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When the Hacker is Forced to Marry Ch.22

Chapter 22- The sky and sea are connected

“It’s because I like you.” 

Kristen blurted out a secret she had kept deep inside her heart on a moment of impulse. 

She didn’t dare to look back and see Lin Yan’s current expression. She was afraid of what she would find. Instead, she kept her gaze on the scenery outside, calmly gazing at the sky as she switched to manual steering. 

Lin Yan did not say a word. 

Kristen’s hopes that were raised previously, slowly fell down little by little. 

She forced a smile onto her face and tried to focus on piloting the spacecraft. 

The spacecraft traveled steadily through the atmosphere and like a rock sinking in an ocean, it passed through the clouds as it gradually approached the earthly land of Pandora.

When it landed, the spacecraft shook slightly, and Kristen’s last glimmer of hope also shattered to pieces. She couldn’t even keep the smile on her face, and could only restrain her urge to look back, as she stared at the distant horizon beyond the window. 

It was twilight now, the sunlight having long passed through the sky and dying the world a crimson color. The sun had just about fallen beyond the horizon and now dyed the clouds bloody with its afterglow. 

Inside the spacecraft, everything was silent. 

Kristen sighed silently and then stood. She didn’t want to look back and waited for her emotions to calm down when suddenly a warm embrace hugged her from behind. 

Lin Yan was half a head shorter than her and so when Lin Yan turned to the side, Kristen could feel Lin Yan’s cheeks pressed lightly against the back of her neck. The pair of hands wrapped around her waist tightened.  

Kristen stiffened. 

Lin Yan’s hands loosely embraced Kristen’s waist and although Kristen was much bigger than her, Kristen’s waist was surprisingly thin. With just this light embrace, she could feel the hard and thin muscles under Kristen’s suit. 

The gunshot wound on her shoulder still ached as she held Kristen and the scene of when she helped Kristen deal with her serious injuries from before came to mind. 

The advanced medical technology during this interstellar era is enough to make even scars disappear without a trace. With just a medical immersion pod, what used to be considered fatal wounds were all healed within moments. 

But just how many times has this person in front of her been injured before? 

Lin Yan’s ear lay against Kristen’s back so she could hear the sound of the other’s heart beating through the flesh and bones. 

Like drums playing on the battlefields of the ancient earth, it was steady, heavy, and powerful. As the soldiers charged, the beat became faster and faster–

Was this what the books called ‘to have butterflies in one’s stomach’? (T/N: 心如鹿撞-> to be nervous/butterflies fluttering in your stomach)

The corners of her mouth tugged upwards. 

She had a mischievous thought and decided to just continue hugging Kristen without saying a word. She listened quietly as Kristen’s heart continued to beat faster and faster. 

It wasn’t until those butterflies slowly grew tired that she stood on her tiptoes, got close to Kristen’s ear, and deliberately blew into those red ears as she said: “And….what will you do if I said that I like you too?” 

Kristen turned around sharply. 

Her movements were too quick and moved Lin Yan’s stiff shoulder. Lin Yan grunted in pain which scared Kristen into stretching out a hand to help her but she was too afraid that she would only make the pain worse. Her arm froze in the air and she became at a loss. 

Lin Yan smiled slightly and stretched out an uninjured arm to press down Kristen’s frozen hand. The moment the hand dropped, she took advantage of the situation to hold the hand that was full of thin calluses, interlaced her fingers, and clasped it tightly.

Lin Yan raised her head, a look that could make one dizzy flashed in her eyes. 

She stared into Kristen’s gray-blue eyes with a sweet smile at the corner of her mouth: “I don’t remember if I told you this before….but, the first time I met you was entirely by accident. 

She seemed a little embarrassed, pursed her lips and then smiled sheepishly. She raised their interlocked hands, her eyes fixed on the fingers instead of looking up at Kristen’s eyes. 

She continued: “At that time, I had just learned how to hack into the interstellar network and my first experiment was remote controlling robots. In this vast universe with so many robots on so many planets, I just happened to take control over one that was on your planet. A robot that appeared near you.” 

“Among the tens of billions of people in this galaxy, I just happened to meet you.” 

Lin Yan raised her eyes, meeting Kristen’s gaze for a moment, and then lowering them again: “Such a long time has passed and we could’ve never met again, but it is you who I meet every time….” 

She couldn’t help smiling: “It must’ve been destiny for us to meet again.”

Kristen hugged her, carefully avoiding the wound on her shoulder. 

Lin Yan placed her chin on the other’s collarbone, her face pressed against that warm neck. Lin Yan heard Kristen’s voice rang out in her ears. 

The slightly hoarse voice turned gentle and soothing: “This is not destiny.” 

“There is no god-given fate in this world, only people who persevere.” 

“And I spent so much, so much of my time trying to find you in the vast ocean of the universe.” 

She let go and stepped back slightly, kneeling down on one knee like a knight from the ancient before their princess as she grabbed Lin Yan’s hands. 

In those gray-blue eyes, a majestic sea swept across a deserted island and heavy rain filled the sea with more of that light gray-blue. The leaves of the rainforest were brimming with light as the summer noon sun passed through the layers of trees and water vapor floated through the jungle. 

She asked softly: “Lin Yan, would you….be my Guide?” 

Lin Yan did not speak, but her spiritual power rushed out of her sea frantically and tightly wrapped around Kristen like a cocoon. 

Kristen lowered her head, swearing allegiance with a soft kiss to Lin Yan’s ring finger. 

In a space invisible to the naked eye, the sentinel’s spiritual barrier that is as strong as an iron wall was attacked by a Guide’s spiritual power. The originally strong barrier softened and a gap opened to reveal a warmth inside. It invited the power into its domain without reservation. 

The spiritual power was like a cautious child as it poked hesitantly at that strange spiritual sea but then as if it found its home, it left a mark on that untouched coast. 

The originally quiet sea started to boil and a sea breeze whipped up the waves as the sea moved upstream through the channel left by the spiritual strands. It leaped into the opposite sea, blending the two seas as one.

She also left a mark on the edge of the other’s spiritual sea. 

And so, the sky and sea connected, the bond that connected the Sentinel and Guide was like a miracle that stood against everything. A passage to the other’s most inner secrets. A declaration of absolute loyalty between Sentinel and Guide. 

Kristen raised her eyes and smiled at Lin Yan. She stood up, hugged the lover who now finally belonged to her again, and kissed her lips lightly.

Lin Yan felt the endless joy and tenderness coming from the other end of the spiritual connection and her fingers rubbed gently against Kristen’s side. 

She smiled and asked knowingly: “Is this what they call a spiritual bond?”

Kristen met her gaze and nodded. 

The two kissed again and Lin Yan gently bit Kristen’s lips in a coquettish manner. She kissed those lips as if those lips hold a life-sustaining power that she could not separate form. 

Kristen tried to stop several times, but Lin Yan would open her amber eyes every time, and those begging yet eager eyes would cause her to indulge her Guide again and again. 

It wasn’t until the last ray of light sank below the horizon, the dazzling starry sky appearing as it changed tonight and the temperature lowered. Only then did Kristen recover from her daze. 

She separated their lips, only to realize that the body in her arms was now incredibly hot and blazing with heat. Lin yan opened her pair of glazed eyes, her eyes full of warm affection. 

Those lips were now wet and flushed. A grunt of dissatisfaction sounded out and fingers pulled at Kristen’s collars, drawing her lips back down for another taste. 

Kristen suddenly cooled down. 

She never imagined that their compatibility was so high that they had even entered a heat period through just a few simple touches.

Kristen forced down the flames that had roared furiously in her heart and tried to wake Lin Yan from her trance by pushing Lin Yan away with her hands. 

Lin Yan’s heat had surged up so violently and fiercely that she was no longer thinking properly. Instead of stopping, she rubbed her face against Kristen’s fingertips and stared at her with eyes half-lidded that looked both innocent yet seductive at the same time. 

Kristen wanted to lower her head and kiss those lips again so badly, but a thought flashed through her mind. 

It was like a basin of ice-cold water was dumped onto her heart and it snuffed out the flames that roared loudly. 

Lin Yan seemed to sense Kristen’s sudden mood change through their spiritual connection, her eyes clearing a little as she looked up at her puzzledly. 

Kristen reached out and pinched her cheeks, “Have you….already entered the Guide Alliance?” 

Lin Yan’s cheeks puffed up and her tone was soft and waxy, “Yes….” 

As a reward for the quick answer, Kristen kissed her lips quickly but frowned at the same time. 

If she remembered correctly….the people of the Guide Alliance were a group of people who hated Sentinels. 

Those people frantically opposed the bonding of Sentinel and Guide and even rejected a Guide who was bonded to Sentinel from their ranks again. If it was just a spiritual bond, then it was easy to conceal. However, if they entered the heat period and then did that….well, it would simply be declaring to the whole world that they had–

 Looking at the figure in front of her eyes, Kristen recalled that piece of information with a headache. 

Lin Yan had just entered the Alliance and yet she was able to participate in missions like rescuing other Guides. It was obvious that her status in the alliance was not low. So if she was found to have entered a spiritual bond, then all kinds of doubts and suspicions will arise. 

She can not enter the heat period at this time. 

Kristen sighed and then picked up her lover who was already weakening in her arms. 

“Which way to the Guide Alliance’s base?” 

Lin Yan, in her dazed state, didn’t think twice before sending that information straight into Kristen’s spiritual sea. 

Kristen held her lover in her arms and walked out of the spacecraft.

At the Guide Alliance’s base: 

Chris had just opened the gates of the base, about to take a stroll around the area when he just happened to bump into someone. 

It was a beautiful female Sentinel with a good figure and she rushed into the base holding the Lin Yan who hadn’t come back with Chu. Lin Yan obediently nestled in her arms, her face glowing with a red flush. 

The Sentinel’s slightly hoarse voice asked anxiously: “Do you have a heat supressant?” 

Chris froze and then quickly answered: “Ah, yes!” 

He immediately turned around and rushed into his research room with the Sentinel behind him. 

He quickly pulled out his second version of the heat suppressants and inhibitors that he had just finished testing. The sentinel cooperated with him and pinched Lin Yan’s chin, coaxing the girl’s mouth to open. 

Chris threw an inhibitor into Linyan’s mouth and Lin Yan frowned as if she was suffering. She moved uncomfortably in the Sentinel’s arms and whimpered. 

The Sentinel only tightened her arms and then reached out a hand toward Chris. 

Chris pulled out another suppressant for her. 

The Sentinel was silent as she put the suppressant in her mouth, the pill slowly melting as it formed a bitterness on her tongue. 

She looked at the Guide in her arms with anxiety but then heard the person who gave her the medicine softly say, “Huh?” 

The Sentinel raised her head and looked at the obedient Guide in front of her. 

His eyebrows were familiar yet unfamiliar at the same time. Similar hair color and eyes–



Author’s notes: 

During today’s update, I was smiling during the entire process =w=


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