hi! So the following below is the place where you can see my translating schedule. If you want to help me support my hobby along with my crippling student debt, please consider buying me a coffee! If you don’t have money, that’s fine too! Leave a like on novelupdates instead! Or a few well-meaning comments! Thank You!

**Edit: Changed donations to just Ko-Fi as patreon glitched out my account (ie bunch of problems they need to fix) and so now I just gave up and switched solely to kofi**


So this is where I will post my tentative translating schedule + Vacation days/weeks

*********NEW(2/14/2022): x1 Ch Amnesia a Week while sporadically releasing other stuff********

**Note: No schedule for Medical Examiner as of now

Vacation Days: Not updated

**Please dm me on discord if you have any questions! See server link on homepage/under contact page!***


4 thoughts on “Support/Schedule

  1. Hello, very impressed with your translations. Decided to become a patron. x3 for What To Do If The System Forces You To Exercise please.
    Noting here because Patreon isn’t allowing me to message you there for some reason. Sorry

    Appreciate your work. Thank you

    Liked by 2 people

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