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Hi, if you have any Chinese GL/Yuri works you want to be translated, please follow the guidelines and format below! I don’t check this often, so if you really want to reach me do the following:

Contact me on discord, join my server and dm me at:



Name of the Novel: Chinese Name, English name

Link to the raws: [insert link here]

Status: Completed/Ongoing/Hiatus 

Length: Number of chapters

Short Summary/Why should it be translated: What is so interesting about this certain work? Why should this work be translated? (*Hint: the more you emphasize the good points of the work the more likely I will pick it up!) 

Anything else I should know: Is there anything else I should know about this work? Such as if I need the author’s permission? If nothing just put “None”.


  • Novel must be in Mandarin, Simplified or Traditional, but no Japanese, Korean, or whatever other languages because I don’t know anything but Mandarin and English. 
  • Raws must be easily accessible and free (sorry, but I don’t have the money to pay for expensive works.)
  • The shorter the work, the more likely I will pick it up. (Short works are easy to translate, and I can finish it faster. I will consider longer works, the updates will be slow.)
  • If work is short and I agree to it, I will set an estimated date and finish translating the entire series first before I post it. If work is longer, I will set a potential schedule. 
  • Please be polite and courteous! 

Send a Request!


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